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Open the Door of Divine Intuition by the Dark of the New Moon in Cancer

by Crystal Pomeroy on July 18, 2012

Cancer New Moon Astrological Ceremony

Crabs are not just water creatures; they prefer the beach. They are most active at night, when they can see without being seen. Their ability to thrive in the shadows between sea and earth coincides with Cancer’s special placement between the conscious and unconscious mind. The crab makes its burrow on the beach where it waits for changing tides to gather goodies; Cancer builds spaces, within and without, to capture the gifts of the collective unconscious and integrate them into personal reality.

Each summer, the Cancer New Moon opens a window to develop, or deepen our intuition. It’s helpful to remember that, just as the crab chooses its pickings on the beach, we also can choose what kind of information we receive, or assimilate. This ability is enriched on the portal of the recent retrogrades of both planets of intelligence, Mercury and Uranus. Their combined influence opens us to new dimensions of perception as we redirect the aptitudes of lower and higher mind they signify, turning inward.

Speaking of dimensions of perception, the Mayas traveled regularly to the subtle realms. In fact, this is part of the domain of Kulculcán, a key personage of Mayan tradition, connected to the wind. This connection is particularly pertinent this year. The present summer is the last one of the current Mayan long count, a cycle of 5,125 years which is due to end in December (or next March, according to some researchers). Psychic aptitudes were highly valued by these ancient cosmologists, who in millennia past predicted a great shift in consciousness in 2012.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • Incense, preferably copal or jasmine
  • White, seasonal flowers
  • White candle


Light the incense as you say,

This is an offering for Kulculcán, and the essences of Divine Intuition, whose assistance I request to cultivate my psychic attunement to Infinite Intelligence.

Light the candle, as you say,

Omniscient Intelligence fills this space, and brings to light whatever I need to perceive.

Repeat words like those that follow, or compatible ones that occur to you, during 8 to 10 minutes:

Infinite Intelligence is guiding me continually; It activates my intuition to discern that guidance clearly, and through unlimited channels reminds me to listen to it. Thank You, Mother-Father, for the direct connection I have with Your Omniscience now and always. 

Like the lunar cycles, the voluntary cultivation of perception is an ongoing event.

Use affirmations like these for several minutes each morning and every night before sleeping at least until the next New Moon. Compliment this inner work by making a space for intuitive living: call on Kulculcán in the evening wind, get an intuition journal to write down the signs and psychic messages you receive, set aside a few minutes each day just to sit quietly and identify your deepest perceptions, and be sure to begin to act on them.

Could our best solutions lie in a realm more subtle? Starting at this lunation, cultivate the nocturnal beach-space within and discover the magic yourself.

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