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Awaken Your Telepathic Connections with the Scorpio Full Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy on May 3, 2015

Scorpio Full Moon - Psychic Abilities

The ability to send and receive information without physical means is called telepathy.

As has been proven in the laboratory, not only does this capacity exist, but it can be developed.

This ritual, in connection with the energies of the Scorpio Full Moon, will activate your telepathic connections.

My phone went out the other day and I felt cut off. But was I? When we limit our connectedness to those we can and do speak with physically or by electronic means, we block our access to a whole network of invisible links that may be more vital for our consciousness and destiny.

In his book, Miracles of Mind, Dr. Russell Targ documents numerous studies of his own and other researchers. About psychic phenomena he says,

“I am a physicist and I have worked in the field of laser research for over 30 years… Before there were any lasers… some physicists… felt that… one could never be constructed… Of course [science has since proved them] wrong. Still, I would not say today that I believe in lasers. I would say I have data that show their behavior and properties. Similarly, I would not say I believe in ESP. I would say there are strong and consistent data from more than fifty years of research that demonstrate the existence of… “psi” or “psychic”.

We’ve all experienced telepathy when someone unexpectedly appears after we’ve had them on our minds, or the perfect contact pops up out of nowhere just at the right time.

Ancestral traditions recognized this ability as one of our latent spiritual gifts. By developing it we surpass occasional, spontaneous experiences, and open to a network that is shining in the invisible dimension just beyond the world of appearances, in which we are already connected with the people and positive spiritual forces that correspond with our current moment of harmony, service and success.

The Scorpio Full Moon helps bring our psychic abilities to light. The Sabian symbol describes, “Telephone linemen at work installing new connections; the need to establish new channels of communication.” The ancient Maya invoked Kulkucán, the essence of the wind, to activate psychic abilities. He, the angels of intuition and the sacred feminine, share their power in this portal’s ritual. If possible, do it outdoors at sunset.

  • Light incense, copal or jasmine incense and hold a feather in your open hands, as you repeat,

This is an offering for Kulkulcán, Sacred Essence of the Wind, Awakener of Intuition. Just as your breeze carries the smoke into the invisible and lifts birds’ feathers into the air, please carry my mind up, in telepathic connection with the people and positive spiritual forces of my true network now.

  • Take a few moments to feel the essence of wind blowing around you, and lifting up your mind to its intuitive connections.
  • Light a bright yellow candle as you repeat,


Angels of intuition, please shine your light in and through my deep mind.

  • Contemplate the candle as you repeat 9 times:

The light of the sacred feminine glows in my being, awakening my innate telepathic abilities and bringing to light my connections with the right guides, angels, and people for harmony, service and success, here and now.

  • Take a yellow rose bud (or the bud of any flower) in your hands and repeat three times:

Like thousands of subtle petals, my telepathic connections flower now.

  • Imagine the flower spreading open and connecting with your true companions and colleagues, without putting a face or name on them (although if these arise spontaneously give thanks).
  • Thank Kulkulcán, the angels and essences for their light and energy.

Follow up during the next two weeks by calling on Kulkucán each evening around sunset, and repeating the last affirmation during five minutes before going to sleep at night.

Make sure to stay in bed for a few minutes in the morning, to remember and write your dreams and just to feel your telepathic connections that are being awakened even now.

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Sally September 16, 2015 at 9:25 am

This ritual has brought me many blissful connections. Thank you!

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