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Release and Be Released from Toxic Ties, with Sun Sign Guidance

by Crystal Pomeroy on September 30, 2014

Full Moon Eclipse Ceremony, October 2014

The October Full Moon has various names in pagan traditions—Shedding Moon, Blood Moon, Hunters’ Moon—all of them related to endings.  The Native American name, Falling Leaves Moon, reminds us that Nature knows how to let go.

It’s not so easy for us humans. We like freedom, but tend to resist the process of release.

Any of this sound familiar? Resentments, dependence on others and their opinions, fear of leaving our comfort zone, addictions to romance and sex, controlling or possessive attitudes and toxic shame caused from childhood abuse are only some of the subconscious attitudes that keep us from being ourselves and living our true paths. The attachments of others to us are also invisible chains that bind us.

Attachments, said the Buddha, are the cause of all suffering. By the law of correspondence, these inner knots don’t allow our good to flow. They tie us to limitation in health, finances and circumstances, and they block the happiness we long for, including the best relationships for our current stage of life.

The total Lunar Eclipse of October 8 dramatically increases the power of the Moon of Falling Leaves, to help us release, and be released from, the knots that bind us. It conjuncts fixed star Alpheratz, also associated with freedom, and also Uranus the rebel, who has been pushing the issue for the last two and a half years as it transits Aries and grinds against Big Boss Pluto. For some, the oppression has been in the form of a health or financial issue. Others have had to deal with Plutonian-type personalities at work or home. Our personal issues are played out on a massive scale as Big Brother encroaches continually on our individual freedoms of privacy and expression.

What is the cosmic force that assists individual and collective freedom at this time? We find a key in the conjunction of Sun, our purpose, Venus, goddess of love, and dharma guide North Node in Libra, sign of harmony. This minor stellium lights a candle to kindness.

The following ritual directs the power of intent and free will in connection with the positive spiritual forces and the energy of this cosmic lunation to free us from toxic attachments to others and from others to us. The inner shift will contribute to the loosening up of toxic ties in collective situations.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • A purple candle.
  • Purple flowers.
  • Incense, preferably sage smudge or cinnamon.
  • For each participant: five 10-inch (approximately) pieces of ribbon or yarn, preferably purple. A glass or red wine or grape or cranberry juice.

The Ceremony

Choose five attachments you wish to release. For example: Attachment to the approval of others; resentment; dependence on (name of person); attachment from (name of person) to me; staying in a situation because of security, fear or just plain inertia… or whatever you identify.

For each toxic attachment, tie a piece of ribbon or yarn on one of your fingers.

Light your incense (if using smudge, then make your circle), as you say,

This is an offering to the Angels of Elimination, whose help I request to dissolve any attachments that are unkind to myself or others. As this incense becomes smoke and fades away, so such alliances are now dissolved.

Light your candle or candles as you repeat:

With this flame, I turn on the light of conscious intent, and accept divine guidance and assistance to do away with ties that drain me or hold me back.

Take the flowers in your hands and repeat:

I honor the delicate spirits of all purple flowers around the planet, and I ask that they touch me with their transmuting power and that of all of Nature to eliminate toxic attachments from my life.

Repeat words like those that follow 15 times:

In the Name of My Sacred Power of Choice, I now declare null and void any toxic attachments I may have established or subconsciously permitted in the past. Through the One Mind, I ask forgiveness, and I now forgive myself and others for limitation or pain I have caused or experienced in them. Omnipresent Good blesses all concerned, and works on my behalf in response to this intent. Just as I untie these strings, the angels of divine freedom are untying and dissolving inappropriate or obsolete attachments I have formed in any dimension.

Slowly untie the ribbons or yarn on your fingers. (If sharing the ritual, you can do this for one another.) While you do, repeat:

As I untie these strings, the angels of freedom are untying and dissolving the toxic attachments that I have made or accepted in any dimension.

Seal your ceremony by saying:

This spiritual magic has been done for the healthiest, highest outcome for myself and all that form part of the One Mind. This intention culminates my freedom from all past alliances and opens me to a new phase of true connection.

For the next 28 days, light a purple candle and repeat affirmations like those above for 10 minutes or more.

Eclipse Pointers for your Sun and Rising Signs


This lunation intensifies the process—which you’ve been in since 2011—of shaking off whatever doesn’t resonate with your essence. Review your ways of presenting or projecting yourself, and release what doesn’t express your present personality. Also review how you treat others. Have you been pressuring them to march to the drum of your evolution? If you discover that you’ve been over-controlling, use the Eclipse energies to apologize, rectify this tendency, and return more freely to the path of change that continues for you. Now is also a key time to cultivate a grateful attitude, and show it.


Unexpected events, synchronicities and powerful dreams help bring to light past situations or emotional blocks from the distant past, even a past life. If you read the signs and use the window of opportunity to release what is no longer for your highest good, your love life and business activities will move into a phase of renovation in late October.


You have a chance to renew your social circle by releasing associations that are no longer in tune with your direction. This can open a door for new work, study and service activities in the next two or three weeks.


Changes in your professional situation can help you renew your purpose and direction. Review your goals and write down what you would really like to be doing, and releasing, to realign with your current preferences and inner voice.


Events and intuitive guidance can help you release philosophic ideas or life orientation that are not in line with your essence. Blocks to self-improvement can also be overcome, perhaps through events that seem to happen from without but are really designed to help you continue to learn and grow, possibly in an academic or foreign setting, or one that in some way expands your horizons.


Events can help move you to face and heal financial situations, as well as your sex life. Work on your emotional blocks to success, subconscious resistance to money and find new ways of sharing intimacy. Go for it.


This can be a window of major change. Take a look at your key relationships, with colleagues, clients or love and business partners. Release that which is no longer constructive. This may be a certain relationship, the tendency to fixate on the approval of others, or the habit of trying to resolve everything through debate and argument. Instead of fighting for justice, try sending love to yourself and all involved. Avoid going into denial if difficult truths come to light, because the information can facilitate longed-for freedom.


If your daily routine has become stale and oppressive, this is the time to prune out activities that are habitual or seem necessary in the name of “security”. Seek change actively, otherwise you may unconsciously generate a health problem to force yourself to make a space for transformation.


Since 2011, you have been finding your own creative voice, redefining both what romance means to you, and the relationship with your children—if you have them. The events and perceptions triggered by this lunation help you release situations and attitudes that tie you to atavistic ways of thinking and acting, derived from social and gender programing.


Events and perceptions can lead you to face and release family programs that have become obsolete. Avoid denial and work on whatever arises. Changes in your home life may bring you to reconsider and/or reaffirm your values. Clarify your goals in congruence with the ideals of your heart.


You can release limiting ways of thinking, expressing yourself and applying your intellect, as well as relaxing the sometimes dogmatic need to be completely right. Changes in daily routine or work can prepare you for a new phase in your vocational direction that will be triggered by the next eclipse, in two weeks. 


Values that you have passively absorbed from your family of origin or surroundings may be called to question by events and/or intuitive perceptions. This can help you clarify and build your self-esteem. Meditate on or affirm forgiveness of yourself and others, particularly in past financial situations. Take back the rudder of your prosperity consciousness and initiatives.

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Crystal October 10, 2014 at 5:53 pm

Sally, It means a lot to hear from you and know that this could help you make a kind of decision of a kind that’s too easy to postpone. Blessings in your new cycle of good.

Crystal October 10, 2014 at 5:47 pm

Thank you dear Janice for sharing and for your generous appreciation. Hugs from Mexico.

Sally October 9, 2014 at 1:16 pm

I found this article very helpful to me. It helped me to confront that I had a toxic relationship that needed freeing. And although I had really been trying to heal from this tie, I had not really considered letting it go until I read this. Thank you.

Dr. Janice Kalec October 8, 2014 at 12:19 am

Thank you Crystal, looking forward to using this as a guide for personal full moon ceremony tomorrow.

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