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Daily Success Guide Astrology Forecast, March 1–31, 2017

by Crystal Pomeroy on March 1, 2017

Daily Astrological Forecast, March 2017

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology for March, 2017

Wednesday, March 1

If there was ever a day to keep a low profile, this is it.

A conjunction from Sun to mystical Neptune draws us to merge with something larger than ourselves. This door to transcendence can fuel our desire to escape from the cold, hard world, and we may be tempted to indulge in Netflix or other addictions. Before we succumb, let’s remember that the enterprising spirit of number 1 is worth harnessing, particularly with a freshly waxing Moon.

Yes, walk through the portal of intuition. Consult a psychic, cast the I Ching or a draw from a favorite deck of cards. We’ll have success phrasing questions around how to consolidate the changes we are working on, the renewal of our minds and lives, and healing of our relationships with self and others. We’ll be well served by writing down our intentions and any new light that surfaces.

It’s a day to get our bearings in spiritual practice, activate our unity consciousness, make a dream board and visualize the existence we desire—for ourselves, others, and the planet.

Such activities will help channel the dynamism of number 1, while avoiding the potential dangers of restless Aries Moon as she makes hard aspects to Pluto the powerful, volatile Jupiter and jumpy Mars.

Things calm down in early evening when Moon goes VOC on a trine to Saturn. Action isn’t really favored again until after she enters Taurus, sign of her exaltation, at 11:43 pm (2:43 am ET).

Psychic and creative activities are propitious this evening, as Sun perfects its conjunction to Neptune.

I am a part of the One Mind, and this awareness increases unity consciousness around the planet now.

Thursday, March 2

Suddenly it becomes easier to ground our intuition.

Moon, exalted in tangible Taurus, sextiles expressive Mercury and Sun, both in creative Pisces, as well as their ruler, dreamy Neptune.

Jupiter, planet of faith now retrograde in relational Libra, makes an opposition to freedom-loving Uranus in Aries, sign of self. This volatile pairing can help us release codependent behaviors and strike a new balance between our needs for cooperation and authenticity as we empower others to do the same. It also brings a stroke of genius to an already creative day.

Try to postpone confrontation and airplane travel, and focus on giving tangible form to your most daring ideas.

The Creative Mind behind all that is creates anew for me, through me and as me, here and now.

Friday, March 3

As she trines transformative Pluto, Taurus Moon empowers us to ground our goals of change. Although she’ll be VOC most of the day, in the sign of the bull she continues to perform.

Look for 18 degrees Capricorn in your natal chart to clarify your personal area of change.

I am a being of power, and I enjoy working to demonstrate my abilities, here and now.

Saturday, March 4

Today’s subtle energies favor dreamwork, going on a spiritual retreat, writing down intentions, and enjoying art.

Moon in verbal Gemini contacts mystical Neptune in Pisces, and Mercury, Moon’s ruler, also joins Neptune, the planet of angels.

Psychic perception flowers. Avoid low-vibration atmospheres.

I can’t pick up bad energy, only the good can enter the light that I am, here and now.

Sunday, March 5

Moon reaches her First Quarter in Gemini, inviting us to pause and review our progress on the intentions seeded at the New Moon eight days ago.

The Sabian symbol for 15/16 Gemini says:

A WOMAN AGITATOR MAKES AN IMPASSIONED PLEA TO THE CROWD. Rising of the human soul in demand for the recognition by the outer nature of the needs of inner being. Self assertion.

The symbol resonates with March’s combined powers of soul and self-assertion, life mission and self-esteem.

At midday the mix is still rolling, as active Mars in Aries, sign of self-assertion, trines Saturn, planet of individuation, in visionary Sag. This pours some vitality into the area of life where we’ve been building for independence. Look where it’s transiting at 27 degrees of Sag in your natal chart to get a clue.

Although it’s Sunday, this transit is worth using, since Saturn can seem like a bolder on the path, and the warrior planet can get us back on track, with work, promotions or whatever the next step may be.

The energies shift this afternoon, as communicative Gemini Moon harmonizes with Jupiter and Uranus, both planets of activism and freedom.

Doors can open for teaching, publishing and promotion, and information and connections come together for collective efforts.

Affirmation (program your dreams for guidance on Saturn’s path of building, by repeating this ten times, slowly and with attention, before going to sleep tonight and tomorrow):
Deep within, I know how to build for independence, and receive clear guidance for this in a dream I remember on wakening.

Monday, March 6

Moon slips into sensitive Cancer before sunrise. We can’t get a more intuitive line-up than this, in combination with Sun in psychic Pisces as it joins mental Mercury, only three degrees away from ruler Neptune.

Although the aspect is exact at 4:29 pm (7:29 ET), it can be felt all today and tomorrow. Whether our communications interest are spiritual, commercial, activist or creative, now is the time to write down our best words and capture and share our inspiration.

The Sun is an angelic portal, so communications with light beings are suddenly facilitated.

The numerology of today’s “6” brings added value for prosperity and warm, family encounters.

You might enjoy hosting one yourself. Consulting an oracle, visualizing and working on business are also propitious.

The One Mind knows what I need to see, and shows it to me through infinite channels now.

Tuesday, March 7

This morning Moon in tender Cancer trines Sun and Mercury in compassionate Pisces.

It’s a great day to volunteer at a hospice, meditate on empathy and forgiveness, call someone just to be there and listen, and use the mental acuity of Number 7 to enrich studies, work or daily cogitations with a strong dose of intuition.

We should use the magic early, as afternoon gets more worldly and possibly confrontational.

A nighttime sextile from Mercury the messenger to mafia boss Pluto, can open doors to win favors or communicate with someone in a position of authority. It also favors digging up secrets, and using words to heal. A midnight trine from Moon to Chiron underscores this gift.

My conscious words open doors of healing, now and always.

Wednesday, March 8

Cancer Moon wouldn’t kill a mosquito, but this soft manner is deceptive, as this moon sign has good business savvy and, combining with power-number 8 and contacting both pragmatic Saturn and restless Mars, can flit through unnoticed and make this a productive morning.

The energy remains high when Moon switches to Leo at 8:45 am (11:45 ET). Artistic, social and romantic activities go well.

My intuition tells me when to flow and when to go!, and I do both with confidence and joy now.

Thursday, March 9

A wee-hour sextile from Sun to Pluto imbues you with the will and graces you with the opportunity to advance with the changes that this planet of change is bringing to some area of your chart and life.

If you have a daring kind of connection to make, do it this morning, on the last hours of mover Mars in confident Aries and while Mercury in magical Pisces connects with Jupiter the publicist in people-sign Libra.

At 4:34 pm (7:34 ET), the tempo slows down as Mars enters Taurus. Independent creativity and healing emotional and financial issues are favored as Moon in regal Leo makes a quincunx to transformational Pluto in directive Capricorn, an aspect that can spur power struggles.

I make a space for healing, and new good flows to me and through me now.

Friday, March 10

The solar vibration of number 1 multiplies the strength of Moon in Leo, giving us confidence and style to start something this morning

We should do it early, as the VOC begins at 9:06 am (12:06 ET), pausing our progress until 2:07 pm (5:07 ET), when Moon enters Virgo, where she trines Mars in Taurus.

People can be on the defensive, yet the energy can be directed to fight for a someone’s rights, particularly those of pets, patients or a loved one. You can also clean up your desk or space or take a brisk walk and enjoy nature’s bounty.

This afternoon and evening, a conjunction from mental Mercury to wounded healer Chiron is great for journaling, therapy, acupressure, and repeating affirmations and mantras for forgiveness and healing.

Affirmation (to say while you organize your space):
I organize for the success and prosperity that are here for me now.

Saturday, March 11

Use this last morning of the waxing Moon to move on significant goals. A quincunx from Sun in creative Pisces to Jupiter in Libra, sign of beauty, facilitates inspired outcomes in design, art, PR and relationships in general.

At midday, Moon opposes Neptune, planet of oneness, accenting intuition and softening the sharp edges of Moon in Virgo.

After that, we can meditate, affirm and act to increase the planetary vibration of kindness, in resonance with today’s numerology of 11.

I radiate love to myself and others, and hard attitudes are cleansed from my heart and universe now.

Sunday, March 12

At 7:54 am (10:54 ET), Luna becomes full in Virgo. She can help us ground the potential of Sun in mystical, magical Pisces, who happens to form part of a stellium with ruler Neptune, Mercury the thinker and Chiron, the wounded healer. This inspiring Pisces line-up can open our minds to new images and possibilities, awaken connections to angels and spirit guides, empower spiritual healing, and nurture our awareness of unity. It can also tempt us to escape hard facts, distract us from daily efforts, and keep us afloat in fantasy, addiction and mind control. By opposing this stellium, the present lunation in the sign of diligence can help us choose which part of its potential to focus on, and put needed limits on ourselves and others in order to make that potential real.

Luna makes aspects to all of the outer planets, stressing the evolutionary forces at work and the opportunity to integrate the issues that undergird our current process of: empowerment (Pluto), oneness (Neptune), freedom (Uranus), manifestation (Saturn), and faith (Jupiter).

The closest aspect comes from Uranus the Enlightener, exactly quincunx-semisextile the Moon-Sun opposition. The planet of freedom can help us shake ourselves loose from roles and situations that don’t resonate with our essence (in Aries). Things will come to light and doors will open unexpectedly.

At 22/23 Virgo, the Sabian symbol says:

A LION TAMER RUSHES FEARLESSLY INTO THE CIRCUS ARENA. Readiness to face the aroused energies of one’s nature and test one’s moral strength. Faith in self. Valor and mastery.

The circus arena seems to evoke the current political scenario. Whether the wild animals be public figures, healing issues, personal projects or our own instinctual emotions, we are reminded of the role of self-mastery in both attitude and technique that is requisite to overcoming challenges and delivering our potential.

Sun, Moon and Uranus are all at 22 degrees, a master number related to service, intuition, touching the masses, and development of one’s gifts.

This degree also activates several other recent, major transits. The Saturn-Uranus trine of last Winter Solstice, which was the New Year’s chart for 2017, was at 21 degrees of Sagittarius and Aries. In February, Jupiter stationed to retrograde at 23 degrees Libra, the Lunar Eclipse was at 22 degrees Leo, and at the Solar Eclipse of February 20 Mars joined Uranus at 21 degrees Aries, in opposition to Jupiter at 22 Libra.

These events have been activating the Brexit degree of 23, triggered during England’s break from the European Union, and at key moments in British history, as well as US independence from and relationship with UK.

The most interesting connection with this degree is the presence of Eris, asteroid of disruption and feminine empowerment, at 22 Aries, in exact semisextile to the Sun, quincunx to Moon and conjunction to Uranus.

See suggestions for a Full Moon ritual in our March General Influences.

I honor my sensitivity and direct it in strategic, empowering ways, here and now.

Monday, March 13

Moon rises in Libra this morning, but it’s not your typical sweet-Venus kind of day. Today’s aftermath of yesterday’s Full Moon makes a tense contact to warrior Mars and opposes ruler Venus in ready-to-rumble Aries. These transits bring out Libra’s feisty side, good for planning activist initiatives, going over a contract or legal case, or for that matter establishing any line of defense.

This warrior spirit is further fueled by Mercury’s entrance in Aries. We can find the nerve to set limits and clarify our position on things we’ve held back due to a fixation with another’s approval.

The numerology of today’s “4” facilitates results in practical concerns.

In ways that free me and others, I hold my ground and speak my truth, here and now.

Tuesday, March 14

Start the day with a moment of journaling, or at least silence, to consider what you wish to say, share, and accomplish, and how to do it from an authentic place within, while respecting your own healing processes.

Bear the latter in mind throughout the day, and you will leave a mark as you channel the promise of Moon in affable Libra, her strong connections with heavies Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus, and the renewing powers of Sun in conjunction to Chiron.

Healing energies are at their strongest tonight.

I take the time to know what I feel and need, and my communications come from a space of wellness, here and now.

Wednesday, March 15

Moon in creative Libra goes VOC on a pre-dawn sextile to Saturn the builder in visionary Sagittarius. Leave actions and purchases for later, and make a moment to focus on intentions and write a time-line for their manifestation.

At 8:11 am (11:11 ET), Moon enters Scorpio, where she makes hard aspects to Mercury in sharp Aries and ruler Mars in stubborn Taurus. This is not a day for PR or trying to work things out with someone.

However, the incisive energy of Scorpio, Mars and Aries favor research, discovering a hidden truth, acupuncture treatments, cutting through mental blocks and developing strategic arguments–for later presentation.

There is nothing hidden in the One Mind, and It reveals whatever needs to come to light, here and now.

Thursday, March 16

Deep gets deeper, as Moon in intense Scorpio harmonizes with sensitive Pisces and profound Pluto. This combination is great for psychic or dream work, therapy, journaling, forgiveness and release of attachments.

We can use the mental energy of number 7 to reason through our inner processes.

Divine love is working to help me release resentments and attachments from the past and present. I let go and bless all to their right place, and I guided to my own right place, here and now.

Friday, March 17

We can make mental breakthroughs and headway in our work, as intense Scorpio Moon contacts Uranus, planet of genius, and Sun squares Saturn, master of manifestation.

The numerology of today’s “8” increases our gifts of concentration and helps us reach a new level of consolidation and success.

At 2:56 pm (5:56 ET), Moon goes VOC on a trine to Sun in psychic Pisces. If possible, take the afternoon off, enjoy music, meditation or a good movie.

At 8:00 pm (11:00 ET), Moon enters Sagittarius: enjoy an inspirational gathering or party or make an Equinox trip or retreat.

I am part of a light network, and I act on the paths it opens for me now.

Saturday, March 18

Passion and creativity surge, as Moon in adventurous Sagittarius with lustful Mars, romantic Venus, and Mercury the connector. This energy of springtime fun continues to favor an Equinox weekend trip.

An early conjunction from Mercury to Venus facilitates loving connection. With Venus retrograde we can heal past misunderstandings and make that meaningful call or say those nice things we planned before, but somehow kept putting off.

We can start the day using love affirmations and self-dialogue to heal the inner child, and then connect with others in ways that are sexy and/or fun.

An evening square from Moon to Neptune is great for art and, in combination with number 9, service activities, but it can lead to over-sensitivity and confusion in personal dealings.

I release my concern with the approval of others, and I give myself the love that I long for now.

Sunday, March 19

With Moon in Sagittarius harmonizing with mind-opening Jupiter and Uranus, today is great for attending a seminar or workshop.

After last night’s square from Moon—in Sagittarius, the sign of inspiration—to mystical, musical Neptune, this is also a great day for attending a spiritual gathering or concert, sharing a picnic lunch, taking a walk in the woods or on the beach, activism, or a celebration of tomorrow’s Equinox.

Choose and design an activity that affirms your true essence.

I release myself from roles and I say and do what I truly like, here and now.

Monday, March 20

Spring’s power of renewal reaches a climax as Sun enters Aries at 3:39 this morning (6:39 ET), triggering the Equinox and Ostara, the pagan Easter.

The burst of newness is softened by Moon as she reaches her Last Quarter, which is more about release than about seeding.

At zero degrees Capricorn, she triggers the Aries point activated by the Equinox Sun, intensifying the force of our intentions and actions.

The Sabian symbol says:

INDIAN CHIEF CLAIMS POWER FROM THE ASSEMBLED TRIBE. Mastery of a situation through purposeful planning and venturing. Bold rising to opportunity. Extreme self-confidence.

This moon in Capricorn, conjunct Saturn the builder, puts a serious spin on an otherwise spontaneous celebration, helping us organize to clear the decks for action at next week’s New Moon.

At this time of renewal, I praise Earth for her beauty, and give thanks for the new possibilities that flower for all, now and always.

Tuesday, March 21

We can make the most of Moon in capable Capricorn as she textiles Neptune by organizing to support not only work, but our spiritual, creative, and psychic life.

Hypnotic Neptune can make the flow so attractive that, before we know it, the tide may have pulled us too far out. Take the rudder and hold course with your purpose.

This is a great time to declutter, and to release activities that may sponge our time and attention.

I now release activities and ties that are not for the highest and the best, and I focus on what I really want, here and now.

Wednesday, March 22

If we have something important to do, an early morning square from Moon in executive Capricorn to expansive Jupiter in charming Libra adds a touch of charisma and fortune. We should use it early, as Moon goes VOC in Capricorn at 6:20 am (9:20 ET). In the meantime, we can soothe the inner child by getting desk, space or bookcase in order and designing a visualization of our goals.

Leave pending actions or purchases for after 7:28 pm (10:28 ET). That’s when Moon enters Aquarius, sign of friends and causes. She’ll pick up the vibration of today’s Master Number 22 to sharpen our intuition and help us reach a larger number of people.

My life, work and space are under spiritual law, so they flow in perfect order now.

Thursday, March 23

We can use the harmony from the waxing Moon in Aquarius to Venus in Aries, sign of self, by making changes in our ideas, routines and ways of relating.

This is a lovely morning to share brunch with a stimulating, active friend.

This afternoon, we can stay in tune by avoiding unnecessary arguments, and by channeling our mental gifts (empowered by a square from Mercury to deep Pluto) in focused work, research, or healing.

I direct my mind powers to create what I truly desire, here and now.

Friday, March 24

Mercury in hot Aries, still smoking from yesterday’s square to Pluto, opposes Jupiter the producer at 5:45 am (8:45 ET). If we’re up then, the moment is ripe to journal about personal and interpersonal needs and get the word out. Today’s number 6 resonates with Jupiter, and with prosperity.

Moon in bright Aquarius moves this morning to harmonize with both Mercury and Jupiter, as well as ruler Uranus. With Moon in her Last Quarter, this is the perfect time to focus on finishing something, helping others, and sharing information to help others.

My kind words prosper me and others, here and now.

Saturday, March 25

This is one creative Saturday.

Moon enters artistic Pisces at 3:06 am (6:06 ET).

Ten minutes later, Sun conjoins love-planet Venus, great for connecting with the designer, artist and beautifier within. This influence favors playing or working with children, especially enjoying art with them, and can bring a breakthrough while healing your inner child.

I love and honor the child within, and this attitude creates more love and respect for children around the world now.

Sunday, March 26

This morning, Moon rises in Pisces. Her energy of dissolution in this balsamic phase works nicely with aspects to transformative Pluto and freeing Jupiter, to help us release belongings, ties, guilt trips and situations whose due date has come.

We can purge the bookcase, closet, and garage, and as we do, send words of freedom to people and situations of the past and present. In her book, Messages from the 12 Archangels, author Belinda Womack suggests that we “release whatever and whoever” we fear losing. In this process, contacts will be renewed, and attachments that block us will fade away, allowing new doors of good to open.

Catherine Ponder notes that this practice can also heal long-standing health problems.

Divine Love works to free me from situations, guilt and connections that are not the highest and the best. Those that are not the best for me are guided and mobilized elsewhere. I give thanks for the doors of new good that open for me now.

Monday, March 27

We can use this morning’s early Moon in sleepy Pisces to recall and study our dreams and continue yesterday’s releasing process.

At 7:11 am (10:11 ET), things speed up when Moon enters Aries. Then, Aries’ ruler, Mars, in earthy Taurus, harmonizes with Neptune in creative Pisces. Our actions can help us ground seemingly ethereal things now: our creative inspiration, wishes and dreams that we visualize, and healing of emotions or body.

In fact, this influence will last for the next four weeks, as it stars in the chart for the New Moon, which will be exact at 7:57 pm (10:57 ET).

It happens to come just as Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow. With Venus also retrograde in the sign of self, today’s lunation is propitious for, besides the areas mentioned previously: healing issues related to our inner child, valuing and loving ourselves, our powers of assertion, Mars issues in the natal chart, courage, survival issues, confidence, authenticity, independence, fortifying higher and releasing lower ego, and unleashing our pioneering spirit.

At 7/8 degrees Aries, the Sabian symbol is:

A WOMAN’S HAT, WITH STREAMERS, BLOWN BY THE EAST WIND. First attempt at self-exteriorization and embodiment in consciousness. Individualizing Eastern forces are suggested.

Remember to focus on intentions and projects that were begun any time before today.

I allow myself to act with power, to make full use of my talents, and to unleash my spirit now.

Tuesday, March 28

The confidence of today’s number 1 revs up the amps on the already buzzing Aries Moon, and we will feel like moving.

Before jumping headfirst into the pool, however, scan the area, check the depth and study your options. It’s not that hard aspects to heavies Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus necessarily have to be dangerous, but would be wise to leave the superhero cape in the closet, and plan rather than rush.

There will be better days to roll with the New Moon fervor, like tomorrow.

I recognize my will to act and use it to fuel my plans, here and now.

Wednesday, March 29

Moon goes VOC in Aries at 5:07 am (8:07 ET), making today’s first hours better for meditating than for doing.

Today’s numerology of “11” opens a portal to increase humanity’s love vibration. Provoke a pause to send thoughts of blessing, forgiveness and compassion.

As for worldly endeavors, Moon enters Taurus at 8:48 am (11:48 ET). A trine from Mercury to Saturn favors common-sense, organized communication, and lasting results from the interactions we prepare. We can finally let out some of that fire we’ve been holding in, and even come off like a calm grown-up in the process. Particularly favored are efforts in business, finance and whatever area of your life and chart Saturn is helping you build up as it transits 27 degrees of Sag.

I radiate love to all, and I am naturally connected to the substance of love that sustains my universe, now and always.

Thursday, March 30

The numerology of today’s “3” blends nicely with the Venusian vibration of Moon in abundant Taurus. Her morning contacts to imaginative Neptune and Mars the mover empower our goals for prosperity, harmony or art as we visualize and act on them.

We should plan to give ourselves some space, and not over-program. A midday square from loud Jupiter to intense Pluto may create stress in an area of life where we already feel pressured to grow, as Pluto transits 19 Capricorn. It can bring to light any denial we may been in about the need for that growth. Rising to the call may generate a new opportunity.

Nor does the atmosphere lighten. The square continues to reverberate as Moon contacts Jupiter and trines Pluto before going VOC this evening. In Taurus, it still performs, favoring the healing of beliefs around abundance and helping us allow ourselves to pull through Pluto’s visit to our late-Capricorn natal placement, not only with ears and tail intact, but actually feeling renewed.

If you have a harmonious partner, enjoy a good dinner with deep conversation and for dessert, tantra with cream.

Affirmation (repeat 10 times, seating on the edge of your bed before going to sleep):
My dreams are charged with healing light, and I will remember their messages on waking.

Friday, March 31

Upon waking this morning, concentrate on recalling dreams and their messages.

Moon in productive Taurus connects with Saturn the builder, fusing with the numerology of today’s constructive “4” to push us towards progress.

We should plan to use the boost before 9:40 am, when Moon enters Gemini. Although she is waxing and favors communications, sales and promotions, at this point we are apt to feel like the weekend is already here. Ruler Mercury enters Taurus, not so nimble, but quite creative.

A midday sextile from Moon to Venus makes for exciting exchanges, romance and persuasiveness. It’s a great time to call our siblings, or get through to someone we wish to cheer up, mobilize or persuade.

Tonight is the perfect time to share an evening with mentally stimulating company.

I turn on the joy within, and I am a magnet for joy, here and now.

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