Medicine Wheel Astrology

April 20–May 20, Sign of the Beaver

by Crystal Pomeroy on April 21, 2014

Medicine Wheel Astrological Signs - Beaver

Those born in this window resonate with the Moon of mid-spring, ripe with the most fertile and productive energies of the year. Their plant totem is the wild clover, their colors are brilliant blues and violets, their power animal is Beaver, whose ability to change her environment by building on a large scale is second only to human beings –and Beaver’s work is always helpful to her world.

It’s interesting to note that female beavers can be particularly effective, as we will see a bit further on.

  • They have an enormous, natural capacity to create something out of whatever is on hand, and can do well in business, art or creating family.
  • A pleasant, orderly living space is a prerequisite for them to thrive.
  • They can be so focused on producing and enjoying the good things, they sometimes forget that, like the beaver in the river, their true medium is the water of deep imagination and emotions.
  • Beavers who are able to move beyond their comfort zone and apply their formidable will power to healing and inner growth become agents of positive change who beautify their world with major works of tangible good.
  • The beaver social fabric is matriarchal, and women born under this sign have a natural resistance to disempowering social hypnosis that often plagues their gender. They can optimize the feminine generative forces and become independently wealthy with a certain ease.
  • However, they should also take special care in selecting friends and partners, because they may find themselves attracted to manipulative types who can bring down the nice world they had created.
  • When content, they radiate a tangible field of harmony that will ground those around them. When uncomfortable, they radiate discord just as intensely.
  • Beavers will stick with a relationship or project for the long run.
  • Uplifting music and deeply spiritual people can facilitate the inner connection that they secretly long for.

Suggestions for Beaver to awaken the mountain-mover within:

  • Invoke the Angels of Abundance and ask them to help you identify and flow with the changes you need to complete your mission of success.
  • Shades of royal and bright blues and violets, in textiles, flowers, candles, stones, decor and clothing, will keep you alert and moving in the growth required to express your enormous potential.
  • Repeat affirmations like those that follow for 7 minutes daily from one New Moon to the next, or during 28 days.

When I want greater good without, I turn to the manifestation flame within, and visualize what I want as though it were real, here and now.

I am a great force for good, and I choose to manifest spiritual and material riches now.

In the silence I radiate love to all, and this keeps my being in harmony now.

Stay tuned for the next Medicine Wheel sign and its power keys.

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Phylos April 30, 2014 at 12:24 pm

I am a Scorpio. My elderly Mother is Taurus. Somehow, I have inherited the job of caring for her in her old age. It is the most challenging task I’ve ever had on my plate. Being opposites, there is little in common. Nevertheless, I find that Scorpio and Taurus are able to interact well enough in spite of the complete difference in consciousness, values, priorities, personalities, etc. To my Scorpio’s mind, Taurus seems to me to be such a worldly, earthbound spirit that real mutual understanding is impossible. Much to be learned and tests to be met, for me, at least…

Crystal April 24, 2014 at 8:19 pm

As always, thanks for your comments, dear friend. I agree, Beaver does have a lot of Taurus traits. And the Native American perspective helps me to appreciate more fully just what amazing manifesters they are. In fact I’ve been wondering if the Native American lodges might have been inspired in beaver constructions. Also, that beavers are matriarchal helped me understand and learn from women born in this period. I happen to know several that are deeply spiritual in a quiet way and also very grounded, successful (one’s actually a famous millionaire) and generous with their fruits. They are also people that have suffered a lot and handled it in a growthful manner. It has even occurred to me that Beaver-Taurus and Scorpio-Snake can be power houses of the zodiac when they live a mission of inner growth and service respectively.

Phylos April 22, 2014 at 6:13 pm

Beaver seems to have a lot of Taurus traits. To my sensibilities and proclivities, they seem to be really earthbound and materialistic. Yet more of their “tend to our garden and ignore the more intangible, (therefore irrelevant) type of stuff attitude” can be very workable at times, even if I find it boring and rather confining. Oh well, to each their own…

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