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Astrological Influences, September 2016: Jewels for Your Sword

by Crystal Pomeroy on September 1, 2016

Astrological Influences, September 2016: Jewels for Your Sword

As the harvest season reaches its climax, we are called to focus on and multiply the fruits of our work. Does this sound nice and straightforward? Take a second look: Mercury retrograde in Virgo is the prince of nerdiness, and can be downright retentive.

Against this backdrop, that buzzes in our brains like a mosquito that won’t let us sleep, three key lunations trigger endings and beginnings. Additionally, both the Aries point (0° of the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), and the 23rd degree, which is currently “Eris-point”, also related to Brexit, get numerous hits. Yes, we are called to labor, but even as we do, opportunities for change boil beneath the surface.

The sense of a break-point begins from day one, with a Solar Eclipse in Virgo. Although only visible in Africa, Madagascar and Antarctica, the Eclipse exerts an influence throughout the globe, increasing the force of our beginnings.

With ruler Mercury retrograde, they are more precisely re-beginnings, as the impulse is thrown onto things we actually began sometime in the past. The Eclipse happens to take place when Jupiter, god of fortune, is winding up its stint in the sign of Virgo.

The last 12 months have been a time of opportunity in the areas of our chart occupied by the planet of luck. On Friday, September 9, he will enter Libra. One author considers this Eclipse to be an undesirable anomaly, and advises we “lay low”. But if we consider the human tendency to start and stop, initiate and procrastinate, step forward and pause, give up and later yearn, Mercury’s retrograde is one of the those chances that the Universe tosses our way to take up the slack and start over.

As for the Solar Eclipse, it can be seen as a curtain call, a strong last chance to somehow ground the luck of Jupiter before it changes signs. Besides the collective opportunity to care for our wellness and expand the meaning of our work, we now have the opportunity to look for something we already had planned or started before August 10 (when Mercury entered shadow), in these areas (select your Sun or rising sign): …. Get the whole story now! Become a Premium Subscriber! Or, if you are already a Premium Subscriber, log in here.

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