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Daykeeper Daily Success Guide Astrology Forecast, May 1–31, 2018

by Crystal Pomeroy on May 1, 2018

Daily astrology for May 2018 - Daykeeper Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, May 2018

Tuesday, May 1

Beltane has arrived. One of the four quarters of the year, Beltane celebrates the fertile joining of female and male energies, and of Mother Earth’s abundance. Provoke a pause to get outdoors and connect with woods, a garden or a local tree. Praise the Sublime’s never-ending powers of abundance and visualize a greener world.

Moon VOC in Scorpio favors mystical activities of an intimate or secret nature, making this morning great for a private ritual (see more suggestions in our Monthly Influences). At 8:20 am (11:20 ET), she enters Sagittarius: connect with people or light beings, create a vision board for abundance, share in a group ritual, party or adventure, or engage in ecology volunteerism.

With Mercury at the end of his post-retrograde shadow, this is also a propitious window to retouch, review or re-launch a campaign for a community concern, spiritual message or publishing project, or related to marketing.

An evening connection from love-planet Venus in communicative Gemini to Saturn the builder, favors blessing and beautifying our work space and writing down our priorities in finance and relationships.

The fire of divine love burns in me and I bless its spark in others, here and now.

Wednesday, May 2

With a quincunx from waning Moon in visionary Sag to Sun in Taurus, sign of values, morning favors creative activities and making a physical and mental space for abundance. Discard obsolete belongings and limiting beliefs.

This is also a propitious time for seeking guidance from the subtle planes on how to increase self-love and prosperity.

Save calls and connections for after 3:58 pm (6:58 ET), when Moon trines Mercury the messenger. An afternoon square from Moon to receptive Neptune accents intuition and favors a romantic encounter, but it’s best to postpone making new commitments.

Created by Love, I am worthy of the affection, wellness and success that are here for me now.

Thursday, May 3

There is a sense of relief as Mercury finally emerges from shadow and into full forward motion. Recurring glitches with phones, computers, and communications seem to dissolve. Apply the cosmic shift by journaling about inner breakthroughs you’ve had since March 8, when the messenger planet first entered pre-retrograde shadow. Try writing about where you’d like to go with the insights acquired.

Moon in Sagittarius favors promoting something, expressing gratitude, taking a seminar, course or lesson, contacting light beings, innovating on a legal case or concern, obtaining key information, activating foreign contacts, speaking our truth, dealing with a college, and publishing on the web.

We should get it done before 7:06 pm, when Moon enters serious Capricorn, squaring Chiron, the wounded healer. After that, we will especially benefit from therapy or a 12-step group, journaling about limits, and organizing for self-care.

My inner work frees me and my world now.

Friday, May 4

Moon in businesslike Capricorn joins ruler Saturn, combining with the constructive numerology of 4 to make for a serious day. We can get on track with our goals and revive our inner executive by making lists, organizing for progress in our profession, handling investments, or another kind of institutional activity; restructuring family or group interactions, balancing our bank accounts, apply for credit, setting a limit, doing business, or taking tangible action of one kind or another to manifest our goals.

With concentration, today’s demanding vibrations can be well-applied to get caught up on pending priorities, ground something vital, or prepare for tomorrow’s dynamic energies. Undirected, they can also lead to guilt trips or despondency. Don’t couch-potato it. Avoid pessimistic people like the plague. Work independently or with the support of a coach, consultant or teacher who helps you focus and move forward.

Weekend parties are best left for tomorrow morning or Sunday from midday on.

Archangel Michael, please awaken my powers of mastery and move me on my path of power now.

Saturday, May 5

Cinco de Mayo celebrates a key battle in which brave and savvy Mexicans achieved a decisive victory against French invaders who intended to establish a monarchy.

Moon in Capricorn makes a wee-hour trine to Sun in prosperous Taurus, putting us in touch with the earthy energies of early May. Lunar sextiles to angel-planets Neptune and Jupiter are propitious for connecting with light beings and reviving our dreams and higher vision. A quincunx from verbal Mercury to expansive Jupiter empowers our affirmations, mantras and other inspired words.

These same energies also favor teaching, art, production, political activism, and business, particularly promotion. At 2:00 pm (5:00 ET), Moon joins intense Pluto. Emotions run deep; instinctual passions may get out of hand and get the best of our efforts for diplomacy. We can use the energy to journal about our feelings, schedule a therapy session, work on beliefs around money, and restructure an investment.

Tonight, send someone thoughts of forgiveness and visualize world peace.

Humanity is drawn to express our unity: with one another, with the earth and with light beings, and this impulse serves to bring us together

Sunday, May 6

This morning, we’ll especially enjoy an art exhibit, or writing down and analyzing last night’s dreams. Sun in fertile Taurus sextiles creative Neptune, favoring all things artistic and mystical.

Moon is VOC until 7:48 am (10:48 ET), when it enters Aquarius, sign of freedom.

Tomorrow’s potentially discordant aspects won’t favor connecting with others. Whether for personal, professional or charitable purposes, make connections today.

We can go on an adventure, have a party, fight for a cause, ground our creative inspiration, or research options for a change of location or career. In some way or another, move beyond your comfort zone.

I act in a spirit of kindness, and my connection with light networks shines, here and now.

Monday, May 7

Dreams and meditations may spill rich insights into our conscious minds, as Mercury squares Pluto, planet of the depths, and lusty Venus squares illusionary Neptune. The hour is ripe for independent, creative activities and psychological or spiritual healing.

Unless interactions are entirely harmonious or with a magician, save them for another day. Now is a good time to review current priorities and declutter our space, bookcase and feeling nature. Get rid of worn-out visualization materials.

At 7:09 this evening (10:09 ET) Moon reaches her Fourth Quarter. The Sabian symbol for 17-18 Aquarius says:

A PERSON’S SECRET MOTIVES ARE BEING PUBLICLY UNMASKED. The difficulty for the modern individual to keep secret his private past or his deeper motives.

Today, struggle between the powers of society and the rights of the individual leads to the defeat of the latter… The individual whose activities have to remain unrecognized… needs the help of higher Powers….

In prelude to tomorrow’s opposition from Sun to Jupiter, this symbol spotlights the evolutionary potential of the planet of meaning as it navigates the dark waters of Scorpio, sign of power, magic and secrets. In a journal, self-help group, with a spiritual teacher or in therapy, work to expand your awareness about which secrets you wish to share and with whom, and which secrets you choose to keep for your own good and that of others who have confided in you. This activity will also help us prepare for the upcoming trine of Sun to Pluto on Friday, May 11.

I have a right to share secrets that hurt, and keep secrets that empower me and others now.

Tuesday, May 8

The powerful numerology of today’s number 8 accents one of the year’s most important transits: an opposition from purposeful Sun in Taurus, sign of prosperity, to fortunate Jupiter in Scorpio, sign of change.

What ruts are keeping us from exploring needed changes? Is our attachment to a place, person or known channel of good holding us back? How long will we postpone the demands of the child who presses our inner doorbell, calling us to free it from the shadows?

At 7:29 pm (10:29 ET), Moon goes VOC in Aquarius on a sextile to fun Uranus. At 8:11 pm (11:11 ET), she enters mystical Pisces.

I consider my own needs, and release the impulse to adapt to others’ agendas, here and now.

Wednesday, May 9

Love, creativity and contacts with light beings are favored by a quincunx from charming Venus to beneficent Jupiter. Contacts with people also go well, though the Fourth Quarter Moon is better for finishing a joint project or intention than for starting something new. Both Pisces Moon and the numerology of 9 favor altruistic and charitable activities. Meditate, use mantras or positive affirmations, take a swim, apply yourself with forgiveness, act on an intention to lift someone’s spirits or help a group, person or cause—especially one related to the oceans.

This afternoon, a lovely sextile from Venus to Saturn helps us ground the blessing, as we apply ourselves in organization, work, concrete steps, and constructive connections with others.

Today’s actions and radiations of love will synchronize us with tomorrow’s opportunities.

Love, love, love. My mind is a portal of love that I radiate to myself and all others now.

Thursday, May 10

This morning, Moon in compassionate Pisces trines co-ruler Jupiter, opening a propitious portal for meditating on forgiveness, asking for an apology, attending a mystical group or gathering, sharing inspirational or angelic ideas, or working on or publishing a media production.

The good gets better as Moon connects with sweet Venus and sextiles Sun and Pluto in earth signs. Make a vision board for romance, join your soulmate for brunch (if you’re on Eastern Time, that would be lunch), enjoy sacred or relaxing music, transmute a limiting belief, work on healing or art.

People connections can go well, although small talk and trivia will drain our power. Connections flow best if we can focus on love, spirituality, charity, creativity, healing or to promote a key cause or project.

The oceans of the world glow with divine life, sustained directly from the infinite realm of Spirit, now and always.

Friday, May 11

This is a good morning to rise early and use the energy of Moon’s sextile to go-getter Mars in exercise, or tackling something we’ve been putting off. At 5:40 am, she enters Aries, joining Chiron soon thereafter. In therapy, journaling, with affirmations and mantras, a coaching session or an appropriate group, we can work on healing issues around confidence and authenticity.

Getting centered will help us make the most of this afternoon’s trine from Sun to Pluto. With the planet of power currently retrograde, this aspect propitiates tangible breakthroughs in healing.

Think of a risk you’ve dreamt of taking and whose postponement has been silently eating away at your self-esteem. Apply your confidence by gathering your inner and outer resources in preparation for taking a new, more forceful approach at the upcoming New Moon in Taurus of Tuesday, May 15.

This aspect also activates our bullshit detector. With the Moon waning in courageous Aries, we can release a limiting situation and set a difficult but necessary limit. The situation might be an entrenched attitude of people-pleasing and/or resentment.

Considering Aries Moon’s lack of diplomacy and a late quincunx from sweet Venus to bossy Pluto, before pulling the trigger take some time to think things through and make sure you hit the true target without shedding blood and leaving ugly stains. In fact, the next three days look like rug-soakers, so take some time to strategize and prepare your position.

One great way to direct today’s “screw-it” energy: finally get rid of those old books and tapes we haven’t been able to part with.

Only for today, I release doubts and perfectionism, and regroup to walk my path of power now.

Saturday, May 12

With Moon in Aries and Mercury—also in the feisty sign-squaring ruler Mars in determined Capricorn—we’ll be well advised to save marriage proposals and negotiations for another day. We can release the tension by playing Scrabble, doing crossword puzzles, and finishing letters to Congress. Stay mindful and avoid the tendency to lose your cool.

Make a space to meditate and seize today’s courage by tackling the paper salad on the desk, retouching a résumé or finishing a proposal.

Archangel Michael, direct me in courageous, harmonious progress on my true path now.

Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother’s Day. As we’ll see a bit further on, get-togethers are more propitious after 11:05 am (2:05 ET).

Mercury enters stable Taurus this morning, slowing down our thoughts and communications, a shift that seems welcome after the recent lightning storms.

This morning, walk in nature, hug a tree and invoke Earth’s spirits to sooth your mind and restore humanity’s connection to our planet and one another.

Enjoy a sauna—but keep the heat down and avoid using potentially dangerous equipment, driving too fast, or jumping off of what looks like a little mound but could end up being a cliff. It will be hard to stay still, but hold to your center, look before crossing, and if possible limit your movements to weeding the garden or engaging in armchair activism.

Life becomes easier after 11:05 am (2:05 pm ET), when Moon enters Taurus also, sign of her exaltation. We’ll get special pleasure by enjoying a picnic, singing, music, a nice meal, and art.

If you have the time and can’t repress the inner witch, do mental or magical work to improve your self-esteem and open to greater financial prosperity.

I allow myself to release any programs that limit or repel my complete success, and my entire family tree finds freedom now.

Monday, May 14

Moon in prosperous Taurus harmonizes with mystical Neptune, opening us to angelic guidance for the intentions we can seed at tomorrow’s abundant New Moon.

Moon’s afternoon opposition to Jupiter, planet of beliefs, still in dusky Scorpio, brings perspective on hidden programming that has limited our prosperity.

Besides being related to spirit guides and light beings, both Jupiter and Neptune are planets of mercy. By releasing others, even those who have crossed us, to their prosperity, we can also prepare for tomorrow’s portal and move onto a new level of material mastery. Unless they’re to give an offering, make a donation, or inspire or pray with someone, save key contacts until tomorrow.

Try to get to bed early, to be up for tomorrow’s exciting New Moon.

I release all others to prosperity and wellness, and I am freed to my own blessed pathway, here and now.

Tuesday, May 15

As the day begins, we can also begin again, thanks to the New Moon in Taurus, exact at 4:48 am (7:48 ET). With Mercury direct and in trine to Mars and Pluto, we can apply our mental and physical energies to move through this door full steam ahead.

If possible, write down intentions for financial independence and self-love before 8:16 am (11:16 ET), when Uranus, planet of surprises, makes an important change on entering Taurus. And move on those intentions in whatever way you can, big or small.

Not that the rest of the day is unfavorable, but Uranus’ last moments in Aries can tie our aspirations to a project of freedom that’s been rubbing our heels since 2011, when the planet of release entered Aries.

Get concrete with prosperity by preparing receipts, deposit slips, bank statements and other documents with attractive, imaginary sums. In an orderly fashion, paste images of abundant cash and other monetary instruments on a gold or tree-green background. Begin visualizing with them today and follow up each morning and evening for the next several months, without showing them to, or discussing your methods with, others.

Actions continue to be propitious at midday, when Moon trines bold Mars. With the dynamo of the solar system in ambitious Capricorn, focus on business, real-estate or investment goals. (See our May Monthly Influences for tips for your sun and rising sign at this portal.)

The Sabian symbol for 24-25 Taurus says:

A VAST PUBLIC PARK. The cultivation of natural energies for collective use and recreation… the positive and impressive results of collective endeavor to live in peace and enjoy relaxation. The public park is designed and kept for the enjoyment of… all.

We foresee particularly prosperous benefits for projects related to nature (products, books, trips, yards, ecology), relaxation (meditations, spas, music), and recreation (travel, hotels, vacation rentals, sports).

My world is fertile and the seed of my intention produces rich results now.

Wednesday, May 16

The numerology of today’s 7 accents the mental acuity of Moon in Gemini. Her tense aspects to Saturn and Neptune favor independent work on organization and creativity.

The combination is great for structuring a new cycle of visualization and affirmation in resonance with yesterday’s lunation. The New Moon portal actually lasts through tomorrow at midday; avoid wasting it on trivial conversation.

With practical Saturn in the mix, this morning is great for organizing paperwork related to a new business project—things like applying for a permit, studying investment and banking options, or changing a website hosting package.

Afternoon is best for creative and mystical pursuits, like the aforementioned visualization and affirmation program, or blessing your wand or car.

Save key decisions, promotional efforts and socializing for this evening or tomorrow morning (see tomorrow’s Success Guide tips for details).

Place your hands on your car (or bicycle) to bless it with words like these:
I give thanks for this gift from the Source, sent through a portal of love that remains open, sustaining this vehicle and all involved in a constant stream of blessing, into which nothing negative could ever penetrate and out of which only good can and will come always.

Thursday, May 17

Get up early to iron your best shirt, braid your mustache and hit the road to knock on key doors. This morning’s numerology of 8 brings out the power-potential of the newly waning Moon in communicative Gemini. Today is the day: seek out a new or key contact, present a proposal or an idea, cut a deal, sign a contract, close a sale, launch a promotion.

Focus on such actions during the first part of the day, before 11:18 am (2:18 pm ET), when Moon goes VOC on a conjunction to sweet Venus. Then take some downtime: journal and do affirmations for love, compassion or metta or enjoy lunch with a sibling or harmonious colleague.

At 2:47 pm (5:47 ET), Moon enters Cancer. Her aspects to rebel Uranus and upstart Mars don’t favor PR or for that matter, harmonious interaction of any type. But the combination helps us find a new home, or to redecorate or somehow update our present space to renew its energy and make it more suitable for our current priorities. We can also tackle a major cleaning job like washing the rug, waxing the floors or wiping out the Pleistocene grease above the stove.

The cleaning could also be an inside job, like freeing our imagination from frightening possibilities and filling it with new, clear images of wellness and success (something Cancer in particular should do regularly)—or embarking on a new course of spiritual study or self-empowerment.

You may also enjoy celebrating Dea Día, the ancient Cosmic Mother Goddess whose feast was on this day.

I am not alone or without the support of a loving Mother. The Divine Mother is with me, accompanying, guiding and supporting me. Praise to You, loving Mother whose presence fills my world and all creation, helping us and blessing us in every way, now and always.

Friday, May 18

According to author Nigel Pennick, today is Apollon Day, sacred to Apollo, “god of music, poetry, divination and sunlight”. Enjoy some early rays from our local star and write down intentions and goals for this day’s great influences.

Mercury the messenger in Taurus, sign of abundance, trines Saturn the builder; our communications, handiwork and ideas can lay new groundwork. in activities like creating and launching a new business strategy, clarifying goals in writing, negotiatinge and signing a deal, writing a pre-nuptial agreement, irgetting married or hold a handfasting ceremony.

This afternoon and evening, Moon trines Neptune and Jupiter, planets of light beings, faith, media production and compassion. Now, we can hold the wedding reception, apply ourselves to visualization, visit a medium, contact our angels or spirit guides, do psychic traveling, or attend a mystical group, seminar or gathering.

In the One Mind, I am already connected to the best and highest people. Having met them within, I meet them without, here and now.

Saturday, May 19

Although we may feel we deserve a rest, keep your antennae out and your batteries charged to make the most of today’s promising influences.

Today’s numerology of 1 compliments the recently waxing Moon, giving extra energy to new beginnings. This morning, Venus enters Cancer, putting the spotlight on tenderness, the nurturing side of affection, family union, and the growth potential of business endeavors.

That cycle will last for the next three weeks, but today’s stars open a special door, as Venus makes a sextile to Uranus, planet of breakthroughs. We can strike a new deal, make a positive change in our home or family arrangements and establish new contacts and opportunities for our social lives, romance and particularly for business.

At 2:14 pm (5:14 ET), Moon goes VOC, although in Cancer it still performs, favoring the same activities.

Do them before 4:11 pm (7:11 ET), when Moon enters dramatic Leo, with hard aspects to tough-guys Uranus and Mars. They accent creativity but can also cause the lion to suddenly show her claws. We can work independently on art, meditate or watch a funny movie (don’t argue about who gets to choose it!). Avoid pressing your point, and if you wish to engage with or approach someone that you couldn’t reach earlier, save the connection for next Monday night or Tuesday.

I am an agent of success, and I visualize and act on this calling now.

Sunday, May 20

This particular Sunday is not a time of rest. Moon in Leo, sign of the artist, nudges Saturn the master and squares Mercury the messenger in tangible Taurus; we can make our inspiration concrete in creative work, or in a project related to our children or to vacation plans or rentals.

Leo Moon may make us feel like partying, but the aspects are not particularly harmonious, although we may feel the love bite this evening, when they bring out the romantic potential of today’s numerology of 2. Enjoy an early evening outing with your honey or mingle and meet someone new. Keep your hormones in check, though, as tense contacts to fantasia-planets Neptune and Jupiter can make a dish look tastier than it is.

The most propitious contacts of all are with light beings or like souls.

If you’re ready for a new beginning, these energies favor making a vision board for true love.

At 7:15 pm (10:15 ET), Sun enters Gemini, propitiating evening conversations; and for the next solar month, spotlighting communication, errands, short trips, sales, siblings, and all things mental.

Affirmations to attract true friends and collaborators or true love:
Spirit is now working through people (clients, etc.) who are in perfect tune with me, who I prosper and help, and who prosper and harmonize with me. We are naturally connected and they appear naturally in my world.

Spirit is now working through a person who is in perfect tune with me, who I compliment and love, and who compliments and loves me. We are irresistibly attracted to one another. Only true and good companionship can come into my world.

Monday, May 21

With Moon in expressive Leo connecting with Pluto, planet of power, the creative numerology of 3 can be applied to giving our work a dramatic touch, pushing to finish something related to New Moon intentions, putting our best foot forward, using a coloring book, or doing art therapy.

At 7:03 pm (10:03 ET), Moon enters diligent Virgo, excellent for organizing papers or a project or for helping someone. A trine to Uranus in abundant Taurus can precipitate a breakthrough in healing or work.

At 8:49 pm (11:49 ET), Moon reaches her First Quarter, calling us to look at our progress on intentions seeded at last Tuesday’s New Moon. At 1-2 degrees Virgo, the Sabian symbol says:

A LARGE, WHITE CROSS STANDS ALONE ON THE TOP OF A HIGH HILL. Dominance of environment through individualistic self-realization. Eminence at the cost of struggle. Full self-assurance.

This symbol seems to bequeath a new level of power on the Virgin.

Chaste Mother, please imbue me with your pure light and free me from distractions to my path of mastery, here and now.

Tuesday, May 22

Today’s Master Number 22 heightens our ability to reach the masses with intentions, efforts, products and services for the common good. And the stars support work, healing and creativity.

Moon in Virgo improves our organizational skills and her morning trine to constructive Saturn increases our productivity quotient, helping us take a realistic look at where we are in relationship to our goals. We can ground a breakthrough in work, business, finances or to finish an old project.

A sextile from Sun to Chiron accents the healing power of our words—be they positive affirmations, mantras, to motivate others, or written in a journal.

This afternoon and evening, Mercury connects with Neptune and Jupiter, also favoring communications, particularly in art, prayer, a psychic reading or to promote an idea, product or cause. The window of fortune stays open through the night, in case you want to stay up or get up early tomorrow.

Omnipotent Spirit loves us, so reality loves us, here and now.

Wednesday, May 23

With Moon in grounded Virgo, harmonizing with speaker-planets Mercury and Jupiter, this is a good day to rise early. We can work on a promotion or redaction, or write a letter to someone’s guardian angel—either to ask for help in our dealings with that person, or just to help her or him.

This window of stellar fortune closes at 7:55 am (10:55 ET), when Moon goes VOC. Though early, it’s worth making an extra effort to use it, since she won’t enter Libra until 11:52 this evening (2:52 am ET), and in the interim, Sun trines Mars, giving confidence and force to our directed, bold actions, particularly those related to the house where the virile planet transits our natal charts at 3 degrees Aquarius.

Before acting, I clarify my purpose, and the right doors open for me now.

Thursday, May 24

Moon in Libra is uncharacteristically dynamic as she makes early connections to Mars and Sun, in echo to last night’s trine between the latter two.

And today’s numerology of 6 favors prosperity, family and marriage.

This is good morning to sell a car, call on a consultant or coach, start something intellectual, negotiate, resolve a legal issue or work out a bank statement, strike a compromise, or redo your image.

This afternoon, diligence prevails as Moon squares executive Saturn. With expansive Jupiter building towards a trine with Neptune (precise very early tomorrow), we get a wave of good fortune that can be applied for just about anything, as long as we can keep organized, focused and with our feet on the ground.

People will be feeling more generous than usual, so we can garner support, as well as inspiring others and helping them move towards their dreams. This is also an exceptional portal for connecting with angels, dakinis, spirit guides and other light beings.

I am a radiant channel for divine love, and it fills my vibration and that of my world now.

Friday, May 25

The trine from Jupiter to Neptune—detailed in yesterday’s Success Guide—perfects in the wee hours, and Moon in Libra increases the charm quotient. A trine from Mercury the messenger to powerful Pluto helps us ground the luck in thoughts and words that leave their mark, whether applied subjectively—in our minds, deep research, therapy or a healing session—or to material concerns—with a key contact, business deal or financial operation, or related to an inheritance or collection.

These influences also favor starting a business or new intellectual pursuit.

Use them before 2:04pm (5:04 ET), when Moon goes VOC. Ruler Venus opposes stern Saturn; charm flies out the window. Focus on independent work and activities.

We can take a hard look at our approach to love and money, release a layer of co-dependence, and advance in recovery from an addiction to romance, shopping, or the approval of others. This aspect also helps us get real about a creative project or image-change we’ve been postponing. Journal about clarity: What’s holding you back? What simple action can you take in the direction of your dreams? Brainstorm with yourself about alternative routes.

My good is not in some other place or time, my good is always where I am, and it appears as rich supply through Spirit’s infinite channels now.

Saturday, May 26

With Moon in passionate Scorpio in tense aspects to rebel Uranus, sensitive Chiron and co-ruler Mars, this morning could be called anti-social at best. Sleep in if you can, meditate on forgiveness or release, practice dream yoga, soak in a hot bath, take a walk in the park.

Avoid extreme activities and exercise special caution with knives, equipment and potentially touchy people.

Save conflict resolution, negotiation and, if possible, almost all interactions for after 5:16 pm (8:16 ET), when Moon connects with confident Sun, followed by harmonies with constructive Saturn and Venus in tender Cancer.

I let all people be prosperous, healthy, and free, and my own prosperity, wellness and freedom flow, here and now.

Sunday, May 27

Moon joins fortunate Jupiter in deep Scorpio and harmonizes with sensitive Neptune, opening divine doors. Plan for some special spiritual, musical or creative activity. Contacts flow with light beings, like souls, and love objects.

Scorpio works best close up: don’t squander this day on superficial activities or contacts. Investigate a mystery, back up something you feel strongly about, do something daring, have a deep talk, pray for world peace, work on forgiveness, consult an angelic oracle, visit a medium, or make a major, life-altering decision or change.

Infinite Good is the One Power acting in my world, so only true and helpful changes take place, here and now. Infinite Good is at work around the planet, inspiring kind actions and producing peaceful outcomes now.

Monday, May 28

Memorial Day

If you have something important to do, get it done before 10:25 am (1:25 pm ET), when Moon goes VOC in Scorpio on an opposition to Mercury the messenger. Take a break to bless your body and use affirmations to transmute negative beliefs, enjoy the local sunshine and an informal brunch or lunch.

At 3:29 pm (6:29 ET), Moon enters Sagittarius, accentuating the pioneering numerology of 1 to give impulse to our imagination, confidence and vision.

It’s a great time to take a class in a new subject, move on a foreign project or contact, mingle, begin a new relationship, express your truth—but avoid getting preachy, overdoing things or, especially on the doorstep of tomorrow’s Full Moon, giving full rein to a reckless impulse.

I bless my body as a temple of divine life that flows directly from the Almighty Source, now and always.

Tuesday, May 29

If we’re up before dawn, we might catch today’s Full Moon, exact at 7:30 am (10:30 ET). In the month of blooms, many call this portal the Flower Moon. For author Dorothy Morrison, this is the Dyad Moon, an exceptionally fertile, propitious portal for which we share more tips and sign-by-sign observations in our May Monthly Influences.

Moon in Sagittarius makes this a good portal to get things out, speak your truth, start a promotion or finish a project related to your talents, production or finances. The Sabian symbol for 8-9 degrees Sagittarius says:

A MOTHER LEADS HER SMALL CHILD STEP BY STEP UP A STEEP STAIRWAY. The need in any social situation to assist the less evolved in their management of the problems which society requires its members to solve… The child must first be taught by example, then helped along as he imitates as well as he can the grownups’ behavior… social concern for the less evolved.

From a transcendent perspective, this is a lesson in compassion. The stairway represents evolution. Rather than judging those less evolved, we are called to see them as children on life’s stairway, to set an example, and help them—at least with a more generous perspective.

This afternoon, as Mercury enters Gemini, we find it easier to put our thoughts into words.

As my spirit guides might look at me, I look at those who seem less evolved with compassion and patience, here and now.

Wednesday, May 30

Still on the Full Moon portal, Moon goes VOC on a square to mystical Neptune. In Sagittarius, it still performs. We can write down a concrete intention to increase physical stamina, health, prosperity, and ability to complete something. We’ll find special success now by consulting spirit guides, working on media production, or making a vision board for one or more of these areas.

With the Full Moon in Sagittarius, a sextile from Mercury in Gemini to Chiron, the wounded healer, helps us direct the healing power of our words in anything from mantras and positive affirmations to sharing our ideas in a new way.

I speak from my center, and my words radiate healing power now.

Thursday, May 31

At 2:27 am (5:27 ET), Moon enters Capricorn, connecting with Uranus the rebel, Chiron the wounded healer and Mercury the messenger. Journal about and strategize for your independent path of mastery.

At 5:53 pm (8:53 ET), she joins Capricorn’s ruler, demanding Saturn. We can use these influences, accented by the constructive numerology of 4 (also related to Saturn) to take the reins of our life and emotions, and strategize and move on Full Moon intentions or other key goals.

Unless they’re with a teacher, boss or authority figure, save interpersonal dealings for another day. When you do connect with others, avoid being too businesslike or dry.

Finish the day on a lighter note by watching a funny movie or attending a comedy show.

Angels of success, please help me ground my intentions in a spirit of lightness and fun now.

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