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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, September 1-30, 2014

by Terry Lamb on September 1, 2014

Daily Astrology Forecast September 2014

We have had so much Cardinal energy for so long, it feels very strange to be back to a more balanced planetary array. With Jupiter and Mars well out of their respective Cardinal signs, where they were for many months, we could almost forget there was ever anything to do but dodge others’ thoughts and actions as we were firing off our own.

The effect of all this, by hook and crook, is to get us to a new place, a new way of thinking, and even if we’ve done our work, we aren’t quite where we thought we would end up at this point. Although still very much a work in progress, this big new beginning, we have something now that we can stand on, a foundation.

It’s been built by more than the planets of the Cardinal Cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra Capricorn), but now that we have less activity in those signs, we can see a form rising out of the dust and mist. This is what we will start with as we work the available, more “normal” energies of the planets’ current placements, a little here and a little there.

Fixed energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) is dominant while Mars and Jupiter are in their current respective signs, Scorpio and Leo. Mars will move very shortly onward, but Jupiter keeps us focused on stabilizing and sustaining what we have found that delights and entices us forward.

Meanwhile the”‘normal” Mutable emphasis of late summer bleeds through, especially once Mars enters Mutable Sagittarius on September 13. There are things we can heal and integrate, complete and move on. For more on our September healing process, see the September Overview.

The Mercury cycle we’re in now, which started on June 19, is winding down. It has been a straddling time, of finishing up the old in a big way so that we can step into the new. Both existed side by side in this Gemini-ruled 3½-month cycle, two tracks running parallel. As this cycle has progressed, we have seen one track fade away and the other become stronger and more able to sustain us.

Our next cycle starts in the retrograde commencing October 4, and we get the signal of the transition to the next one when Mercury enters its retrograde shadow at 16°46′ Libra on September 13. If this makes you feel hemmed in by Mercury’s retrograde, you’re not using it right. It is a fertile time of transformation, when we can make leaps of change.

Each Mercury cycle gives us something to do. The change of cycle comes in the middle of the retrograde, with 11 days devoted to finishing up the old cycle and 11 days after the New Mercury conjunction to launch the new cycle, under ideal circumstances.

The pre-retrograde shadow period is when we get the heads-up that it’s time to complete things, plain and simple. While many will not be tuned in enough to use this consciously, if we are, we can gain clues to hidden factors that will emerge during the retrograde. These hidden factors are the magic, which we can augment or diminish according to our need. We can augment opportunities and diminish problems by listening and observing, responding in the moment to what we find—the promise of a new project in business, the unaccustomed noise in our car. None of this is anything to fear, unless we fear change. It’s just another way to clear our path and build what we want, accessing the energy through our logical mind and thought-feeling complexes. So it’s worth our effort to pay attention and respond during this fertile time.

The Cardinal axis of signs is still active, and at the Equinox, the Sun enters Libra to start another quarter of activity. Add to that Pluto’s Station Direct at 11°00′ Capricorn on September 22, and we have real movement forward as inner transformations manifest into visible change. Things are still in great flux, so it’s best not to get attached to a particular timing, long-range plan, or inflexible expectation.

We are past the square of Venus and Mars in Leo and Scorpio, encountering and breaking through a pattern of prideful resistance in late August. We continue our movement to true openness and intimacy as they move to their closing sextile on October 19.

September is very much about endings, with more than a whisper of beginnings. As long as we don’t gloss over the Mutable healing process of the first three weeks in our rush to expand, we’ll find much accomplished, much to be fulfilled with by month’s end.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, September 2014

Monday September 1

Sustaining strength carries us forward as the Moon completes its transit of Scorpio, ensuring that we got through the obstacle course in our relationships that came up a week ago. At 8:40 am PT (11:40 am ET), the Moon gives us a brief interlude to integrate this process as enters its void period. Our initiatives can be reawakened with its movement into Sagittarius at 10:17 am. The Cardinal drive to move forward is reactivated when Mercury enters Libra at 10:38 pm.

Tuesday September 2

At 4:11 am PT/9°55′ Sagittarius-Virgo, the Moon squares the Sun, the First Quarter lunation (7:11 am ET). This opening Sun-Moon square is the time when the magic of setting our intentions toward specific goals is most powerful. There’s nothing to impede our progress once we pass the static of the square, as the Moon makes a Fire Grand Trine with opportunity planets Jupiter and Uranus. These energies will propel us forward throughout the week ahead. Use logic and organization to enhance your results.

In the lunation chart cast for the US capital, we see the energy of the people turned toward industry. It’s the day after Labor Day, when the educational year begins in earnest and logic rules. This also opens the final run up to the mid-term elections, where a potential upset in the balance of power is brewing. The key events of the week are found on the home front, where weather, global warming, and the acts of industry are front and center. The people’s awareness of the costs of corporate greed is growing by leaps and bounds, while some are dazzled by what glitters.

The Sabian Symbols for the First Quarter Sun-Moon square are: “a theatrical representation of a golden haired goddess of opportunity” (the Moon); and for the Sun, “two heads looking out and beyond the shadows”. Both symbols speak of possibilities, the opportunities that lie in the unknowns of the future. What we put our focus on in the coming week is what we add energy toward creating, even beyond this lunar cycle. Archetypal energies, such as those found more readily in myth and story, can be used to empower us in our journey toward what we want.

Wednesday September 3

The Sun trines Pluto today, alerting us to the fact that Pluto is about to go direct. We have an open portal now to ramp up the transformations that will lead us to our long-term goals. The Moon continues in Sagittarius, bringing joy and optimism that carries us through, even as the Moon goes void at 11:06 am (2:06 pm ET). This gives way to deeper analysis once the Moon makes its way into Capricorn at 3:15 pm, as it heads into an evening square to Mercury.

Thursday September 4

The Moon runs the Cardinal gauntlet today, collecting Mercury’s thought-energy and applying it to transformative Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus. We can jump in with action, as harmonies to the Sun and Saturn enhance effectiveness and good outcomes.

Friday September 5

While Jupiter is in Leo, it makes three quincunxes to Pluto, and the first one is today. This is part of a yod that formed on August 14 when Jupiter made the other supporting quincunx to Neptune. We can use our dreams to further our long-term processes of change, but it is best not to leap too soon, as Jupiter may want to do. Let things mature and come to you.

Venus enters Virgo at 10:07 am (1:07 pm ET), steadying our perspective on love and increasing our appreciation of the little things we do for each other.

The Moon finds harmony with Mars before entering its void period in Capricorn at 8:08 am. We have a day to collect our forces, until Moon enters Aquarius at 4:59 pm.

Saturday September 6

The Moon breezes through Aquarius, rubbing elbows with Jupiter and Saturn to add the desire to accomplish something to our day’s agenda. We may feel pulled in several directions or a bit more clumsy than usual as Mercury quincunxes Neptune.

Sunday September 7

The Sun and Chiron reach the halfway point in their yearly interactive cycle when the Great Luminary opposes Chiron at 15°24′ Virgo-Pisces. This brings a culmination of healing processes that have their roots in early March, to do with each of us finding and integrating lost parts of our true self.

Inner and outer perspectives may appear diametrically different now, but that is the key to the mystery—to find how they are really saying the same thing, representing a continuum rather than a split in what’s real.

The Aquarius Moon squares Mars, revealing a conflict that can be resolved with compassion, going void of course at 10:19 am. We are revived and led into our imagination with her entry into Pisces at 4:47 pm, opening us to an early experience of Venus’s mid-week opposition to Neptune, a moment of isolation to spark our creative juices.

Monday September 8

We start to feel the urge to take sudden action as the Sun quincunxes Uranus, but a lack of clarity suggests a more deliberate approach. This urge is augmented by the Full Moon, which reaches culmination at 6:38 pm/16°19′ Pisces-Virgo (9:38 pm ET). This also picks up the energy of yesterday’s Full Chiron event, so the healing theme of this solar month is in full focus now. Though our attention is drawn inward, the clearing of old blocked energies that results will open us up to much greater inspiration and productivity in the weeks ahead.

In the US, all eyes are turned toward what is happening in the conflict zones around the world. Hidden negotiations have their success, while the whiners in Congress do their best to paint an unfavorable picture of these results as the elections loom closer. The President is strong as he stays focused on managing the crises.

The Full Moon’s Sabian Symbols are: For the Moon, “an Easter promenade”; and for the Sun, “a volcanic eruption bringing dust clouds, flowing lava, earth rumblings”. This suggests a focus on the contrast between inner truth and outward appearances, which provides leverage for transformation and healing. The civilizing forces of celebration and artistry contrast with the destructive force of conflict to show the way to healing.

Tuesday September 9

We are spurred to action, and it will turn out well, as Moon trines Mars before leaving Pisces behind. Although Moon goes void at 12:09 pm (3:09 pm ET), we can still gain fruits from our actions taken during the void period. At 4:33 pm, the Moon’s entry into Aries strengthens our initiative as well as our optimism.

Meanwhile, Mercury squares the nearly direct Pluto, now beaming its rays of change into our lives in vivid color. It’s time to revise our plans to make sure we achieve our overall goal—don’t get lost in a short-range view and gloss over what needs to happen.

Wednesday September 10

When Venus opposes Neptune today, we experience a fertile separation from others in order to correct our priorities. Don’t be afraid to admit you made a mistake. Mercury’s sextile to Jupiter favors the best of outcomes. The midday is very favorable for agreements. The Moon will keep us on our toes however, as its transit of Aries takes us through the litany of reasons why we should and should not act. The Moon gives us respite when it goes void at 5:58 pm (8:58 pm ET), occulting Uranus in the process. The energy of awakening pervades our perspective, lifting us into the realms of possibility for a night and a day.

Thursday September 11

The Sun sextiles Saturn, an opportunity to re-jig our plans as we examine how far we’ve come in fulfilling our plans for restructuring our life to bring more emotional satisfaction our way. We have two more months until the next Saturn cycle begins. The Moon is void all day in Aries, until it enters Taurus at 6:17 pm (9:17 pm ET), making this a good day for completing unfinished tasks.

Friday September 12

Our words may not flow in the “right” direction today, nor will those of others, as Mercury quincunxes Chiron. This may not be as unfortunate as it sounds—new healing doors are being opened. The Moon fills in a beautiful Kite and Earth Grand Trine pattern over the day, leading to an outpouring of activity as we eagerly embrace the opportunities that are created. We won’t get it all done today.

Saturday September 13

Startling thoughts and words abound as Mercury opposes Uranus. We may be both inspired and reactive. Fortunately, we have the Moon still in Taurus to steady our hands and feet as we leap forward. We feel another giant whoosh blasting us skyward as Mars enters Sagittarius at 2:57 pm (5:57 pm ET).

The Moon gives us a day-long void period from 6:31 am until 11:26 pm with its entry into Gemini. The void shouldn’t dampen our spirits or our drive to act while the Moon is in Taurus, its exaltation Sign. Then the Moon in Gemini encounters Mars for a late-night thrill.

Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow at 16°46′ Libra prior to retrograding on October 4. This is the day to increase our observation of our words, thoughts, and connections with others—they are seeds that will sprout in the coming weeks and months.

Sunday September 14

It’s like sliding into home base as Venus trines Pluto to smoothe the way to deep relationship harmony. It’s been a good week for love and camaraderie, which peaks today. The Gemini Moon encounters a bevy of connections that affect our sense of direction, as we incorporate new relationship goals into the opportunity mix. It’s a heady, bubbly champagne mix of energies.

Monday September 15

The Third Quarter square of Moon to Sun occurs at 7:05 pm PT/23°09′ Gemini-Virgo, the main event of the day and the point at which the Moon goes void of course (10:05 pm ET). Before then, and packed into this lunation, are enterprising contacts with Mercury and Uranus. Our minds are sharp and quick to respond to new ideas, as we simultaneously work at integrating our experiences of the past three weeks into our library of inner wisdom.

In the chart of the Third Quarter Moon set in Washington DC, international effort is being exerted to end the conflict in the hottest and newest zones of violence. New rules of statesmanship have evolved since the last time these types of conflicts have arisen, and they are finally beginning to prevail. Hasty, unconsidered decisions could fan the flames, as the illusion of triumph and conquest tantalizes the foolish. The rules of aid and rescue to the victims of war and poverty are under scrutiny.

The Third Quarter Moon brings forth the Sabian Symbols: “carefree children skating on ice” (the Moon); and “Mary and her white lamb” (the Sun). Both symbols are about innocence and purity, with the former also suggesting an element of danger. The role of children in adult problems and conflicts is highlighted, from the victims of war in the hot zones to the young, hope-filled refugees appearing at the Texas border. In our own lives, children and our own childhood experiences may play a more prominent role this week. Perhaps it’s time to play more and to cultivate our innocence and openness to new adventures.

Tuesday September 16

At 8:24 am, the Moon enters Cancer and carries us from one dream world into another, as it makes a trine to the planet of inner vision, Neptune (11:24 am ET). It’s a great day for allowing our creative imagination to run free.

Wednesday September 17

Mercury pulls us into the future when it conjoins the North Node today. We can see a little further down the road and the way to get there. One of the obstacles is ripe for removal, a relationship wound that is ready to be cleared. Harmonies are high and feelings run into the depths, so we can access our emotions more insightfully. A visit to the dim past is part of the process.

Thursday September 18

After yesterday’s rapidly moving emotional reality, we get a pause to integrate thoughts and feelings. We feel our connections with others on the inner plane once the Moon goes void at 11:38 am (2:38 pm ET). We are lifted into the stratosphere when the Moon enters Leo at 8:10 pm; connections with Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus to light up a Fire Grand Trine are in the offing through Saturday.

Friday September 19

The Leo Moon’s contact with Mars in Sagittarius forms a trine that is part of a Fire Grand Trine that completes tomorrow. It’s a good time to enter the realms of possibility and use optimism and confidence to devise a plan of action to bring it into form. Or maybe it’s just a good day to cut class and go to the beach.

Saturday September 20

Ideas of opportunity and expansion abound, and it’s a good time to dream about what we want, while we’re in a sanguine mood. Although Saturn tries to get us to see sense, we’re having none of it. Engaging in evening frivolity is the cure for what ails us. The Moon’s void starting at 9:33 pm gives us complete freedom to enjoy life (12:33 am Sunday ET).

Sunday September 21

At 6:54 am, we feel more desire to accomplish things and get down to business (9:54 am ET). There’s much to be done. This feeling is augmented as Venus sextiles Saturn—by working together, we get everything done. Our ideals outpace our ability to respond though, as Mars squares Neptune, so sleep well in the knowledge of what’s checked off your list rather than being anxious in what remains to be done. We’re in the Wishing Moon now, the time when we can choose the seeds we wish to plant on the new lunar cycle based on where we feel empty.

Monday September 22

Pluto returns to forward motion (Stationary Direct) at 11°00′ Capricorn, ending its 4.5-month retrograde that commenced on April 14. This allows us to spring into action on an initiative that we’ve been carefully cultivating since then. We have until early January to wrap things up before the next phase begins.

The Moon in Virgo is a dark moon, a tiny sliver at dawn, reflecting this deep process back to us through a workable plan.

The Sun makes the Libra ingress at 7:29 pm (10:29 pm ET), establishing a new imprint for the next three months’ activities.

Tuesday September 23

The Moon finishes its stay in Virgo and makes its final aspect of the lunar cycle at 5:15 am (8:15 am ET), the conjunction with Venus, closing the lunar month on a promise of love. After a day to relax and reconnoiter, we leap into the new, as Moon enters Libra at 8:59 pm, and we reach the New Moon at 11:14 pm/1°08′ Libra. Encoded in this lunar cycle is Jupiter’s first of three quincunesx to Chiron. It’s important to take care of what needs healing as we go bravely toward our goals. If we rush, we’ll lose time in backtracking.

Although we encounter the same old issues as before, we have new perspectives, tools, and opportunities to use in resolving them now. That makes all the difference to what we experience. We feel bolder now, as Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury hold hands to see us through.

In the New Moon chart cast for the US (occurring on September 24 at 2:14 am ET), sudden changes are afoot, and they come from the highest level, the President. These are favorable changes—responses to crisis or natural disaster by use of executive order, in ways which strengthen the nation and his favorability rating. The mood of the nation is buoyed by a sense of triumph.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is very powerful: “the light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh.” This suggests the opportunity to transmute old worn-out solutions in the face of new insights brought on by the evolution of consciousness. Never has there been more need for such leadership and change. In our own life, we can look for ways to think outside the box regarding matters that have previously daunted us. Now is not the time to follow convention.

Wednesday September 24

The Moon sojourns through Libra’s mid degrees, and harmoniously conceived action encounters the very obstacles it is meant to uproot, via contacts to Mars and Pluto.

Thursday September 25

Astonishing events may lead to unexpected good outcomes, as Jupiter trines Uranus for the first of three times. This is very auspicious, but also developmental—we may not see results in this moment. What we see today will work to activate much larger forces of release in the next nine months, initiating a drive toward freedom in society. More people are now able to embrace a vision of the future by letting go of old thoughts, values, and beliefs. The Moon augments this in the very best way, sextiling Jupiter and opposing Uranus to bring a winning perspective.

Friday September 26

Head and heart unite in the dreamworld and take us into the Moon’s void period at 5:39 am (8:39 am ET). This doesn’t last long however, as the Moon enters Scorpio at 7:29 am to revive our drive forward. We may feel more emotionally driven than analytic though, as the next contact is a trine with Neptune, this evening. It’s a great day to be creative.

Saturday September 27

The now very slow Mercury goes into Scorpio at 3:39 pm (6:39 pm ET) to ensure we take into account the deeper emotional impact of our direction in life and infuse this truth into our thoughts and actions. The Moon, also in Scorpio, makes tracks across Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn—planets that Mercury will not reach until mid-November. Things we think are going to happen at any minute, hinted at today, will take longer than expected to ripen, some waiting until Mercury connects.

The Moon again occults Saturn, an eclipse of its energy that underscores where we need to build new structures of trust and intimacy, or boundaries, that bond us to others and keep us safe.

Sunday September 28

The Sun quincunxes Neptune, reminding us of the situations where surrender and subtle action are the best way forward. The Moon in Scorpio goes void of its course at 1:31 pm (4:31 pm ET), its movement into Sagittarius upon us at 3:50 pm to give us a siesta’s-length time off. With Venus involved, a good time will be had by all.

Monday September 29

At 1:52 pm, Venus enters Libra, helping us smooth our way forward through our social connections (4:52 pm ET). The Moon remains in Sagittarius, once again filling in a Fire Grand Trine, and a Kite Pattern with Sun in Libra. This is the perfect set-up for actions taken to set the stage for a harmonious transition through a sudden transformation. The Moon goes void of course at 8:29 pm on the up beat, with the trine to Jupiter in Leo.

Tuesday September 30

At 9:41 pm, after a day-long void in Sagittarius, the Moon goes into Capricorn, with no exact contacts today (12:41 am Wednesday ET). Even so, we can take unimpeded action, since the Moon in a Jupiter-ruled sign is still active even while void.

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