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Daykeeper Daily Success Guide, April 1–30, 2018

by Crystal Pomeroy on April 1, 2018

Daily Astrology with Daykeeper's Daily Success Guide April 2018

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, April 2018

Sunday, April 1

Morning is by far the best time for get-togethers, and Moon in Libra is particularly suited for gathering in a beautiful space, and beautifying the table and Easter details or gifts.

It happens to be April Fools’ Day, so we might try eggs with trick messages or another fun touch.

Speaking of fun, Moon goes VOC at 11:29 am (2:29 pm ET) on an opposition with Uranus, planet of surprises. Despite the best intentions, arguments may occur. At the upside, this influence favors independent thinking and freedom from concern with the approval of others. Plan for some down-time, journal, read a good book, research unofficial versions of history or events.

At 3:57 pm (6:57 ET), Moon enters Scorpio. With co-ruler Mars approaching a conjunction to Saturn in Capricorn, sign of self-mastery and goals, Moon’s presence in this sign of change radiates an atmosphere of seriousness. Her opposition to social Venus brings perspective on relational ties and attitudes that may be affecting our wellness or keeping us from fully committing to a goal.

We can profitably this afternoon and evening to declutter, work on forgiveness and release, or research something that will empower a courageous initiative or cause.

I release superficial dealings and concerns, and commit to my path of power now.

Monday, April 2

Mars in Capricorn joins Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, pushing us to wake up and move on something important. This isn’t a gentle transit, but can be quite empowering if we visualize a successful outcome and take bold action. Initiatives done at a distance or on something related to objective production are more promising than those requiring PR, diplomacy or good chemistry.

Mars is also the co-ruler of Moon in Scorpio, who happens to harmonize with the warrior planet and his older, wiser brother Saturn.

We should focus our actions before 12:14 pm (3:14 ET), when Moon’s transits become less harmonious, then use the afternoon to regroup, attend to personal needs, and gather strength.

Evening is great for consulting an oracle or psychic, making a vision board or enjoying a deep movie.

Releasing concern for perfection, I move on my vision now however I can now.

Tuesday, April 3

The bugle call sounds again this morning, as Moon in valiant Scorpio sextiles ruler Pluto in Capricorn, sign of tangible results. Today’s path is clearer than it will be most of the week, so do something courageous, beyond the confines of your usual routine.

We should act early, before Moon goes VOC for the rest of the day at 9:06 am (12:06 pm ET). After that, her connections to Jupiter and Uranus favor activities like a visit to a science museum, working for a cause, practicing emotional release, and researching non-official versions or philosophic topics.

I invoke the spiritual warrior forces to help me follow my inner promptings now.

Wednesday, April 4

Although Moon is in sociable Sag, a square from mental Mercury to sharp Mars takes the shine 0ff its bonhomie. We’ll do best to save diplomacy, PR and for that matter, all but the most basic or inevitable communications, for another day. In fact, we should be prepared to keep conversations short, but to do this as sweetly as possible and avoid getting preachy or pulled into an argument about dogmas or beliefs. We can positively use the impatient, pushy vibrations to break through our own inertia and whip ourselves into action on something begun before March 8 —when Mercury entered shadow—in one of the following areas:

  • Paperwork or bureaucracy that we’ve been putting off. Plan a first step and in some way, clear your plate to tackle it midmorning tomorrow.
  • A legal case or matter. Again, this works if we take a concrete action to clear the way, so that we may contact those involved tomorrow or Friday.
  • Work with a consultant or coach to focus on goals.
  • Create/update a vision board or similar visual ization tool. If you have some under a pile, dust them off, throw away what you already manifested or wish to update, and begin to collect images that resonate with your new good.

I free myself for progress, and the Universe opens new paths now.

Thursday, April 5

A wee-hour square from Mercury in restless Aries to Saturn in determined Capricorn makes a kind of encore to yesterday’s influences—thought is focused, but interactions remain tense. Early morning is good for organization and reviving our dreams.

A trine from Moon in jovial Sag to Sun in vital Aries helps ease the pressure after daybreak. We can come out of our shells, take out the nails from yesterday’s bed of flagellation, and move on what we set in motion then.

The influences also favor: speaking one’s mind, taking a seminar, course or lesson, spaying a pet, making a dream board for a publishing project, re-starting a promotion begun before March 8, engaging in sports, having a picnic or outdoor party, or going on adventure. We should have fun, but avoid being preachy or reckless.

I do all things in a spirit of joy, and my world is blessed now.

Friday, April 6

This morning, the sky urges us to go out to breakfast, knock on a door, contact light beings, pray or visualize for healing, or review and retouch creative or promotional work.

At 11:01 am (2:01 pm ET), Moon enters directed Capricorn, working nicely with the prosperous energy of today’s number 6 and the waxing Moon to help focus the inspiration of the last two days in tangible results.

I am made in the image and likeness of manifestation and I apply my powers now.

Saturday, April 7

Today’s numerology of 7 optimizes the strategic intelligence of Moon in Capricorn, while a mix of influences favors goals in business, money, people connections, and love.

In structured Capricorn, Moon sets a serious, work-oriented tone, which intensifies further as she joins ruler Saturn early this morning. She also trines Venus in fertile Taurus: we might want to have breakfast in an opulent setting, create tools to visualize prosperity, and organize for financial goals.

The dance continues as Venus herself trines Saturn, blending themes of building, love, creativity and finance. We might review a prenuptial agreement, structure for joint collaboration, organize with our partner, clients or family for shared financial goals, get a retouch on plastic surgery, make a dream board for money, building something beautiful, or follow up on an investment, a credit we applied for, or a promotion of creative work begun before March 8.

But not everything is vanilla smoothies. A mid-morning conjunction from Moon to Mars bolsters our nerve to defend a loved one or cause and can accent defensiveness or bring out Venus’ lusty side.

Create, collaborate, strategize, negotiate, speak up, but keep your wits about you and your feelings under control.

Divine love works through my connections to harmonize and prosper all involved now.

Sunday, April 8

Moon sextiles adventuresome Jupiter, favoring sports and ecological activities, or an excursion to the woods, the desert or the beach.

But today is also good for business, work, de-cluttering and serious healing, thanks to Moon’s presence in goal-oriented Capricorn and her union with Pluto, planet of power, connected with today’s number 8, and also ruling Jupiter in Scorpio.

Moon reaches her Fourth Quarter before dawn. At 18-19 Capricorn, she triggers the following Sabian symbol:


Rising to the occasion when one is asked to assume social responsibilities ahead of one’s normal development.

…the value of early conditioning in teaching one to fulfill the responsibilities of everyday life… the possibility of meeting a certain type of social opportunity which may seem normally premature… ACCELERATED GROWTH…

What opportunities for growth beckon you? At this waning quarter, are there attitudes and situations you can release in order to walk through those doors?

This is the time of my healing, this is the time of my power; and I walk my path of healing and power now.

Tuesday, April 10

Morning favors a good read, retouching some creative work, and connecting with a neglected friend. Or, on a different note, we can review a text, read the fine print in a contract, and research the details of a major change we’ve been thinking about since sometime before March 8.

Nighttime waxes fertile, as Moon in bright Aquarius sextiles Sun in pioneering Aries. This is followed by a square from purposeful Sun to Pluto the powerful, as well as a trine from love-goddess Venus to hot Mars, in productive earth signs.

This would be a great moment to go to therapy or a self-help group, make major changes on a creative project, work on a relationship or financial project, or invite the object of one’s affections to a romantic hotel.

I am irresistibly attractive to my highest good, which flies to me through perfect channels now.

Wednesday, April 11

Last night’s sacred-sexy portal is still in force this morning. It lends power to a Sun-Jupiter connection that favors teaching, promoting or getting the word out in some daring way.

Use this energy early, before Moon goes VOC at 7:55 am (10:55 ET), on a sextile to ruler Uranus.  At 11:40 am (2:40 pm), Moon enters Pisces; her influence can help us dissolve hard attitudes towards others and ourselves, consolidating yesterday’s healing work and centering us in compassion.

This energy resonates with angels, who are said to use humanity’s thoughts of love to lift the planetary vibration on dates marked by the number 11.

Angels and goddesses of healing, please turn on my heart power and help me abide in love for myself and others now.

Thursday, April 12

Moon in imaginative Pisces, in sextile to romantic Venus, dynamic Mars and ambitious Saturn, and joining with ruler Neptune, makes connections that are sweet and creative, yet also directed and constructive.

We can continue with yesterday’s love meditations, and act to somehow ground our inspiration. We might visualize love and financial prosperity for ourselves, and do the same for another or sit down and help them do it for themselves—or write poetry, contact light-beings, make or enjoy art, music or film, reach out to a group or person that resonates with our mindset, or even pick up garbage in the local park.

Be selective about whom you share today’s sweet, powerful vibrations with.

I release hard attitudes toward myself and others, and I’m released from hard conditions now.

Friday, April 13

Moon in Pisces, sign of closure, makes an early sextile to Pluto, planet of transmutation, and then trines freeing Jupiter in Scorpio, sign of Pluto’s rule. The Balsamic Moon phase combines with these influences to give special power to prayers and meditation on forgiveness and release and activities such as:

  • Renewing promotional, publishing or teaching work begun before March 8.
  • Visiting a coach, therapist, healer or consultant.
  • Connecting with our dreams and beginning to consider the intent we can seed at Sunday’s New Moon in Aries.

At 8:25 pm (11:25 ET), Moon enters Aries, sign of the ram—we might be in the mood for a late walk or workout.

Jupiter, planet of faith, moves to sextile Pluto. Together these mighties direct us to open the closet of our underlying beliefs, let out the skeletons, and journal to release a sabotaging belief.

I let go of toxic memories and beliefs, and give thanks for the new doors that open for me now.

Saturday, April 14

Moon in Aries gives us a boost of energy to direct the finishing energies of the Balsamic Moon phase by doing things like weeding and decluttering the yard, freshening our flower pots, clearing out the garage, or organizing a bookcase and giving away obsolete titles.

On the doorstep of tomorrow’s New Moon, review intentions from four weeks ago and clarify which of them you’d like to renew, which you want to release, and what images and materials you can collect to make a treasure map tomorrow.

I am ready for freedom, and I affirm it with words and actions now.

Sunday, April 15

Today’s numerology of 6 brings the energy of family, fortune and prosperity to the New Moon portal, exact at 6:57pm (10:57 ET).

Morning and afternoon favor making a sort of personal retreat or Sabbath, with aspects that give energy to our impulse to heal and transform, but that are not so great for diplomacy, PR or for that matter, any interaction with others.

Although Mercury goes direct, the messenger planet will still be in shadow through May 4. During this shadow period, we can take up something related to a project started before March 8.

The Sabian symbol for 26-27 Aries states:

THROUGH IMAGINATION, A LOST OPPORTUNITY IS REGAINED. Revision of attitude and inner revaluation… the mind has become overstimulated and obsessed by all it appears to be able to accomplish in some new realm of experience may easily fail… The disciple fails in his test, or at least it seems to him that he has failed. Actually “the failure” may have been meant… to be a challenge to the emergence of a new capacity… The mind must first imagine that which we will then be able, sooner or later, to actually experience. At this stage, it may be difficult to distinguish success from failure… What counts is the development of undaunted faith in the pursuit of one’s ideals.

This lunation happens to be in close conjunction to Uranus, planet of ideals, giving us a chance to realign with Uranus’ mission before May, when he will finish his transit through Aries, the sign of self. Since Uranus’ entrance into Aries in 2011, he’s been pushing us to look beyond acquired roles and discover and assert our most authentic essence.

New Moons facilitate beginnings and empower the intentions we clarify and write down. With Mercury still in post-retrograde storm, this is an invaluable time to review a unique, fresh impulse that emerged for you in or since 2011, rekindle that flame, write down your intention and begin moving on it.

With Moon in tense aspect to Jupiter, planet of vision and beliefs, and to the latter’s ruler Pluto, morning and afternoon are great for this process of introspection. Journal about it, go to therapy, a coaching session or a group that helps you get down to the bones of your inner motivation.

The best time to write our intentions, make a vision board or hold a ritual is after 6:57 pm (9:57 ET), when Moon’s portal of newness is exact, but before 10:59 pm (1:59 am ET), when she goes VOC.

Check our April Monthly Influences for an additional sign-by-sign tip for this Moon.

The One Mind expresses Itself in new ways through me, and It guides me and supports me to share Its voice now.

Monday, April 16

Today’s numerology of 7 adds a cerebral touch to the abundant potential of Taurus Moon. Take advantage of her constructive energies as she trines Saturn, planet of building, supporting us to strategize for success in the goals and intentions clarified at yesterday’s New Moon portal, or for that matter any practical concern begun before March 8.

Infinite Intelligence knows how I can move forward, and It guides me and supports me to do this, here and now.

Tuesday, April 17

Today’s numerology of 8 blends with today’s interesting transits to open a portal of power. Moon is exalted in fertile Taurus, with contacts to mystical Neptune, intense Pluto, fortunate Jupiter and her sensual, prosperous ruler, Venus, who also happens to trine Pluto the transformer.

Morning is great for a mystical, empowering practice of some kind. This will be even more magical in a garden, the woods or another outdoors setting. We can call on nature and other light beings, sing mantras or affirmations, make a dream board for intentions clarified at last Sunday’s New Moon, meditate and bless the earth, journal, or do magical work for self-esteem.

After a morning ritual, make sure to use today’s fortunate influences in actions that somehow integrate issues of abundance, power and transformation. These could be for business or financial concerns, to reapply for a loan, to call someone you met before March 8 or renew your vows to your partner, or to restart a promotional campaign or for that matter, anything you want to last.

With Venus the lover opposing expansive Jupiter, we should trust our luck, but set ourselves limits and avoid overdoing something related to love or money.

At 3:05 pm (6:05 ET), Moon goes VOC, although in Taurus it still performs.

Saturn has stationed and turns direct this evening, helping us reclaim a path of mastery in a way we had attempted previously.

Angels of our Mother Earth, please move me into the full flow of love and supply now.

Wednesday, April 18

With Sun in Aries, sign of individuality, joining original Uranus, we can manifest freedom to live our purpose.

At 6:05 am (8:05 ET), Moon enters loquacious Gemini, harmonizing with healing Chiron and ruler Mercury, both in assertive Aries. It’s a good time to look at wounds or issues around speaking up, and find a constructive way to open our mouths—while avoiding gossip, criticizing others, and discussing our own problems in inappropriate contexts. And—take a moment to bless your wand, computer and car.

Today’s numerology of 9 spotlights our path of service, transformation, teaching, or promoting a cause.

In spite of any doubts, I move on my calling in whatever way I can, here and now.

Thursday, April 19

Moon in communicative Gemini makes a chain of quincunxes to out-there Mars, loud Jupiter and intense Pluto. It’s time to tweak a publishing project or a promotional campaign. Working from behind the scenes or at a distance is better than close-up and personal today. But in resonance with the assertive numerology of 1, do get the word out!

At 8:13 pm (11:13 ET), Sun enters moneybags Taurus, helping us manifest abundance in finance, art and sensual pleasures for the next 30 days.

In resonance with divine prosperity, I turn from appearances and visualize the best and the highest for myself and others, now.

Friday, April 20

If you happen to be awake in the wee hours, write to someone’s angel and use mantras or positive affirmations. At 5:05 am (8:05 ET), Moon in Gemini goes VOC on conjunction with wild Uranus. How about breakfast with a sibling, just for fun?

At midmorning Moon enters Cancer, squaring Chiron in me-first Aries, a combination that can make for defensive-aggressive dynamics or—if we journal, go to therapy or work on a 12-step process—empowering awareness.

By using such tools or something similarly centering, we’ll be able to make the most of Moon’s sextile to Sun in abundant Taurus. This is a great aspect for sharing an opulent lunch in the garden, and also for setting goals, tweaking a strategy, doing business, and giving tangible form to creative ideas.

Make people connections before 5:42 pm (8:42 ET), when a square from Moon to Mercury in pugnacious Aries is far from harmonious and can be downright retentive. Unless you prefer to use an enema, this square lends itself to major editing or decluttering.

I am an expression of divine abundance, and I naturally move in an abundant world, now and always.

Saturday, April 21

Today’s influences see-saw between extremes of sweetness and bravado. To ride the waves, watch closely:

  • This morning, Moon in sensitive Cancer trines receptive Neptune in Pisces, the sign of its rule. We can enjoy meditation, art or an early trip to the beach, a concert, or a visit to a psychic.
  • This afternoon, Moon opposes warrior planet Mars. Direct the emotional brawn in defending a loved one or a cause for mothers and children, deep-clean the kitchen or refrigerator, or get back on that detox diet routine begun sometime before March 8.
  • At 5:56 pm (8:56 ET), harmony returns as Moon trines Jupiter, helping us express our feelings, optimism and generosity. Also favored are teaching, contacting light beings and relaunching a promotion.
  • At 7:21 pm (10:21 ET), Moon opposes not-on-my-block Pluto, and the fairies quickly vanish into the woods to hide behind a tree. Watch a suspense film, write in your journal, attend a 12-step group, do research on food (that’s research as in web and books, not the Miss Piggy version), soak in a hot tub (sans alcohol, since this transit is not to be dealt with lightly).

Only for today, I care for myself, direct my talents and honor my need for joy.

Sunday, April 22

Moon in fertile Cancer makes a sunrise sextile to Venus, lady of love and lavishness, favoring a sexy breakfast or walk in the morning woods, or progress on a creative or business endeavor.

We should connect with others early, as Moon goes VOC on a square to Uranus at 7:58 am (10:58 ET), and though she still performs in Cancer, her contact to the rebel planet isn’t exactly cozy. It is great, however, for throwing away old letters or other mementos that attach us to the past in ways that may be holding us back. This aspect can also help precipitate a creative breakthrough where we need it.

At 10:09 am (1:09 pm ET), Moon enters Leo. Her trine to Chiron in Aries is great for working on self-confidence, taking audacious action and honest sharing (avoid slipping into arrogance).

A bit of introspection will also help us apply the First Quarter Moon at and after 2:46 pm. Use it to review at progress on the intention seeded at last week’s New Moon.

In curious consonance with that lunation’s close conjunction to Uranus, Pluto the powerful upgrades its already infamous intensity by turning retrograde today, emphasizing the evolutionary forces at play in the present lunar cycle.

We may even apply this lunation’s creative gifts to reinvent our lives.

At 2-3 Leo, the Sabian symbol says:

MATURE WOMAN, HER HAIR JUST BOBBED, LOOKS INTO MIRROR. Sense of freedom from age and realization of the value of youth. Self-creation and independence from fate. Will power.

Angels of evolution, please direct me to apply my potential in the best and highest ways, here and now.

Monday, April 23

We may prefer to sleep in and charge our batteries in preparation for a positive, but late, window, when Moon in creative Leo makes a chain of quincunxes to serious Saturn, mystical Neptune and restless Mars.

We can use the portal to focus on what we’ve been generating, review goals, work on a visualization program, or tweak a proposal or work of art.

The influences aren’t so great for PR, negotiations or romance. In fact, there’s potential for arguments which can seem unnecessarily dramatic. It’s wise to remember not to take ourselves too seriously. If someone else gets the princess or prince syndrome, give it the light touch and focus on your work.

Be prepared to use the positive shift that comes at 8:44 pm (11:44 ET), when Moon squares expansive Jupiter, followed by a sextile from confident Mars to the planet of luck. This multiplies the results of promotional efforts, campaigns, or for that matter most all direct action. These nighttime energies are worth staying up for. They can even help open doors we knocked on before March 8, so knock, sell, produce and speak once more.

Spirit works through my actions, insuring perfect results, here and now.

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