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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, November 1–30, 2017

by Crystal Pomeroy on November 1, 2017

Daily Astrology Forecast, November 2017

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, November 2017

Wednesday, November 1

Moon in Aries accents the pioneering spirit of today’s number, 1, on the first of the Celtic New Year, named for the goddess Samhain.

Courageous Mars rules Moon and co-rules Sun in Scorpio. We have passion and energy to move ahead, yet tense lunar aspects to Mars, Jupiter and Sun, accentuate impatience, and boldness could easily morph into pushiness.

This is a time to make headway on an independent project requiring nerve, while keeping interactions brief and as diplomatic as possible.

Mercury the messenger makes a midnight trine to Chiron. We can ask for guidance in dreams or, if we have the energy to stay up, journal or do spiritual healing.

Affirmation (sit on the edge of your bed and repeat 9 times before sleeping):
Deep within, I know the answer to (name the situation you wish to clarify), and it comes to light in a clear dream I remember on waking.

Thursday, November 2

Aries Moon makes tense aspects to Pluto and Venus that can help look at our evolution in relationships and stimulate creativity. But—unless it’s a divorce—leave key negotiations and dealings for another day.

A square from Saturn to Chiron gives us a chance to heal attitudes towards duty, guilt, emotional blackmail and self-sufficiency.

A quincunx from Mercury to Uranus, planets of higher and lower mind, stimulates original thought and intuitive breakthroughs, and is in keeping with today’s creative yet anti-social tone. Evening is great for working on our own.

If you’re tempted to tear into someone, take a breather and if necessary, go after something easier to replace than a relationship, like an old rubber tire or your doggie’s chew-toy.

Affirmation for those who have made their transition from our personal sphere and in the recent collective events:
The angels of transition accompany each of these people, surrounding them with love and light and helping them to the best and highest place in the current phase of their existence now.

Friday, November 3

Luna is exalted in Taurus today, heading towards fullness as the Snow Moon, an excellent portal for bringing one of the year’s more important goals to fruition. Have some doubts about them? The Snow Moon is also great for consulting a favorite oracle, angels or spirit guides, or visiting a psychic.

Both spiritual and physical initiatives are propitious, with Moon opposing fortunate Jupiter, and Sun in deep Scorpio harmonizing with Neptune in imaginative Pisces. This is a great combination for focusing on images related to what we wish to bring forth in our own lives and for the planet. A great way to do this is to make a dream board, or, write down important intentions, and design an image you can evoke with your eyes closed. Follow up by doing this three times a day.

Venus opposes Uranus: consider how you can stay centered in love even as you strive for authenticity; connect with others for a common ideal.

Sabian symbol for 11-12 Taurus:

A YOUNG COUPLE WINDOW SHOPPING. The fascination of the youthful ego with the products of its culture. The ego becomes aware of what society has to offer. Clothes, goods of various types, adornments and working tools are needed. An interplay… between the individual and… culture.

The “goods of various types… and working tools” evoke the relief efforts in Puerto Rico, California and elsewhere. Move your donation muscle.

Focus on what really matters. Whether for service or business, present your efforts with an eye to marketing and public appeal.

The Full Moon is exact at 10:23 pm (1:23 am ET).

Angels of consolidation, please help me move on what matters in effective ways now.

Saturday, November 4

Last night’s Full Moon continues to glow strong, with a trine to transformative Pluto, bringing a touch of charm of inner connection that benefits our work of empowerment. It combines with a sextile from Moon to Chiron, the wounded healer, strengthening intentions and actions related to Luna’s portal, and is great for a Snow Moon ritual.

With people planet Venus in opposition to radical Uranus, connections with others can be exciting, but save contract signing, negotiations and visits to ornery relatives for another day. When dealing with others, tread softly.

Now is the time to focus on essentials, center in your authentic self and hold to her, and from that place within, move on a situation that matters, in spirituality, work, service, business or healing.

I have been empowered to choose my manifestation, and I visualize abundant good for myself and others now.

Sunday, November 5

Don’t treat this like a normal Sunday. This morning’s Gemini Moon helps make the most of the last hours of ruler Mercury’s transit through Scorpio for effective writing, healing, research, transactions or connections. Use it before 11:19 am (2:19 ET), when Mercury enters inspirational Sagittarius, combining with this afternoon’s influences to favor motivational, adventuresome or devotional activities.

Releasing social ritual, I seize the cosmic moment, here and now.

Monday, November 6

Moon in communicative Gemini makes a series of tense connections. Apply your thoughts and words in independent, productive ways: journal, study, edit.

If possible, save key connections and publications for after 7:55 pm (10:55 pm ET), when Moon makes an opportune sextile to Uranus the illuminator, giving our communications an electrical charge, and opening doors.

At 2:40 am Tuesday (5:40 am ET), Moon goes VOC on a trine to Venus. If you’re up, cuddle with your love object, or have a petting session with your kitty.

I am naturally connected to the ideas and people that are part of my divine network now.

Tuesday, November 7

At 2:45 am (5:45 ET), Moon enters Cancer. Concern for home and country may inspire a higher turnout than expected at the elections.

Also before sunrise, Venus leaves the light breezes of Libra to emerge herself in the deep waters of Scorpio, where–for the next 24 days—she will elicit a more intense response in our relationships, accentuating our concern for power, healing, and essential undercurrents. (Check our Monthly Influences for more details on this transit.)

Later, Moon’s contacts to feisty Mars, inspirational Jupiter and mystical Neptune, make an afternoon fit for spiritual warriors.

We can repeat affirmations or mantras, visualize, and contact the angels, not just for ourselves, but in defense of a loved one or group in need–such as those affected in recent fires, floods or earthquakes.

Initiatives for art and activism go well, as long as we remember to pause before speaking and make full use of our diplomatic abilities.

(Name of person or group you wish to help) is not alone or without defense. The Divine Companion and Defender is with (her, him, them), working in every way that’s necessary to insure their complete good now.

Wednesday, November 8

In trine to Sun, Moon in tender Cancer facilitates emotional expression. Opposing Pluto in driven Capricorn, it brings perspective to our goal or work addictions, and, in harmony with Chiron, abets healing. Especially favored: visit a therapist, or in some way nurture the inner child.

Today’s numerology of 8 lends its energy of success to our actions, especially from midday on.

My first priority is to treat myself with love, and this focus attracts the best and highest situations to me now.

Thursday, November 9

Sun in Scorpio harmonizes with ruler Pluto, giving force to our thoughts and actions of power. Today’s number, 9, is also ruled by Pluto, and facilitates inner alchemy. Morning is great for this work, and for following through on good intentions to help a person or cause.

With Moon in theatrical Leo in aspect to Venus the artist, Jupiter the publicist, and Mercury the messenger, the rest of the day favors creativity and giving our communications or promotional efforts with a touch of panache.

A quincunx from Mars to Neptune brings perspective to how we use our imagination, so that we may direct it constructively.

We may feel like going on an adventure, but should tread softly: interactions and temptations can generate conflict or disappointment.

The power within me is greater than any condition in this world, and I apply it with faith, vision and confidence, here and now.

Friday, November 10

Tweak your work, art or goals with a eye to impact this morning, before Moon in opulent Leo reaches Fourth Quarter at 12:36 pm (3:36 ET).

The Sabian symbol for 18-19 Leo says:

A BARGE MADE INTO A CLUBHOUSE IS CROWDED WITH REVELERS. The transforming power of sheer joy over routine existence. Human fellowship in the effort to make life happier, freer.

We are beginning to feel the influence of a trine from Saturn the builder to Uranus the liberator, a wonderful transit that has graced the year since its beginning last Winter Solstice, helping us align our practical efforts with the need to express our wild side.

This evening, a visit to a 12-step group can be especially healing, and so can an art exhibit, concert or theater outing.

I release what I cannot control, and connect with present joys now.

Saturday, November 11

Today is a portal of interdimensional opportunity.

The numerology of 11/11 optimizes our mantras, affirmations and meditations of kindness and compassion, connecting with angelic help to elevate the planetary frequency.

With Moon VOC in Leo this morning, we can do heart-centered inner work and visualize our good.

As for outer work: at 8:41 am (11:41 ET), Moon enters get-to-it Virgo, grounding the singular potential of the trine from diligent Saturn to brilliant Uranus in its third and last sweep this year. Active since last Winter Solstice, it can help us ground our need for freedom.

Although the trine perfects on a weekend, it’s worth very special attention. Don’t get caught in the river of routine and let it go by unnoticed. Retrieve the threads of your life’s tapestry-in-progress and hone in on that weaving to make it shine!

With harmonies from Moon to Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio, sign of fusion, evening is great for promoting your wares or making connections for service or something sultry.

I love myself and accept myself in my evolutionary process, and love others and release them to their evolutionary process now.

Sunday, November 12

This morning, we should ground the promise of Moon in purifying Virgo and avoid its potential neurosis, as in, tense contacts to Mercury and Neptune, by making a space for healing and procuring a secure, calm ambience. Fasting, music and quiet time in nature can be fulfilling.

Such a pause will prepare us to take on the world when Moon trines Pluto this afternoon. Participate in a bold initiative to help others or connect with the spirit of service behind your goals and, in that spirit, do something practical to empower them.

I give thanks for my work and bless it as a channel to serve others and all creation now.

Monday, November 13

If you have something to promote or someone’s favor to garner, act on it this afternoon!

Mental Mercury’s square to Neptune is high on imagination but can use an extra dose of mindfulness, which we can give ourselves this morning, when is finishing her stay in analytic Virgo. It’s a propitious time to consult the I Ching or another wise oracle, and make a date with your intuitive armchair or meditation pillow.

At 3:26 pm (6:26 ET), Moon enters Libra, accenting this afternoon’s lustful, prosperous conjunction from Venus the enchantress to expansive Jupiter in Scorpio—sign of dark passions, power and joint resources. Seize the moment! Take your honey to a romantic hotel or therapy session, ask for a loan, approach a potential supporter, investor or collaborator, file an insurance claim, or pool with friends to buy a lottery ticket.

The Universe wants to see me well, successful and joyous, and supports me in every situation now.

Tuesday, November 14

Moon in refined Libra connects with dreamy Neptune, creating a special opportunity to meditate on and affirm forgiveness, generate beauty in our work or space, and connect with light beings.

The tempo picks up this afternoon, when Moon sextiles Mercury in motivating Sagittarius, suggesting that we reach out to inspire someone or raise them up.

This evening, avoid an unnecessary argument and direct the brawn of a Moon-Mars conjunction in defense of a loved one or cause.

I release what I can’t control, and focus where I can make a difference now.

Wednesday, November 15

With Moon in creative, social Libra, inspiration flows. As she makes a quincunx to Chiron, we can exert a healing influence in our home and relationships.

At 3:36 pm (6:36 ET), Moon in people-pleaser Libra opposes rebellious Uranus. Arrange for some down time to reconnect with yourself, pry your mind away from limiting rituals, and listen to your own true voice. With Moon in its balsamic phase, we can release ways of relating that may drain us or distract us from our center.

At 4:50 pm (7:50 ET), Moon goes VOC on a sextile to Saturn, calling us to visit an older person, read a self-help book, watch a didactic video or enjoy a quiet evening at home.

I love myself, and I allow myself to disconnect from dynamics that bring me down now.

Thursday, November 16

The day breaks with Moon in Scorpio, deepening our feelings and intuition. The intensity is complimented by two trines you won’t want to miss, both from Scorpio to Pisces, one sexy and the other healing.

The hot one comes from love-planet Venus to romantic Neptune and favors a sensual brunch, garnering support for an altruistic or spiritual cause or, for that matter, almost anything that requires fusing with people or light beings.

Following close on its heels comes a trine from Sun to Chiron, the wounded healer. Splits can be mended, forgiveness and reconciliation achieved, a difference bridged. Reach out to someone, reconnect, or express your will to heal in artistic expression.

This afternoon, act to connect with the beneficence, creativity and luck that continue to flow as Moon joins fortunate Jupiter and trines mystical Neptune.

Divine love expresses in my life through joyous, exciting, healing connections now and always.

Friday, November 17

Moon in perceptive Scorpio provides an intuitive backdrop for today’s excitement: Sun connects with Uranus, planet of rebellion, accentuating independence, while Mercury the messenger sextiles restless Mars.

Write down your independent vision and take a baby step to act on it. Before moving, provoke a pause to close your eyes and consult your inner voice.

Particularly propitious are: creativity, publishing, promotional communications, obtaining support or attention for a cause or project.

My inner voice guides me to ground my vision, and I listen to and heed it now.

Saturday, November 18

What is that little bugaboo that sometimes jumps up from the back of your mind like a world-class monster? Call it out at today’s transmuting New Moon! Charged with the energy of Sun in Scorpio, sign of change, and still within hail of Samhain, portal of renewal, this New Moon takes place during Mercury’s pre-retrograde shadow, emphasizing things inward and previously begun. In square with the Total Eclipse Portal of last August, it helps sweep away blocks to the manifestation of that event’s potential.

If you’re going to do a ritual or clarify your intent, do it before 10:59 am (1:59 pm ET), when Moon enters Sagittarius, which helps open our vision and share the message of our inner change.

The Sabian symbol for 26-27 Scorpio describes:

A MILITARY BAND, FLASHY ON NOISEY, MARCHES ON POMPOUSLY. Desire to impress upon others the glory of one’s social eminence. Materialization of normally subjective values.

With challenging Mars approaching a square to Pluto, the head honcho, inner work and a circuitous, supremely diplomatic approach to interaction is apt to be more effective than brazen boldness.

Releasing the opinion of others, I heed the call of my need for change, here and now.

Sunday, November 19

Mars the mover squares muscle-man Pluto. If you’re inclined to clarify a disagreement or argue with a cop, save it for another day.

Even if we could manage to direct the prevailing brawn effectively, a square from Moon to Neptune can make it hard to distinguish the fine line between personal ideas and fantasy, and confusion could easily cloud communications.

Opt instead for an empowering spiritual gathering sans any physical risk, like that which could come up if you were to hike to a hidden place or join a sweat lodge.

Low-key and subtle is the best approach now. Follow up with inner work related to transmutation. We can use the pioneering numerology of today’s1 to break through inertia and put together the images needed to make a vision board—or update the one you have.

I allow myself to update my dreams and to receive the results that my vision attracts now.

Monday, November 20

Finally, the stars deign to facilitate a Monday that works in a post-industrial world. Moon in enthusiastic Sag joins Mercury the messenger and trines Uranus the liberator: transmit an original message and share your vision.

Sandwiched between these aspects, a lunar square to wounded-healer Chiron calls us to play up the archer’s diplomatic skills.

Productivity continues into the afternoon, when Moon goes VOC on a conjunction to diligent Saturn—and in Sagittarius continues to perform, promising fruits from afternoon and evening efforts.

At 11:14 pm (2:14 am ET), Moon enters structured Capricorn. If you have the energy, align with her by working tonight.

I am an effective channel for the finished works of Spirit, and I act with confidence now.

Tuesday, November 21

Knock and it shall be opened! With charming Venus in sextile to powerful Pluto, and constructive Capricorn Moon in harmony with Jupiter, planet of opportunity, connections we’ve attempted in the past can slide easily into place, whether for healing, PR, promotion, business, romance or another alliance.

Mercury in pre-retrograde shadow favors moving on what we’ve started before.

The excitement continues tonight—although on a more mystical, creative note—with the entrance of Sun in highwire Sag and yet another sextile, this one from Moon to Neptune.

I am naturally attracted to the best and highest connections, and I act on my instinct now.

Wednesday, November 22

Early this morning, Neptune turns direct, bringing out the intuitive perceptions, images and dream lessons gleaned during its retrograde during the last five months. A fruitful way to fish for them is by acquiring a special notebook to use as an Intuition Journal, just for recording the intuitive guidance we receive in dreams, signs and synchronicities, and the follow up we do.

At 11:00 am (2:00 pm ET), Moon and Pluto join in directed Capricorn, moving us to get down and if necessary, dirty, to focus on what really counts. This conjunction is perfect for provoking a pre-holiday pause to scan our feelings, release family roles and dynamics and center in our true self.

The aspect reminds me of a comedy audio I once heard of a family around the Thanksgiving table. Grandma was telling her assembled family, “I’ll live to bury you all!” Besides helping us face and transmute hidden feelings, the conjunction is great for digging up key information, releasing distractions, and eliminating blocks to progress.

We can direct the empowerment in deep connections for love, service or business, thanks to a sextile from Moon to people planet Venus. Do this around or shortly after 2:00 pm (5:00 pm ET), before a lunar square to Mars turns up the feisty-meter.

I make a space for the genie within, and she responds by inspiring me now and always.

Thursday, November 23

With Sun freshly into Sagittarius, the effects of Scorpio’s time of change are still evident in fading purples and oranges that glint like a candle calling us to give thanks at life’s abundant table.

Hopefully, by now we will have been able to finish whatever shopping we might be doing for today’s fest. If not, we may find it preferable to wait until after 12:14 pm (3:14 ET), when Moon leaves her VOC to enter Aquarius.

This is a great sign for giving our fests a light touch, including a friend or two, or someone homeless at our dinner, or helping out at the local soup kitchen.

An afternoon sextile from Moon to Sun in festive Sag increases our vitality and spirit of fun.

In gratitude, I share what bounty I have, and good circulates in my abundant world now.

Friday, November 24

Today is great for a second or alternative Thanksgiving, to gather with friends or for an altruistic cause.

An early square from Mercury the messenger to wounded-healer Chiron is great for journaling about our healing process, and any automatic behaviors or related family issues that may have been triggered by yesterday’s gathering or symbolism.

Moon in Aquarius squares benevolent Jupiter in Scorpio, fueling charitable impulses but also dogmatic stances.

Avoid the temptation to convince others of your views. Give things the light touch and have some fun.

Late tonight, Mercury the thinker trines brilliant Uranus. If you can stay up for it, you can do some mind-opening reading or get in some original, inspired work done.

(Name someone you wish to help) is not alone with her own limited perspectives. There’s a great light in her that is guiding her and awakening her intuitive understanding now.

Saturday, November 25

If you didn’t stay up to take advantage of last night’s Mercury-Uranus trine, try using it early today, in study, writing, communication with like souls, or mental work of any kind.

Connections with others are stimulating, but sharing an adventure or cause is more propitious than having a quiet conversation at home or at the local coffee shop.

Moon in universal Aquarius sextiles both ruler Uranus and Mercury in gregarious Sag, favoring promotional and outdoor activities.

At 6:37 pm (9:37 ET), Moon goes VOC. Save key purchases and initiatives for tomorrow, and enjoy a cup of tea and chat or read by the fireplace. At 12:04 am (3:04 ET), Moon enters Pisces.

In the One Mind, I am naturally connected to the right ideas and people for my evolution and wellness, now.

Sunday, November 26

Undergirded by the success numerology of 8, today’s influences help us achieve a new level of kindness, connection with light beings, and ability to weave an uplifting network.

Moon in Pisces, sign of the beyond, reaches her First Quarter on a square to Sun in inspired Sagittarius. The Sabian symbol for the Moon’s degree of Pisces 4-5 resonates with the hallelujah side of both Pisces and Sag:

A WARM HEARTED CROWD GATHERS AT A CHURCH BAAZAR. Interchange of Spirit and understanding on which groups are built. New self-development. Discouragement mastered. Commerce.

A trine from love-planet Venus to Chiron points to love as the key to healing. A harmony from Moon in Pisces, sign of angels, to magnanimous Jupiter, expands our benevolence, and facilitates the highest and the best connections with humans and spirits.

Today is the perfect time to go to a gospel church or a similar, inspirational gathering and reach out to those who resonate with your highest purpose.

I care for myself, and I allow myself to seek out the people and places that nourish my soul and support my path of power now.

Monday, November 27

With the numerology of 9, number of dispersal, today’s influences favor acts of selfless kindness and conscious detachment.

We can get in synch with Venus, planet of love and money, as she makes a quincunx to Uranus, planet of breakaway and breakthrough, by making a significant donation or giving away something you like to someone who likes it or needs it more.

Moon sexiles Pluto, planet of power and transformation, at 9:54 am (12:54 pm ET), making midmorning and day the most propitious time to contact others or present our work.

An evening contact from Moon to Mars decreases the likelihood of harmonious interaction this evening.

I release things, people and situations, and in releasing am freed to my path of power now.

Tuesday, November 28

At 4:08 am (7:08 ET), Moon goes VOC in Pisces, where she continues to perform, helping us remember and understand last night’s dreams, before entering go-get-‘em Aries at 8:30 am (11:30 ET).

What is it that you’d like to do, but are somehow waiting for the perfect set of circumstances to move on? Aries doesn’t like to wait, and definitely not for perfection. Use these gifts, today’s groundbreaking numerology of 1, and the warrior vibration of Tuesday’s ruler Mars, to make that move and take whatever step or steps you can.

Confidence and verve continue to shine this evening, with a trine from Moon to Sun.

With whatever resources or talents I have on hand, I make the move, and the Universe also moves to support me now, here and now.

Wednesday, November 29

Moon in restless Aries gets downright spiny in a quincunx to puffy Jupiter and a square to mob boss Pluto. Save key interactions for another day and take care to avoid spewing negativity or engaging in an unnecessary fight.

Stay on the day’s good side by starting it with meditation, mantras and/or affirmations to center in the energy of harmony and kindness.

The love and peace in my heart connects me to the love and peace in hearts everywhere, and we surround the entire planet with victorious love and peace now.

Thursday, November 30

Moon makes an early conjunction with liberating Uranus in eager Aries, pushing us out of bed with drive to move on our yearning for freedom. This energy can be grounded as she then trines Saturn, planet of manifestation, in visionary Sagittarius. Tie your dream to the Moon and act early, before 10:37 am (1:37 pm ET), when she goes VOC.

Now that we’ve pursued our freedom, it’s time to have a fun brunch, one that could morph into a sensual lunch as Moon enters Taurus, where she multiplies results on initiatives connected to business, art and prosperity.

Remember to focus things begun before Mercury entered pre-retrograde shadow on November 16.

My supply cannot be cut off or taken from me, my supply comes from Spirit, Who brings it forth where I am through infinite channels now.

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