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September 2017: Sky Fall/Free Fall

by Lorna Bevan on September 1, 2017

Lorna Bevan, 5D Astrology, September 2017

“The Truth is the only thing you’ll ever run into that has no agenda.” ~ Adyashanti

Despite all the drama and fireworks of August’s eclipses, the repercussions, the revelations and the re-sequencing of our paths really begin in September. Paradoxically, given the showy Leo Fire energy, August was a month of inner work, of being drawn down deep inside by the retrogrades of nine planets—including Mercury. Since retrograde planets travel clockwise back to Source, downloading deep space data for retrieval when they turn direct again, August’s work—somatic, physical, emotional and spiritual—was to align with the inner planes, walking through the fire—the calcination—of the Leo Solar eclipse burning to ashes the dross and lower timelines.

From September 5, as Mercury turns direct on the 28° Leo eclipse degree, threads of personal meaning will slowly become accessible to begin the medial, mysterial work needed to access the secret architecture of our reality in the six months to the mirror image 28° Aquarius solar eclipse on February 15.This is a very new, higher, more vast, more complex, free and wide-open space than we’ve ever experienced before. We can feel the Shift, the Separation of Worlds expanding wider and faster every hour.

A Holy Trinity of Gateways or initiatory timers is taking us into 2018:

Aug. 21 Eclipse — Sept. 22/23 Equinox — Dec. 21 Solstice

Crown of Light ——- Inner Resonance ——- Embodiment

The Leo sunburst eclipse witnessed the removal of the crown of thorns and the radiance of a crown of light—the opening of our collective crown chakra. The September 2017 Equinox when the Sun conjuncts the Super Galactic Center in Libra, brings the return to factory settings via bio-resonance and psychosynthesis. Then at the December 21 2017 Solstice, the Sun enters Capricorn, last and highest of the physical Earth signs, and in stunning synchronicity, for the first time since 1988, Saturn the Lord of Time and Karma crosses the Galactic Center into Capricorn—sign of occult mastery—and returns to his own sign attuning us to the Crystal/Christ frequency of embodiment. At each Gateway there is an eerie stillness of time stopping regardless of ambient external activity, as the zero-point energies seep into these lower realities and override linear time dynamics.

This August solar eclipse wave has just set off a tsunami of deep space, solar consciousness and uncontrollable, unpredictable change which will be somatic, physical, and hugely challenging. A Wall of energy is permanently erasing lower timelines and there’s no going back. So please don’t make the mistake of thinking “The eclipse is over, done and in the rear-view mirror—let’s move on”. There is a six-month Fire Walk ahead—the eclipse dominoes will start to fall one by one across our lives between the August 21 Solar Eclipse at 28 Leo right through to the February 15 mirror image Solar eclipse at 28 Aquarius.

In September, as Saturn and Mercury move forward, the Jupiter/Haumea/Eris/Uranus/Galactic Center Light Bridge is activated, the Sun crosses the Super Galactic Center, and as we stand in an entirely new landscape, we start to see what and who has been permanently removed and how wide open the field of radically new choices really is. In October, Jupiter enters Scorpio, Pluto’s sign, for the first time in 12 years, activating the Shapley Cluster of Black Holes—a huge galactic gravitational force which steers the Great Attractor and the flow of the Super Galactic Center. Unknown influences come to light and unseen matters make their presence known. In November, Saturn aligns with the Galactic Center. The deep space winds of zeitgeist change are blowing at hurricane force.

Equinox Chart, Fall 2017

Autumn Equinox Chart, September 2017 (click image to zoom)

The Chandra Symbol for Super Galactic Center:

An apprentice medicine man allowing himself to be bitten by a snake. Being so exposed to the evolutionary edge is exceedingly challenging. Transformation is a constant at all levels. Everything is becoming something else, metamorphosing before your eyes, propelled into the most extreme states imaginable. You feel the greatest anguish and loss, the most huge elation and bursts of freedom. Finger on the pulse of collective cycles, right on the cutting edge, you are committed to planetary changes personally and pervasively. You absolutely feel the impact of what is going on and what needs to go on. Virtually spun out to infinity by what it all means. Drawn toward the basic and the simple for breath. Destiny obsessed. You come out the other side either lost and confused and staggered, or ready for anything, courageous, visionary, and an incredible generator of shared possibilities unlimited.

Sky Fall

The Post-Eclipse Shift is a collective and personal pattern interrupt. From now on, each of us is operating on our own unique frequency which is our evolving timeline bandwidth. It’s the start of very tangible, individual access to the Diamond/Christ frequency. You are creating and reclaiming your own meaning; your own relationship with truth and reality through the signs and messages you receive; through orienting your life around only what and who you value. Once you take the radical step of making then trusting your own meaning and insights, the entire top-down, 3D Newtonian dualistic structure of power and government is obsolete. There is no one out there to tell you what to do, to rescue you, to translate the universe for you or to control you. As you learn to live in this new way, you shift from having flashes of insight to holding continuous illumination.

The divide and control system is being overwritten by a whole new version of reality—systems theory, complexity, quantum mechanics, epigenetics, cosmology and the science of consciousness. In these systems, wealth and influence aren’t concentrated. Each part of the web of life has abundant resources and the capacity to influence every other part. ~ Carolyn Baker, Conscious Collapse

September 2017 5D Astrology

Living in Free Fall

To live and thrive in the chaordial—walking the edge between order and chaos—you have to move to where you can exert most influence and become:

  • A creator—look at what are you being drawn to by way of responsible creation. How can you bring to life the personal myth that wants to be born in you? How can you own your own voice? How can you turn your art into heart?
  • A catalyzer—piercing through to the future, re-patterning the emergent order. What is drawing, summoning, pulling your attention? What actions are you taking in this shifting Field as a result of what you’re learning? This summer’s game changing astrology is a huge nudge—a once-in-18-years reminder—to reconnect with your wellspring of Source creativity by riding the Leo Ray 1 eclipse energy of self-expression and personal power. How to begin? Commit to releasing or rekindling a passion for real, and launching it out in the world. Whatever it might be—singing, dancing, playing, painting, blogging—own it, embody it and give voice to it. This Pluto/Sun/Mars deep space eclipse wave is not head stuff—it’s somatic, physical, integrative.The more you embody your sensual unselfconscious self, the more you align with your purpose.That’s your mission, and blast-off is on August 7 and 21.
  • A synthesiser of complexity—living in/out of the Knowing + the Mystery, drawing upon it all. What practical changes do you need to put in place to live between structure and surprise? You only possess the power of an insight when you give it expression.
  • A truth teller—risking truth to power + cutting away what no longer serves. What is dead in the water? Where in your life are you at effect, not cause? What are you most afraid to say about your life?
  • A mysterial—able to find a medial way to live by being a creator with the Mystery by drawing from the unified field. Are you wired for magic, for something just beyond this? Are you gathering evidence through synchronicities, uncanny timing, prescience and deep heart knowing?


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