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General Astrological Influences, June 2016: Focus, to Heal and Succeed

by Crystal Pomeroy on June 1, 2016

Astrological Influences for June 2016

June, originally called Junonius, was named for the Roman Goddess Juno (Hera for the Greeks).

With the advent of patriarchy, her ancient role as Queen of Heaven narrowed to become more a protector of married women (even so, perhaps we could benefit from invoking her today).

Curiously, she’s also associated with money and wealth.

The theme of prosperity is also present this month through the trine from Jupiter, planet of freedom, fortune and expansion, to Pluto, planet of transformation and wealth, both in pragmatic earth signs. The month closes with third and last contact of this aspect, but the energy is present throughout.

More than an aspect that happens to you, think of this contact as happening do-you, as both the trine aspect and Jupiter energies flow easily, but require work to reap their benefits.

We emerged from May with a sense of pressure, thanks to a square from magnifier Jupiter to demanding Saturn. As I wrote last month, this contact brought home the apparent, “conflict… between your opportunities and drive for expansion, on the one hand, and on the other, your day-to-day responsibilities.”

As we ease away from that aspect and towards the light and cheerful energies of midsummer, June may appear to offer a welcome respite. Confident Jupiter even makes us feel that if we don’t do it now, there’s always another chance.

In an absolute sense, that’s true, but in stellar terms, the Jupiter-Pluto trine is something we’ve been waiting for. In fact, if we look back at its first two contacts, in October 2015 and March of this year, we’ll see how the door of release began to open then. It may have even defined our personal freedom from the struggles connected to the Uranus-Pluto square that started in 2012, and whose effects we felt from 2009 through March, 2016.

The current aspect is one of Jupiter’s potentially high moments during its current transit through Virgo. Besides ruling work and diligence, Virgo is the sign of pickiness, scrutiny and health, influences considered by many astrologers as restrictive for the planet of fortune, perhaps reflecting our collective evasion of wellness as the basis of our success.

As for Pluto, planet of depths, in its current retrograde motion it can help us get to the depths of our issues of healing and radiate its transforming vibrations in them.

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