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Equinox Eclipse Ceremony—Manifest the Heroine or Hero Within

by Crystal Pomeroy on March 20, 2015

equinox eclipse portal ceremony

In the wee hours of Friday March 20, during a week of endings and beginnings, we receive a one of this year’s most potent power portals: the Total Lunar Eclipse with Super Moon, just 13 hours before Spring Equinox.

Since 2012, rebellious Uranus in Aries has been trying to free us from the matrix of limiting structures and obsolete roles as it squares Pluto in Capricorn. By the time of the Eclipse, we probably have an idea of how this plays out in our lives. Some doors are opening and perhaps there have been one or more surprises that shake our world. Even if they seem challenging, these events are actually releasing all involved to a more authentic life expression.

The effect of the present lunation is intensified by its close proximity to the Earth. It is part of the Saros 120 Series, considered beneficent.

A powerful portal for beginnings of any kind, in the last degree of Pisces, it is particularly magical for visualizing the kind of person we wish to be when our spiritual nature has manifested. The Sabian symbol for 30 Pisces describes, A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it; the power of clearly visualized ideals to mold the life of the visualizer.

While visualization is ruled by Pisces, the symbols of the face and boy both anticipate the energies of Aries. The last degree of the zodiac connects our intentionality with the dream of our hero or heroine within, an essence that has been called into action with the great Uranus-Pluto square whose final, exact contact took place earlier this week. We are invited to choose our upcoming manifestation of I AM power.

As the boy visualizes the face emerging from the rocks, we can visualize our ideal self being born from the hard ground of earthly existence. This will also help us leave behind the ego baggage of Uranus in Aries so that the beginnings that come with Equinox are really new, and not just a regime change.

Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Pisces Equinox Ceremony

  • Light a stick of jasmine or violet incense, while saying,

This is an offering for my invisible spirit guides, who I invoke to please help me visualize and manifest my emerging higher self.

  • Light a turquoise or aqua-colored candle.
  • Gaze upon the flame and repeat words like those that follow three times,

Guardian angel (or name preferred spirit guide), please illuminate my understanding so that I can see what I’ve learned from the challenges of recent years.

  • Review the most challenging situation/s of the past two and half to three years, and identify how they have made you wiser or stronger.
  • Light a red or green candle while saying,

Angels of the Spring Equinox, please illuminate me to connect with the hero or heroine within, and identify my ideal identity.

  • Close your eyes, go within and identify what kind of person you wish to be in the new phase of your life, and write an affirmation that describes it.

For instance,

I am unconditionally loving. I am free of co-dependence. I am easily centered in faith. I have a deep and abiding sense of self-worth. I am focused on what really matters and no longer waste my time.

  • Write down the names of people you feel have directly or indirectly contributed to your challenges.
  • Above their names, write,

I thank you for helping me learn about myself and know more clearly what I intend to become. Only good has come from our connection. All concerned are freed and guided by divine love as we move on to greater good. I thank you, bless you and release you in peace.

For the next 28 days, spend ten minutes daily going over the names on your list and repeating the affirmation as you send them thoughts of release, blessing and gratitude. Then ask your spiritual helpers to assist in the expression of the hero within and repeat the affirmation of your ideal self from 15 to 100 times.

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