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Planetary Overview, Major Astrological Influences for May 2013

by Terry Lamb on May 1, 2013

Daykeeper Astrological Overview for May 2013

As May opens, we find ourselves in a lull between energetic patterns. The big new beginnings are behind us, our intentions for those cycles encoded in their design. It feels fresh, even exciting to be headed forward again after months of tying up loose ends. Sure, there’s more to complete, because this Mercury cycle is more about healing and completing than it is our new beginnings, so we have to be content to lag behind in some area.

The four new momentous beginnings of this spring (March 28 (2), April 6 and April 17) gave way to the dissolving influence of the Lunar Eclipse on April 25, setting us adrift on the seas of our co-created fortunes to see where we land. At that time, we began a new voyage through liminal space, with Saturn as our primary guide. It’s time to observe our actions and experiences since early last October: have we been doing enough to reach our goals? Where are we going? Do we still want to go in the same direction?

In May, we experience a second Eclipse on May 9 (a Solar) and an unusual third eclipse (another Lunar) on May 24. This gives us a good, long opportunity to shift…. Get the rest of Terry’s wonderful astrological overview, available instantly with a Premium Forecast Package, only pennies per day, check it out now!

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