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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast: November 1-30, 2015

by Crystal Pomeroy on November 1, 2015

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, November 2015

November 2015: Intuition is highlighted astrologically this month as we move forward with goals, personal growth, and relationships.

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-7 PDT; UTC-8 PST).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Sunday, November 1

After last night’s partying we’ll welcome this morning’s astrological influences, with Moon in gentle Cancer in harmony with Jupiter in grounded Virgo and Chiron in compassionate Pisces, making this a great morning to heal.

But if you planned to sleep in, surprise! At 8:52 am (11:52 ET), Moon squares Uranus in adventuresome Aries and probably shakes you out of bed. Focus on creative endeavors and connect with spiritual family–those relations that resonate with your own individuality.

Evening is good for an outdoor stroll, a romantic but healthful dinner or visiting Mom, as Moon in cuddly Cancer sextiles Venus and Mars in grounded Virgo. Follow up on this morning’s healing intentions by doing something to support your wellness before you go to sleep.

I am grateful for the angelic forces that gather to heal me now.

Monday, November 2

Moon entered Cancer last night, changing the tone of our communication from diplomatic and chatty to cool and deep, and our thinking from socially oriented to penetrating.

Early risers will enjoy an intuitive window, enriched by Moon in sensitive Cancer, a combination that can sharpen our ability to see beyond appearances.

At 9:06 am (12:06 ET) Moon moves into cheerful Leo, where it squares Mercury in intense Scorpio. Exchange erotic love notes but postpone arguments, since neither Leo nor Scorpio are wilting flower types.

An afternoon trine from Moon to Saturn helps us ground creative projects.

I occupy the shadows and build with light.

Tuesday, November 3

It’s Election Day for many states and municipalities, and the stars suggest power plays abound, with an early square from Moon in dramatic Leo to Sun in Scorpio, sign of deep force, and a bit later to Pluto, the Big Boss of the solar system.

An afternoon opposition from Jupiter in clean Virgo to Chiron in mystical Pisces suggests that issues of health, ecology and Social Security will come to the fore, and reminds us to participate in affairs affecting the masses by healing our own beliefs.

Fourth Quarter Moon (11 Leo, 4:24 am PT) suggests that today can be pivotal, and its Sabian symbol draws our attention to the invisible forces that are here to protect the innocent elements of self and society:

CHILDREN PLAY BENEATH HUGE OAK, SHELTER FROM THE SUN. The sustaining and protective power of ancestral background.

I call on the spiritual warrior forces of human, angelic and natural realms and ask that they sustain and protect the higher good of all concerned in today’s elections now.

Wednesday, November 4

For most of the day, Moon is VOC in Leo. Save key initiatives and purchases for another time, and focus on fun—such as street theater, kids, your inner child, giving others positive recognition and just clowning around.

The tone changes this evening, when Moon enters Virgo at 6:22 pm (9:22 ET). It’s a good time to do a favorite spiritual practice, visualize health, and organize to close the week productively.

I hold to the vision of desired results, and release the process to the cosmic forces of creativity that respond to my imagination, here and now.

Thursday, November 5

Use this blessed portal for courageous communication and to ground intentions of healing and breakthroughs in research, prayer and financial projects.

Moon in productive Virgo makes a sunrise harmony to its ruler, Mercury the messenger, in penetrating Scorpio. It then goes on to contact cosmic Neptune and Mercury’s ruler, Pluto the transformer.

Against this fertile lunar backdrop, Jupiter the fortunate makes a connection with Uranus, planet of surprises, unlocking doors.

An added dose of power comes when Sun in forceful Scorpio sextiles its ruler, Pluto, in Capricorn, sign of manifestation.

I am worthy of wellness and success, and I demonstrate this conviction with daring actions now.

Friday, November 6

Moon in Virgo helps ground the benefits of angelic windows that open at sunrise, helping us close the week with mastery.

An early lunar contact to Chiron offers gifts of healing in the messages received in last night’s dreams.

Soon thereafter, Mercury in perceptive Scorpio trines Neptune, sign of intuition, angels and the Great Mother, empowering our visualizations, affirmations, mantras, and contacts with invisible guides and goddess forces.

This chain of early influences is sealed when Moon joins Jupiter, the other planet of angels, at 6:04 am (9:04 ET), lightening our emotions and infusing Virgo’s practical orientation with optimism, beneficence and a stroke of good fortune.

A late conjunction of Moon with active Mars in fidgety Virgo may make for a restless night, which can be used to prepare challenging communications, organize papers or move through creative blocks.

Today’s affirmation is translated and adapted from an invocation used by the ancient Maya, who would repeat it while facing east at sunrise with outstretched arms and hands:

Angels of the aurora, please fill me with your energies of hope, inspiration and willpower, so that I may shine and succeed throughout this day.

Saturday, November 7

Moon in Virgo goes VOC on an early conjunction with Venus, goddess of love and money, good for an encounter of the sensual kind or exchanging a massage with the object of your affections. If you happen to be alone or you aren’t in a cuddly mood, use it to heal your money programs and visualize financial abundance.

At 7:14 am (10:14 ET), Moon enters Libra, propitious for socializing, beautifying our spaces, and, with an afternoon sextile to Saturn in dynamic Sagittarius, making headway in negotiations, relationships or art.

The Master Creator of all that is, creates joyful connections for me and through me, here and now.

Sunday, November 8

It’s another day of morning love-gifts as Venus, goddess of affection, enters Libra, sign of her rule, at 7:31 am (10:31 ET), liberating our expressiveness in art and relationships.

Although Moon in Libra is socially dexterous, it happens to square Pluto, making today’s tone more serious and helping focus our talents on the changes we’re consciously or unconsciously striving for. (The area of your personal chart where Pluto is transiting at 13° Capricorn can give you more clarity about those changes.)

At 6:42 pm (9:42 ET), Moon opposes upstart Uranus in courageous Aries, accenting Libra’s feistiness, in an aspect that favors independent creativity, fighting for a cause or playing a competitive game.

With or without the help or approval of others, I heed my inner call to empowerment now.

Monday, November 9

Sun in deep Scorpio trines Chiron, the wounded healer, in Pisces, sign of compassion, and then contacts Uranus, the liberator. This alignment facilitates introspective review of the wounds we have received, perceived or brought on others, and their healing as we send thoughts of release to all involved.

Untie the knots of failure that bind us, as we release the threads we hold of the faults of others.

(From Neal Douglas-Klotz’ translation of the Lord’s Prayer from Aramaic, in his beautiful book, Desert Wisdom: Sacred Middle Eastern Writings from the Goddess Through the Sufis (affiliate link).)

Tuesday, November 10

The end of the balsamic phase exalts the transformative potential of today’s line-up of Moon, Mercury and Sun, all in Scorpio, sign of elimination, and Tuesday’s creative Mars vibration.

Even the aspects help, with an early sextile from Mercury to Pluto, its ruler, bringing mental clarity and empowering our intention to release thought patterns and communications that have been draining us. A trine from Moon to Neptune dissolves obsolete attitudes and opens a channel for intuition and spiritual support. Another sextile, this time from Sun in Scorpio to Jupiter in Virgo, helps us go deep to clean out wounds, emotional, physical and cultural.

Propitious activities include going to (or giving) therapy, colonic cleansing, self-dialogue to detect and release resentment and other limiting programs, and uncluttering our space, as well as teamwork and clean-up projects.

The alchemy continues into the wee hours, as Moon in Scorpio harmonizes with ruler Pluto.

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Wednesday, November 11

A morning trine from Moon in transformative Scorpio to Chiron, the wounded healer, favors receiving and interpreting healing messages from dreams.

We emerge from the mists of dreamtime when Moon connects with Uranus, the awakener, at 6:31 am (9:31 ET).

Use the jolt to focus on gathering materials to establish a New Moon intention. The courage of Scorpio helps us make a true beginning at what is the first New Moon since Mercury emerged from its shadow period—whereas the last three have been bound by considerations and conditions from the past. (New Moon at 20° Scorpio, 9:47 am PT/12:47 pm ET.)

The Sabian symbol evokes the power of the sacred feminine:

WOMAN FLINGS OPEN DARK CURTAINS EXPOSING SACRED PATHWAY. Courage needed to enlarge sphere of being. Readiness to press beyond self. The “woman” within, opening the gates to spirit.

Apt materials for a New Moon ritual include a red candle, copal or myrrh incense, an image of the ancient Tibetan goddess Simhamuka, potently known as “Mother of All Conquerors”, or your own favored spiritual warrior, along with a pen and journal or sheet of paper.

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Thursday, November 12

If you can, schedule a session with your therapist, support group or wise confidante, or put aside some time for spiritual work and healing activism this morning. Mercury in Scorpio, sign of transformation, trines Chiron, the wounded healer, in mystical Pisces, opening a window to view and treat spiritual, emotional or physical wounds for ourselves, another or groups—such as the children of the world, the inhabitants of the Middle East, or whoever you feel intuitively drawn to bless with your communications, affirmations, mantras and prayers.

If you synchronized your intent for yesterday’s New Moon, perhaps the healing is a link in your audacious movement on your new beginnings.

Loving initiatives get a boost as Mars enters Libra this afternoon, followed by a harmony from Moon in audacious and diplomatic Sag to ruler Venus, also in Libra, that favors joyful alliances.

Seek out positive connections, not just for fun but also for shared progress, as a conjunction from Moon to Saturn the taskmaster facilitates organization and demands concrete results. Sagittarius gives a ray of optimism to this sometimes depressing union, an enthusiasm made brighter by Jupiter, ruler of Thursday.

Plan ahead to focus on disciplined and visionary action, and consciously avoid guilt trips on yourself or others, as bossy Saturn and sermonizing Sag can both get into it.

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Friday, November 13

The stars invite us to rise early, seed or reaffirm our intent and knock on key doors this morning.

Venus rules Fridays, and the goddess of love and beauty harmonizes with Saturn the builder today to help produce tangible results in our relationships and creative efforts. Reach out to someone, beautify your product or presentation, connect with key contacts and show your gratitude to a teacher or elder.

Our communications evolve from good to powerful and our thoughts become an irresistible force as mental messenger Mercury in supernatural Scorpio sextiles Jupiter, planet of fortune and angels and ruler of today’s Moon in Sagittarius.

An afternoon contact from Moon to Chiron in Pisces favors a meditation or similar strategy to nurture your inner being before returning to the fore and insisting with your audacious actions when Moon trines Uranus at 4:22 pm (7:22 ET).

These actions may be practical or perhaps for fun, in view of an evening square from Moon to ruler Jupiter in practical Virgo, favoring a healthy adventure. We could dine at a foreign restaurant, go out with someone new, take in an unusual movie or show, or, since the Moon will be VOC in fun Sag through tomorrow afternoon, stay overnight at a log cabin or go on a shamanic retreat.

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Saturday, November 14

Moon is VOC in Sagittarius, where it still performs and combines with the vibration of today’s numerology of 5, number of direct experience, to favor particularly adventuresome weekend activities. Take a train ride, try something you haven’t done before; if you live in the city, go to the country or vice-versa.

This evening, Venus the lover contacts dreamy Neptune: work on a creative or altruistic project or take in a romantic or art film. If at first glance this aspect sounds enchanting, bear in mind that Moon in diligent Capricorn squares Mars the warrior in artistic and sociable Libra, an aspect that favors the former conjunction’s potential to help us move through creative blocks and defend others, but isn’t exactly warm or cuddly and, if we’re not careful, can lead to hurt feelings.

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Sunday, November 15

Creativity continues to surge, as Moon makes a sunrise sextile to imaginative Neptune in the sign of its rule, followed by a stimulating square to Venus the beautifier in talented Libra.

Touch up your space or yard, make a flower arrangement, work on your writing, weaving, or preferred form of self-expression.

If you are feeling soulfully inclined, enjoy gospel singing, meditate on metta, compassion or forgiveness, invoke Kuan Yin, Green Tara or your own favorite goddess or god of universal love.

This evening, Moon joins Pluto in Capricorn, activating our emotions around deep transformation.

Consult an oracle or your own inner wisdom, work on your relationship to power or sex, and organize for a magical week.

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Monday, November 16

Finally, a Monday that supports worldly success. Moon in executive Capricorn trines promoter Jupiter in efficient Virgo and sextiles the latter’s ruler, messenger Mercury in sharp Scorpio.

Study deeply. Strategize and then act for success. Make a presentation, call on key contacts, persuade the public or a prospective client or ally by appealing to their emotions.

At 12:53, (3:53 ET) Moon goes VOC in Capricorn on a sextile to Sun in passionate Scorpio. Celebrate the morning’s achievements, or those you are visualizing, with a sumptuous dinner, a sensual interlude or a trip to the spa.

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Tuesday, November 17

Our mind and communications come to life with new intensity as Mercury joins Sun in Scorpio. Aquarius Moon accents the social and intellectual side of this conjunction. Seek out someone who enjoys deep conversation and hunt for information that has eluded you. Give or receive therapy or attend a 12-step or another self-help group.

At 10:11 am (1:11 ET), Moon makes a constructive sextile to its co-ruler, Saturn in Sagittarius—break through your inertia, shake off distractions and ground your creative ideas, study or work in a team.

An afternoon trine from Moon to sweet Venus in mental air signs enriches connections, both heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind. Chat with a friend you’d like to take to the next level, cultivate your connections with women or give a gift of chocolates.

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Wednesday, November 18

Intuition and creativity surge thanks to Moon in Aquarius and Neptune station direct, an aspect that also helps us harvest the fruits of our visualizations. Use the waxing Moon energy, and move on your dreams, as upcoming Saturn squares may make things more challenging.

Late tonight Moon reaches her Second Quarter at 27 Aquarius, an influence that will be felt more keenly tomorrow.

I center my imagination and actions on what really matters, and my dreams come true, here and now.

Thursday, November 19

The new day carries the energy of last night’s Second Quarter Moon at 27° Aquarius, moving us to consolidate the intentions seeded last week.

The Sabian symbol says:

AMID RARE BOOKS, AN OLD POTTERY BOWL HOLDS FRESH VIOLETS. Reality of spiritual or esthetic values linking generations of seekers for the highest. Addition or commitment to value.

Moon in Pisces makes tense contacts to Mars and Saturn, planets of challenge, before joining Neptune this afternoon. Keep a low profile, nurture your inner artist and focus on helping others or spiritual activities such as meditation, prayer, dream analysis, consulting an oracle or cultivating your intuitive aptitudes, which are further stimulated by Mercury’s placement in the anaretic degree of 29° Scorpio.

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Friday, November 20

Moon in sensitive Pisces makes a pre-dawn sextile to transformational Pluto before joining Chiron, so this an excellent morning for therapy, spiritual healing or treatments of any kind.

A sextile from strategist Pallas to newly direct Neptune helps us plan effectively to manifest our dreams.

The atmosphere lightens at 11:43 am (2:43 ET) when Mercury enters Sagittarius, and we might feel like partying. However, an opposition from Moon in psychic Pisces to Jupiter in straight-laced Virgo, followed by a square from romantic Venus to obsessive Pluto, makes this afternoon and evening more apt for low-key fun, such as watching a humorous movie, helping someone or sharing some tantra with your number one guy or gal.

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Saturday, November 21

A dynamic weekend begins, as Moon enters Aries this morning, triggering our enthusiasm and taste for action.

A morning trine from Moon to Mercury in Sag, fires our inspiration and longing for adventure.

A bit later, Moon opposes Mars the warrior, an aspect that can relate to accidents, so it may be wiser to leave the river-rafting or hangliding for another weekend and have a calm adventure, like flying kites, taking the bicycle trail, or finding new vistas at the bookstore or library. We could also pitch in for a spiritual or humanitarian cause and/or visit with foreign friends or those that walk a path less trodden.

Congenial groups may also help us move forward on our goals, since tonight’s trine from Moon to worker-planet Saturn in Sagittarius continues the day’s enthusiasm while directing our efforts it in concrete results.

Only for today, I look to open my world to new horizons now.

Sunday, November 22

At 7:35 am, the entrance of Sun in Sagittarius initiates the yearly season of joy.

This morning could also be sexy as Moon in hot Aries opposes Venus, goddess of sensuality, in Libra, sign of partnership.

However, the excitement may boil over and apparent passion fizzle into a “quickie” at 11:16 am (2:16 pm ET), when Moon in jumpy Aries conjuncts Uranus, triggering our issues of freedom. In fact, subjectivity could lead to unnecessarily belligerent defense of our individuality. So, before biting off someone’s nose, take a deep breath, release any romantic fantasies about how people should behave, and let go of attachments in general.

A powerful way to use this aspect would be to direct our altruistic fire in a cause close to our souls.—perhaps writing heartfelt letters to Congress, starting a petition or collaborating on a project for the homeless.

Since Moon goes VOC on the conjunction to Uranus, the afternoon is not apt for reaching peaceable agreements or proposing marriage—unless it’s to an ET.

We might, however, enjoy a David Lynch film or exploring our own creative genius.

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Monday, November 23

Moon in prosperous Taurus makes several quinqunxes that rouse the bull into its productive mode.

Ruler Venus in Libra, sign of partnership, opposes Uranus, still hot from yesterday’s conjunction with Moon in restless Aries. Creativity is stimulated, hormones surge and tempers may ignite. Seek out spiritual family or cultivate new connections at a gathering or place that resonates for you.

Venus also rules Mars the mover, who has moved into a wonderful sextile with Saturn the builder. Today’s persistent actions generate lasting results.

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Tuesday, November 24

Take advantage of what can be a great day for abundance, successful action and even love. Moon in Taurus, sign of abundance, makes a fertile backdrop for the continued influence of Mars sextile Saturn, which generates concrete results from our bold actions.

Mars in Libra, sign of beautification, contacts Neptune, planet of art, whatever you do, remember to apply your creativity.

With Venus ruling tender Moon, hot Mars and its own romantic self, a contact from the Moon to the goddess of love resonates with sensual encounters or at least effective flirtation.

Plan to make the most of this evening. Moon goes VOC at 5:26 pm (8:26 ET), but in Taurus it still performs. Besides, its last contact is nothing less than a harmony to Jupiter, god of fun and fortune, who happens to rule both Mercury the messenger and Saturn the teacher, as they both join together in Sagittarius tonight.

Structure a class, talk, media production or promotion, or do something else to make your ideas concrete.

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Wednesday, November 25

An early sextile from Mercury in Sag to Mars in Libra calls for a morning run or walk, launching a promotion, contacting a distant dear one or key person for a project related to teaching, publishing or art, or any kind of reaching out to a teacher, client or the general public.

Act on goals early since the energies change with the Full Moon at 2:44 pm (5:44 ET).

At 4° Gemini, its Sabian symbol is surprisingly apt for the holiday season.

HOLLY AND MISTLETOE BRING CHRISTMAS SPIRIT TO A HOME. Holiday spirit as an attempt to preserve for individuals the wealth and power of racial background.

This will be the last Full Moon before Winter Solstice, so its energy is apt for tying things up, especially Gemini details of communication, papers and bureaucracy.

This evening, an opposition from Moon to Saturn in Sagittarius favors touching up tomorrow’s Thanksgiving plan, both the material specifics as well as the need for freedom from guilt mechanisms that tend to be triggered at holidays and family gatherings.

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Thursday, November 26

Although the historical aspect of Thanksgiving has become controversial, the opportunity to unite in thanks for our bounty has ancestral appeal.

Gratitude is a magical way of moving out of our pettiness and multiplying our good. Its power glows in the collective memory through the image of Jesus giving thanks for the bread and fishes on hand before multiplying them to feed the thousands. Llamas, the blessing of the loaves from the first harvest, is a pagan practice that reflects the ancient connection between thanks and continued supply.

Saturn the teacher squares Neptune the mystic early this morning, helping each of us define what today—and the holiday season in general—means to us as we enrich collective paradigms. It’s a conjunction worth handling consciously, because Saturn can generate guilt trips and Neptune can confuse. If family dynamics and routines catch us unawares, we may end in up a vortex of manipulation. Getting clear on dynamics like these beforehand can shield us from taking in or dishing out toxicity along with the pumpkin pie.

This same contact can facilitate concrete progress with art, and in view of an afternoon sextile from Moon to Uranus and Moon’s nighttime contact to Venus, an ideal day might be to create our own ritual or work on art in the morning, connect with spiritual family or an altruistic group in the afternoon, and save family of origin gatherings for the evening, while avoiding excess drinking.

I thank Spirit, the earth and all beings who have given of their bounty, and share my blessing with them, here and now.

Friday, November 27

With Moon in Cancer and Chiron stationing to go direct, we can work on healing emotions, particularly in family memories, situations and programs. Other propitious activities are natural female hormone therapies, nutritional consultations. or showing love through cooking—for ourselves or someone else.

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Saturday, November 28

Moon in dynamic Cancer makes a series of tense aspects to planets of challenge, including intense Pluto and uppity Uranus. This could stimulate our creativity and force us to awaken the entrepreneur within, focusing on independent work for our own projects or a cause.

Avoid belligerent encounters or physical risks.

An afternoon trine from Moon to Chiron favors healing and forgiveness of interpersonal challenges.

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Sunday, November 29

Early this morning, on a square to restless Uranus in hyper Aries, Moon goes VOC in Cancer, a sign where it still performs.

Today’s ruler, Sun, can’t keep out of the action. In inspirational Sag, it squares mystical Neptune. Join in a spiritual encounter, contact an angel, enjoy gospel or your preferred Sunday tunes, take in a motivational movie.

At 4:16 pm (7:16 ET), Sun joins teacher planet Saturn. It’s a time to share wisdom, visit a teacher or elder, or organize for a successful week.

At 4:47 pm, Moon enters Leo, good for playing table games and clowning around with loved ones.

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Monday, November 30

Moon in creative Leo makes an early connection to magical Neptune. Write to an angel and visualize the results you wish to harvest in the productive hours ahead, filled with harmonies from Moon to its ruler, Sun in enthusiastic Sagittarius as well as Mars, planet of action, in charming Libra.

Take on what seems to be your hardest challenge, move boldly on your highest aspirations, present your work to a key person, schedule a romantic lunch, or go out alone to meet someone. Moon in vital Leo gets infused with an extra dose of energy on a contact with Pluto this evening. If you can’t sleep, keep writing, creating, studying and using mantras or positive affirmations in resonance with a midnight trine from Moon to Mercury the messenger in visionary Sag.

I am a child of the stars, and my light shines in all I am and all I do now.

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