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General Astrological Influences, April 2016: The Inner and Outer Goddess

by Crystal Pomeroy on April 1, 2016

General Astrological Influences, April 2016: The Inner and Outer Goddess

Strong fire influences, intensified by the Aries Sun, open one of the year’s best windows for effective action. And it’s a time worth seizing, since there are undercurrents whose force accumulates during the month and can catch us by surprise. However, if we remain mindful, new treasures will appear like lost jewels scraped up from the sea’s bottom and left on the beach by the tide.

Last month’s Eclipses detonated processes of healing and action whose effects are still unraveling.

The Lunar Eclipse of March 23 followed on the heels of the Equinox, lighting a wick of dynamite that intensified Easter’s energies of rebirth.

As April begins, we can still harness these energies to envision, act on and precipitate our unique manifestations. Sun, Mercury and Uranus align in Aries to keep the candle lit; and ruler Mars in restless, visionary Sagittarius stokes the fires of enthusiasm and daring.

We even have support to channel these forces and produce lasting results. On Tuesday, April 5, Sun in pioneering Aries trines earthy Saturn in visionary Sag, helping us weave our new beginnings together in a cohesive structure. This may involve audacious action to push through bureaucracy, or register your a brand or product.

After it enters Taurus on Friday, April 8, Mercury may seem to slow our thinking and communications, but it will also help us craft our thoughts, words and handiwork instead of just zipping them out as we have been—with occasionally rude consequences—since Merc entered Aries March 23. With its upcoming retrograde, it will be in Taurus through late May, giving us a chance to review our relationship to the earth, values and finances.

This will be a great period to take a prosperity course or apply knowledge we already have to healing our money mentality. Mantras and affirmations will be particularly effective and Taurus favors writing them by hand. Such activities will also prepare us for the upcoming occultation of the Sun, or Mercury Eclipse in Taurus, that takes place in early May and can represent a watershed in prosperity consciousness.

On the day the messenger planet enters Taurus, Taurus’ ruler Venus enters Aries, adding a note of passion and assertiveness to our exchanges, and indicating that self-esteem, assertiveness and healing co-dependence are key in our next phase of abundance.

Until April 14, when Mercury enters shadow, we should concentrate on moving forward. The New Moon of April 7 that will be the last one with….Get the whole story now! Become a Premium Subscriber! Or, if you are already a Premium Subscriber, log in here.

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