The Astrology of 2012: The Nine Themes of 2012 (Dress Rehearsal for 2013)

by Lorna Bevan on December 1, 2012

As we look back from this vantage point on the events and astrology of 2012, it becomes clear that the year has been a de-cloaking during the dress rehearsal for 2013. Not the end of the world as so many predicted, but a series of lock gates moving us towards a new cycle for humanity. Those of us consciously on this journey are familiar enough with the terrain by now to know that after every upheaval comes the clarity for new creation. But as always it’s in the interim where our mastery is required, as it has proved in this last year of the 13 year cycle of the quickening.

2012 – The Nine Gates of Initiation

1. Acquiring assets, resources and support through right relationship Jupiter in Taurus
Saturn in Libra
2. Moving through blocks Mars’ 4 month retrograde
3. Listening to your inner guidance Neptune/Chiron in PiscesUranus in Aries
4. Turning to your own due North Inner Planet Retrogrades Nodes square Neptune + Chiron
5.Finding your core values + your truth Venus retrogradeVenus/Sun eclipse
Eclipses Gemini/Sagittarius
6. Living with authenticity and impeccability Uranus/Pluto Squares
7. Learning to magnetise and manifest Saturn + North Node in Scorpio
8. Clearly speaking your truth Saturn trine Neptune
9. Bringing your inner self to the outer world Saturn in ScorpioUranus/Pluto squares

Mapping Your Own Journey Through 2012

Astrology is a hologram of who you are and the times you live in. By using this ancient knowledge as a tool for the 21st century, you can change your life from the inside out.

Astrology of 2012

When you look back over the events, emotions, challenges, fear and confusion of 2012, what patterns can you identify in your own life? These Nine Gates are not sequential or linear but like the tide coming in. First the stillness as it imperceptibly turns then the small, gentle ripples followed by the waters gradually covering the shore and lastly the fullness of completion before the cycle starts again. We each have our own path to tread, and our own spiral dynamics are as unique as our fingerprints. Seeing what you’ve come through gives you meaning and a perspective which is often impossible to discern in the midst of the shifts.

Map Your Timeline

1. January – June: Jupiter in Taurus

Which of my many resources expanded?
What was I gifted with—people, money, time?
What hidden skills and talents of my own did I uncover?

January – October: Saturn in Libra

Which people left me or did I leave behind?
How did I change my relationships into win/win?
How did my relationship with myself change?

2. January – April: Mars retrograde in Virgo

What did I have to learn again and again through patience?
How did this serve me?

3. January: Neptune and Chiron in Pisces

How did my inner guidance come to me? Did I listen?
Which wounds in me needed love and healing?

January: Uranus in Aries

What out-of-the-blue insights did I receive?
How did I act on them?

4. May – October: Nodes of Fate square Neptune and Chiron

Which emotional events showed me who I am?
How did I learn to love myself?

5. May – June :Venus Retrograde, Venus/Sun eclipse

What did life show me about my core values and my priorities?
Did I start to walk my talk? How do I know?

6. June + September: 1st and 2nd Uranus /Pluto squares

What old and the outgrown habits and beliefs fell away?
How did I express my highest principles?

7. October: Saturn + North Node in Scorpio

Who and what did I eliminate from my life?
What proved to me that I could manifest?
How did I collaborate with the universe?

8. October: Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune

What old dreams did I re-connect with?
What practical steps did I take to make them real?
Who do I have to be to live them out?

9. October: Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune

Can I hear my inner voice of truth?
Can I be myself without fear or compromise? How am I showing up in the world?
What greater purpose defines me?

The language of symbol is of the felt senses of the body, of  the numinous, of the spirit and of the heart’s yearnings. It transmits meaning in a way that touches us deeply and leads to wisdom. When we are drawn to a particular symbol, it often signals a transition we are about to undergo, announcing its arrival and preparing us for it and directing us toward the inner work that can help us change, deepen and grow.

Find a symbol or metaphor that represents you now at the end of 2012.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

As we approach the border ready to cross into 2013, we’re still learning how to become comfortable in our new skins. Allowing ourselves to be seen and heard for much more of who we really are is uncomfortable and awkward. It opens old wounds of shame, abandonment and worthlessness. Situation after situation will arise to allow us to become the change we seek, through truth in action. We will swing between extremes without grace, stumbling to find our inner balance .The good news is that we don’t have to do it all right now. We have until the Spring Equinox to clear the remaining pockets of untruth, evasion and denial. Difficult? yes! Worth it? definitely! For hard as it is to believe, what awaits us in 2013 is a very different dynamic of communion, flow, healing, unity and co-creation accessible to us when we have reclaimed all the lost parts of ourselves.

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