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Daykeeper Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, November 1–30, 2016

by Crystal Pomeroy on November 1, 2016

Daykeeper Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast November 2016

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology for November

Daykeeper Daily Success Guide Astrology Forecast November 2016Tuesday, November 1

Today is Samhain, the Celtic New Year, named after the goddess of transmutation and rebirth.

The veil between dimensions wanes while creativity and intuition wax along with the Moon in Scorpio and later Sagittarius–thanks to a trine from Sun, also in Scorpio, sign of transformation, to psychic Neptune in Pisces, sign of its rule.

These influences favor rituals to connect with the dearly departed.

For instance:

  • Set purple and yellow flowers on your altar, hearth or table, for transmutation and guidance.
  • Add a picture of Archangel Michael, Tibetan Simhamuka or another guardian of the portals.
  • Have a candle or tea candle for each ancestor and/or dearly departed person or pet you wish to honor.
  • Before lighting them, each participant can take turns recalling and saying nice things they remember about the person.
  • Light the candle saying, “Your light burns bright and the Light of Love is with you, surrounding you and guiding you always.”

Also favored today are psychic readings and oracle consultations of any kind.

The morning Moon is VOC; save practical actions and purchases for after 7:43 am (10:43 ET), when she enters enthusiastic Sagittarius.

I look within and as I do, from awareness comes new life, here and now.

Wednesday, November 2

The energy of the waxing Moon in Sagittarius blossoms on an early harmony to ruler Jupiter in sociable Libra, and then comes down to earth on a conjunction to brass-tacks Saturn. This combination can be harnessed through concentrated efforts for public relations, diplomacy, study, publication, publicity, teaching and creative endeavors.

You can also start or renew something related to the area of your chart where Saturn at 14 degrees Sagittarius is pushing each of us to self-sufficiency.

A late sextile from Mercury the thinker to Pluto facilitates breakthroughs in thinking, research and communication.

Omnipotent Good is at work in today’s elections, and no influence or event can keep It from manifesting perfect outcomes now.

Thursday, November 3

Moon in optimistic Sagittarius trines Uranus, the planet of freedom that has been shaking things up on and around the Brexit degree of 23 since last May, and who also played a starring role in October’s explosive Full Moon in Aries.

A release of some kind is indicated. With Hillary’s Solar Return rising in Aquarius, it may be she who is now taking country in a new direction as of today. Whatever happens on a political scale, we still each have the power to synchronize our intent with this promising portal and move on something related to our own free and authentic direction with good prospects for success.

The day comes to a sober close as Moon enters Capricorn at 8:03 pm (11:03 ET). Review today’s intentions and results, and organize to close the week well.

I pause to hear the call of freedom, and I act on its message now.

Friday, November 4

With a square from Venus to Chiron, morning is propitious for working on issues related to self-esteem and finances.

An afternoon harmony from Moon in directive Capricorn to imaginative Neptune in Pisces favors enjoying a movie, producing music or video, weaving a web of romance, giving a class on esoteric or mystical topics, visiting a psychic, or contacting the angels.

I don’t wait for people or situations to confirm my self-worth, my worth is intrinsic and I allow myself to affirm and feel it now!

Saturday, November 5

Love planet Venus trines Uranus-the-free: the love you give yourself empowers your dexterous expression of freedom. It also brings excitement to relationships.

We can go on a different kind of adventure with our love-object or mingle to meet someone new, connect with others who resonate with our authentic path (perhaps potential team members), provoke a spontaneous act of kindness, or spend the morning working on a cause for altruism or justice.

Lunar contacts to Mercury, Chiron and Uranus indicate people connections, but not on automatic pilot, rather from the voice of truth within.

I come from a place of truth within, and my exchanges empower me and others now.

Sunday, November 6

The deep, transformative nature of Sun in deep Scorpio gets a touch of universality from the Moon as she enters Aquarius at 5:55 am (8:55 ET).

The normalcy quotient descends further as Mercury in Scorpio trines Chiron, the odd one out, in mystical Pisces, and later connects with rebel Uranus.

We can do something different today: go to a float tank, throw the I Ching or make up a new form of worship on the beach or in the woods.

All things healing and psychic are favored.

My intuition guides me to express the power that I am, and I follow its yearnings now.

Monday, November 7

Sun in deep Scorpio harmonizes with ruler Pluto in productive Capricorn, and Moon in social Aquarius harmonizes with success planets Jupiter and Saturn. Listen within, act from that point of truth, and the initiatives you take will leave a lasting mark—making this a power Monday.

Focus on using the morning well, because at 11:51 (2:51 pm ET) Moon squares Sun and the harmonious portal narrows at the First Quarter Moon in Aquarius.

It triggers the Sabian symbol for 16 Aquarius:

BUSINESS MANAGER AT HIS DESK STUDIES A COMPLEX PROJECT. The central control needed in all organization of enterprise. The head function. Surety in decision. Management.

Communication with others may involve power struggles after that, but creativity will be high and remain high into the night, thanks to a sextile from Moon to ruler Uranus.

I am guided to make this day an act of power, and I move on my guidance in whatever way I can now.

Tuesday, November 8

Enjoy brunch with friends and sweetheart this morning as Moon goes VOC in Aquarius on a sextile to people-planet Venus at 5:54 am (8:54ET).

Moon won’t go into Pisces until 1:45 (4:45 ET) this afternoon, which may delay the results of the U.S. vote count. This configuration, along with Mars’ entrance into Aquarius, the sign of Hillary’s solar return rising, may be promising for the first woman president of the US, particularly when we consider it’s in mutual reception to ruler Uranus’ in Aries, sign of Mar’s rule.

One way or another, the people’s imagination and activist tendencies will be triggered tonight.

There is one true power presiding in this country and world, and that power expresses itself through the elected president, here and now.

Wednesday, November 9

Moon in psychic Pisces joins ruler Neptune, good for spiritual practice. It can also indicate propaganda, so meditating on and visualizing world peace and well-being would be a good option. Tense contacts to fortunate Jupiter and demanding Saturn indicate a day that’s good for independent creative work.

This evening, both Moon and Sun harmonize with Pluto, favoring research, healing, people connections and a close encounter in the hot tub or shower.

World relations are under spiritual law, so they flow in perfect order and harmony now.

Thursday, November 10

Morning is great for using words in healing ways, as Moon in compassionate Pisces trines Mercury in transformational Scorpio.

Analyze dreams, give or receive therapy, create poetry or inspiring copy and use affirmations or mantras, particularly for forgiveness or compassion.

Creativity remains high this afternoon, as Moon in imaginative Pisces squares Venus the beautifier, before going VOC—where, in Pisces, it still performs. The combination is great for altruism.

This evening favors a trip to the gym or a fight for a cause, as at 5:45 pm (8:45 ET), Moon enters restless Aries and moves to harmonize with heroic Mars in Aquarius, sign of activism.

I am sensitive the call of the cosmos, and I act on it boldly now.

Friday, November 11

Days numbered 11 are considered portals during which humanity has a chance to increase its love vibration. Today is a double 11.

Moon in Aries isn’t exactly pro-harmony, although it does stir the inner hero. On an opposition to visionary planet of angels, Jupiter, in love-sign Libra, it can benefit our sense of purpose and boost our energy for an altruistic cause.

This combination, along with Friday’s inherent Venusian vibration, fuels creativity and hot romance, as long as the original connection is harmonious.

Evening is favorable for independent research or work, thanks to Lunar contacts to pushy Pluto and driven Saturn. Leave negotiation, arguments and sweet hearting for another evening.

Today Venus takes our values into another mode, as the planet of love and finances enters focused Capricorn, where for the next three weeks, it will add value to what is tangible and time proven, and increase our appreciation of older people.

Capricorn being a cardinal sign, this transit triggers the so-called zero or Aries point, increasing the reach of actions we take tonight and tomorrow.

I behold the forces of love and peace that are working in my life and situations, and I radiate love and peace to all, here and now.

Saturday, November 12

At 4:45 am (7:45 ET), Moon joins rebellious Uranus in restless Aries before going VOC for most of the day.

Enjoy your own company or that of another free spirit, just to have fun and be yourself. The spirit of diversion is accentuated by Mercury as the planet of thought leaves Scorpio’s deep waters for the adventuresome tropics of Sag.

A trine from expressive Sun in Scorpio to Chiron, the wounded healer, can also make this a good day for healing, art therapy and channeling your own voice through your favorite artistic medium.

Tantra is better than talking, as Moon makes a tense contact with Mercury and enters Taurus, sign of her exaltation, at 6:24 pm (9:24 ET). Half an hour later, she trines ruler Venus in tangible Capricorn. Make arrangements for love and lust, or focus on artistic and financial efforts.

I accept the prosperity that flows to me through perfect, freeing channels, here and now.

Sunday, November 13

If you’re wondering why you might want to work on Sunday, consider the constructive numerology of today’s number, 4. It stimulates the desire to build something, complimenting a trine from Moon in prosperous Taurus to Pluto in constructive Capricorn. Use the power to visualize, organize and work on business or finances.

If the calmer side of Taurus gets the best of you, you can still use this important day a sizzling brunch in bed with your love object, a special family dinner or a ritual for tomorrow morning’s Full Moon.

I am made in the image and likeness of success, and I move to demonstrate my power now.

Monday, November 14

At 4:18 (7:18 ET) on this midmonth morning, Luna becomes Full in Taurus. This November Full Moon is the Frost, Snow or Beaver Moon, a time of preparing for Winter’s cold.

With Luna at 22 Taurus and Sun at 22 Scorpio, the lunation triggers the 23rd degree, which has been crucial to the history of England, the US, the relationship between us, Brexit, and with these historic themes, to archetypes of both psychic and financial independence.

At 21 Aries, rebel Uranus, also plays a key role.

We predict newsworthy events related to the economy. Whether or not they seem positive, we can take them as a chance to deepen our mental independence from channels, and to reaffirm our direct connection with the Source.

In earthy, abundant Taurus, Moon helps us ground Scorpio’s transforming gifts. The latter radiate throughout the current lunar month, which began with the Scorpio New Moon, and are multiplied by the Sun as it transits the sign of power.

At 23 Taurus, the Sabian symbol is:

A JEWELRY SHOP FILLED WITH THE MOST MAGNIFICENT JEWELS. Abundance of permanent spiritual values; or social display of traditional racial achievements. Profusion of inner gifts.

The Moon goes VOC on fullness, and in Taurus continues to perform, entering communicative Gemini at 5:23 pm (8:23 ET).

My good doesn’t depend on people or situations, my good flows directly from Spirit, in ways that support my spiritual growth and freedom, here and now.

Tuesday, November 15

Tense lunar contacts to illusionary Neptune and intense Pluto can make one-on-one connections confusing or frustrating.

But with the Moon in communicative Gemini, harmonizing with Jupiter, planet of teaching and promotion, our efforts in music, sports, education, and broadcasting should go well. Ruler Mercury in expansive Sagittarius supports all these mediums as he sextiles assertive Mars in mental Aquarius.

I clarify my vision and focus my message in the highest and best way, here and now.

Wednesday, November 16

Wednesday relates to Mercury, and the mental vibration of today’s number, 7, resonates with the Moon in air sign Gemini, sign of the mental planet’s rule.

However, Moon goes VOC before dawn on a contact with Uranus, the freedom lover, making today great for having simple fun with words. Writing affirmations, playing table games, doing crossword puzzles, reading fiction, the thesaurus or a favorite encyclopedia, are all favored.

Save key actions, calls and purchases for after 4:57 pm (7:57 ET), when Moon enters Cancer—when we’ll probably want to tend our business or home and help make dinner.

Joy, joy, joy, the vibration of joy heals my mind and fills my home now.

Thursday, November 17

Morning is good for meditating on love, metta, forgiveness or a preferred expression of unconditional kindness.

A trine from sensitive Moon to compassionate Neptune, each in the water sign of Pisces, also expands intuition and creativity.

It’s a day to donate knowledge, teach someone something, visit an orphanage, send a care package, or get a psychic reading.

Mysticism remains high this evening, although there’s a push for focus and results, as well as a chance of dark secrets surfacing as Moon in tender Cancer opposes powerful Pluto in demanding Capricorn.

Favored activities include journaling about feelings, talking to a therapist or trusted confidante, going to a 12-step meeting or taking deep, frank look at business needs and plans.

Love is present in my mind and life, harmonizing my feelings and bringing to light whatever needs to be considered, here and now.

Friday, November 18

Now is the moment to write down our dreams and visualize what we want this morning, as mind-planet Mercury squares imaginative Neptune in Pisces.

The clarity of our intent is the light that will shine through Neptune’s fog and guide us to connect with the ease of Moon’s trine to Sun in Scorpio. With both luminaries in water signs, intuition expands and we can trust it to guide our actions. With Sun in Scorpio, we can aim for—and hit—the bull’s eye.

Moon is VOC in Cancer, where it still performs, entering Leo at 7:14 pm (10:14 ET), good for a night of fun and romantic play.

I am powerful, I am empowered, I am power. In this certainty, the way opens before me, here and now.

Saturday, November 19

Morning is great for expanding our heart vibrations or independently reviewing and perfecting creative work.

A trine from Moon in radiant Leo to Mercury in expansive Sag and a sextile between Venus and Neptune, planets of personal and cosmic love, open the flow of connections—which can flourish in the realms of work, learning, promotion and pleasure this afternoon. Use this window to woo back your honey, meet someone new, or beautify your words and the results of your efforts.

Neptune goes direct at 8:38 pm (11:38 ET). We can take a pause right now to review what we’ve learned from our dreams and intuition since mid-June, when Neptune stationed retrograde.

The Sabian symbol for Neptune’s degree (10 Pisces) suggests that we can have a chance to use those lessons to start on a new, shining journey:

THE AVIATOR SAILS ACROSS THE SKY, MASTER OF HIGH REALMS. Transcendence of normal problems. Gaining of celestial responsibilities. Consummation of the highest ideals. Coronation.

I am guided to the highest and the best, and I heed this guidance now.

Sunday, November 20

With a contact from Moon to Chiron, today is good for healing, but it’s not the come-rub-my-back kind. Leo Moon is vital and expressive, and a harmony with rebel Uranus in energetic Aries suggests that today is better suited for a walk on the beach and picnic or another outing that expresses your true and wild self.

Today’s number, 2, indicates that our adventures, original as they may be, can be shared. We might try hearing everyone’s unusual preferences and making a plan to account for a little of each of their weirdness.

I enjoy heeding and expressing my true self, and I allow others to do this also.

Monday, November 21

After a fun weekend, Moon comes back to the office dressed as a diligent Virgo. She is poised and ready to help us organize our time, take care of pending bureaucracy, and handle paperwork.

At 1:22 pm (4:22 ET), Sun leaves the churning depths of Scorpio to surge onward in enthusiastic Sag, opening our minds to a larger view. But before we start spending our pre-Christmas bonus or filling the wine cellar for the holidays (and perhaps uncorking a bottle in our confident mirth), let’s remember Virgo’s gifts of sobriety and grounding, and apply our grand vision in small, manageable steps we can take today.

Another shift comes as Moon reaches her Fourth Quarter, ringing the recreation bell and inviting us to let go and give thanks for our progress since the New Moon of Sunday, October 30.

In fact, we can begin to review all the blessings we’ve received so far this year in preparation for Thanksgiving.

The Sabian symbol for the lunation’s degree of 30 Leo is:

AN UNSEALED LETTER FULL OF VITAL AND CONFIDENTIAL NEWS. Basic faith in the goodness of all life. Unthinking trust in, or desire to see to the bottom of all things. Confidence.

Tonight favors looking at issues around self-care, sobriety and working towards wellness, as Moon in wholesome Virgo opposes Neptune in healing in healing Pisces.

This condition is not difficult to heal, the Divine Healer is with me (or name of another you wish to treat), and there is nothing beyond the reach of its skills and powers now.

Tuesday, November 22

Direct the assertive Mars energy of Tuesday and the prosperous vibration of Number 6 and take a single, daring step to use the harmony of Moon in Virgo, sign of problem solving, empowered by a trine with effective Pluto. Face down something you’ve been dragging your feet on, and push through an obstacle that will prove to be bigger in your mind than it is objectively.

This morning, Mercury the messenger in facile Sag approaches a sextile with Sag’s ruler Jupiter in charming Libra. This influence will put wings on our words so they fly into the minds of others, opening doors where there seemed to be none.

Use the window early, as Moon goes VOC at 9:41 am (12:41 pm ET), where it will remain through midday tomorrow.

Afternoon favors inner work, self-care treatments and household chores.

I give thanks for the creative power of my intent, words and actions and I focus it on success, here and now.

Wednesday, November 23

If you’re preparing a Thanksgiving fest, try to chop, bake and brew want you can this morning–or late tonight, as tomorrow’s stars seem geared up for tough encounters in the Thanksgiving football games, and not propitious for kitchen harmony.

At 11:42 am (2:42 pm ET), Moon enters sweet Libra, sextiling Sun in sparkling Sag, and throwing a pinch of charm in our cauldrons.

We can use it to move on something that matters, as Mercury the communicator also joins Saturn the serious. Check where 10 Sagittarius is in your chart to confirm the area you’ve been called to expend extra effort in—and build for independence—since it hit that degree late last year.

Today, Mercury is opening a door for short-cuts with its lessons. Take a mental walk to the edge and find a way to apply words in this adventure of inner strength. With Moon waning, don’t start something new; rather, tie up loose ends: follow up on pending bureaucracy, a process already started, or help you requested some time ago; express something you’ve been holding back, return those books to the library, ask for help or information. Such actions will be particularly powerful as we bear in mind that not the outcome, the process of individuation, is the goal.

I say what I need to and move as I have to, to seize this cosmic moment, here and now.

Thursday, November 24

Today’s easiest hour is morning, though with a trine from Moon to Mars, easy does not mean not restful. Since afternoon contacts are stressful and potentially discordant, take an early break to go for a walk and release your energy while connecting with the autumnal landscape. Or you could go to the gym, pour your energy into Thanksgiving preparations or volunteer at the local soup kitchen.

At 3:00 pm (6:00 ET), plan for a nap, meditation or cup of tea with a good read. Better yet, use the square from abundant Jupiter to powerful Pluto to do a gratitude ritual. Whatever you do, low-key and small scale are better for this afternoon, as square to Venus and Pluto bring out Moon in Libra’s feisty side.

A conjunction from Moon to Jupiter can cool things down, while the numerology of six helps give cohesion to family gatherings.

Late Thanksgiving dinners will be more harmonious than early ones.

If you’re on the East Coast, today’s intense aspects fill even the nightscape, and will require forbearance and deep breathing to walk through unflustered by rude remarks or power struggles.

I give thanks for this year’s river of blessings. The gratitude in my heart connects me with the gratitude in hearts around the world, and we surround the planet with healing gratitude now.

Friday, November 25

Moon in social Libra will have us focused on relationships. Ruler Venus is in practical, restless Capricorn, where it joins with intense Pluto and squares philosophic Jupiter, shaking the love goddess free from her usual fixation with harmony, and directing our relational concerns on truthfulness, progress and freedom.

Team efforts can be quite productive. If you don’t have a team to work with, take a good look at your way of interacting and see what shifts you can make to align it with your beliefs and come from a place of power. Is there a person or attitude you need to release? Does a dark passion or memory need acknowledgement? Have you been kidding yourself about your needs, motives or situation in affairs of the heart or pocketbook? Can you act on a call to service or a cause for greater good? Would doing this take your love nature to a needed next level?

Act on your insight and intuition before 5:52 pm (8:52 ET), when Moon goes VOC. Its last aspect is an opposition to Uranus, so this evening’s interactions aren’t as relaxing as might otherwise be expected with Moon in Libra. Focus on creativity, reading and philosophy.

I release whatever might limit my love power, and move to reclaim it, here and now.

Saturday, November 26

Moon in Scorpio brings out our spiritual warrior nature, and our faculties, both rational and intuitive, are empowered.

This morning, as Mercury in big-mouth Sag trines brilliant Uranus in willful Aries, focus on something that requires sharp thought and honest or freeing communication.

A trine from radiant Sun in deep Scorpio to recently direct, intuitive Neptune makes tonight perfect for consulting an oracle, visiting a psychic, doing dream yoga, contacting angels and spirit guides and working on forgiveness.

Divine Intelligence expresses itself through me without limits, here and now.

Sunday, November 27

Moon in deep Scorpio goes deeper on a sextile to Pluto, triggering opportunities for deep research, healing and catharsis.

If you are feeling devotional, shamanic activities can open doors and you can give or receive effective healing treatments.

This is also a window which brings great benefits from contacting someone with spiritual or worldly power.

Use it before 1:48 pm (4:48 ET), when Moon goes VOC in Scorpio on a sextile to love-planet Venus.

Suggestions: hold hands while enjoying an inspirational movie, write to Congress, call someone who needs attention, or take another measure to apply your warrior spirit with kindness.

I am power, and the power that I am goes before me and opens my way, now and always.

Monday, November 28

Balsamic Moon is VOC in Scorpio, making this morning apt for meditation, particularly on forgiveness, metta or release. At 12:46 pm (3:46 ET), Moon enters dynamic Sagittarius, bringing a sense of lightness, and connecting with the pioneering spirit of today’s number, 1, as well as tomorrow’s early New Moon portal.

If you have something practical to do or buy, do it this afternoon. Prepare for tomorrow’s potent New Moon in Sagittarius by writing down and clarifying your intentions.

I release whatever attachments, situations and attitudes need to go, and prepare for the good that’s rushing to me now.

Tuesday, November 29

The numerology of today’s number, 11, invites us to increase humanity’s frequency of love. This may be part the intent we seed as with today’s New Moon at 8 Sagittarius.

The portal’s chart sports a square from Moon to Neptune, a close sextile from affectional Venus to Chiron, the wounded healer, and a square from Venus to Uranus. Clarify your intent to heal the wounds that have affected your ability to love your unique self, and the unique self of others, too (ongoing issues since Uranus entered Aries in 2011). These are wounds shared by all humanity, but each of us can detect where it still hurts, and customize our dream of inner wellness and expanded, freer, kindness.

Other apt intentions for this lunation include: releasing self-righteousness and Pollyanna attitudes, recovering optimism, spontaneity, and faith (in oneself, a Higher Power and others), or success in a project related to spirituality, music, college, publicity, luck, legal concerns and foreign languages or countries.

The Sabian symbol for 8 Sagittarius reveals amazing gifts:

IN THE CAULDRON OF THE UNIVERSE, METALS ARE FORMING. Irresistible determination to be. Infinite capacity for hard work. Crystallization of will out of experience.

Whatever you choose to seed at this portal, use it well and focus to your best and highest ability. Cosmic forces support you.

Spiritual warriors of the ages, imbue in me your determination, energy and will, that I may walk my path of power, here and now.

Wednesday, November 30

Sagittarius Sun squares Neptune while Moon, also in Sag, connects with Uranus and Mercury, planets of higher and lower mind.

Still on the portal of yesterday’s New Moon, this joining of discipline and fun can help us make strides on yesterday’s New Moon intentions. Act with determination.

“Don’ts” for Sun squares Neptune: let a new lover bring their suitcase over, sign agreements, have more than two drinks or abuse other substances.

On the upside, creativity runs high, and mystical activities like visualization and contacting like beings flourish.

This is my moment of rebirth, and I move to manifest it, here and now.

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