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Isis Self-Retrieval Ritual and Flower Mandala

by Crystal Pomeroy on November 1, 2018

Isis self renewal ritual

As we move from the darkness of this past month, Crystal offers a ritual to invite those parts of ourselves that have been lost, abandoned or set aside into integration with ourselves.

  • Light a gold and violet candle (colors of transmutation).
  • Call on Isis, the Angels of New Life, and/or your own inner mother forces.
  • Spend few minutes visualizing their presence.
  • Ask them to help you look for the pieces of yourself you have unconsciously or cast aside due to challenging circumstances, an addiction to the approval of others or other unresolved memories.
  • Identify those parts, writing them down.
  • With materials you have on hand, make a flower petal for each part of yourself you wish to retrieve. In your journal or on a sheet of white or colored paper, draw, paint or cut out your petals from colored paper, writing on each a word that describes its particular energy, quality or talent.
  • Put your name in the center of the flower.
  • Around the flower, write names of spirit guides or angels you wish to help you retrieve that piece of yourself.
  • Above it, write:

“I bless this flower as a symbol of my integrated, intentional self.”

  • Put your hands on the flower and repeat the above blessing for three minutes.
  • Throughout the month of November, begin each day by taking a look at your mandala, asking an angel or spirit guide to help retrieve one of the petals/pieces of yourself, and writing down an action you can take—spiritually and/or physically—to reaffirm that part of yourself.


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