Medicine Wheel Astrology

Sign of the Flicker

by Crystal Pomeroy on July 3, 2014

Medicine Wheel Astrology - Sign of the Flicker

Those born from June 21 to July 22 resonate with the Moon of Strong Sun. Their plant totem is the wild rose, their color is pink, their power animal is the flicker, a woodpecker whose rhythmic tapping forms part of the forest’s living drumbeat, much as Flicker people participate in life’s pulse. Warm and loving, they tend to be dreamers who can fuse with their surroundings and go with the flow of life. When able to cultivate emotional and physical independence they can thrive.

  • Their stone is the carnelian agate, whose red color accentuates Flicker’s greatest potential: their loving nature. Agate’s transparency also evokes their magical sensitivity. This stone can be easily etched, and in a similar manner, Flicker can be easily imprinted by early family programs or current surroundings. The up side is that they can also imprint new programs on their subconscious minds with relative ease.
  • Beauty is key to their emotional well-being and efficacy, particularly in the home. In fact they can become readily depressed in unattractive surroundings.
  • When Flicker looks beyond common sources of fulfillment, developing their mystical inclinations and grounding their sensitivity with meditation, affirmations, mantras, connecting with angels and related positive spiritual forces, they can become a vehicle for universal love.
  • This ability can be a healing balm for others, particularly for people or animals in crisis or those who have been forgotten or rejected.
  • Like the rose with its curative rose hip within, Flicker may seem attractive for their physical or emotional charm, but their true value is their wisdom that isn’t evident at first glance.
  • Unless they are deceived, they are quite devoted and stable in their affections.
  • Rigidly logical/rational people sometimes consider Flickers to be irrational or careless due to their intuitive way of reasoning.
  • They need to sing their own song, whatever that may be.

Suggestions for Flicker to awaken his or her magical nature:

  • Wear a pendant with carnelian agate or other red or pink stones to keep your heart attuned to its highest vibration of love.
  • Keep a vase with wild or cultivated roses on hand as a reminder of your delicate inner beauty.
  • Take rose hip tea to strengthen your immune system and cleanse blood and liver.
  • Invoke Archangel Gabriel to help you sing your song, in whatever medium it may be, with power and success.
  • Repeat affirmations like those that follow for seven minutes daily from one New Moon to the next, or during 28 days.

I am worthy of expressing myself with joy, love and success now.

I am worthy of succeeding in my own intuitive way.

I don’t depend on people or situations for my good; this certainty empowers me to release people and situations that are not in line with my highest vision now.

Stay tuned for the next Medicine Wheel sign and its power keys.

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