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Astrological Influences, 2017: The Warrior Stirs

by Crystal Pomeroy on January 1, 2017

Astrological Influences January 2017: The Warrior Stirs

Last year’s numerology of Number 9 helped us deepen our knowledge and transmute karmic debt. It was a year of release, in some ways freeing, in others, exhausting.

It’s not that we couldn’t get things off the ground, but somehow they took longer than we expected and life seemed to call us in too many directions.

As the New Year begins, we experience a new lightness, and can more easily apply the spontaneous confidence needed to start something.

Not that all is fluff and shine.

Outer planet overtones are strong, making the evolutionary stakes higher than they might feel over our first cup of New Year’s coffee or tea. Also, Mercury is retrograde, so our beginnings are not of the sell-the-house-and-move-to-Mexico variety (although many in the States may be tempted by the prospect, in the light of the political climate).

It’s about retrieval of intentions we’ve been carrying around for some time, taking them out of our pockets each night to set on the bedside table along with our keys, coins and scraps of paper accumulated during the day.

A way to accentuate the numerological shift is to thank the passing cycle for its gifts and even its distractions or events that seemed to hold us back. We can think of the latter as offerings paid to the cosmic forces of circulation and even push them along further by sorting out our things and giving away the clutter.

Venus, lady of love and prosperity, will help us follow our intuition and release material and affectional ties as she leaves the dry stratosphere of Aquarius to enter the cleansing, compassionate waters of Pisces on January 3.

As we clean and unclutter, we can bless and release what seemed to overwhelm us last year, knowing that somewhere in the experience, healing was taking place.

January is Saturn time, and the god of effort rules the Sun, the last New Moon, and Mercury until January 4, when the messenger planet dips briefly back into Sagittarius.

Does that just sound like more work-work-work? Yes and no. This month is about effort, yet the Saturn-Uranus trine that graced the winter solstice (true New Year) is still in orb. As discussed last month, this aspect helps us find new fruits from our persistent, accumulated discipline. Now receiving a sextile from Jupiter and being danced on by asteroids Ceres, the supplier, and Juno, protector of women (before she was subsumed by patriarchy into the role of consort), the trine extends its sphere of influence to include prosperity, empowerment in relationships and a touch of magic.

With Mercury retrograde or in post-retrograde shadow for most of the month, the work is inner as well as on goals seeded anytime before December 2.

The harmony of Saturn with Uranus the liberator means that we can make progress in our needs for freedom, spotlighted in the house where the rebel planet is transiting 22 Aries.

Uranus shakes, surprises or wriggles us into change. But revolution has another, more compelling master: Pluto, that intense kid from the bad side of the tracks who shows up whether or not we invite him, obliging us to alter our formulas, release outworn patterns and ultimately discover our power. This radioactive baby crashes our New Year’s party, on January 7, when he takes a hit from the Sun. Moving through 17 Capricorn, the dwarf planet shows us where our evolutionary work is currently centered, demanding a total re-haul in some way or another.

Often we’d like to tell it to stay in the bathroom where it belongs, flushing the toilet and washing the floor. But when the Sun joins Pluto, all of a sudden we can get a look at hidden processes, and even join our intention and conscious purpose to them. We can swim with–rather than against–our evolutionary currents. This is particularly true while the Sun happens to be in Capricorn, sign of goals and disciplined effort.

Taking place as the year begins, this aspect offers a chance to renew our commitment to growth in a way that both includes and transcends the calendar cycle.

Pluto is a vast and fascinating influence, and cannot be easily reduced to a few lines. However, the following tips for your Sun sign and rising can help you find the diamond in the coal of your own deep change.

Sun and Rising Sign Tips for Sun Conjunct Pluto


Inner urgings and outer circumstances create new pressures and ambitions on the professional scene. If you resist the temptation to force your progress –and others in the process- you can reach new heights of professional prowess.

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