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Daily Astrological Forecast, June 1-30, 2012

by Terry Lamb on June 1, 2012

Daily Astrology Forecast June

Astrology Overview

June is a month of turning points, where specific dates host successive convergences of effects. The dates of greatest activity are June 4-5, 11, 25, 27, and 29. These convergences will play out like a movie, with peaks and dramatic climaxes, foreshadowing and denouements. As they weave their way through our senses, their threads will extend back to December 2010 and forward into our vague future, adding definition and revealing our path. We will look back on June as a pivot point.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your process. Each of us is on a wave of our own creation, with others whose waves have swelled synchronously beside us. Relationship is a key factor—perhaps the key factor right now. The process is transformation and renewal, the theme is love and companionship.

Transformation and renewal come to us through the Cardinal signs. The currently ubiquitous Uranus-Pluto square is the flagship of the transformational armada. It speaks for the processes of necessary change for life to survive on Planet Earth. We see it manifest in the economy, government and politics, science and the arts. It is in our life in the form of the changes we must make to respond to the larger forces, from our spending habits to our spiritual practice. Uranus and Pluto make their first of seven contacts by square aspect on June 24.

The thematic experience comes through the Mutable signs generally, and Gemini specifically. With Venus retrograde and the eclipses there and Jupiter soon to enter the sign, we are awash in Gemini’s need to connect. This is magnified by Venus’s love-glue, and in Gemini she wants companionship and conversation.

What makes this a truly fascinating process is how karmic it all is. Venus at the South Node and intertwined with the eclipses during her retrograde, plus her connection with Saturn at the time of her retrograde station: these are the markers of karma unfolding through our relationship ties.

With Saturn in Libra, this exists in the context of finding those with whom we share the deepest soul connection, in order to form the most lasting of bonds. These forces converge to bring a rapid working of “fate”, swarming us with all the karma that needs to be cleared in one big load, so that we can get on with the path we came together to fulfill.

Venus has been out of bounds, and if you’ve seen women acting more boldly than is their habit, they are using the opportunity afforded by her symbolic freedom from the confines of the Zodiacal Belt. This ends in early June, just in time for her to make her anticipated transit of the Sun. Venus is too small to eclipse the Sun from our perspective, but were she large enough that is what we would experience—and the alignment by both longitude (sign degree) and declination (distance N-S of the Sun’s path) is powerful, bringing all into focus.

Neptune and Chiron define a theme of equal importance that ties in from Pisces—that of healing at the most rarefied spiritual levels. This is the perfect response to the karmic revelations that come through the activity in Gemini; the most efficient way to defuse and dismiss karma is to heal it in the spiritual realms. Neptune and Chiron both make their retrograde station during June.

As Venus starts her new 19-month cycle, we also renew our relationships with those around us—all of them. Some new ones will enter our lives, while others will disappear. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are in negotiations to find new purpose, direction, and growth with each other. Saturn is about to end its retrograde, its last tango in Libra before moving ahead into Scorpio in October. Pluto reaches the halfway point in its cycle on June 29. Uranus is still early in its cycle, leading us to new discoveries and unfamiliar situations through mid-July.

Although Jupiter started its new yearly cycle in May, it brings more newness our way when it adds to the crowd in Gemini, entering the sign on June 11. This speeds up the clearing of blocks and karmic patterns and extends the learning we get from this process as it spends a year in the sign.

The New Moon on June 19 comes in the hush that settles in just before the Sun reaches Cancer and the Summer Solstice point. This is very powerful, not just in itself but also because it reactivates the degree of the first eclipse we had in Gemini on December 21, 2010. Events now will tie in to what we experienced on/around that date.

Three of our peak dates fall in the last week of June. We could call this the Week of Great Release. Both Saturn and Venus, which connected by trine at her station retrograde, turn direct this week. We are released from our steep learning curve to step forward in our relationships at a new level and a slower developmental pace.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Daylight Time (UTC–7).

“Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrological Forecast, June 2012

Friday June 1

After a brief void period in Libra, Moon enters sultry Scorpio at 5:31 am PT (8:31am ET), bringing feelings of peace that pervade the morning hours. On this flow, we feel inspired to communicate necessary messages, as Mercury conjoins Venus retrograde. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can keep it light; a balance of light-hearted, unattached, and sincere is the ticket, as Moon reaches out to Pluto over the day.

Saturday June 2

Moon continues in Scorpio, finding opportunity for industry and efficiency as it sextiles Mars. We’re likely to be impatient with whatever stands in the way of our productivity.

Sunday June 3

Thoughts, communications, and connections are key during this Venus retrograde, and whatever happens today furthers the situation as Mercury trines Saturn through the day. Observe carefully. Our Scorpio Moon slips into her void period at 2:29 am (5:29 am ET), linking us with the netherworld until 5:32 am (8:32am ET), when she goes into expansive Sagittarius. Morning’s disillusion gives way to the afternoon’s pleasant surprise, as the energy now builds toward tomorrow’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse.

Monday June 4

At 4:12 am PT/14°14′ Gemini-Sagittarius (7:12am ET), the other shoe drops: the partial Full Moon Eclipse brings our affairs to a crescendo. Processes that began in early April were furthered at the New Moon Eclipse on May 20. Now we experience another step on the long path through Gemini’s magical realm. What happens now is not final, so don’t give up—but do take actions that flow from your heart.

There are multiple cross-currents feeding today’s eclipse, thus embedded in our process of the next six months. Neptune stations retrograde at 3°09′ Pisces, issuing to us the curriculum that we will follow in learning our next lessons on our path to spiritual wholeness and unity with All. It’s a good time to take stock of what’s on our plate in terms of circumstances, goals, and the process by which we achieve them. Neptune is all about process, but the events and situations that populate the outer landscape give us clues to what’s inside.

The second of two Venus-Mars squares comes today (16°24′ Gemini/Virgo), augmented by squares from the Full Moon to bring an enriched understanding of what stands in the way of what we want to create, in relationship, finance, and everything we choose to pursue. Events and impressions now tie in with what occurred on April 6–7, allowing us to move closer to completing the process that was activated then.

As the Moon finds accord with Saturn, we know we can rely on our long-range vision of what’s happening to pull us through what are temporary challenges toward a greater harmony with those we care about the most. Our capacity for insight is strong late in the day. The Moon enters its void of course at 9:21 pm (12:21am, June 5, ET) until tomorrow, but it can be used to activate things in our life nonetheless because of its position in Sagittarius.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, representing the US, the focus is on hidden or secret factors affecting the people and their sense of security. Global warming and its influence on local weather is highlighted, as a particularly violent weather pattern moves through the Eastern US. President Obama is under fire but able to easily deflect the barbs of blame thrown at him by highlighting the truth of the matter. The workers of the nation are starting to understand the real sources of their difficulties, and it’s not the President.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is at 15 Sagittarius, with the Sabian Symbol of “The time is at hand to determine whether winter shall end: The groundhog comes forth looking for its shadow.” (ME Jones version) It is time to end our isolation where we perceive it to exist. It’s time to step forward into love, regardless of the risk. We will see peaceful overtures and agreements amongst nations as well in the coming six months, with the full result seen in 18 months.

Tuesday June 5

Today’s events flow seamlessly from of yesterday’s processes, as Venus transits the Sun at 15°45′ Gemini/exact at 6:10 pm PT (9:10pm ET). The transit lasts from 3:10 pm – 9:50 pm PT (6:10pm – 12:50am June 6 ET). The Moon enters careful Capricorn at 5:31 am (8:31am ET) to activate the planets in Cardinal signs—Uranus and Pluto, the planets of long-term change. This brings a further awakening to what their square means for us as the first one becomes exact later this month. The power of realization is underscored by the fact that the Moon occults (“eclipses”) Pluto again this month. Deep meaning is to be found in connections with others today, but these may take place more on the inner plane than visibly.

Wednesday June 6

Moon continues through Capricorn, lending support to our vitality early in the day. Don’t overdo it, or we’re likely to feel over-tired later. Stress comes from our emotional reactions to events, and focusing on how we’re reacting is key to maintaining a high energy level.

Thursday June 7

At 5:38 am (8:3 8am ET), Moon enters its void period in Capricorn, moving into aspiring Aquarius at 7:17 am (10:17 am ET). Mercury makes its ingress into Cancer at 4:16 am (7:16 am ET) to heighten our awareness of the feeling content in our thoughts. We will be more aware of what drives us and feel pulled to take action, as head and gut find an adjusted balance point over the coming 19 days. It gives us a dry run on the Uranus-Pluto square that perfects on June 24. It’s a good time to pay attention to what happens today through June 11, especially, for clues. Sun squares Mars to generate tension and impatience, with a potential for conflict. Take a long view and relax about schedules and deadlines. The Moon eases our way through if we let the cosmos do the heavy lifting with a “less is more” attitude.

Friday June 8

A day of nothing but trines slides gracefully down the water slide of life, as Mercury trines Neptune. Dream, be inspired, and allow your creativity to flow. It’s the perfect set of energies for it. Words come easily as Moon in Aquarius trines Venus and Sun in Gemini, and Saturn in Libra to complete a Grand Trine in Air. It’s a good day to take up important communications and connections.

Saturday June 9

We may want a lazy morning, but that is overshadowed by our ambition to accomplish something, as Moon completes its stay in Aquarius on a square to Jupiter. Its void period is insignificant, commencing at 11:33 am and lasting until its entry into empathic Pisces at 12:22 pm PT (3:22 pm ET). Meditation and movies attract us as Moon makes an evening conjunction to Neptune, with a trine to Mercury to top it off with clarity between head and heart.

Sunday June 10

Moon in Pisces brings out the Wounded Healer in us as it connects to Chiron and Pluto early in the day. Deep healing is possible, especially in light of tomorrow’s Chiron station retrograde. Don’t expect too much from others, with a Moon square to Venus. Deeper processes are at work, and tensions temporarily run high.

Monday June 11

Jupiter enters Gemini at 10:22 am (1:22 pm ET), adding to the sense of destiny regarding where we’re headed, especially in our relationships. We get a year to work out where this is taking us, but what happens over the next three weeks will set the tone, again tying into events in early-mid April. Chiron makes its retrograde station today at 9°45′ Pisces, establishing the healing landscape we will inhabit for the next five months. Another layer of insight is added to our growing depth of understanding, as Mercury perfects its contacts to Uranus and Pluto over the day.

The Moon enters its void period on the heels of its Last Quarter square to the Sun at 3:41 am PT (6:41 am ET) at 20°54′ Pisces. With all that’s going on today, we are loaded with energy that we can disperse over the coming week for immediate effect, with longer-term results spread over the next few months. Taking care of it all right now is not on the menu. The Moon’s void period lasts until 9:21 pm PT (12:21 am June 12 ET), when it enters activating Aries and makes the first contact to Jupiter in its new sign, a feel-good sextile.

The lunation chart cast for the US makes this week feel like a rerun of last week, with more awareness of what’s really going on. The big storm is over, but there are smaller squalls to be dealt with in the heartland.

The Sabian Symbol for the Last Quarter Moon at 21 Pisces is “a little white lamb, a child, and a Chinese servant”. Immigration and the treatment of those who do not have a voice will be highlighted in the news as an election issues in the US. We will be called upon to see beyond the surface stereotypes to the true nature of those with whom we interact, especially those less fortunate or who cannot speak for themselves, to give only love.

Tuesday June 12

Work done to further our healing of deep wounds is especially effective today, as Mercury trines Chiron. Because Chiron is still at its station, Mercury can be used with great efficacy during this cycle. Words, thoughts, communications, connections—are all useful now and in the coming months in healing our imbalances. As Moon carries on through Aries, it reiterates a T-square with Uranus, Pluto, and Mercury, and the emotional impact of the thoughts we’ve had reaches us, prompting us to take action. This releases building pressure but leaves complete resolution to a future time. A late harmony with Venus allows the day to end well.

Wednesday June 13

The Sun trines Saturn, once again connecting us to our higher purpose and long-term goals. Now we get a clearer view of what we will get from this Saturn cycle, as Saturn’s Station Direct is nearly here. The Moon adds dimension to our experience as it connects with both over the evening hours. The Moon goes void of course at 8:09 pm PT (11:09 pm ET), until tomorrow morning.

Thursday June 14

At 9:22 am, the Moon enters tactile Taurus, giving us lots of space for self-directed activity, as it inspires us with a sextile to Neptune, the sole contact of the day.

Friday June 15

Moon in Taurus brings soothing insights as it connects with Pluto and Mercury, making sure that we get our security needs met in the changes we are making.

Saturday June 16

The Moon goes void of course at 5:09 am (8:09 am ET) on an active trine to Mars. It spends the day in this internalized space, but all actions taken will turn out well with the Moon in its exalted sign. It enters jumping Gemini at 10:24 pm (1:24 am June 17 ET), the sign of the New Moon. Venus, still retrograde, makes its second of three squares to our still stationary Chiron. Ongoing healing processes are up for further repair and balancing.

Sunday June 17

Just after midnight, the Gemini Moon occults Jupiter for an added expansive feeling to late-night activities, and sweetened dreams. We’re in the Wishing (Balsamic) Moon now, just before the New Moon, so use the energy imaginatively to feed your direction on the next lunar cycle. More needs to be said to resolve our ongoing situations, but perhaps not today. We’re muted by a tendency to think in images, and this opens the door for divine providence to bring forth a resolving event, if we allow it.

Monday June 18

Our Gemini Moon activates our desire to organize when it connects to Mars in Virgo and makes us realize how many things we’ve lost and how much time we’re wasting looking for them. All will be rectified by the end of the day, thanks to a trine to disciplined, organized Saturn.

Tuesday June 19

At 8:02 am PT (11:02 am ET) at 28°43′ Gemini, we start a new lunar month with a “Blue” New Moon, the second New Moon in Gemini. This carries a strong impact in our lives that ties back to events on/around December 21, 2010, when a Full Moon Eclipse touched this degree. This lunar cycle will see the processes and situations started then find a sort of completion, although there is more to come in Gemini. This opens the door to the Moon’s void period, which lasts until it enters kind Cancer at 10:34 am (1:34 pm ET), augmenting our imagination with a trine to dreamy Neptune.

This New Moon may feel like it’s more about endings than beginnings, but we will be disabused of this notion tomorrow, when we reach the June Solstice, a pivot point in the yearly cycle. For now, we may spend more time looking back, a more fruitful activity when we use it constructively to laud our accomplishments and correct our mistakes.

In the chart cast for the US in Washington DC, there is an emphasis on leadership, but the President will point to the fact that he is not alone in that role; instead he must also rely on Congress to take a wise outlook in leading the nation—hmmm. Subtle undermining of the nation’s wholeness comes from many sources now, from disease vectors to pirates on the high seas to puerile legislators, but the people are learning to see the truth.

The New Moon is at 29 Gemini, bringing forth the Sabian Symbol, “High in a tree that gives only the faintest evidence of returning spring, a mockingbird delivers its repertoire.” (ME Jones) A mockingbird mimics only the best birdsong that he hears, and we can do the same: take the best of what’s offered and filter out the rest, then improve on it. We should not be fooled by those who change their tune too frequently, nor should we speak until we fully understand what we’re about to say.

Wednesday June 20

We get a glimpse of what’s coming next week, as Mercury squares Saturn, which is nearly at its direct station, ready to move forward again. Words spoken today may be distorted by fear both in the speaker and listener. The Moon continues through Cancer, connecting Uranus and Pluto in their almost-exact square while we sleep. The Sun intensifies this experience when it enters Cancer at 4:09 pm PT (7:07pm ET), its June Solstice pivot point. Now it reverses direction on the N-S axis, opening summer in the Northern and winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Despite our inner misgivings, if we are open, the evening brings a pleasant surprise.

Thursday June 21

It’s all over by 9:48 am: the Moon completes its active phase in Cancer with early connections that energize us in facing down obstacles, both physically and verbally. We feel good enough about our ability to express ourselves to actually say something we’ve been building up to, with Mercury sextile Mars. The Moon’s void begins at 9:48 am (12:48 pm ET), giving us a day of reflection and inner work if we want it, or active participation if that suits, since Moon in Cancer still performs while void of course. At 8:47 pm (11:47 pm ET), the Moon goes into lively Leo.

Friday June 22

The Moon in Leo finds all the enterprise we need for a day of profitable connections and creativity, as it makes a Minor Grand Trine with Jupiter-Venus and Uranus. Relationships on all levels are benefited.

Saturday June 23

The Moon gives us a sweet ride as it trines Saturn over the day, going void of course at 3:26 pm PT (6:26 pm ET). A Sun trine to Neptune opens the doors of creativity and spiritual connectedness, as we have access to the imaginal world. Enjoy a dreamy evening off.

Sunday June 24

At 4:43 am (7:43 am ET), the Moon enters virtuous Virgo, reactivating the planets in the early degrees of the Mutable signs. It kicks off the day with contacts to Jupiter and Neptune that leave us trying to guess at how much of what we see is real. A sextile to the Sun reconnects us with our caring side and value of mutual support, but it’s not a good time to put too much pressure on someone else to take care of us. The elephant in the living room is the first of Uranus’s squares to Pluto, at 8°24′ Aries/Capricorn. This is not a single-day event, but more of a feeling of tension and depth that has been building for many months. We may not notice it today in particular so much as when other planets connect with the pattern. A Moon trine to Pluto in the evening brings a sense of relief in knowing what’s going on beneath the surface—that we can make sense of it all. This opens the Week of Great Release.

Monday June 25

Jupiter squares Neptune at 3°02′ Gemini/Pisces, bringing forward a crisis in faith in the face of overwhelm. Did we take on too much? What can we eliminate? Do it now. This is the only square Jupiter will make to Neptune on this round, so use this window to streamline your life and winnow down your obligations so you can actually create what you want in response to current changes.

Two other events mark this day as significant: Saturn stations direct (SD) at 22°46′ Libra, after five months retrograde (since February 7). What have you learned since then? What steps have you been able to take in building new structures in your life, especially those in relationships? This is Saturn’s domain in this round. We have until October 4 (when Saturn enters Scorpio) to complete our Libran relationship processes. Mercury jazzes things up when it enters Leo at 7:24 pm PT (10:24 pm ET). The sweet sensitivity of Cancer is replaced by the joy of expression in Leo. Let it out!

Tuesday June 26

The Moon in Virgo enters its void-of-course period at 3:53 am (6:53 am ET), lasting until 10:15 am with its ingress into lovely Libra, activating our intellect with contacts to Jupiter and Mercury in another Minor Grand Trine.

The First Quarter Moon square to the Sun occurs at 8:30 pm (11:30 pm ET) at 5°54′ Libra, amidst several harmonious contacts. Awareness of our karmic connections, how powerful and germane they are to our life, is fully in focus. We see more clearly than before the depth, intensity, and nature of our most important connections and must act accordingly in the coming hours, days, weeks, and months.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, the nation’s “karma” rests in the economic realm, in its bonds with China and other financial partners. In the months ahead, China will make its presence felt more through its ownership of much of America’s mortgage debt. The President’s role on the world stage is the focus now, and he is more open about what’s happening there than has been the case in the past.

The First Quarter Moon’s degree of 6 Libra is symbolized by “A man watches his ideals taking a concrete form before his inner vision.” We are about to move our relationships into the newest phase of their development based on the agreements we renegotiated during the past six weeks of Venus’s retrograde and the past 2.5 years that Saturn has been in Libra. What hasn’t yet been accomplished is still possible—now more than ever.

Wednesday June 27

The conjunction of Jupiter with the South Node at 3°31′ Gemini can make us feel like fate has taken charge. This has been slowly intensifying since June 11 and peaks today. The Moon continues through Libra, contacting the denizens of the deep for the first time since their exact square—and now in reverse order from the multiple contacts of before. Now we dive into the Underworld before receiving the awakening light that comes from Uranus. It turns our process on its head, but not our direction.

Venus stations direct at 8:07 am/7°29′ Gemini (11:07 am ET), releasing us from our focus on finding balance between fantasy and reality. The contradictory voices in our head are quieter now, and we settle into a new normal in our relationships.

Thursday June 28

At 1:22 am (4:22 am ET), the Moon goes void of course on a serious note, giving us a long, deep think about all the events and developments of the past three months. This lasts until 1:32 pm (4:22pm ET) with her entry into sensual Scorpio. This harmonizes with our imaginative side and dampens our mental processes—creative expression and experiences that emphasize feelings make the evening pleasant.

Friday June 29

Our last peak day of the month finds the Sun opposing Pluto at 8°16′ Cancer/Capricorn and square Uranus (8°28′ Cancer/Aries), bringing us a strong activation of the first Uranus-Pluto square. Once again, we get reacquainted with these planets in reverse order, taking on tasks that align us with our hero’s journey as revealed to us through the Sun. With the enhanced perspective that such challenges bring, we find it easier to appreciate the quiet support we get from others—the greatest treasure we have during such times. The Moon continues in Scorpio, helping us integrate these experiences into our way forward.

Saturday June 30

The Sun trines Chiron at 9°35′ Cancer/Pisces to bring an infusion of spiritual energy for us to direct where we will. The Moon in Scorpio supports an energetic response to our day’s list of activities, as it sextiles Mars, giving us time for a siesta with its void period with extends from 12:46 pm (3:46 pm ET) until its entry into Sagittarius at 3:04 pm PT (6:04 pm ET). Assuage evening restlessness with a long walk or a night on the town.

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Terry Lamb June 26, 2012 at 9:06 am

Thanks, La Mer! I am happy you find my perspective a support. The Venus-Saturn trine does not occur this week of course, but as soon as Venus reverses directions, she’s heading toward Saturn in the correct sign, so the connection starts to happen. There are other patterns that are distracting us now, but this is one to look forward to and enjoy, through the time of the exact trine, on July 31. Blessings to all!

La Mer June 22, 2012 at 11:49 am

Terry Lamb,

I join others in expressing gratitude that we have found your forecast lighting the way in this Week of the Great Release! Such complex energies, and you put it all together so well. Very helpful to know about the Venus/Saturn trine energy (which was not mentioned in my ephemeris). Thank you.

La Mer

Susan Pomeroy June 21, 2012 at 9:16 am

Thank you, Belinda — so glad to have you here!

Belinda June 21, 2012 at 6:45 am

Just found my way to your site…( I am the UK ) …it is wonderful many thanks and blessings to you

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