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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, November 1–30, 2013

by Terry Lamb on November 1, 2013

Daily Success Guide Free astrological forecast November 2013

November could be a time of halting steps and blessed release, as it brings to us a series of stations (planetary standstills). When a planet stands still, it is because it is in the process of changing direction, and for the time of its station, the activities and energies that we associate with that planet come to a resting place as well. This gives us a moment to pause and consider, just as it gives ready-to-change conditions in our life an opportunity to precipitate into a new form. The computer glitch that surfaces just as Mercury, Mars, or Uranus stop motion, or the argument that flares up when Venus grinds to a halt—we each have stories about such phenomena.

These stations are of particular note as we look forward eagerly to a period of new beginnings associated with the start of a new Mercury cycle and a new eclipse chapter in life. Even more, these are couched in the Grand Beginning that we feel as we commence the new Earth Great Year (beginning December 21, 2012). We are eager to get out of the gate and put some of the plans we’ve devised into action. Will they work? Are our insights accurate? Is our vision well conceived?

First on our list is what feels like a station—the New Moon Solar Eclipse on November 3. Just as with the Full Moon (Lunar) Eclipse (October 18), we experience an energetic disconnection that resorts our priorities and allows new ones to come in. What stays needs to be there for another 5½ months, until the next eclipses. While the October 18 eclipse anticipates the Nodes’ movement into Libra-Aries, the Solar Eclipse at 11°16′ Scorpio continues the transformative process we began last November, key-noted by Saturn’s drive toward responsibility and the rewards of perseverance. As the energies dissolve around us in the dark of the Moon, we are led to stand still so we can observe the intense inner activity that gives birth to our next chapter. Thankfully, the Autumnal eclipses are of a forward-looking nature, allowing us to move away from the past.

On November 6, Jupiter makes its retrograde station, commencing four months of backward motion in Cancer. This will be a hugely powerful experience, as Jupiter reveals hidden truths, unleashes their power into the collective, and releases us from the bondage that comes of suppressed awareness. There is a special blessing that comes in the midst of the ensuing turmoil, as Jupiter graces us with the good outcomes and miracles that pour forth while in its exaltation sign Cancer. Think of Jupiter as a Santa Claus who comes and stays for a yearlong visit. We may not like all the things he tells us about the world out there, but he brings gifts just for our special needs all the same.

Mercury’s New cycle starts on November 1, and we can commence our new activities then. All the same, we’ll feel a pause and then a relieving release as the Celestial Trickster resumes forward motion once more on the 10th at 2°29′ Scorpio.

Action brings clarity, and if we are tired of being inactive and confused, we are in each other’s good company. Our clarity will be greatly enhanced once Neptune returns to forward motion on November 13. Since June 7, we’ve been wandering in a fog that we barely knew existed. Now as we emerge, we are inspired to take action, and we see what was obscured from us. We got clues around February 20 and August 26 (in addition to June’s date); now we see the light and can proceed with radiance and insight.

On November 19, we reach the ultimate healing moment (in our current saga), when Chiron turns forward at 9°07′ Pisces. This is the peak moment of change, when an improvement somewhere in our life gives us something to feel really good about. We saw the situation turn a corner in early September, with steady improvement since then. Watch for this trend toward wholeness and connection to others to continue.

On November 20, we enter our latest (self-)love story in earnest when Venus goes into her retrograde shadow—the zodiacal turf over which she later travels backward. She does so in rational Capricorn, and we feel like any relationship worth building is worth building right—with care, thoughtfulness, patience, and respect. So long as care does not become fear, thoughtfulness remains authentic, patience does not waver, and we respect ourselves, all turns out well in the end, next Winter-Spring. Where we are out of balance with this approach—in a hurry or looking for an easy time, we will learn.

Mercury has been busy activating most of the planets during its retrograde. With a set-up period October 6–8, the real action begins November 1, when all things converge in one grand crescendo of the cosmic light orchestra. With so many planets harmonizing at the same degree regardless of sign (9°)—a string of pearls threaded by Mercury as it adds its brightness to the Sun—this is indeed an auspicious day when many new powerful initiatives will commence, although at first hidden from view. The Sun also makes these connections, for simultaneous en-lightening. Watch for dynamic changes surrounding what happens as we burn off the dross from our past.

The tone changes after November 20. The Sun enters Sagittarius to lift us out of the primordial goo of Scorpio that fertilizes our foundation. We are flung free into the sky, a spark on the breeze. Although the currents still buffet us, we have less baggage to weigh us down. Events around us feel customary, and we engage in the rituals of shared feasts with extra gusto because loss has reaffirmed our gratitude for what is precious to us, and we are seeing the world with new eyes.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Time (UTC–8) starting November 3, 2013.

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, November 2013

Friday November 1

This is the blockbuster of all days, perhaps for the entire year, but certainly for November. Yet, the forces may work invisibly, seen only by the inner eye. Uranus makes its fourth of seven squares to Pluto, turning the corner on this influence. We’re getting used to it; the hardest part is the initial experience of an influence, when we are adjusting to it. Now we feel more comfortable in this constant transformative process. Mercury retrograde and the Sun strike the gold that is the current Cradle configuration (Mars, Saturn-North Node, Pluto Neptune-Chiron, Uranus, Jupiter), augmenting our ability to build the future. But first, we must fully release the past. It’s time to let go of grudges, buried misunderstandings, fear of blame, and defensiveness. It’s time for willingness that stops short of self-injury in opening to those with whom we have had misunderstandings, until we feel that we can extend trust.

This is the New Mercury, when it makes its (Inferior, or this side of the Sun) Conjunction while retrograde at 1:19 pm/9°17′ Scorpio. The start of a new Mercury cycle, we can now make our new beginnings with full confidence. If some releases from the past overlap with these plans, that is the nature of the second half of Mercury’s retrograde. We will be very busy.

The Sun-Mercury trine to Chiron today opens the door to accelerated healing that culminates on November 20, but that does not mean that all our pain is gone. Buried and chronic pain may emerge in the course of this release—let it go without a thought, and fill in the gap with light and love.

The Moon is a bit player today transiting the gap between Uranus-Pluto and Jupiter, fulfilling a Grand Cross by the day’s end. This brings an unfolding revelation of something deep and true that is completely changing our lives. This is the dark of the Moon, the Wishing Moon, when our longings reveal what we need to work with in the coming lunar cycle, but it will strike a deeper chord in the soul as it activates a new purpose that promises a better life to come. Follow the energy into your heart to find what moves you. It is also White Rabbit Day, when we can invoke the power of the invisible world on our behalf by activating the silent animal guide that walks with the Moon.

Saturday November 2

At 5:47 am (8:47 am ET), Libra Moon enters its void of course period, giving us a morning’s downtime to bank sleep or enjoy a leisurely cuppa with loved ones. We spring to life in an intense way when our darkened satellite enters the sign of the New Moon Eclipse, Scorpio. We go into the deep, perhaps feeling like we’ve jumped off the deep end. Don’t worry: we’ll come out the other side renewed. Feelings and thoughts commingle as Mercury is occulted by the Moon (a Mercury eclipse). This is of huge significance in aligning head and heart. When the mind knows and responds to the heart’s desire, all occurs in harmony.

Sunday November 3

The forward-propelling New Moon (Solar) Eclipse arrives at 4:50 am/11°16′ Scorpio (7:50 am ET). The emphasis is on resolving conflicts in a lasting way, after a long, wearying cold war. This is augmented as the Sun sextiles Mars, and what we do now helps the set the stage for positive outcomes from the Mars retrograde starting March 1. Because it is an eclipse, it may take time to heal the wound that is broached now. This means that it could take time to rebuild trust, but the effects will be highly beneficial and enduring. Mercury adds its spark of promise when it conjoins the North Node, giving us a glimpse of what can be created if we will have faith in the process. The Moon goes void of course at 8:23 pm, on a beneficial trine to Jupiter, leaving us with a cozy feeling of optimism to start our new chapter.

In the chart cast for the US, this opens the door for a rapprochement between political factions, based on the common need to restore the power of government to do its job. This means that a real accord must be reached over the federal budget and fiscal needs, not just a series of extortionist threats fed by continuing short-term resolutions. They have a Mercury cycle in which to get it right, and the people are holding the obstructionist faction accountable as they limp along with growing understanding of what’s really going on.

The Sabian Symbol for both Sun and Moon is 12 Scorpio, “a brilliant assembly of dignitaries at an official embassy ball”. This suggests that group festivities will play a major role in reconciliation processes, especially among the powerful. When we can meet in pleasant social circumstances that lift the spirits and bring a smile, a foundation is formed for subsequent contacts and real connection.

Monday November 4

The Moon’s void period ends when it enters Sagittarius at 12:14 pm PT (3:14 pm ET), granting us a morning to clean up and turn our imagination toward our emerging new future. A square to Neptune pervades the afternoon, bringing inspiration that needs more clarity in order to be expressed.

Tuesday November 5

Venus enters Capricorn at 0:43 am (3:43 am ET), taking us down a more pragmatic road to love. She will remain in Capricorn until early March, giving us a chance to bring our ongoing, deep transformative process into form in our relationships. The changes have been introduced, now we set to the task of moving on and leave past misunderstandings behind. A focus on what works is especially helpful now. The Moon carries on in Sagittarius, but goes void early on, at 8:48 am. However, we can still engage in fruitful activity while Moon is in this Jupiter-ruled sign.

Wednesday November 6

Two milestone events occur today, as the Sun conjoins Saturn at 14°14′ Scorpio, and Jupiter makes its retrograde station at 20°31′ Cancer. It’s a new beginning and a deepening of our focus on what helps us prosper. It’s a day for feeling more than planning, as the Moon in Sagittarius allows our optimism to soar, then takes us into the depths when it enters Capricorn at 1:44 pm (4:44 pm ET). With the Moon in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius at the time of the New Saturn, and in Capricorn at the time of Jupiter’s station, the tie between Jupiter and Saturn is augmented, already empowered by a harmonious trine. More soothing contacts sustain this energy even further via lunar connnections to Venus and Neptune.

Thursday November 7

The Moon moves through the planetary cluster surrounding 10° from its position in Capricorn, with powerful harmonious connections. Venus sextiles Neptune to enhance our ability to tie events to our dreams and make them reality. The Moon goes void at 11:39 pm (2:39 am November 8 ET), until mid-afternoon tomorrow.

Friday November 8

The Moon is void of course in Capricorn until 3:30 pm (6:30 pm ET), when it enters independent Aquarius. The retrograde Mercury makes the first of two opportunity contacts to Venus. This is a good day to open the doors to communication, if connection is still blocked.

Saturday November 9

We tap into a basic piece of our future and link action to plan as Mars sextiles Saturn today. Mercury retrograde makes its final connection as it goes direct, making a sustained contact to Neptune. Both these planets are stationary, for a powerful infusion of dreams into our thought processes. We’ll be inspired, creative, perhaps haunted or confused—all a part of the process of uncovering what needs to become (is already) real. The Moon brings challenging thoughts about how we will fulfill our plans from its position in Aquarius, going void with its First Quarter square with the Sun at 9:57 pm /18 Scorpio/Aquarius until tomorrow (12:57 am November 10 ET).

The First Quarter square is a time of creation, when the plans we put into action usually succeed. Listen within to hear what needs doing, as our instincts are still needed to find the way forward. We see the need for changes in structure, and this is a good time to make adjustments to our plans in the light of new information coming from the eclipses and Mercury retrograde, which ends tomorrow. As Venus approaches Pluto, we should not let fear override our need to connect in an authentic way. As the Sun reaches the degree at which Mercury turned retrograde on October 21, situations and circumstances which were pending at that time come full circle and may reach a final resolution, and certainly lead to one that is timed by Saturn’s triple transit over that point in the coming nine months.

In the chart of the lunation cast for the US, the emphasis is on health and healthcare—getting the Affordable Care Act in gear for Americans. This allows the world’s wealthiest nation to enter the ranks of those who take (better) care of their population’s health and well-being, on which the nation has previously scored very low in comparison studies. The threat of obstruction looms in the negotiations over the nation’s budget, but the forces for positive transformation have never been stronger.

The First Quarter Moon carries two symbols: the Sun at 19 Scorpio, “A parrot listening and then talking, repeats a conversation he has overheard;” and for the Moon (19 Aquarius), “a forest fire finally quenched”. This speaks to the challenges that face us in the fear-based parroting of undermining ideas, seductive to those who have limited access to accurate information. The forest fire could be real, as in the fires that have raged in Australia, or metaphorical, as in the fire of rage within the American Tea Party.

Sunday November 10

At 1:12 pm/2°29′ Scorpio, Mercury returns to forward motion (Stationary Direct/SD) (4:12 pm ET), still trining Neptune, also at its direct station. This commences our final tour of Scorpio through the mind’s eye, essentially completed by the end of the month. After a day-long void period in Aquarius, the Moon goes into dreamy Pisces at 6:36 pm PT to connect us with sumptuous healing energies overnight.

Monday November 11

Mercury’s trine to Neptune’s SD passes exactitude but continues to be with us in the coming days as our healing process assumes greater prominence in our life. The Moon augments this from its position in Pisces.

Tuesday November 12

It’s a feel-good day with beneficial outcomes for actions taken, as the Sun trines Jupiter still at its stationary degree. With the Moon in Pisces, we gain the benefit of a Grand Trine throughout the day, even after the Moon goes void at 6:34 am (9:34 am ET). We switch to more electrified energy once it enters Aries at 11:39 pm.

Wednesday November 13

Neptune resumes forward travel at 2°35′ Pisces following five months of retrograde movement. The Moon in Aries distracts us from this gentle release as it transits the Cardinal planets, starting with Uranus before segueing to Pluto. The good outcomes show up tomorrow.

Thursday November 14

Venus squares Uranus, and sextiles Chiron for a beneficial connection with an unexpected twist. The Moon in Aries shows us the way forward to good fortune when it contacts Jupiter, but it will take some work. No skipping steps! At 12:57 pm (3:57 pm ET), the Moon goes void until tomorrow.

Friday November 15

Venus has been taking us progressively further into the Underworld in preparation for her retrograde, and now she brings us to a turning point as she conjoins Pluto. Although she doesn’t return to this position in her retrograde, she remains in Pluto’s domain for the duration. This meeting is an important step in the process that will unfold. In our lives, an encounter or contact today will have a deeper meaning that will come to us through events throughout the winter. Authenticity is the way through. The Moon enters solid Taurus at 6:49 am (9:49 am ET), bringing us a fresh perspective as it opposes Mercury.

Saturday November 16

The Moon in Taurus carries on, hooking us into the planetary chain of creativity—Pluto, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter. It’s a great day to let your right brain have its way as we head into the Full Moon.

Sunday November 17

At 7:16 am/25°26′ Scorpio/Taurus, the Moon reaches its Full point opposing the Sun (10:16 am ET). Mercury ups the importance of the day when it makes its third of three conjunctions to the North Node, bringing forward karmic conditions that remain unresolved since September a year ago. Coming as it does near the end of its sign, the Moon goes void at the time of the Full Moon, giving us time to ponder the world of change that has come to us in the past two months. Everything important has already happened at the time of this lunation. This frees us to make internal changes that will reverberate positively into our future. Actions taken now (perhaps after the Moon changes signs) are based on this new freedom. The Moon reaches connective Gemini at 4:07 pm, to draw us into invigorating social contact.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, The emphasis is on the political gridlock in the nation. People are mesmerized by the holidays, especially drawn to the rituals of the past as they seek comfort in the face of uncertainty. The President is strong in his stance for the new healthcare program, and that battle is behind him amidst world praise and the support of even the most doubtful, who are understanding how beneficial it is to them. Now he takes on the labyrinthine manipulations of the right-wing as they attempt to further destroy the lives of those who have less power than them, a battle they have been winning. His stand, firm or weak, is the basis for the current struggle, and all eyes are on him despite holiday distractions.

The Full Moon activates the Sabian Symbols at 26 Scorpio (the Sun), “American Indians making camp in new territory”; and 26 Taurus (the Moon), “a garage man testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer”. People are developing work-around solutions to the dilemmas they face, but this leaves us weakened until a centered solution is used as the foundation for all future outcomes. By holding firm to our principles and letting our feelings of right and wrong be a part of our dynamic, we ensure that our struggles will eventually end.

Monday November 18

The Moon continues its sojourn through Gemini, with a spark of ingenuity from Uranus to light our way.

Tuesday November 19

Chiron makes its direct station at 9°07′ Pisces, taking up forward motion again for the first time since June 16. Venus enters its retrograde shadow at 13°33′ Capricorn, and it’s time to start tracking your story of (self-)love, relationship, and finance if we haven’t already. The potential to develop our new foundation has never been greater, and we will see ourselves in a radically new situation by next June. As Mars sextiles Jupiter, we see the opportunity for a stepping-stone enterprise.

Mercury’s third pass at Uranus brings out an awkwardness that must be dealt with, with a great freedom the result. The Moon in Gemini completes its active period when it goes void of course at 7:59 am for the remainder of the day. Delaying new enterprises until tomorrow may prove beneficial, but actions based enterprises already in motion will not be thwarted by the Moon’s void condition.

Wednesday November 20

Mercury reaches the thick of the planetary degree-cluster for the third of three times (prior hits October 6-8 and November 1) as it links with Uranus, Pluto, and Chiron today. What more do you know now than at the beginning of October? How have things changed for you? The Moon goes into instinctual Cancer at 3:23 am, to take us through the gauntlet of Cardinal planets once again, from an emotional perspective. Thought and heart reach harmony by day’s end.

Thursday November 21

At 7:48 pm, the Sun enters Sagittarius (10:48 pm ET) to lift us out of the seemingly interminable but truly indispensable process of stripping away the past, of molting the old skin mask. Now we are boosted skyward, fluid and buoyant once more. This opens us to what remains of our year’s healing process—what must still be done, as we complete this cycle, perhaps to be carried over into the next, which starts in February. The Moon continues through Cancer, bringing in the latest round of abundance as it conjoins Jupiter. It is truly a day of joy with those we love, a time of celebrating our true abundance with gratitude. At 11:11 pm, the Moon is void of course until tomorrow afternoon.*

Friday November 22

With the Moon void of course in Cancer until 3:56 pm (6:56 pm ET), people are more likely than usual to enjoy a quiet turkey sandwich rather than a day at the malls. Black Friday sales are not likely to draw the usual crowds, and only real discounts will bring people out of their homes. Once the Moon enters Leo, it makes an immediate trine to the Sun, creating an almost giddy optimism. Laugh it up!*

[* Editorial note re Thanksgiving/Black Friday references: the astrology for these days is correct, although Thanksgiving was not on November 21, but on November 28! ]

Saturday November 23

As the Moon forges ahead through Leo, it brings joy through a hook-up with Uranus, but a serious tone is more productive as Venus sextiles Saturn for the first of three times. Let this be the start of something solid.

Sunday November 24

When the Sun squares Neptune, we get a chance to see how we’ve done with our spiritual growth curve this year. We still have three months to go before we start on the next lesson. What have you learned? The Moon in Leo goes void at 0:59 am PT (3:59 am ET), giving us a day to float free.

Monday November 25

The Moon enters Virgo at 4:11 am (7:11 am ET) to bring forward more healing considerations, this time focused on the physical body. At 11:28 am (2:28 pm ET)/3°42′ Sagittarius/Virgo, the Moon makes its waning (Third Quarter) square to the Sun, lifting us to welcomed heights after the deep dive we took with the lunations in Scorpio. It’s so good to have all that change in place, the baggage removed, and mobility restored. So much is ahead of us, remaining to be resolved, but we have so much going for us. Imperceptibly, we’ve been building a foundation for the future. We may have lost faith and regained it, but now we’re seeing something emerging out of the mists of the future. This is a moment to pause and integrate what has been accomplished, which not only gives us a chance to celebrate our successes, but renews our faith and confidence as it affirms our sense of direction. Mercury conjoins Saturn, the third of three contacts, and brings a full awareness of how significant events are now. We have been clearing deeply rooted karmic patterns, a task which does not come cheaply (in terms of the heart and energy involved).

For the US, this lunation brings the power of the President forward. Something has been building toward this moment, and new aspects of our President’s character will be revealed. The First Lady and the role of women share the stage with him, and his popularity soars as the truth comes out. The Affordable Care Act remains in the news, benefitting the population in unanticipated ways, especially the working poor. The economy improves slowly as people see their needs met, undermining the power structure in the House of Representatives.

Through the Last Quarter Moon we experience the Sabian Symbols of “a little child learning to walk with the encouragement of parents” (the Sun, 4 Sagittarius); and the Moon at 4 Virgo, “black and white children playing happily together”. Separative social distinctions (race, religion, gender, ethnicity) are diminished by trends in culture that flatten these distinctions. When we feel supported, we are able to embrace others in the feelings of love and gratitude that pervade us and allow us to take greater social risks. This is a time for taking risks, especially social ones, as our ability to walk our new path grows.

Tuesday November 26

The Moon in Virgo connects the dots as it meets up with Saturn, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter, all in harmonious and productive ways. It’s a great day for any endeavor.

Wednesday November 27

Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter dance together in a deep story that will continue into the winter months. The dance starts with Mercury’s second sextile to Venus (tying to events of November 8), while trining Jupiter. The Moon primed the pump for this yesterday, showing us where progress can be made. It’s an especially auspicious day for healing old conflicts and making new agreements. The Moon is void in Virgo from 3:44 am (6:44 am ET), entering balancing Libra at 2:00 pm.

Thursday November 28

The dance of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter finishes its first performance today as Venus opposes Jupiter, the first of three contacts. Although a period of separation is an issue, it will bring good results in the form of a strengthened relationship once the need for separation has been satisfied. Whether the separation is physical or symbolic, it affects the emotions no matter its visible form and makes the reunion that much sweeter. The Moon in Libra augments our sense of how important current experiences are to the big picture, and a broad view is exceptionally helpful now.

Friday November 29

At 3:14 am (6:14 am ET), the Moon goes void of its course, making no further connections until it enters Scorpio at 8:03 pm. Give yourself a break from action: get that filing done or just cut away from work early and relax!

Saturday November 30

The Sun trines Uranus today, signaling the impending station direct of the Great Awakener, simultaneous with its waning square to Chiron. Now we see what remains to be accomplished before the year’s end, and there is much to be completed. The emphasis now is on overcoming weakness to assert our individuality in a situation that has required patient withdrawal. The Moon in Scorpio brings supporting harmony through contacts to Neptune and Pluto, forming a Minor Grand Trine.

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