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Ritual for Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius of Monday, August 7, 2017

by Crystal Pomeroy on August 1, 2017

August Full Moon Eclipse Ritual

The August Full Moon in Aquarius is about the grain harvest, a time to thanks for our roots on this planet and bless the loaves.

This year the Barley Moon merges with a Lunar Eclipse. Its connection to the South Node helps us give something back to life and as we do, we can be released from ingrained habits and past karma.

Aquarius is about loving service, while an opposition from Mars invites us to put our impulses into action.

We can use the cosmic portal to release ourselves and our ancestors from inherited limitation and make a donation of our light.

Free Your Ancestors and Make a Light Donation

Have on hand:

  • Bundles of wheat or dried ears of corn.
  • Symbols of your current work (such as a degree, a document, a book or a picture and/or the names of your children)
  • A golden or tan candle
  • A stick of cinnamon incense
  • A sheet of paper or journal
  • Pictures of your parent/s and other ancestors you wish to bless. If you don’t have the pictures, write down their names or a reference, such as, “My great-great grandparents”, “My mother’s maternal grandmother”, or “All the women in my family who studied to cultivate their aptitudes”.

Eclipse Ritual

  • Light the incense, and repeat three times:

This is an offering for my ancestors who gave their best, donating their will, love and light for me and for the planet. I free them from what they failed to give or do, and give thanks for the good I received. The light is victorious in my ascendancy is victorious.

  • Make a list of the talents, guidance, information, time, attention and any other contributions received from your ancestors that have blessed you and enabled you to grow, evolve and contribute to life.
  • With both hands, touch your arms, thighs and head as you repeat three times:

I bless this corporeal vehicle, and the light of ancestors and of the Divine that flows through my veins.

  • Observe and touch the symbols of your work, saying as you do three times:

I bless these fruits of my work, giving thanks for the light and opportunities received that helped me harvest them.

  • Think of two actions that can honor the light you have inherited. The first relates to improving your work and/or awareness, and the second, a way in which you can donate your light, somehow contributing your work or its products to the common good, leaving a mark as you share the rays of your lineage.
  • Set a date by which you’ll consolidate these actions.
  • Start to move on these intentions at or around the Eclipse date. This will elevate your way of interacting with its cosmic call, freeing yourself from karmic adjustments associated with the South Node, and blessing your family tree and world.

Follow up by blessing your ancestors, your body and the fruits of your work, during several minutes daily until the New Moon Total Eclipse of August 21.

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