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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, October 1–31, 2016

by Crystal Pomeroy on October 1, 2016

Daily Astrology Forecast Free, October 2016

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology for October

Saturday, October 1

Yesterday’s New Moon combines with the assertive numerology of 1 to make this a potentially dynamic Saturday.

The influences are more sensitive and creative than practical. Moon is in Libra, sign of love and beauty. Her ruler, Venus the romantic, harmonizes with imaginative Neptune.

An opposition from Mercury in picky Virgo to Chiron in Pisces tips the scales of this combination towards its more universal expressions.

Harness the day’s vitality in artistic expression, healing relationships, or compassionate, altruistic activities. If you’re a healer, find a way to donate your services. If you paint, write, make music or another artistic expression, listen for inspiration from the subtle dimensions, and forge ahead as you try something different.

I am a unique channel of goddess forces and I dare to express them now.

Sunday, October 2

Sun in creative Libra connects tensely with Neptune the dreamer, as does Mercury the communicator in nerdy Virgo with upstart Uranus in hyper Aries.

These aspects favor creativity and original thought, but they are not so great for hanging out with the gang, although brunch with someone mentally stimulating who gets the big picture could be a worthy adventure, as could exploring the local library or browsing in a bookstore.

With Moon VOC in Libra, stick to browsing and save purchases for the afternoon or another day.

At 12:43 pm, Moon moves into sultry Scorpio, arousing passions. They can be constructively directed as she heads for a harmony with bold Mars in grounded, ambitious Capricorn. Move on your New Moon goals or anything that requires nerve.

If you find yourself tempted to lash out, remember to breathe deeply and slowly before going overboard.

Remember to focus on things started before August 9, as Mercury will be in shadow through Friday, October 7.

I invoke the spiritual hero forces to mobilize me effectively, here and now.

Monday, October 3

The influences are intense but sweet, as Moon in potent Scorpio trines psychic Neptune and joins Venus, planet of love. Creativity runs high, connections with others can be magical, and we can reach people’s emotions through what we publish, film or broadcast.

An evening harmony from Moon to ruler Pluto in go-getter Capricorn favors contacting a person in power, re-organizing a project, finding something lost, and just about any work-related initiative.

Practice forgiveness and radiate love.

With the help of angels, I radiate love to myself and to all beings, here and now.

Tuesday, October 4

Tuesday is ruled by Mars, planet of action, whose dynamic force can be channeled productively with the help of a sextile from Sun to Saturn the builder. It’s time to knuckle down and focus on a creative project, and knock on key doors.

At 6:04 pm (9:04 ET), Moon goes VOC in Scorpio. Get a foot rub, meditate, or play a game to test your intuition.

Creation conspires to manifest my dreams, and I cooperate by moving on them, here and now.

Wednesday, October 5

Moon enters Sagittarius, harmonizing with ruler Jupiter, planet of faith, and making this morning right for contacting angels and spirit guides. It could also work well for promotional activities, although the soft approach is most effective, as a square from Mars to Jupiter warns against going overboard.

We should also avoid waving the bible of our beliefs over someone’s head. Rather, we can direct our enthusiasm with the interpersonal intelligence Venus offers as she harmonizes with Pluto.

With the goddess of love in Scorpio, we may also enjoy breaking for tea and tantra.

I release others (name of someone) to their own inner guidance now.

Thursday, October 6

Moon in gregarious Sagittarius sextiles Sun in Libra, sign of connection. Express feelings, promote a project or cause, or focus on teaching and encouraging others.

Mars is still in orb of yesterday’s square to Jupiter: we should avoid being pushy, gloating about our superiority or getting into unnecessary arguments.

The angels weave my connections with others for the highest and the best of all concerned now.

Friday, October 7

There’s a big energy shift as Mercury finally emerges from post-retrograde shadow and enters Libra. As it does, it triggers the zero Aries point, the first degree of cardinal signs that was activated repeatedly by last month’s transits.

Apply the mental vibration of Number 7 and figure out a way to use Mercury’s green light on communications, transmissions and projects that have been somehow blocked or held up during the last two months. Go deeper still and decipher what lessons about your inmost self you can extract from this period. Check our October Monthly Influences for more tips on this special event.

Sun squares Pluto, and we may feel pushed to transform ourselves or our world. This may lead to projections and confrontations with power figures. Well handled, it can empower healing, creativity, prayer, visualization and self-renewal.

Mercury in Libra helps us behold ourselves and others with love, and connect with people who do the same.

I love myself, and I connect with people who resonate with this attitude now.

Saturday, October 8

The vibration of 8 combines with Moon in Capricorn to make this a power day.

With the impulse of an early conjunction from Moon to hero planet Mars, we can cultivate confidence. Lunar contacts to Neptune and Pluto are propitious for consulting the I Ching or another oracle, and can help us contact the masses in some way, through publicity, transmission or inner practices.

First Quarter Moon at 17 Capricorn:

REPRESSED WOMAN FINDS A PSYCHOLOGICAL RELEASE IN NUDISM. Escape from the bondage of social inhibitions. Readjustment of the relation of spirit to body. Self-purification. Self-confrontation.

My life doesn’t depend on my physical body, and this awareness frees the entire planet now.

Sunday, October 9

If you have one, stay in bed and enjoy your love object with the early harmony from Moon in sensual Capricorn to Venus in lustful Scorpio.

Moon sextiles Chiron the wounded healer: now is ideal for enjoying healing music, strategizing for greater wellness and discussing our feelings.

At 9:51 am (12:51 pm ET), Moon goes VOC in Capricorn on a square to Uranus, and will remain in the sign of responsibility for the rest of the day.

Afternoon is great for watching a funny movie and organizing your space.

I make a space for my inner child to thrive, here and now.

Monday, October 10

Moon enters rebellious Aquarius in the wee hours, fusing with the pioneering spirit of Number 1 to accent our independent streak.

She then harmonizes with both Mercury the messenger and Jupiter the broadcaster to favor our idealistic and creative transmissions, activities and promotions.

We can use this combination in our work or make a different kind of Columbus Day by spearheading an initiative to protect nature, or universal values—such as campaigning against the South Dakota pipeline or a similar, local initiative.

Evening is good for organizing the week ahead.

I invite Infinite Intelligence to prosper through me, here and now.

Tuesday, October 11

Master Number 11 opens doors to lift humanity’s love vibration, and a chain of key transits shows the way.

In the wee hours, Mercury the thinker joins Jupiter, planet of angels, in Libra, sign of love. Rise before dawn–when prayer is more effective– and write to the angels for help in expanding your love vibration and, in resonance with the waning Moon that was new in Libra, to renew your relationships (describe your preferred type of renewal).

At 5:16 am, love planet Venus in potent Scorpio trines Chiron in compassionate Pisces. Invoke Kuan Yin or a favorite invocation of the compassionate mother, and spend at least ten minutes saturating yourself and the entire planet in her vibrations.

Such practices are a vibrational prelude to the next aspect in this chain: a sextile at 10:03 am (1:03 pm ET), from vital Mars to empathetic Neptune. With the planet of action in Capricorn, our compassionate initiatives can generate tangible results.

Send energy to plants, write a letter to Congress, share posts for a charity, show up at or even start one yourself, or take another heroic action on behalf of others.

At 4:49 pm (7:49 ET), Moon goes VOC. Evening favors gathering with like-minded friends or enjoying a good read.

The love and peace I feel in my heart connects me with the love and peace in the hearts of all others, and we surround the entire planet with victorious love and peace now.

Wednesday, October 12

Yesterday’s compassionate energy continues, though it’s a bit more subtle, as Moon enters Pisces, connecting with angel-planets Jupiter and Neptune. Also, mind-planet Mercury connects with Neptune, Moon’s ruler. Thinking is not at its most objective nor transmissions at their clearest, but meditation can be quite healing and intuition acute.

Consult spirit guides or a preferred oracle, and avoid substance abuse.

I love the divine essence in all people and I radiate grace to them now.

Thursday, October 13

Moon in still in Pisces, intuition continues strong, and our powers of visualization are strengthened. Clarify an intent for happy relationships and spiritual awakening and create or obtain clear images to feed the mind’s eye. Moon sextiles Pluto this morning, giving power to art, disseminations and healing.

A square from Mercury in peace-seeking Libra to pushy Mars can fuel unnecessary arguments, but also help push us into assertive communication and break bureaucratic barriers. Use it for what you want to promote or make grow before the Moon becomes full the day after tomorrow.

Infinite Love authorizes me to ask for and move on what I need and believe in, here and now.

Friday, October 14

Moon in Libra connects with Chiron in compassionate Pisces. We can use the morning to center in forgiveness and offer a dear one generous help.

At 8:08 am (11:08 ET), we shift from the daze of the last several days to the bright-eyed, me-first focus of Moon in Aries, accentuated by the Mars vibration of Number 5. We can use this impulse to close the week–and the waxing Moon cycle–with drive. Follow your instinct and unabashedly initiate change or a beginning of some kind.

At the same time, avoid being too pushy or impulsive, and apply the gifts of Mercury in socially apt Libra to present your intentions with charm and–as Mercury the communicator sextiles worker Saturn–some kind of tangible results.

I enjoy giving and receiving, and act to keep my good circulating now.

Saturday, October 15

The influences are mostly tense, so leave negotiation or honeymooning for another day.

Moon in Aries helps us feel our independence. Full Moon in Aries occurs at 9:23 pm PT (ET 12:23 am October 16). (See October 16 for a description of its energies.)

Today’s only harmony is an early trine to constructive Saturn in visionary Sagittarius. Rise early and focus on organizing. Unclutter and beautify your space in preparation for the midnight Full Moon, which comes with a strong dose of renewal.

Strategize to capture the lunation’s particular gift: making today’s Sun-Uranus opposition a close up and personal event. Since Uranus entered Aries in 2011, the planet of freedom has been moving us out of ruts, as it forces us to rediscover and reassert our own true essence. Libra Sun makes us aware of and centered on others and relationships. The opposition gives us an opportunity for perspective on how to balance our relational self and our work (Libra Sun), with our need for freedom and authenticity (Uranus in Aries).

Questions like these will help us connect with this lunation’s gift:

  • In spite of the changes of the last five years, how am I still attached to the approval of another?
  • Am I stuck in impression management, worrying about how others perceive my unique essence?
  • Can I release the fixation with convincing others, and focus on being?
  • Am I projecting my need for freedom onto a personal tyrant and generating unnecessary anger and criticism around this?
  • Am I unconsciously holding another to my own standards, rather than allowing them to live their unique path?

To reflect and journal on questions like these and similar ones that come to mind will help us receive the gifts of the Sun-Uranus opposition, plan for changes to increase our freedom and that of the world, and clarify our intent for tomorrow’s Full Moon. As we lift our vibration, we are less available for crisis events that may shake us towards this evolutionary shift.

Use common sense in avoiding risky activities and dense gatherings or places.

Infinite Intelligence guides me to freer, more authentic ways of relating, and I pause to hear and heed this guidance now.

Sunday, October 16

The October Full Moon is known as the Blood Moon or Hunting Moon, a time to honor the spirits of all living things who given their lives for our nourishment.

In Aries, sign of hunters, and activating yesterday’s Sun-Uranus opposition, it can strengthen our nerve to seek and cut out from our lives that which doesn’t resonate with our authenticity. (This Full Moon occurred yesterday in time zone UTC-5 and westward.)

The Sabian symbol spotlights the rewards of inner, and outer, work:

A WINDOW CURTAIN BLOWN INWARD, SHAPED AS A CORNUCOPIA. Good fortune attending upon the putting forth of effort. Rush of spiritual forces into the conscious ego. Protection.

This portal favors calm activities and staying at home or going to a peaceful place, propitious for reflection, inner work, journaling and elucidating conversation.

At 8:05 am (11:05 ET), Moon enters Taurus, helping us ground the energy and enjoy a peaceful meal outdoors.

I invoke the Spiritual Warrior forces to empower my release of limiting attitudes and attachments, here and now.

Monday, October 17

The week starts with efficacy, as Moon exalted in abundant Taurus harmonizes with heroic Mars and transformative Pluto.

Power Number 8 is propitious for results. We can direct the inner freedom triggered by the weekend’s aspects in focused actions that will knock down barriers and open doors.

Moon goes VOC this morning, but remains in Taurus where it still performs.

I deserve the best in life, and I act boldly in this awareness, here and now.

Tuesday, October 18

If you want some time for yourself to reflect, visualize or just savor your coffee and a tasty nibble, take the time early.

At 7:30 am (10:30 ET), Moon leaves pleasurable Taurus and enters communicative Gemini. Its aspects to Venus and Jupiter are good for interaction—from romance, teaching or advertising, to pulling apart the presidential campaign—but if you enjoy your space and quiet, you will be glad to have taken it at daybreak.

I am grateful for my time alone and my time with others, and I focus to use both fully now.

Wednesday, October 19

Power stirs early this morning, as Mars joins Pluto in Capricorn before dawn. If you need some extra courage to eliminate obstacles or obsolete attachments, this aspect and today’s Number 1 will help. When Mars, the planet of fight, joins the Master of Intense, we can set aside paralyzing doubts and fears about worst possible outcomes, and make the most of our current opportunities and resources as we move forward.

As we do, it’s important to keep a clear head. Anger and fights can be intense, if not downright dangerous. Avoid letting yourself be dragged into negative competition or similar dynamics. Anything that seems worth putting on the boxing gloves for can wait until this aspect wanes in four days. Not only you, but the world needs your peace.

Moon in Gemini also connects with Pluto, and her other aspects strengthen our intellect and insight, helping us dig up whatever information we need for successful action, to make breakthroughs in family genealogy, or for that matter, anything that requires deep research.

If you can’t sleep easily, stay up and follow the rabbit down the hole to a brilliant discovery.

Only for today, I set aside my doubts and follow my deepest instinct to move forward now.

Thursday, October 20

Use the early trine from Moon in loquacious Gemini to Sun in social Libra and have breakfast with your lover or somehow make pleasant people connections. Bear in mind that Moon goes VOC at 4:17 am (7:17 ET), so go for pleasure rather than business.

Leave key actions or purchases for after 8:28 am (11:28 ET), when Moon enters Cancer, although us crabs are up for a tasty brunch anytime—morning, noon or night.

The rest of the day favors teaching, advertising or contacting angels and goddesses.

I am grateful for the chance to share with others and I reach out to them in whatever ways I can now.

Friday October 21

The energy of today’s Number 3 works best when applied to words and creations that lift people’s spirits, and this focus can help stay on the upside of the sensitive Cancer Moon as she bumps against Mars and later Pluto in Capricorn.

These oppositions can trigger the hero within. They are better applied to working out a strategy or to altruistic efforts than to jumping in to rescue someone uninvited. There’s also a likelihood of over-defensive reactions.

A nighttime trine from Moon to Chiron is good for healing and seeding healing dreams.

I call on the angels and guides of wellness to activate my healing processes and powers in tonight’s dreams now.

Saturday, October 22

At 29 degrees Cancer, Last Quarter Moon activates its own anaretic degree and that of Libra, accentuating the psychic potential of this lunation.

The Sabian symbol says:

A LADY OF ARISTOCRATIC DESCENT PROUDLY ADDRESSES A CLUB. The will and ability to maintain social supremacy based on thoroughly established tradition. Inner or outer aristocracy.

Review progress on goals and intentions seeded at the New Moon in Libra of September 30, and let intuition guide you as you plan for the New Moon in Scorpio of October 30, with an eye on spiritual class and the highest and the best.

Today’s morning transits are tense, although Moon in Cancer is propitious for decluttering. Make it inspiring for your coming New Moon’s goals.

At 12:34 pm (3:34 ET), Moon enters Leo. Enjoy a fun lunch, art exhibit or afternoon play. At 4:46 pm (7:46 ET), Sun moves into Scorpio. If autumn is about transformation, during the next 30 days the need for change will begin to boil inexorably to the surface. Put away the nice, perfectly combined outfits you wore during Libra; put on your favorite (witch) hat and dark clothing or jewelry, and fire that caldron.

I am ready to release attitudes, possessions and situations that are no longer for my highest good. This choice makes a space for the new good that is rushing into my life, here and now.

Sunday, October 23

With minor contacts involving Jupiter and Neptune, this is a good morning for inspiration and devotional activities. Number 5 likes adventure and Moon in Leo is up for a show. We can try something different, like attending a gospel service or joining with friends to sing—or drum—our praises.

The afternoon influences have a more traditional bent and can be quite productive, as Moon in vital Leo harmonizes with Saturn, planet of work and manifestation, and connects with Pluto the potent in ambitious Capricorn.

I sing praises for the Spirit of Good that lives in me and in all creation now.

Monday, October 24

If you have something important to accomplish, rise very early to catch that creative Leo Moon before she goes VOC at 5:21 am (8:21 ET).

Number 6 emphasizes prosperity and family. A great way to use this early window is to write down intentions and dreams for these areas of life, repeat and write out prosperity affirmations and even download and print or cut out images to make a dream board.

Moon will be VOC until it enters Virgo at 8:18 pm (11:16 ET). In the meantime, mental Mercury enters Scorpio, sign of deep feelings, finances and mind power. Although it’s best to save key actions and purchases for another day, we can explore and heal our relationship to money and family, and spend time visualizing the new good we wrote about early in the day.

Prosperity is right for me. I accept the blessed supply that streams forth from Infinite Love and covers all my situations richly now.

Tuesday, October 25

Use the practical skills of waning Moon in Virgo to declutter, tie up loose ends and eliminate distractions in preparation for next Sunday’s New Moon.

Moon aspects Venus and Neptune, planets of personal and universal love that also happen to square one another today. They combine with Scorpio Sun to facilitate release of resentments and hard thoughts towards ourselves and others.

Based on the 8:02 pm birth time (given by Robert Wilkinson, who has researched it thoroughly) and date of October 26, 1947, today is Hillary Rodham Clinton’s solar return. With her yearly rising in Aquarius, she is going to want freedom. If she wins she is apt to give the presidency a unique style. Whatever the outcome, she’ll be up for more personal room and authentic self-expression. Today’s squares from Virgo Moon to Venus and Neptune suggest ups and downs in her health, although North Node conjunct both Moon and Mercury signifies protection of her body, maternal nature and communication. In the sign of Virgo it will facilitate her healing and indicates general wellness.

I bless and release others to their wellness, happiness and freedom, and I am released to my wellness, happiness and freedom, here and now.

Wednesday, October 26

With a Sun as part of a stellium in Scorpio and birthday Number 8, HRC has some strong indicators for power and achievement. As usually happens to Scorpios, she’s either loved or despised, rarely drawing a lukewarm response.

As for the today’s stars, organized Virgo Moon is at its best this morning after a wee-hour trine to Pluto, Mr. Intense.

We can make headway if we move on something we began before the Full Moon of October 16. Particularly positive concerns include minor surgery, tissue or tooth removal, uncluttering, completing a bureaucratic process or volunteering our services.

Also, a wonderful sextile from people-planet Venus to Jupiter, Lord of Luck, makes this a great morning for love, romance, publicity, promotions and altruistic or inspirational endeavors. However we choose to apply these influences, we should act before 11:33 am (2:33 pm ET), when Moon goes VOC on a square to Mars.

This rather uncongenial lunar mode will last for the rest of the day, but does favor taking a brave look at ourselves and the issues we’re working to heal.

I am worthy of wellness, and I look at what needs to be healed now.

Thursday, October 27

VOC Moon in Virgo makes for an uneventful morning, until 6:51 am (9:51 ET), when she enters Libra.

Work independently to prepare a negotiation or tie up a legal concern, or remove something you don’t like from your space or personal image.

A conjunction from Mercury to Sun in Scorpio is great for research and effective affirmations, but if we’re not careful, can foster sarcasm and intrigue.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, and the planet of jocosity can keep us on today’s cheerful side, especially if we watch stand-up comedy or a funny movie.

I make a space for joy, and the best in life naturally flows to me now.

Friday, October 28

As the month, week and Moon cycle come to a close, this is a morning to move on whatever loose ends may straggle behind.

Moon in socially adept Libra joins expansive Jupiter and harmonizes with ruler Venus and success-addict Saturn in enthusiastic Sag. The love vibrations will facilitate our connections; transmissions and promotions will tend to be well received, and follow-through will produce tangible results.

Move before (angel number) 1:11 pm (4:11 ET), when Moon squares Pluto, and the charming vibrations quickly subside.

The afternoon could be good for healing, getting a back rub and forgiveness. Avoid unnecessary fights and dense places or reunions.

Spirit finishes everything It starts, and I facilitate Its perfect results in everything I’m working on now.

Saturday, October 29

Moon in Libra goes VOC on a square to Mars, and will be there most of the day, so we can safely just hang out, keep a low profile, and enjoy autumn’s colors.

A conjunction from Venus to Saturn can help us appreciate and be grateful for our work, elders and traditions.

Reach out to an older person or teacher, work on art, or organize finances or a ritual for tomorrow’s New Moon, after 7:01 pm, when Moon enters Scorpio.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be productive for myself and my world now.

Sunday, October 30

Today’s New Moon (8° Scorpio, 10:38 am PT/1:38 pm ET) is the first with Mercury direct in the last three months. In Scorpio, sign of rebirth, we can put its force into an intention that we find truly empowering.

Intuition, music and creative perception, productions, and writing are indicated by trines to dreamy Neptune from both Moon and mental Mercury, and a hit the messenger planet receives from Mama Moon herself.

The Sabian symbol for 8 Scorpio reveals that:

A HIGH MOUNTAIN LAKE IS BATHED IN THE FULL MOONLIGHT. Illumination of the soul by transcendent wisdom. Quiet touch with transcendent strength or wayward moody effort at greatness.

We are reminded that true power is generated in awareness.

I am grateful that Spirit has a perfect way for me to develop my power, and reveals and manifests it now.

Monday, October 31

Appropriately, Moon is in Scorpio, this Samhain’s eve. She trines Chiron, the wounded healer, and connects with wild Uranus.

We can synchronize with these unusual influences by introducing a healing paradigm. How about dressing like a goddess or another positive archetype? Participating in a recycling movement? Giving out homemade or high quality goodies? Joining with like-minded friends to bless the Earth and her gifts of transformation?

Whether you party, trick-or-treat, or do a gratitude ritual, its best before 7:44 pm (10:44 ET), when Moon goes VOC on a contact with feisty Mars, and human ghouls may make encounters less than friendly.

I bless the divine forces that work through and guard all dimensional portals, tonight and evermore.

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