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Daykeeper Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, December 1–31, 2018

by Crystal Pomeroy on December 1, 2018

Daykeeper Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, December 2018

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, December 2018

Saturday, December 1

After a month in lighthearted Sag, Mercury reenters Scorpio. Our attention once again takes a turn to the depths; we’re apt to feel impatient with trivial and superficial conversation. With the messenger planet retrograde, we can retrieve our inner voice, uncovered buried memories and truth and do effective research.

Early morning favors the inner nerd, with Moon in analytic Virgo contacting brilliant Uranus before going VOC on a sextile to Mercury 6:34 am (9:34 ET). At 6:49 am (9:49 ET) she enters Libra.

This afternoon, equable Libra Moon’s sextile to expansive Jupiter is great for teamwork or for renewing a promotion, a shared project or efforts at negotiation and justice. It’s also great for socializing, making peace with an ex, and enjoying a fun or romantic lunch or early dinner.

Enjoy this fun Saturday while you can! At 8:44 pm (11:44 ET), Moon squares cut-the-crap Saturn, a rather stern aspect that—with Moon in her Last Quarter—favors decluttering and organizing our space and closet. Avoid dishing out or taking on guilt trips.

Divine love flows through my life in a deep stream that touches me through all situations and people now.

Sunday, December 2

Don’t let this day slip by: its combination of creativity and daring can help us move forward.

Exercise caution while driving, using knives or for that matter, in almost any physical activity. Save wild adventures, extreme sports and situations requiring PR skills for another day.

We can productively use this one to consult with a coach, therapist, group or healer that contributes to our confidence and path of power. Mercury in deep Scorpio makes a quincunx to Uranus in Aries, emboldening us to see beyond appearances and official versions, and reconnect with our authentic self. Moon is in social Libra, but her aspects favor independent creativity and mystical experience over superficial connections or just hanging out.

Moon’s ruler, Venus, moves to join Mercury in deep Scorpio today, and Sun squares restless Mars. We’ll feel the urge to do something transformative, volunteer to help a group or person in need, and focus on something that matters.

I naturally attract whatever I need to fulfill my mission now.

Monday, December 3

This morning’s unique energies are worth planning for. Moon in analytic Libra opposes rebellious Uranus: leave key communications for this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon, unless you plan to end a relationship. Assuming not, we can journal, attend a 12-step group, and plan for or work on something independent that expresses our authentic self.

At 10:16 am (1:16 pm ET), Moon goes VOC, entering Scorpio at 11:55 am. She joins Venus, facilitating deep encounters for healing or intimacy. Contact someone to clear the air, visit a therapist, hold a prayer or meditation group, have a deep talk, take your love object to lunch or dinner, or seek out someone who can help with a key goal.

I look at my feelings, and connect with others from this center now.

Tuesday, December 4

This morning, make an appointment with your thinking chair or divine guidance system. Moon in bold Scorpio harmonizes with dynamic Mars and intuitive Neptune, and we can direct the constructive impulse of Number 4 in breakthrough actions or research—investigate a mystery, back up something we feel strongly about, support a pet cause, close a cycle, or take a single, daring sword swipe to wipe out what seemed to be an obstacle.

With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and Moon in her Balsamic phase, follow-through and finishing things works better than making new beginnings.

I allow myself to trust my intuition and I act on my instincts now.

Wednesday, December 5

If you have important work, try and get it done this morning, when Moon Scorpio works well with today’s numerology of 5, ruled by Mars, Scorpio’s co-ruler. Try a new way of pushing for results on something started before October 28, do research, investigate a mystery, back up a strongly held viewpoint, support a pet cause, close a cycle, do something daring. Whatever you end up doing, steer clear of manipulative dynamics.

In preparation for tomorrow’s New Moon, review a dream board or other visualization materials, get rid of those that are obsolete and collect colors, images, poster board, your adhesive stick and whatever else you need to renew and enrich your intentions on tomorrow’s New Moon portal.

We should get this done before 1:53 pm (4:43 ET), when Moon goes VOC, followed by a square from Sun to Neptune that’s great for inner work, emotional healing and art. We can apply these energies independently or connect with angels or a teacher, coach or prayer group. Save communications requiring clarity or normalcy for another day.

At 6:49 pm (9:49 ET), Moon enters Sagittarius, inviting us to practice forgiveness, meditate, and to begin to plan our intentions for tomorrow’s New Moon.

Conditions can’t block my progress. Others’ beliefs can’t block me. The Universe moves me forward to complete success through infinite channels now.

Thursday, December 6

This morning is high on good vibes and prosperity. Both Thursday and today’s number, 6, are related to Jupiter, and this morning the planet of good fortune is kissed by the Moon in Sagittarius, which it also rules.

We can use this day to promote something, gather with friends and colleagues, contact the angels, do business; work on a meaningful project.

At 8:11 pm (11:11 ET), Moon squares Mars and a bit later, Neptune, reducing our PR potential. We’ll get more mileage out of staying at home and preparing our New Moon’s intentions, dream board or other visualization materials—like a bank statement, invoices, a title deed, airplane ticket or other documents to visualize with. Moon’s portal is exact at 11:20 pm (2:20 am ET).

At 15-16 Sagittarius she activates the following Sabian symbol:


The easily acquired dependence of psychic desires upon the stimulation of social circumstances… The seagulls here symbolize the wild and normally untamable energies of the soul, that can develop a kind of domesticated dependence upon the by-products of human incursions into the unconscious (the sea).

This lunation squares tomorrow’s Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, so we do want to watch for what fish we may be happening to draw from the sea of the collective unconsciousness. Be ready to throw them back in if they turn out to be drunken or deceptive. The aspect also increases the potential of Sag Moon to develop our intuition, and tune into the direction sent by our angels and/or spirit guides for the best paths of action.

Mercury the messenger turns direct, although in post-retrograde shadow, it’s best for efforts and intentions related to something we’ve tried or begun before October 28.

Sit on the edge of your bed and repeat this affirmation ten times before going to sleep:
Guardian angel, please strengthen my ability to receive, interpret and act on divine guidance now and always.

Friday, December 7

Mars, still on the doorstep of yesterday’s New Moon, perfects its conjunction to Neptune. This joining of brawn and fog could be a bit slippery. Avoid speeding, take special care if you operate machinery or use knives, and go light on liquor or other mind-altering substances.

We’ll do well to keep a low profile, and direct our courage in spiritual activities, like creating daring visualization tools or trying a new form of prayer or meditation.

I invoke my guides to show me the best way to direct my spiritual and physical energies now.

Saturday, December 8

Still on the doorstep of conjunction from Mars to Neptune, yesterday’s warnings for physical and psychic caution remain in force.

Today’s numerology of power number 8 works well with waxing Moon in productive Capricorn; we can get on track with an important goal. Her sextile to Venus particularly favors people connections and finances. We can use it to do business, enjoy a pleasant lunch, or visit an elder, or other Saturnian activities like building the balance in a bank account, restructuring a group, or starting a diet or exercise program.

Tonight’s conjunction from Moon to Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, is great for organization and doing magic for personal goals, discipline, order, structure, strategy, or self-control.

I am worthy of harvesting finished results. I see them and I receive them now.

Sunday, December 9

As Moon in practical Capricorn harmonizes with creative Neptune and daring Mars, we can act on some of the intuitive guidance we’ve been receiving the last few days.

Mercury trines wounded-healer Chiron, making this a great morning to journal, use deep prayer or mantras, see a therapist, participate in a healing group, write letters to leaders, start a petition or speak out in favor of a pet cause. Late morning is more energetic, great for cleaning the car, organizing the garage or having a spiritual adventure.

Tonight things get serious: pragmatic Capricorn Moon joins intense Pluto, favoring inner work or taking a courageous initiative to help someone.

I invite the angel of service to prosper through me now.

Monday, December 10

Finally! A Monday that’s good for work! Moon in constructive Capricorn sextiles Mercury in deep Scorpio. We can promote or communicate something that could make this month a game changer. Or tackle a bureaucratic procedure or other key paperwork we’ve been postponing.

Do it early; at 1:27 pm (4:27 ET) Moon goes VOC on a square to wild Uranus. Now we can enjoy some downtime until 3:39 pm (6:39 ET), when Moon enters energetic Aquarius.

This afternoon and evening, with Mercury moving to quincunx rebellious Uranus, are not so great for PR or negotiations. Focus on independent creative work or activism, or brainstorm with friends and colleagues who stimulate—and put up with—your original nature.

I recognize what makes me different, and this clarity attracts authentic opportunities now.

Tuesday, December 11

Moon in Aquarius sextiles expansive Jupiter, planet of angels—who also happen to connect with the day’s magic number 11. Our affirmations and meditations of compassion, forgiveness and love can help us move into the holiday season on a higher wavelength. These loving vibrations can infuse Christmas messages or cards, purchasing or making gifts, re-launching a promotion for a business, or working on a humanitarian project related to the holidays, like a soup kitchen or effort for those affected by the California fires.

And, with Mercury in courageous Scorpio connecting with Moon’s ruler Uranus in Aries, we can make a breakthrough in research, thinking, intuition, activism or something related to documents. Try to direct your enthusiasm and keep it from morphing into self-righteousness or a soap-box sermon. If we keep on this day’s upside, connections with others can be stimulating, productive, and memorable.

I love the divine being of me and of others, and this energy lifts my frequency and the planetary frequency now.

Wednesday, December 12

Waxing Moon in Aquarius, sign of friendship, harmonizes with Sun in expansive Sagittarius, making this morning great for many things including socializing, doing business or collaborating in a cause. We can reach out to others, enjoy a holiday brunch with a group, do something unique to fight for an ideal, enrich our creativity or simply try something new.

Things get even more magical after 3:43 pm (6:43 ET), when Mercury enters Sagittarius, creating a great line-up with Sun and ruler Jupiter in the sign of faith, expansion and adventure. We may feel called to promote something, give an online class or produce a video, share the cheer, mend fences, do PR, go to a fair or on a trip, simply go out of our way to help someone, and invite others to join us.

I move forward in faith, and angels go before me now.

Thursday, December 13

Moon goes VOC before dawn, entering Pisces at 4:40 am (7:40 ET). Morning is best for inner work, prayer, meditation, and connecting with angels and spirit guides. Public promotions and connections with others flow better tonight, when a trine to Venus, a square to Jupiter, and a sextile to Pisces favor attending a spiritual group or gathering, reading and writing poetry, creating art, sharing a romantic dinner or encounter with a soul mate, contacting light beings, preparing Christmas gifts and creating a vision board for prosperity or romance.

I radiate love to myself and others, and I naturally attract the highest and best situations now.

Friday, December 14

A combination of Mars and Neptune makes this a highly creative day. Today’s number, 5, likes to try something new, while Moon in dreamy Pisces emphasizes subtle forces and creative imagination. Moon also joins Pisces’ ruler, Neptune, intensifying all things mystical and artistic. We can pray, meditate, repeat mantras, consult the angels, or do a spontaneous act of kindness. It’s well worth taking some time to analyze your dreams or just listen to your intuition, write down its guidance and figure out a step you can take, however small, to act boldly on this guidance.

An afternoon conjunction from Moon to Mars can give us the push we need to break through perfectionism or whatever may have been keeping us from moving. Whatever you do, try to keep an even keel and avoid taking things personally, as these energies can connect with unexpected aggressions.

Direct your brawn in something worthwhile and avoid drinking while under the influence, dark alleys and questionable situations. If possible, keep a low profile tonight.

Angels of freedom, please unleash my warrior spirit to open a new path now.

Saturday, December 15

Moon goes VOC on reaching her First Quarter before dawn. In Pisces, she still performs, helping us take an intuitive look at the intentions we set at or around last week’s New Moon.

At 23-24 Pisces, Moon activates the following Sabian symbol:

ON A SMALL ISLAND SURROUNDED BY SEA, PEOPLE ARE SEEN LIVING IN CLOSE INTERACTION… The need to consciously accept one’s personal limitations in order to concentrate one’s energies and live a centered and fulfilled life.

Every individualized person is a small island… the ego fulfills a necessary function as it sets boundaries and gives a specific character to the consciousness… The first duty of any man or woman is to be what he or she is as an individual.

The symbol works nicely with Moon’s morning conjunction to Chiron, making for the weekend’s best downtime. Journal, meditate, visit a therapist or support group; in one way or another get in touch with your true self.

Enjoy the silence and some time to yourself, as well as connecting with your spirit guides and angels before 4:44 pm (7:44 ET), when Moon enters Aries and the tempo switches, revving us up and helping push through resistance to act. This evening, the mood will veer towards action—dancing or dining at a new place, visiting someone we’ve been thinking about, taking blankets or sending food to a shelter for those affected in the California fires, or some other worthy cause. If you’re not in the mood to go out, this energy can help you figure out how to use the new printer, and design a promotion or finish a proposal to print out on it.

I am intuitively guided to make positive change, and I act on my guidance now.

Sunday, December 16

This is a potentially transformative and productive day, with two productive sextiles—one from socially adept Venus to constructive Saturn, and the other from bold Mars to intense Pluto.

With both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, sign of self-reliance, we can make special headway on the area of our natal chart occupied by the sign of the goat. Saturn shows us what we’re building, while Pluto sheds light on how we evolve and discover our power. Whether you’re recommitting to a cause, taking a leadership role in a group or your spiritual work to a new level, focusing on business, or re-launching a promotion, now is the moment to move on what counts!

Moon in Aries will give us the will. But stay mindful: her square to stern Saturn at 11:21 am (2:21 ET) can lead us into a briar patch of frustration or emotional blackmail. Plan for independent down time to meditate and keep your cool from around 10:30 am (1:30 ET) to 1:30 pm (4:30 ET).

Avoid extreme sports and speeding on the road, and take special care when using blades and machinery. Pause to connect your brain and survey the fray before leaping to it—but do leap.

Spirit knows the best path for my spiritual and material progress, and carries me on it now.

Monday, December 17

With Mars in sextile to Pluto, Moon in restless Aries, and today’s powerful numerology of 8, we want to move. And we can—although a morning square from Moon to Pluto can bring out the confrontational side of this line up. Direct your drive—and if they arise, feelings of frustration—into achieving some sort of mastery over yourself: write affirmative negations, study, release an activity or goal that’s distracting you from consolidating a higher priority, and find a way to streamline and focus on what really matters.

Interactions with others, promotional initiatives, and in general outward-directed actions, go better this afternoon, when Moon in brazen Aries trines with Sun in dexterous, charming Sagittarius, joining purpose, vision and confidence.

At 11:21 pm (2:21 am ET), Moon goes VOC.

I visualize and act with confidence, and angels use the energy to open a clear path now.

Tuesday, December 18

Waxing Moon is in opulent Taurus, with aspects to Mercury and Jupiter, the big and little messengers, in Sagittarius, sign of publication. Tell your story, whether to give someone a boost, promote a cause, or weave an attractive promotion.

These influences are also propitious for buying, selling, and preparing gifts.

This evening, a trine from Moon to disciplined Saturn in earth signs is particularly favorable for doing business, paying our respects to an elder, and planning holiday activities.

There can be no harmful condition or substance in my body, because Spirit only brings good into my world.

Wednesday, December 19

With waxing Moon exalted in Taurus, today can be productive and enjoyable. A square from Sun to Chiron, however, calls us to provoke a pause for healing.

This aspect brings wounds to light and, if we respond to the challenge, it can activate creative healing. This is great day to review our cultural and family programing around holidays. In therapy, journaling or meditation, we may reflect on what the holidays mean for us.

  • How can we care for our personal wellness and sanity in the midst of the festivities and commitments?
  • Is there something special—a daily practice or meditation—we can do to avoid slipping into codependence, addictions, the fixation for the approval of others, judgmentalism, or some other mechanism that might get triggered in, or even merely by anticipating, family gatherings?
  • How is our current mindset different from the patterns of our childhood context?
  • If we could design a holiday that went with our current ideals and desires, what would it be?

Questions like these can spark a connection with our authentic voice and needs, and journaling about what comes up will have a centering affect that facilitates positive results from the actions we take today.

Activities that are positively impacted can include business and financial affairs, making a dream board for romance or prosperity, enjoying or making music or art, reorganizing a stock portfolio or retirement plan, sharing a nice meal, or basically anything that you want to last.

I envision a true holiday, and attract true experiences, here and now.

Thursday, December 20

Sun trines Uranus today, opening new doors as we we listen to our own unique voice and act intuitively to connect with people in our work, creativity, or self-expression.

Try to rise early to use Moon’s magic and get business, holiday preparations or creative work done before 6:34 am (9:34 ET), when Moon exits prosperous Taurus.

The rest of the day, Moon in Gemini highlights communication—sending messages, writing cards, tackling paperwork, connecting with siblings, throwing a party. However, try to pause and think for an extra moment before sharing your thoughts: Moon’s opposition to ruler Mercury may require an extra effort for diplomacy and objectivity.

I deserve to say what I what, and I take the time to consider it now.

Friday, December 21

Today’s sweet and powerful Solstice portal is great for a holiday gathering, meal and ritual, maybe better than December 25.

This portal begins with love planet Venus in trine to compassionate Neptune, and Mercury the messenger joining jolly Jupiter. The alignment is quite propitious for socializing, getting support for an altruistic, humanitarian or spiritual cause, promotions, and sales. If you try visualizing, and breathe deeply to clear your head (Mercury-Jupiter can be a bit pushy), you can convince just about anybody of anything. So get the word out and share your holiday joy or ideals.

The Sun enters Capricorn at 2:23 pm (5:23 ET), marking Winter Solstice, which is the astrological New Year. At zero degrees Capricorn, Sun detonates the critical Aries point, triggering an energy of beginnings and self-awareness that gives great power to our intent.

Both Neptune and Jupiter relate to angels and benevolent higher beings who will be working overtime to open a door of kindness into the new solar year, so it’s worthwhile to make an extra effort to generate heart energy. Meditate, practice metta, use mantras and affirmations to radiate love. On a practical level, we can make calls to people who might be lonely, reach out to the homeless, or others with special needs.

I radiate love to myself and others, and enter the New Solar Cycle on the wavelength of angels now.

Saturday, December 22

At 6:21 am (9:21 ET), Moon goes VOC on a sextile to freeing Uranus, providing a convenient window to take a break from the holiday rush and read, journal, and enjoy your own company.

At 8:28 am (11:28 am ET), Moon enters Cancer, becoming Full at this moment. At zero degrees Cancer Moon again triggers yesterday’s Solstice portal and the critical Aries point, combining with Master Number 22. This connection enhances this lunation’s intensity, as well as our intuition and the likelihood that our actions and communications with reach the masses.

Luna’s Sabian symbol is:

SAILOR READY TO HOIST A NEW FLAG TO REPLACE OLD ONE. The nascent desire to align oneself with a larger and more significant life trend. Compelling decision.

This symbol combines nicely with the energies of this Oak Moon, named for the sacred tree of early Europe. The oak now shares its energies of strength, endurance and wisdom, and can even open the spirit realm for those who invoke it.

We are invited now to think of the wider reach of our vibrations and actions, and to realign with our mission for the coming year. Decisions made and actions taken at this portal will create wide-reaching ripple effects.

For the rest of day, emotions and intuition will be quite receptive. Be selective about your company, but that doesn’t mean we need to shut ourselves in. We’re still in orb of yesterday’s Venus-Neptune trine and can direct its harmony and compassion by spending time with loved ones, blessing our home, calling on a family member or someone else who may be lonely.

With this Cancer Full Moon, we can also set goals related to creativity, business, intuition, our home (redecorating, relocating, selling, buying, moving), family, country or a new course of spiritual study. Make a dream board for the New Year, pasting pictures of the results you would like to see in these areas on green paper. (You can even make up newspaper headlines to visualize changes you’d like for the country; this would also open some quantum spaces for improvements in the collective unconscious to offset some of the fears about current direction of the US.) You could also glue a picture of an oak, or draw some oak leaves on your vision board.

As for today’s affirmation, write down your decision/s and then do the following ritual:
Visualize a majestic oak before you, radiating its vibrations into you as you affirm: “Wise and Venerable Spirit of Oak, please fill me with your strength to see decisions through; so I may be a celestial door on earth, as are you.” Sustain this connection for six minutes, absorbing Oak’s strength.

Sunday, December 23

Moon in sensitive Cancer trines today with Venus and Neptune, planets of personal and spiritual love, bringing out the crab’s sweetest side. These tender vibes might call us to spend time with loved ones, do PR, or enjoy mystical music with a group.

Today is the perfect time to share a brunch, lunch, or spontaneous act of kindness. This morning and afternoon are more propitious than tomorrow for gift exchange and holiday connections.

The energy shifts from sweet to shady at 5:23 pm (8:23 ET), when Moon opposes pushy Pluto. Take some time for yourself, work on healing, journal and apply Cancer’s practical sense to organizing your week for wellness.

Without giving explanations, I take a space for healing now.

Monday, December 24

Moon in Cancer makes an early trine to Chiron and squares rebellious Uranus, aspects that can be great for inner work, healing self-esteem and meditation… but socializing could become a minefield.

At 8:58 am, this moody Moon enters party-sign Leo, making a quincunx to Sun that can accentuate tonight’s lavish traditions. Now we start feeling a bit more disposed to give and receive opulent affection. But, keep the Leo feline’s sadistic humor reigned in: an afternoon square from Mercury the messenger to misty Neptune can create confusion in communication and from substance abuse. However, it also favors prayer, meditation and—with Leo’s touch—creative imagination. The best party may be to stay home, visualize and pray for world peace.

The peace, joy and love in my heart connect me with the love, joy and peace in all hearts, and we surround the planet with victorious love, joy and peace now.

Tuesday, December 25

Moon in warm Leo trines Mercury the messenger in sociable Sagittarius, facilitating heartfelt expression. If giving gifts, make sure and exchange hugs. Parties should be fun, particularly if we can share being in the spotlight, and not only getting recognition for our charm and talent, but giving it to others as well.

Mercury finally emerges from post-retrograde shadow! We can benefit from, and might enjoy, reviewing and journaling the lessons around inner work and communications—mainly with ourselves—of the last nine weeks.

Leo inspires us to set our tables with an opulent touch, and to include something theatrical or ludic—even table games—in our gatherings.

Morning and early afternoon are best for celebration, as an evening contact from Moon to Pluto in commanding Capricorn may create some tension or power struggles. Better to say goodbye in a timely manner, or, if you happen to be hosting, have a Plan B to avoid company saturation. Try to retire at a reasonable hour, and enjoy any stimulating presents you may have received, or journal or read.

I mentally gift others with the best (pause to visualize others receiving great news and blessings: your dear ones, refugees, migrants, whoever else comes to you), and the way for happy surprises opens for them now.

Wednesday, December 26

With today’s powerful numerology of 8 and Moon in willful Leo and efficient Virgo, today can be productive. We could get an important base covered early, or just enjoy her 7:37 am (10:37 ET) trine to adventuresome Uranus and ensuing VOC, to have fun, a good read, or enjoy talking with a friend.

At 9:50 am, Moon enters humbles Virgo, followed by a trine to Sun in practical Capricorn that gives a nice lift to our confidence, focus and executive ability. We can get ahead with work, finish an old project, give something a finishing touch, or hunt for a bargain. (In fact, if you haven’t done all your holiday shopping by now, you may find it’s better from today through early January.)

If we’re disconnected from work now, we can still use these active and disciplined energies to clean the house, get back on track with a diet or exercise program, fix something in the home, visit an elder or the homeless, release an addiction, and declutter to prepare space and energy for the New Year.

I let go of things and make a space for the new good that pours into my world, here and now.

Thursday, December December 27

This morning, Moon in Virgo makes tense aspects to ruler Mercury and imaginative Neptune, perfect for solitary prayer, meditation and contact with angels, as well as organizing bookshelves and redoing visualization materials. If we must work or deal with others, we will do well to take it slow and plan on taking a break to get centered and breathe deep.

Evening is much nicer for people connections. Moon sextiles lovely Venus in sexy Scorpio and with  this combo, we can dial up the steam for romance or the profundity of meaningful conversation—allowing us to fully and deeply focus on company worth keeping. In fact, with a lunar trine to Pluto, our encounters can be extraordinarily potent, even healing.

I am irresistibly attractive to the best and highest people, and they appear naturally in my life now.

Friday, December 28

With Moon now VOC in Virgo and making tense contacts that accentuate her pickiness, this morning is better for time alone. In active, healing self-communion we can use the best of Virgo’s energy to give ourselves a pedicure, talk to our body, cells and organs with love, journal, and use mantras or affirmations for healing. If we must work, we can best focus on fixing details and making people feel better, while saving key initiatives and communications for this afternoon.

At 12:23 pm (3:23 pm ET), Moon enters the cardinal sign Libra, followed by a sextile from ruler Venus to transformative Pluto that can make for deep, transformative and even lucrative encounters. This is a great moment to reach out to a dear one we hadn’t gotten through to, or to start a humanitarian initiative, contact someone in a position to support a cause, sign an important agreement, have a heart-to-heart with an estranged dear one, and even propose marriage. Make key connections now, since Moon reaches her Last Quarter tomorrow, and we’ll shift into wind-down mode.

Just a bit later today, pushy Mars joins Chiron. Be wary of emotional drama and keep defensive-aggressive reactions under tap.

Divine love is at work in my life, forging joyous, enriching relationships, here and now.

Saturday, December 29

In the wee hours, Moon reaches her Last Quarter, with connections that help us decide what to release and how to organize for next week’s New Moon. The Sabian symbol for 7-8 Libra is:

A FIREPLACE BLAZES MYSTERIOUSLY IN A DESERTED FARMHOUSE. Constant presence of unseen, sustaining agencies in every worthwhile activity. Great depth of initial effort.

At 8:00 am (11:00 am ET), Moon in socially adept Libra makes a sextile to jovial Jupiter in party-sign Sag, opening a portal of two hours that are good for connecting with others for romance, creative and altruistic activities, business, or just plain fun.

This afternoon, a lunar tension with Neptune favors creativity and, although communication with mortals may be foggy or unclear, contacts with angels and higher beings are great. With today’s numerology of 11, these beings can use our meditations, actions and prayers of love to lift humanity’s vibration.

Under these influences, avoid substance abuse.

Angels sweep over the planet, clearing it of negative energies and lifting humanity’s vibration, here and now.

Sunday, December 30

A relaxed morning at home or anyplace pleasant suits Moon in relaxed Libra just fine. Her connection with Chiron also works for healing relationships and the world. If you’re up to it, declutter your space with an eye on beauty. If not, just enjoy.

At 2:53 pm (5:53 pm ET), Moon goes VOC on an opposition to rebel Uranus, calling us to take some personal down time to enjoy a good read, researching a fringe or cutting-edge topic, or simply enjoying your own company. We should avoid unnecessary arguments, and if they to arise, take some time to bless and release all involved. Libra is also about forgiveness, and with Moon leaving Libra and entering intense Scorpio at 5:23 pm (8:23 pm), we can all—as can the planet—use an extra dollop of this energy to carry with us as we move through the New Year’s portal.

Tonight is good for consulting the I Ching, our inner voice, the angels and helpers, or an oracle of preference for guidance about the New Year.

Affirmation (repeat while thinking of someone):
I forgive you for what I think you’ve done to me, and I ask for your forgiveness for what you think I’ve done to you. Spirit works to heal our relationship.

Monday, December 31

This is a sexy, ritzy morning with Moon in passionate Scorpio in harmony with Sun and Saturn in ambitious Capricorn.

We can now get mentally organized to clear the way for our intentions of mastery or healing in the New Year—or at the upcoming New Moon in Capricorn of Saturday, January 5, which is actually a stronger time for beginnings. We can also organize this evening’s activities, especially including a touch of the mountain goat’s opulence.

An evening trine from Moon to Neptune opens our intuition and is a sign to avoid dense or noisy environments or overdoing it with the champagne. However, this same influence is great for enjoying music, unleashing our compassion, and contacting the angels.

The only place that doors open to is the dimension of good, and only good can enter through this New Year’s portal now.

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