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Daykeeper Daily Success Guide, August 1–31, 2017

by Crystal Pomeroy on August 1, 2017

Daily Success Guide Astrology Forecast, August 2017

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, August 2017

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, August 2017Tuesday, August 1

This month of power begins with the Mars vibration of Tuesday. At 5:03 am (8:03 ET), Moon enters enthusiastic Sagittarius, where it will help us put this active, Mars vibration of Tuesday to good use.

It’s a fine time to take new initiatives on something started before July 25, when Mercury entered pre-retrograde shadow.

Tense lunar aspects to Mercury the speaker and to Venus the relater remind us to think things through before approaching others. The time is ripe for applying tact and demonstrating good will in resolving a misunderstanding, or simply showing that we care—despite any previous appearance or interpretation to the contrary.

The essence of my relationships is divine, and it radiates great good for all concerned now.

Wednesday, August 2

Moon in Sagittarius, sign of gurus, aspects both Neptune and Jupiter, planets of angels, making this a great day to contact an extracorporeal guide or other light beings. Morning is particularly apt for devotional or psychic activities, while afternoon favors media, public speaking, and promotional activities, or making a donation of your knowledge or supply.

Uranus stations to retrograde today. Now is the perfect time to journal or make a list of the lessons relating to individuality that our interactions with the world have generated so far this year.

My spirit-guides know the best path for my soul growth, and they direct me and help me on it now.

Thursday, August 3

Mercury is in pre-retrograde shadow and Moon conjuncts constructive Saturn. This combination helps us review our plans to rebuild the area of our lives touched by Saturn, the planet of work, as it retrogrades in 21 degrees of visionary Sagittarius. We can sober up to the efforts and commitment required for that dream to materialize.

Do this early, so you can use the mid-afternoon (PT) trine from Moon to Uranus. We are supported in releasing a limiting belief and expressing our true selves in teaching, production, promotion or another form of outreach. Move audaciously until 5:37 pm (8:37 ET), when Moon moves into circumspect Capricorn, where it helps us close the day with consolidated results.

I hold to a vision, and in whatever ways I can, I leave a mark for good, here and now.

Friday, August 4

Today’s theme is: focus on recovering mastery of self and with it, of circumstances.

Jupiter has been in Libra all year, and in Libra, Jupiter can get lost in the party. Now, the planet of jocosity squares Pluto, which is spotlighting our authority issues as it dredges through Capricorn. If you want a date in court or for another kind of advocacy, schedule it for another day, preferably after the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21.

But, coming on the doorstep of next Monday’s lunar eclipse, this square can help us release beliefs could block our positive transformation, and look at how our process of empowerment could benefit the collective. It’s a fine time to journal, visit a therapist or coach, use positive affirmations and negations, and break through any inherited beliefs in scarcity by describing in writing what abundance means and looks like to you personally, in contrast to learned programs.

Moon, also in Capricorn, the sign of climbing, brings out the constructive potential of number 4.

Afternoon isn’t too great for people connections, but we can make progress with independent work. We would do well to avoid any impulse to push our beliefs on others.

I release any unconscious attachments to scarcity, and am free to receive the best and the highest abundance, here and now.

Saturday, August 5

Moon in Capricorn accents the serious side of Saturday, ruled by Saturn. In the shadow of yesterday’s square from Jupiter to Pluto (see yesterday’s entry), we can bring this square’s power into our emotions.

The numerology of today’s 5 gives a touch of dynamism. With diplomacy and a gentle touch, we can use the last part of the waxing Moon to take an active step towards the ideals that unfurl as we release ourselves from limiting beliefs. Move discretely, don’t give unnecessary explanations; keep your action beneath the radar of others’ scrutiny.

The energy shifts this afternoon, when a contact from Sun in artistic Leo to Neptune in surrealistic Pisces opens a window of guidance from the light realms, and imagination flowers. At this time, we’re favored to work on something creative, make a dream board, or invoke the angels for positive, collective co-creation at the upcoming Eclipses.

I invite the Divine Mind to create Its highest and best intentions through me, here and now.

Sunday, August 6

At 5:15 am (8:15 ET), Moon moves out of its VOC in Capricorn and enters Aquarius, forging a bridge with tomorrow’s Eclipse Portal. Today is also an ancient festival of Tan, a Celtic fire-being whose feast is connected to Llamas, the ritual blessing of the first loaves. We can join these energies by sharing blessings of thanksgiving for the earth and our ancestors (see the one prepared for Daykeeper readers), or coordinating an event for tomorrow’s Eclipse Full Moon.

It’s a great day to organize or join in any group effort for a cause.

I naturally connect with the right people for my mission, and we naturally connect and gather now.

Monday, August 7

The first of this month’s power lunations becomes exact at 11:11 am (2:11 pm ET), in the form of the Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius. Harmonies with fortunate Jupiter, with Saturn, planet of manifestation, and with Uranus the liberator, help us channel its energy of closure and find freedom from an obsolete tie. Proximity to the South Node emphasizes the energy of release facilitated by Luna in her fullness.

At 16 Aquarius, the Sabian symbol says:

BUSINESS MANAGER AT HIS DESK STUDIES A COMPLEX PROJECT. The central control of operations needed in all organized enterprise. The head function. Surety in decision. Management.

The Lord of this lunation is Uranus. As the rebel planet transits through Aries, it helps break us free of roles that undermine our confidence or authentic essence, and exercise leadership in our altruistic interests.

Suggestions for this power day: Leave elective surgery and if possible any major change for another, less intense day. Find a way to act on your inner teenager’s impulse to help the world.

I consecrate my actions with the intent to bless, and they become prayers of power now.

Tuesday, August 8

Moon in Aquarius harmonizes with rulers Saturn and Uranus, lending clarity to the practical considerations of yesterday’s Eclipse. Connections with others, particularly with friends and colleagues, can be constructive. Yet still, in the light of yesterday’s lunation, it’s wise to avoid confrontation.

It’s a propitious time to think about and research a change we’re feeling inclined to make. It might be a shift in location, profession, routine or some other aspect of life. For additional insight, check the houses occupied by Aries and Aquarius in your natal and solar charts.

At 12:07 pm (3:07 ET), Moon goes VOC. We can enjoy reading, or share lunch with kindred souls. At 2:56 pm (5:56 ET), Mooone enters Pisces. Connect with plants, nature and music, meditate, and unclutter your space by getting rid of inessentials, and/or your mind through forgiveness.

I bless and release belongings and people, and new good flows in my space, mind and world, now.

Wednesday, August 9

Today’s Moon is in subtle Pisces. There’s also a connection from creative Sun to transformative Pluto. These energies combine with today’s number 9, which call out for meaningful contribution. Under these influences, forgiveness, metaphysical practice, deep healing, and altruism are propitious.

Moon connects with psychic Neptune and deep Pluto tonight, favoring compassion and distance healing.

(Name of person you wish to help) is not alone or subject to harm or limitation. The Divine Companion is with her, filling her life and world, and insuring her complete wellness now.

Thursday, August 10

This morning, study your dreams for healing messages and pause to listen for the inner guidance that’s directing your actions.

At 6:38 am (9:38 ET), Moon goes VOC on a square to stern Saturn. In Pisces, it still performs, though it (we!) can be quite sensitive. Avoid dishing out or accepting guilt trips, and enjoy the sextile from Sun to fortunate Jupiter by activating alliances for a creative, promotional or altruistic endeavor.

Evening is good for healing until 10:22 pm (1:22 am ET), when Moon enters restless Aries.

I call on the angelic hosts of healing, and visualize them filling my space and renewing the Universe now.

Friday, August 11

Today’s number 11 opens a portal for humanity to raise its frequency through love. This influence is accentuated by today’s special connection: loving Venus in tender, maternal Cancer, trines compassionate Neptune in Pisces, the sign of its rule.

The following suggestions can be integrated and/or adapted to your preferred meditation or practice:

  1. With your attention on the energy heart—located at the level of the physical heart but in the center of the chest—radiate pink light and intentions of lovingkindness.
  2. During 2 to 5 minutes, surround and embrace yourself with this radiation.
  3. Spend another 2 to 5 minutes shining it out to others: those you love, those whom you wish to bless, those with whom you have been angry.
  4. Expand this radiant projection to enfold the planet and its inhabitants.
  5. After applying the previous steps for a total of 8 minutes (or more), call on Archangel Chamuel, Goddesses Venus and Aphrodite, or your favorite compatible essences, and ask that they use the energy of your heart to lift the planet’s love vibration.
  6. Repeat today’s affirmation several times (shared below).

As for mundane activities, Moon in Aries makes us restless, and its contacts aren’t so great for interactions.

However, independent, creative endeavors will benefit from the combination with the trine described above, as will romance, family connections and altruistic initiatives, as long as we can stay in our hearts and avoid unnecessary arguments.

The harmony and love in my heart connects me to the harmony and love in hearts around the world, and we surround the entire planet in victorious love and harmony now.

Saturday, August 12

We are still in the portal of the great Venus-Neptune trine. If so inclined, you may repeat yesterday’s meditation.

This morning, Moon in assertive Aries contacts Mars the warrior, mob-boss Pluto and confident Jupiter. We are apt to feel like Wonder Woman or Superman.

But things can get a bit rocky. Try to keep your cape in the closet until after 10:27 am (1:37 pm ET), when Moon makes a nice trine to Sun in confident Leo, followed by another trine, this time to diligent Saturn. We can make headway on long-term projects or intentions, in particular those that will help us become more autonomous (check Saturn’s position in your natal chart at 21 Sagittarius for additional insight).

With Mercury stationing to retrograde, it’s best to focus on something we began or seeded previous to July 25, when the messenger planet entered pre-retrograde shadow.

Love has gone before me, opening all doors. In gratitude and with persistence, I act on them now.

Sunday, August 13

At 3:40 am (6:40 ET), Moon moves out of her VOC mode and enters Taurus, where she’s exalted. Enjoy the sunrise and a sensual brunch, as the influences soon make this a less-than-restful Sunday.

A trine from Sun in Leo to Saturn in visionary Sagittarius helps us hitch our will to our long-range plans, moving through doubts, perfectionism and other barriers to consolidate our long-term intentions.

The constructive vibration of today’s number 4 strengthens our focus, while a trine from Moon in prosperous Taurus to Mercury in organized Virgo, the sign of its rule, helps us move through paperwork and get concrete with our people connections.

I am made in the image and likeness of confidence and I allow myself to act in this spirit now.

Monday, August 14

This morning is good for attending to connections to self and others, generating thoughts and acts of kindness, and moving to tie up something related to finances–thanks to Moon in prosperous Taurus with harmonies to ruler Venus and empowering moneybags Pluto.

We should make these moves early, because at 12:29 pm (3:29 ET), Moon makes a tense contact to Jupiter followed by another to Saturn. We can direct the stress and anxiety generated by these transits to the planets of success and work towards finishing something before Moon reaches her Fourth Quarter at 6:15 pm (9:15 ET).

At 23 Taurus, this lunation’s Sabian symbol describes:

A JEWELRY SHOP FILLED WITH THE MOST MAGNIFICENT JEWELS. Abundance of spiritual values; or, social display of traditional racial achievements. Profusion of inner gifts.

I am grateful for my gifts of love and supply, and with deep appreciation, I care for and multiply them now.

Tuesday, August 15

Hopefully we took advantage of yesterday’s influences to attend to our relational and financial concerns, thereby easing the pressure of today’s opposition from love-planet Venus to Pluto the transformer.

Pluto, it transits Capricorn, has been moving us to recover our personal authority. Oppositions facilitate perspective, and this one opens a window to see whether —on our road to empowerment—we need to direct love to ourselves, our family, or another area, person or group that’s close to our soul. And, with Venus in homebody Cancer, it moves us to ask: How can we make our home an apt nest for this sojourn?

Venus also rules Taurus, this morning’s Moonsign. If you happen to be up early, you’ll find great insight from interpreting last night’s dreams and/or journaling or introspection around these topics, as well as issues of abundance in general.

At 7:06 am (10:06 ET), Moon enters restless Gemini. The tone becomes lighter, and we can enjoy connecting with siblings and others in general, while we save negotiations or confrontations for another day, as Mars is now approaching a tense contact to Pluto.

I release my outer obsessions and take time to care for myself and others now.

Wednesday, August 16

Morning can be rather tense, with feisty Mars in quincunx to top boss Pluto. Moon follows the footsteps of the warrior planet, also squaring Neptune, for a combination that’s bold but potentially discordant. Use this energy to declutter, weed your garden and, if you have visualization materials, go through them and discard obsolete goal or pictures.

The tensions eases somewhat at 12:29 pm (3:29 ET), when Moon in communicative Gemini harmonizes Mars and then Jupiter. Set a limit, ask for forgiveness, or somehow voice an uncomfortable truth. This energy can also be used to follow through on something related to sales or promotion that you began before July 25. People who didn’t help before may now do so. Whoever you seek out, remember to give things the light touch, with Pluto still in the rub-zone of recent triggers from Venus and Mars.

If you’re up for it, a late night square between benefics Venus and Jupiter is great for creative inspiration and creating relational, PR or promotional strategies.

I act to release symbols of the past, and I am free to flow with new good, here and now.

Thursday, August 17

Yesterday’s fortune continues to flow, except during Moon’s short “break,” when she goes VOC at 6:38 am (9:38 ET), then enters Cancer at 9:13 am (12:38 ET), reinforcing the vibrations of Venus in the sign of the crab and bringing the love planet’s square to fortunate Jupiter into relief.

With a numerology of 8, the rest of the day is apt for attending business previously begun, and for removing unwanted furnishings and otherwise simplifying our space in preparation for the upcoming Solar Eclipse New Moon.

I release obsolete belongings and attachments, and visualize the new good that rushes to me now.

Friday, August 18

This morning, Moon in sensitive Cancer trines psychic Neptune in Pisces, the sign of its rule. Today’s number 9 is about dispersal and giving something back—it’s a wonderful time to pray for and/or with another, give away knowledge, or support a cause.

Venus and Moon, the two sweetest planets, make tense contacts to ambitious Saturn and powerful Pluto respectively, giving us a chance to review the impact our goals may have on dear ones, relationships, or our own souls.

This is a good afternoon to release situations, habits and things that might be taking a toll on more subtle priorities. The starwaves mellow at 9:05 pm (12:05 am ET) when Moon joins affectional Venus. We can enjoy a late date or pillow cuddle.

I give the future a light touch, and tend my connections and soul needs, here and now.

Saturday, August 19

With Moon in Cancer connecting with Chiron the wounded healer along with Uranus the liberator, this morning is great for preparing for Monday’s Eclipse. We can successfully work on emotional healing, forgiveness, and we can release behaviors and situations that don’t resonate with our true selves.

At 10:55 am (1:55 pm ET), Moon enters Leo. It’s a lovely time to gather with friends, organize an Eclipse ritual or party, and begin to think about the talents we each have and could be sharing to help the world.

The power of divine pours through me and through my life in a potent, liberating stream. I release and am released from obsolete roles, attitudes and attachments. I am free to love myself and stay centered in my essence, here and now.

Sunday, August 20

Even at the doorstep of the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse, this last day of a waning cycle that began with an Eclipse is a power-portal unto itself.

Today, Moon in dramatic Leo shakes hands with everybody in the Solar System–everybody that is, except Mercury and Venus—planets of connection with others.

Creativity abounds and so will original posts and news about tomorrow’s lunation, with ruler Sun in trine to Uranus the liberator. This latter transit will prime us to release circumstances that don’t really resonate with our emerging identity. Scan your behavior and life and make a list of goals, roles, behaviors and situations that you would like to let go of. At the top of the page, write the affirmation shared a bit further on.

With a sextile from Mars to Jupiter, enriched by lunar harmonies to these two planets of promotion, assertiveness surges today, and businesspeople will get in on the act with broadcasts, tourism and other lucrative endeavors.

The aspects favor sales and publicity, but with Moon at the close of the balsamic phase and Mercury retrograde, they are better channeled either through implementing something we already have in place, or through planning future actions. We can powerfully develop and write down strategies after tomorrow’s Eclipse New Moon.

As for action, the stars favor low-key fun and staying centered in our true selves.

I love myself, and I allow myself to release what doesn’t resonate with my authentic self. I release others to understand this or not. Freedom is my intent, and new good flows for all concerned, here and now.

Monday, August 21

And so we come to the last Eclipse of 2017. Visible across the US, its influence is apt to be particularly powerful for those in its path of totality.

This event gives a very special charge to the New Moon in Leo, which happens to conjunct active Mars and make a grand fire trine with Saturn, and loosely, Uranus. It also harmonizes with expansive Jupiter, which is still in orb of its recent square to Pluto-the-powerful.

As you can see, this is not just a sit-on-the-beach-with-your-piña-colada type event. Rather, it precipitates an emboldening wave that can blast us out of any complacency that may be keeping us from acting on the mighty potential of Saturn as it marches slowly through Sagittarius, sign of luck.

Saturn, planet of manifestation, is giving us a chance to rebuild the area of our lives related to 21 degrees of Sagittarius in our charts. Look at your natal chart and check the house placement, personal planets at that degree, and the force of Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter and the 10th house for more precise personal insight. Whatever the details are for each of us, we tend to be optimistic about whatever’s under the sign of the archer. It’s easy to go with the flow and we can end up trusting our luck, yet failing to seize life’s opportunities. (For Eclipse tips for your Sun and rising sign, check our August Monthly Influences.)

Associated with the North Node, or Dragon´s Head, the present lunation is considered fortunate. Yet with fireworks in the sky, it’s not the best time to don our armor and march into battle. Rather than rushing forth, review progress on what most matters and re-commit to doing something brave yet strategic.

As for the Sabian symbol, at 29 Leo it says:

MERMAID AWAITS PRINCE WHO WILL MAKE HER IMMORTAL. Pure longing for a new order of selfhood. Critical point in “emergent evolution”. Perspective, or a sense of incompetence.

How can we open the gift of “emergent evolution” contained in today’s celestial trigger? Besides reclaiming our ability to move forth boldly, Mars’ proximity blends the energy of action with a new heart (Leo) cycle.

Precisely because of Mars, there are some dire predictions around this Eclipse. In a way, this is a natural outgrowth of the generalized distortion of the sacred masculine. This virile potency has become divided from its true purpose in the service of love, a purpose alluded to as the mermaid waiting for her prince.

Assertion vs. cooperation, dynamism vs. harmony, boldness vs. kindness… dichotomies like these make our actions mechanical, cold motions that somehow separate us from the whole and lead to selfishness, individualism, even violence.

Today’s portal can help us eclipse this illusion and realign our external actions in heart-centered intent. (See our Eclipse Ritual for more suggestions.)

How long will we wait to deploy our inner “prince” and live the evolution we long for?

I’m not afraid of moving forward. I act from love for myself and others, and my actions are a force for healing now.

Tuesday, August 22

This can be an effective day. Even if you happen to be traveling or on vacation, find a way to ground its gifts.

Moon in practical Virgo helps us organize to act on the intentions we established yesterday, while a trine from dynamic Mars to constructive Saturn gives staying power to steps taken towards long-term goals.

At 12:17 pm (3:17 ET), Sun enters Virgo, bringing us down to earth. The transformational promise of an evening trine from Moon to Pluto can be grounded in healing or diligent attention to our goals for prosperity and empowerment.

My power is not in some other place or situation, my power is in me and with me, and I direct it by knowing that Good works for us now.

Wednesday, August 23

This morning, Moon in Virgo connects with serious Saturn and sweet Venus, lending energetic support to work on healing, organization, a committed relationship, or a volunteer endeavor. Avoid guilt trips on yourself or another.

This afternoon is still good for healing, but rather short on charm and diplomacy. Connections flow more easily after 6:05 pm (9:05 ET), when Moon enters Libra.

With a late trine from Venus in creative Cancer to Chiron, tonight’s dreams, visualization, prayers, and conversations are particularly healing.

Divine love is the substance of my conditions and relationships, and I give thanks that only good is coming from them now.

Thursday, August 24

Venus, planet of love and prosperity, is in sensitive Cancer, squaring rebel Uranus in Aries, sign of self. We’ll be in tune with today’s energies if we leave key communications for another day, and work on something requiring genius or a special touch.

Release the need to please, and remember that true independence is not about fighting with others, but loving yourself and your soul priorities.

I release any attachment to the approval of others, and give myself the love I need now.

Friday, August 25

There is a major shift today, as Saturn stations to turn direct. Since early April, its retrograde motion has kept seeking wisdom within rather than without. Now, on the edge of this big change, it’s time for us to review and write down the lessons we’ve assimilated during these months.

With your sights on the long term, find a way to apply your increased understanding as you move to build new foundations (check 21 degrees of Saturn in your natal chart to confirm the house and life area).

Connections with others and practical initiatives are favored all day, until 10:39 pm (1:39 am ET), when Moon opposes independent Uranus.

I make a space to recognize my wisdom, and allow myself to act on it now.

Saturday, August 26

Today is great for generating practical results. The constructive influence of Saturday’s ruler, Saturn, combines with the successful vibration of today’s number 8, and the diligent approach of Sun and Mercury in Virgo—who join and receive sextiles from the Moon in gutsy Scorpio—to help us make tangible headway.

Is there a task you’ve been putting off or a problem you’ve been ignoring? Face it and move towards a solution. Visit a doctor, therapist or another healer. Move through red tape or contact someone connected to service, healing or problem-solving.

An approaching sextile from Jupiter to Saturn can open doors. Knock on them.

I am not alone in my search for a solution, the Divine Helper is with me, supporting and assisting me in every way now.

Sunday, August 27

Remember those Saturnine things we talked about facing at last Monday’s Solar Eclipse, those steps to building foundations that, in typically Sag fashion, we may have been putting off?

Today, fortunate Jupiter—the Sagittarius Archer’s ruler—perfects a sextile to the worker planet Saturn, opening a portal for easy headway.

Knock on a key door (if you followed the suggestion and did this yesterday, knock on another, or persist until the first one opens). Aim high and do something to promote a long-term goal or intention.

This combination is also excellent for learning or teaching: favored activities include taking or teaching a seminar, sharing an inspirational message, or—in synchrony with deep Scorpio Moon’s sextile to ruler Pluto—partaking of a mystical gathering.

Positive spiritual forces support my intentions, and I act in that certainty now.

Monday, August 28

Moon went VOC in the wee hours. Now in Scorpio, sign of secrets, and in trine to healing Chiron, she can help us face and cleanse a wound or two. Meditation, prayer and similar activities benefit us and the planet.

Interactions with other humans don’t look so promising until 12:48 pm (3:48 ET), when Moon enters exuberant Sagittarius. She then squares communicative Mercury at 4:41 pm (7:41 ET), lending vision to problem-solving.

To avoid the Sag hoof-in-mouth syndrome, think twice before speaking.

Fun and romance can be exciting after 7:48 pm (10:48 ET), when Moon trines charming Venus in hot Leo.

I take the time to heal, and my life flows in wellness now.

Tuesday, August 29

Today’s numerology of 11 opens a portal to raise humanity’s love vibration, while Moon in Sagittarius favors socializing and enjoying music.

Today, Moon reaches her First Quarter. Take a look at your progress on the intentions you set at the Solar Eclipse, bring them back into focus, and ask the angels or your preferred light beings to support your manifestation.

The Sabian symbol for today’s lunation at 7 degrees Sagittarius says:

CUPID KNOCKS SMILINGLY AT THE DOOR OF THE HUMAN HEART. The happiness which awaits everyone willing to accept its fullness. Rounding out of experience. The call to love’s feast.

My heart is attracted to divine love, and it moves to connect with it now. Heart everywhere are attracted to divine love, and they move to connect with it now.

Wednesday, August 30

Whether our goals are related to business, spirituality, activism or motivation, we can make breakthroughs on a day that is both grounded and unbounded. Moon has now moved to Sagittarius, the first fire sign since the Eclipse in Leo. Today triggers a harmonious configuration, with this fire-sign Moon conjoining practical Saturn and harmonizing with ruler Jupiter, dynamo Mars and liberating Uranus.

Rise early and avoid distractions. Get your message out, ask for what you need, do your work, and show it!

I call on the spiritual warrior forces to direct me in seizing each precious moment, here and now.

Thursday, August 31

Moon in directed Capricorn accents the constructive potential of today’s number, 4, the builder number. Today’s energies suggest that we engage in business communication, organize our space and strategies, and push through bureaucracy and paperwork early, to best use Moon’s trine to communicative Mercury before the messenger planet exits Virgo, earth sign of its rule.

At 8:28 am (11:28 ET), Mercury enters Leo, lighting the lamp of self-expression and lending a warmth to our interchanges that makes the rest of the day propitious for PR and mixing business with pleasure. However, we should be mindful of other’s feelings and tiptoe as we walk by warrior Mars this evening. His connection with Chiron could lead to imagined slights and what author Anne Schaef calls “vomiting your process”.

I give thanks for the love and success that pour upon me (or name someone you wish to bless), here and now.

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