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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, November 1–30, 2018

by Crystal Pomeroy on November 1, 2018

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, November 2018

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, November 2018

Thursday, November 1

This morning, Moon in confident Leo confronts Mars by opposing the warrior planet: save connections with others for evening or if you can, for tomorrow. At 10:35 am, Jupiter in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces, great for deep, expansive spiritual work—prayer, spiritual healing, therapy, helping the underprivileged, attending a recovery or support group, practicing forgiveness.

The rest of the day is good for independent creativity. Our efforts now to give a dramatic touch to our work, promotion or presentation, to work on developing our talents, or to do magic for self-expression, bear fruit.

Interactions with others can go better this evening, although Moon goes VOC at 9:31 pm (12:31 am ET), so they’re best before that or after 10:48pm (1:48 am ET), when Moon enters Virgo. At 11:06pm (2:06 am ET) Moon trines Uranus—if you’re up for it, do late night business or activism.

I invite the angels of service to help others through me, here and now.

Friday, November 2

With Moon in organized Virgo in trine to executive Saturn, this can be a constructive morning. Activities that take advantage of this super-effective combo include fixing something, troubleshooting, editing a text, following through on a service initiative, working to finish an old project, devising a new, more efficient way of meeting work goals, doing financial planning, and taking a realistic look at where you are and what you need for progress and healing.

This afternoon, Moon sextiles Sun in passionate Scorpio, favoring the results of our work and also our people connections.

Spirit acts in me and in my world, and nothing can block Spirit’s successful action in me, through me and as me, now and always.

Saturday, November 3

In general, today is good for creative endeavors and healing our emotions, attitudes, and body.

If you have work, business or something else that requires productivity or interaction with another or others, do it early. At 7:15 am (10:15 ET), Last Quarter Moon in applied Virgo trines powerful Pluto, impelling us to solve a problem, troubleshoot, finish an old project, declutter, do financial planning, edit, close a cycle, give something a finishing touch, get rid of old visualization materials, and begin to plan new ones for the intentions we’ll seed at next Wednesday’s New Moon.

At 11:17 am (2:17 pm ET), Venus makes a quincunx to wounded healer Chiron. With the planet of love and values retrograding in Libra–air sign of her rule–this contact sheds light on wounds around femaleness, relationships, justice and finances, and helps us release them for closure. To accent this process, we might attend an abundance workshop or self-help group, journal, use mantras and affirmations, help a woman, close a cycle, or work on forgiveness.

The rest of the day, tense lunar contacts continue to favor such healing activities and low-key exercise over socializing or PR, which flow better tomorrow afternoon.

I close the door on limitation, and affirm my right to success now.

Sunday, November 4

Daylight savings ends, so we set the clock back one hour.

As for the stars: Moon enters Libra in the wee hours. Tense morning contacts to tough planets Uranus and Saturn bring out her argumentative streak, but are good for mending clothing, getting the yard in order and decluttering the closet with an eye to beauty.

At 10:12 am (1:12 pm ET) one of the week’s best windows for socializing opens, as Moon sextiles Mercury in motivational Sagittarius. Join with others for inspiration or a cause, attend or give a seminar or class, meditate on forgiveness, work on reconciliation, design a promotion, make peace with an ex, or reach out to someone just to show you care. This influence also favors balancing the checkbook and tweaking your image.

I release those who have hurt or offended me, and trust in the force of divine justice that works through all and for all now.

Monday, November 5

Sun in Scorpio, sign of transformation, trines angel-planet Neptune in Pisces, the sign of its rule. Perfecting this evening, this transit can be felt all day today and tomorrow, and shines a light of creative imagination and compassion into the shadows revealed since Jupiter entered Scorpio in autumn of 2017, shadows felt more acutely since Venus first entered Scorpio early this September.

How were those shadows limiting your power, harmony, confidence and prosperity? This portal brings closure as we forgive and release all involved, and create a new, clear image of the good we desire for ourselves, and also in relation to all those affected by the outcomes of tomorrow’s elections. For clarity and support, visit a psychic, therapist or healer, consult a coach, work on something creative, or write down and analyze your dreams.

Moon’s square to intense Pluto and trine to assertive Mars brings out her feisty side as she transits through Libra. With the exception of rescue or activist efforts (such as making calls to get the vote), save initiatives requiring diplomacy, promotion or harmonious cooperation for the few hours around and after midnight, for Wednesday morning or for Thursday afternoon.

I dissolve limiting ideas around the people’s power, and envision just and true outcomes for all nations now.

Tuesday, November 6

If you have a honey, snuggle with her or him early, before Moon leaves Libra, sign of partnership, and enters intense Scorpio at 5:30 am (8:30 ET), followed immediately by an opposition to rebel Uranus. After that we can expect lots of energy—some of it confrontational—around the elections and their outcomes.

As for individual concerns, morning is good for releasing obsolete beliefs, belongings and situations in preparation for tomorrow’s New Moon.

An afternoon sextile to Saturn brings out the executive side of Moon in Scorpio and favors research, finishing something practical, tissue removal, organizing tomorrow’s New Moon ritual, and establishing a schedule to support our goals for change.

I dissolve limiting ideas about myself, and accept the success and empowerment that are here for me now.

Wednesday, November 7

The day starts with the New Moon in Scorpio, one of fall’s power portals. The New Moon is exact at 8:02 am (11:02 ET), flavored by harmonies to Neptune and ruler Pluto, rulers of higher and universal love, respectively. Both planets also rule alchemy, as does Uranus, planet of brotherly love, who happens to receive a quincunx from expansive Jupiter precisely today.

Scorpio facilitates change, and these configurations help transmute unloving attitudes and beliefs (ruled by Jupiter) to precipitate the gold of prosperity and power. They also support renewing a life-altering decision or courageous course of action we embarked on any time previous to last October 28.

We can connect with this portal’s energy by writing down an intention. With Mercury retrograde, focus on something started before October 29, when the messenger planet entered shadow.

Choose from or adapt intentions like these:

I see myself assuming my power and using it in compassionate, effective ways.
I imagine women everywhere owning their power now.
I wish to value, support and empower (name/s of person or people close to you).
It’s great to be free of resentment towards (name or names of people you wish to forgive).
I visualize compassionate people proliferating in positions of public power.
I wish to heal in whatever ways are necessary so that I may accept my power and prosperity.
I visualize humanity eliminating garbage in ecologically sound ways.
I see myself free from guilt about my charisma and power.
It’s great to be centered in love for myself and all others.

Besides setting an intention, apply these tips to make a vision board or similar tool:

  • Obtain or print color images that help you visualize your intention as though it were already so.
  • Cut out the pictures and paste them on a sheet of violet or golden poster board (these are the colors of alchemy).
  • Write your intention on the poster board
  • Put the board away in a place only you know, and where others won’t see it, and take it out three times daily to visualize and affirm that it has already manifested.
  • Write down a plan of inner and outer actions. For instance: visualizing with your vision board, contacting a person or organization, seeking support for healing, writing affirmations, journaling, obtaining financial support, doing mirror work, reviving a project for personal or collective empowerment, promoting your work, devoting daily time to support a worthy person or cause.
  • Organize the next 28 days of the lunar month to support your New Moon intention.
  • Take whatever step you can, large or small, to get the energy moving on this portal.

Other activities favored today are healing encounters and deep conversations, backing up something we feel strongly about, and just anything requiring courage.

The Sabian symbol for 15-16 Scorpio says:

A GIRL WITH ARISTOCRATIC FEATURES SMILES ENTRANCINGLY. Fervent outreaching of self in moments of purist beauty. Leaping to meet the potentialities of life. Blossoming forth.

The angels of compassion are guiding humanity to loving uses of power now.

Thursday, November 8

At 2:42 am (5:42 ET), Moon goes VOC on a square from Moon in intense Scorpio to belligerent Mars. Save worldly connections and initiatives for after 10:59 am (1:59 pm ET), when Moon enters affable Sagittarius.

In the meantime, mighty Jupiter enters Sagittarius, where the planet of fortune connects us with confidence and uplifting beliefs. Visualize, invoke light beings, reconnect with joy.

At 11:06 am (2:06 pm), Moon joins Jupiter. The rest of the day is propitious for moving on our New Moon intentions, or activities involving promotion, publishing, teaching, inspiration, universities and anything foreign. It also favors anything requiring optimism, confidence, or a stroke of luck.

Spirit doesn’t hold me down, It lifts me to the heights of spiritual and material freedom now.

Friday, November 9

Early this morning, Moon in outgoing Sagittarius joins Mercury the messenger, and charming Venus trines virile Mars. We might schedule a breakfast, tea or dinner with clients or love object, give a class, share a video on social networks, speak our minds, deal with a college, or write a letter to a powerful entity… an angel, to Congress, or to a publishing company.

The whole day favors promotion, connection and progress, with the possible exception of early afternoon, when a square from Moon to Neptune at 12:42 pm (3:42 ET) that may accentuate subjectivity or generate confusion, so program a pause for visualization, meditation, or dream yoga.

Affirmation for before doing prayers or meditation:
Guardian Angel (or name of your preferred spirit guide), please gift me with divine connection and hold me in it throughout this day.

Saturday, November 10

Today is pregnant with adventure, creativity and joy.

The pioneering spirit of today’s number 1 works nicely with the waxing Moon in enthusiastic Sag. Moon’s sextiles to Venus and Mars keep the juices of charm flowing, favoring romance, creativity and social interaction. We could be moved to reopen a business, attend or hold an art exhibit, throw a brunch party, re-launch a promotion, re-join a cause, go to a concert or on an adventure, reignite an old flame, renew a foreign connection, or attend a fair or seminar.

We should avoid overspending, recklessness, or getting preachy, and take care to share the day with upbeat people who appreciate our enthusiasm.

At 7:55 pm (10:55 ET), Moon enters responsible Capricorn.

I am made in the image and likeness of joy, and I allow myself to radiate here and now.

Sunday, November 11

This is not exactly a relaxing Sunday, but it can be a good one. The stars favor constructive activities and intuitive, compassionate connections. Today’s master number 11 resonates with Capricorn Moon’s focus on responsibility, a theme further underscored by her morning conjunction to ruler Saturn. A sextile from Sun in powerful Scorpio to ruler Pluto, also in Capricorn, helps us move for congruence in our goals of transformation.

Somehow advance your self-mastery: do deep meditation, attend a spiritual group that touches the fiber of your being, get a special psychic reading, consult the angels to know your true way.

Other ways to apply this energy are by creating a schedule to support personal wellness and values, and partaking in altruistic initiatives related to teachers or elders. Pay them a visit, give a gift or offering, work on activism for seniors.

Steer clear of emotional dynamics centering on guilt.

I radiate love to the ancestors, teachers and elders of the world, and the vibration lifts humanity’s consciousness now.

Monday, November 12

Today extends yesterday’s theme of self-mastery. Moon in dynamic Capricorn joins intense Pluto; we touch base with the evolutionary path triggered when the planet of transformation entered the sign of structures in 2008.

Favored activities now: establish a timeline for goals, connect with a coach or attend therapy or a 12-step group, file a tax return you’ve been putting off, apply for a line of credit, build the balance in the bank account; do magic for emotional healing, discipline and self-control.

Social and business connections work better after 12:21 pm (3:21 ET), when a sextile from Moon to Sun in Scorpio, sign of change and charisma, facilitates positive, lasting results.

I call on the spiritual warrior forces to direct me on my path of mastery now.

Tuesday, November 13

Early morning is good for organization, dream interpretation and healing. Take a break from 7:13 am (10:13 am)—when Moon goes VOC—to 7:45 am (10:45 ET), when she enters creative Aquarius. Today’s numerology of 4 connects with Aquarius’ co-ruler, Saturn, underscoring our impulse to build something.

Aquarius Moon’s sextile to fortunate Jupiter makes morning and midday great for people connections focused on a cause or social or cultural group, as well as for promotion or sales, media production, publishing and just about anything requiring a breakthrough to open new options.

Spirit works to connect me with those who share my soul path, and I accept the support that is here for me now.

Wednesday, November 14

On this last day of her First Quarter, Moon in Aquarius sextiles Mercury the messenger in Sag, sign of the big picture. Our minds open and we can share our original ideas and make stimulating connections with friends and collaborators.

We might exchange intellectual information, write and post on our blog, do virtual promotion, research a career change or refinance our home—and read the fine print.

I am a clear channel for divine intelligence and I apply my aptitudes, here and now.

Thursday, November 15

Moon reaches her Second Quarter, calling us to pause and review our progress towards goals seeded at the New Moon of Wednesday, November 7.

At 23-24 degrees Aquarius, today’s Moon triggers the following Sabian symbol:

FREED FROM PASSION, A MAN TEACHES DEEP WISDOM. Utilization of experience and passion by the intelligence that remains uninvolved. Self-conquering. Genuine dispassion.

Take a dispassionate pause to consider whether there’s some business to do or connections with others that are part of those intentions. Moon’s trine to Venus in sociable Libra can open doors with friends, associates or for that matter, a current or ex  love object.

Moon goes VOC at 7:58 pm (10:58 ET), entering intuitive Pisces at 8:41 pm (11:41 ET), where she joins Mars some 20 minutes later. This transit favors spiritual protection and energy clearing of one’s home, room or workplace.

Divine love touches me through the best and highest channels, and divine love touches others through me, now and always.

Friday, November 16

Venus turns direct today, releasing the brakes on financial or relational situations that have seemed blocked since the beginning of October. Her station is exact at 2:51 am (5:51 ET) and triggers 25 Libra (natal planets at this degree are particularly sensitive to this transit).

Before rushing out to make a new investment or schedule a handfasting ceremony, note that Mercury happens to turn fully retrograde today (at 13 Sag), so leave new contracts, major purchases or beginnings until after Christmas, when the messenger planet finally emerges from shadow.

While Moon in compassionate Pisces sextiles practical Saturn, we can organize for our dreams and take a practical step, or work on a humanitarian or spiritual goal with like souls.

Intuition runs high tonight and early tomorrow. Try keeping a journal or page by your bed and repeat the following affirmation to program your dreams.

Guardian Angel (name of Spirit Guide), please show me the best way to heal and evolve (or name your intent) in a clear dream I remember on waking.

Saturday, November 17

While we slept, Moon in psychic Pisces was making a wee-hour conjunction to ruler Neptune.  Write down and interpret whatever dreams you can remember.

Moon emerges from her travels in the beyond to form a powerful sextile with Pluto in directed Capricorn. This is a great combination of intuition and power that favors positive, tangible transformation. We can make headway with a spiritual or artistic goal, consult a coach, attend therapy, journal, write to a senator, make a treasure map or vision board for a dream, and organize for success.

Before going to bed tonight, keep your journal or a sheet of paper on hand to write down and interpret your dreams on waking tomorrow morning.

Archangel Michael (or desired guide), please cut away any tendency in or around me that would keep me from moving to ground my vision.

Sunday, November 18

With an early conjunction from Moon in sensitive Pisces to Chiron, this morning’s dream work, meditation and prayers are particularly effective.

The tone changes at 7:56 am (10:56 ET), when Moon enters restless Aries. Her trine to upbeat Jupiter makes this a good day for a spiritual and/or physical adventure—a hike, sports, shamanic drumming, or heroic action on behalf of a group in need.

A night-time square from Moon to Saturn in Capricorn, the practical sign of his rule, makes this evening good for organizing our week and doing some work. If you’re trying to make a breakthrough on a personal project, this is a good moment to take that bold action.

Infinite Intelligence knows the best way to apply my courage and guides me to do so successfully now.

Monday, November 19

With Moon in restless Aries and today’s pioneering numerology of 1, we may feel like taking on the boss or making an impromptu rush on the local news channel, but our best actions are apt to be of the mental kind.

Not that we should keep our courage hidden under our coats. After all, the waxing Moon cycle is soon coming to close, and we can all use a bit of Aries’ nerve. However, Moon’s ruler Mars happens to square Jupiter, and this tension can come on just a bit too strong or even be explosive. Both planets relate to promotion, giving an extra sheen to the sales and publicity strategies you develop.

Avoid extreme sports and physical risks in general, steer clear of arguments, and watch for getting preachy. Use this morning’s trine from Moon to Mercury to direct your courage in thought and word: write to Congress, break through a block to edit your work or develop an entirely new kind of promotional or creative idea.

Divine enthusiasm pours through me, generating intelligent, successful results, here and now.

Tuesday, November 20

Aries Moon makes tense aspects that are best for independent work or solo activities that help us heal from co-dependence.

Try to keep a low profile, save key communications for the afternoon and be careful while driving or using sharp objects or tools.

At 3:43 pm (6:43 ET), Moon enters Taurus, sign of her exaltation. Contacts with expansive Jupiter and driven Mars can push us out of our comfort zone just enough to get her magic moving. We can make a dream board for romance or prosperity, do inner and magical work to improve self-esteem, enjoy singing or music, reorganize a stock portfolio or retirement plan, apply for a loan, or work on business, financial affairs, or something we want to last.

I am worthy of financial freedom. I see it, I believe it and I receive it now.

Wednesday, November 21

Moon is exalted in Taurus, with aspects that help ground and communicate her power. A contact from Sun in courageous Scorpio to Uranus in brave Aries helps us reconnect with our authentic selves, and from that center, leave a mark.

I stop striving for perfection and unleash my creative impulse now.

Thursday, November 22

Tonight’s Full Moon can be felt all day, making passions surge and intensifying drama. However, with Moon in Taurus this morning and midday, gatherings are likely to be easier than they will be tonight, when Moon enters Gemini and reaches exact fullness.

Before joining with others, use a morning trine from Moon to Pluto to start the day with an activity that re-enforces self-esteem and helps you center: journal, use affirmations, work on something creative, have a therapy session, connect with a 12-step group, or talk to a trusted confidante or to yourself in the mirror.

Moon moves on to connect with ruler Taurus’ ruler Venus, great for giving thanks and enjoying food and company.

At 8:10 pm (11:10 ET), the intensity increases as Moon enters Gemini. Her fullness perfects at 9:39 pm (12:39 am ET). At this moment, an opposition to Jupiter triggers energies of fortune and release. With Sun newly in Sagittarius along with Jupiter, we see an interesting play between Sag’s big picture and Gemini’s focus on detail.

The Sabian symbol for 0-1 Gemini is:

GLASS BOTTOM BOAT DRIFTS OVER UNDERSEA WATERS. Depth of realization in a consciousness in tough with the sources of life. Sensitiveness to collective images.

If you can’t get out of a night-time party, you might want to have a Plan B in place, in case you want to leave early.

If you’re on your own or with select, harmonious company, you might enjoy doing Full Moon prayers or a ritual. Known as the Snow Moon, Fog Moon or Stag’s Horn Change Moon, this is portal of release. Now in Gemini, it particularly helps us dissolve thought-forms and labels that we have absorbed from our DNA, family of origin, or social tribe. We can write down those we wish to release and light two candles, one dark blue and the other purple, calling on the angels of liberation to help us dissolve these ideas—and then, burn the paper. (See tomorrow’s forecast for an affirmation to compliment the release.)

I give thanks to the earth, and my gratitude joins with the gratitude of many, lifting the planet to a place of honor in the collective mentality now.

Friday, November 23

If possible, stay at home, go to a sauna or work in the yard (with care) to recover from Thanksgiving.

Moon in voluble, volatile Gemini starts the day with an early square to restless Mars, the first of a series of tense aspects that aren’t exactly peacekeepers. They could work for writing letters—rough drafts only—for going for a walk, or reading on your own. The aspects would most favor magic related to words: journaling, writing affirmations and letter to angels, blessing and consecrating your wand or car, or doing a Full Moon ritual if you didn’t get to it yesterday.

I close the door on any limiting thoughts or labels directed to me by people or entities. I am infinite being, and I cannot be limited or labeled now.

Saturday, November 24

With Moon in Gemini trining charming Venus, and Sun moving to perfect its trine to Jupiter, you may prefer to hold your Thanksgiving fest today. Or,  throw a party or organize a brunch, get caught up on errands, play table games, promote something (that you’ve been working on since anytime before last October 28), work on writing or editing, or visit with siblings or friends. It can be joyful, creative day, especially if we avoid Gemini Moon traps like wasting time or talking too much.

After a five-month retrograde, Neptune turns direct today, giving the green light to psychic, mystical and creative activities that have seemed blocked.

At 9:31 pm (12:31 am ET), Moon goes VOC, entering tender Cancer at 10:38 pm (1:08 am ET).

My words are my wand, and I consecrate them to generate light and joy, now and always.

Sunday, November 25

Plan something special, as Moon in Cancer makes creative, restless aspects that favor her dynamic side, keeping us in gear to use tonight’s happy, optimistic conjunction to noble Jupiter. Harmonious activities might include helping out at the local soup kitchen or animal shelter, creating a business strategy, renewing a promotional project, doing business, selling real-estate, re-organizing the kitchen, blessing your home, setting goals, or renewing your marriage or handfasting vows.

Moon trines Neptune, complimenting tonight’s conjunction from Sun to Jupiter. These harmonies particularly favor joyous encounters, including with light beings.

Divine love is at work around the planet, weaving connections between people and light beings now.

Monday, November 26

A wee-hour square from Mercury the messenger to belligerent Mars sets the tone for a creative, potentially productive and healing day that favors independent, focused activities.

This morning, emotional Cancer Moon opposes heavy-hitter Pluto, offering us an opportunity to transmute feelings of self-rejection or apathy and find a way to radiate love to ourselves. Helpful tools might include affirmations, meditation, therapy, or mirror work.

The tone harmonizes this evening, favoring creative activities, home beautification, doing work or business, socializing with family, or even a romantic dinner. Whatever you do, avoid unnecessary arguments or taking things personally.

I embrace myself in loving kindness, and enjoy this healing connection now.

Tuesday, November 27

Sun makes a wee-hour conjunction to Mercury in enthusiastic Sag. This expressive combination optimizes Leo Moon’s morning harmonies, making this morning great for sharing breakfast or throwing a special brunch, nurturing relationships, romance and friendship, giving our work a dramatic touch, renewing a creative or promotional activity, expressing our feelings in style, giving and receiving positive recognition—and reinventing our lives.

Afternoon continues to be favorable, with a more directed tone that favors work, business, organizing, promotion, and things requiring a more serious focus.

The light that I radiate connects me with light beings everywhere now.

Wednesday, November 28

Today’s numerology of 1 gives us the impulse to get things done on this last day of the Third Quarter Moon. Ruled by Mars, it ties into yesterday’s still active sextile from the planet of action to Saturn, planet of work.

Venus connects with Chiron, fueling our heart energy and giving a special touch to our meditations of metta, forgiveness and compassion.

It also accents the social side of Leo Moon. Take initiative to express your affection and warmth, put your talents to use, strut your stuff, show your ideas to clients or another key person, share an opulent meal, or go on a date.

Divine love pours through my heart and fills my mind, body and world, now and always.

Thursday, November 29

At 3:08 am (5:08), Moon enters diligent Virgo and makes productive aspects to fortunate Jupiter and organized Saturn. If we’ve let our creativity and self-expression flow in recent days, this is a time to review our results, retouch them, edit, tie up loose ends, and finish something. This applies not only to work, but also to relationships: we can clarify a misunderstanding or follow through on a social initiative.

At 4:19 pm (7:19 ET), Moon reaches her Last Quarter. At 7-8 degrees Virgo, the Sabian symbol says:

A FIVE-YEAR-OLD CHILD TAKES A FIRST DANCING LESSON. Learning to use one’s capacity for emotional self-expression according to cultural standards.

On this Last Quarter Moon evening, declutter, organize papers, and begin clearing the way for the intentions you wish to seed at next week’s New Moon.

Affirmation (repeat aloud as you declutter):
I thank these objects for their time with me and I bless them to their true place now.

Friday, November 30

Moon in practical Virgo trines powerful Pluto in executive Capricorn, helping us cut through blocks to finish something or to work on healing body or emotions. We can profitably consult with a coach, break a habit, and cut through distraction to heal or reorganize our schedules.

An evening opposition from Venus to Uranus brings creative light to our efforts at authenticity. Take in an independent film, connect with those who resonate with your ideals, or go to an art exhibit.

I look within, find my own archetypes, and people and situations appear to support my clarity now.

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