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Daily Success Guide December 2010—Free Daily Astrological Forecast

by Terry Lamb on December 1, 2010

Daily Success Guide Free Daily Astrological Forecast, December 2010

The last month of an extremely active and fruitful year will not disappoint. December finds us creating our pièce de résistance, the culmination of our efforts for the entire year. It is possible that your life will be unrecognizable by the end of January from where it was a year before, even three months before. December becomes the month when we start manifesting our miracles.

We have Mercury’s retrograde to thank for this, as it connects with nearly every planet in its backward sojourn. The fun began on November 22, when Mercury entered its retrograde zone—the part of the zodiac over which it later backtracks. Mercury enters Capricorn on November 30, taking us into the zone of transformation, an energetic pattern we will not leave until the end of January.

All the planets are direct (moving in forward motion, from earlier to later degree) at the start of the month, except Uranus. This is soon remedied—Uranus makes its direct station on the 5th. For four days, all the planets are direct, before Mercury’s apparent backward motion begins on the 10th (5°56′ Capricorn), lasting through the 29th (19°37′ Sagittarius). During this time, it makes contact with every planet except Saturn. This is highly unusual and results in multiple crosscurrents of energy as the gods (planets) give their notes to the Messenger especially for us. It will be one of those times when life takes over and we go along for the ride.

The peak day for this activity is December 13, when there is a triple conjunction of Mercury Rx, Mars, and Pluto. Message, action, and transformation come together within five minutes, from 8:09–8:13 PM (Pacific Time) at 4°41′ Capricorn. This unleashes incredible power in our lives to manifest what we most want to experience and express.

When Uranus returns to forward motion, it too unleashes blocked-up energy. Since July 5, we have been internalizing our awakening process. We’ve been aware of it, but not quite sure of what we are creating with our efforts to wake ourselves up. Uranus’ energy is predictable in its unpredictability. It brings seemingly random events that follow a progression once we can see things from inside the invisible world.

Just in case you think that’s not enough to keep you busy in December, there’s the added effect of a new Lunar Eclipse on December 21. This starts another chapter in our lives in a big way. Not only does this start a new life chapter, it starts a new theme of development. This is the first of the eclipses in Gemini-Sagittarius, which will be with us through May 2013. This series is about mobilization—getting where we need to be to fulfill our path. For some, this will entail moving, and we will see a larger number of people than usual migrating during this time. For others, it will be more symbolic. We are still working with the Cancer-Capricorn theme, the development of Cosmic Family, through 2011.

This is one month in particular when we will feel the Moon’s energy in a more pronounced manner as it contacts the planets in early Capricorn December 6-7, 14, 21, and 27-28; and those in late mutable December 5-6, 13, 20-21, and 26. We will use deep unconscious processes to motivate our actions on the first set of dates, while the second set will be more associated with external events that trigger inner states and feelings.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Maya’s rule of thumb was, “In making a close call, I look at the moon’s final aspect, just before it goes void of course. This shows how the situation will end up.”

Daily Astrological Forecast, December 2010

Wednesday December 1

The Moon in peace-loving Libra conjoins Saturn before we rise, generating serious dreams with a message of love and hope that lasts through the day as Mercury sextiles Venus. This is the first of two sextiles, bringing a positively framed but significant message of agreement, love, or friendship. The Moon moves toward a sextile to Mars through the day, making it easier than usual for us to focus our energy into effective activity. We’ll get more things done.

Thursday December 2

At 0:08 am on a trine to Neptune, the Moon enters its void period, which last until 6:43 am when the Moon enters mysterious Scorpio. In themselves, the planets are interacting harmoniously today, including sextiles of Mars to Neptune and Chiron. However, we’re already feeling Mars’s powerful square to a stationary Uranus, which happens early tomorrow. If we stay in the moment, we’ll feel harmony and peace as the Moon conjoins Venus and sextiles Mercury and Pluto. Tension rises when we project into the future. There is no doubt, a release is coming, but we’ll need to be patient until after the 5th.

Friday December 3

Moon remains in Scorpio today, moving toward a mobilizing, uplifting trine to Jupiter all day—don’t overspend. Mars finally reaches the square to Uranus after a build-up of tension over the past few days. The release occurs early, giving us a sense of freedom and relief from obstructions. This starts the processes that will unfold as Uranus resumes forward motion on Sunday.

Saturday December 4

A square to Neptune occurs before the trine to Uranus at 4:13 am that brings the Moon’s latest void-of-course period. This lasts until 9:59 am as it enters breezy Sagittarius, giving us some time to complete and integrate what we’ve accomplished. It’s a good time to make an “I did it!” list.

Sunday December 5

At 9:36 am, the New Moon at 13°28′ Sagittarius sends us off on a new journey to awareness. We are right on the brink of new discoveries, and we will be so much wiser by the next New Moon! Even though the New Moon is in Sagittarius, the bulk of activity is in Capricorn, as Mercury, Mars, and Pluto engage in multiple activations. Chief among the events of the coming week is Mercury’s station to retrograde, and the stage is already set for action. Also imprinted in this lunation (and therefore a factor for the entire lunar month) is Uranus’ station to direct motion, which occurs today at 5:51 pm. Get ready for a ride as the universe carries us in the direction chosen by our focus over the past 9 months!

In the chart cast for Washington DC, the New Moon is near the Midheaven, at the lead of a cluster of planets at the top of the chart. They suggest a focus of attention on the leadership of the country, as if to ask, “Where is this country going?” In this case it is better to take the long view and ignore rhetoric. Many things will work themselves out in surprising ways between now and the December legislative recess. Outcomes will be better than most think, although the world will see the face of a conflicted nation. Underneath it is the burden of debt owed to foreign powers, particularly China.

The Sabian Symbol for 14 Sagittarius is, “A vast panorama of sand and time is unfolding. The pyramids and Sphinx in their glory rise before the eye.” This speaks of the deep processes at work under the surface and how, when many people join forces as One, they can create great works. These forces of Oneness are set forth on this New Moon.

Monday December 6

The Moon activates many planets before it leaves Sagittarius. Supporting our underlying healing process, events occur today that awaken us to new possibilities. Rather than think of what happens with concern, approach events as clues to what to do next. Each one reveals a hidden factor that helps a wise decision. The Moon occults (eclipses) Mars at 1:46 pm. This makes actions taken around this time more closely associated with our feelings than usual. This also opens the Moon’s void period, which lasts until it goes into Capricorn at 3:16 pm. The Moon takes us deep as the evening waxes, leading us to necessary realizations.

Tuesday December 7

With the Sun sextile Saturn today, it steadies our efforts and our confidence. Now is the time to find the right balance of risk and security in make plans for the future. At 3:49 pm, Mars enters Capricorn, another stabilizing influence, but with its encounters with Mercury and Pluto coming up, we feel more intensity as well. This is the energy of manifestation. The Moon’s contacts support our focus in this direction, as it connects with a near-stationary Mercury and squares Saturn. We’re aware of every feeling we have about the situations we have in our life, and this leads to action.

Wednesday December 8

Venus makes her third of three sextiles to Pluto, tying in to events on September 12 and November 1. This encourages harmonious changes in our commitments to and agreements with others. The Moon helps us find happiness in the midst of change when it sextiles Jupiter and Uranus. At 5:07 pm, the Moon goes void of course, giving us a long evening of rest. We can activate our engines again at 11:30 pm when the Moon enters individualistic Aquarius.

Thursday December 9

The Moon in Aquarius makes a solo contact today. Its square to Venus suggests that we should wait until we feel clearer before taking on a relationship issue. If we need to launch it today, don’t expect it to be complete at this time. It will take another round to finish it.

Friday December 10

Mercury begins its 20-day retrograde period at 4:06 am. This happens as Venus is sextiling Mercury, making communications flow very well during the entire retrograde, but especially today. Even bad news will be delivered gently and bring a positive outcome. The Moon continues in Aquarius, finding harmony with Saturn and the Sun to continue supporting our plans for a solid future.

Saturday December 11

There’s plenty of action today, as the Moon makes contact with Chiron and Neptune, then goes void at 3:09 am. Go ahead, sleep in! We don’t get clear energy for action until the Moon goes into sensitive Pisces at 10:40 am. Now we can become sensitive to what needs to happen—is already happening—in our lives and respond with courage to the call, as Moon sextiles the Node and three planets in Capricorn (Mars, Pluto, and Mercury).

Sunday December 12

We feel naturally peaceful and happy today if we stay in the moment, as the Moon trines Venus. Enjoy time with your loved ones.

Monday December 13

The First Quarter Moon occurs at 5:59 am/21°27′ Pisces, leading into a day of unparalleled planetary activity. This is the day of the triple conjunction of Mercury, Mars, and Pluto, with the North Node not far away. Events on/around today will tie into those of the June 26 Lunar Eclipse. You’ll see a tie-in with mid to late February as well, when all is said and done. The key energy peaks occur all afternoon, with a burst at 8:09-8:13 pm, when Mercury, Mars and Pluto come together exactly at 4°42′ Capricorn. This degree in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) has taken several hits over the past year, leading to the impression of an unchangeable situation. However, now is the time when real change will occur. At 4:38 pm, the Moon goes void of course in Pisces, which still permits successful action. Once the Moon enters enthusiastic Aries at 11:14 pm, we’ll be energized.

The Capricorn cluster resides in the 12th house (but first sign) of the chart in Washington DC. There is a quiet shift in persona that the public is going through, quite out of the reach of market and media manipulations. There is a real revolution taking place in American media right now after the last election. People are learning the most important lesson: that they have to think for themselves.

The Sabian Symbol at 22 Pisces is, “Down the man-made mountain of industry in allegorical representation comes a prophet with tablets of a new law.” (ME Jones version) This suggests a substantial shift in the awareness of truth. It also suggests a new political law fostered by a new party in power, perhaps done in an evangelical manner.

Tuesday December 14

Just in case we didn’t get enough yesterday, the truth comes through again in a new way, and we see yet another perspective on the situation that will help with the outcome. While the realizations may involve some pain, the way will be smoother now that this is visible.

Wednesday December 15

Like yesterday, we get another perspective on reality, a new chance to just get everything cleared out. We’re activated by the Moon in Aries. We are able to integrate our new awareness quite easily, releasing thoughts and emotions that prevent peace, as the Moon trines the Sun, heading into the energy shadow of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse next Tuesday.

Thursday December 16

Aries Moon goes void at 4:47 am with sextiles to Neptune and Chiron to infuse our dreams with healing rays. The void period ends at 10:49 with the Moon’s entry into dependable Taurus, giving us a chance to organize and integrate what we’ve been working with—or just some breathing room. Permeating the day is the Sun’s square to Jupiter, expanding our awareness of what actions we need to take to realize our goals. More a goad to action than an understanding of what to do, this impulse will be blended into the other aspects of our life in the coming days. With the Sun’s square to Uranus on Saturday and Mercury’s contact with these planets on Monday and Tuesday (December 20-21), there’s more to be revealed, so don’t rush to judgment. We get a chance to bring deep feelings to the surface and discover how we really feel in the second half of the day, as the Moon trines Mercury and Pluto.

Friday December 17

The Moon in Taurus continues to bring harmony as it carries yesterday’s Mercury-Pluto energy to Mars for a final dose of Capricornian reality before Mercury moves back into Sagittarius tomorrow. It’s true confession time. We’re learning more about what actually happened during the Venus retrograde of October-November today, getting the back story. We may communicate or hear from another what was really going on beneath the surface during that time.

Saturday December 18

The Sun’s sextile to Neptune-Chiron puts a positive spin on our process of making ourselves whole, just in time for a new dose of truth: Mercury returns to Sagittarius at 6:55 am for a second take on what direction our life should next take. The Sun’s square to Uranus electrifies this process, bringing the element of the amazing, startling, and miraculous to the surface. The Moon supplements our experience, harmonizing where the Sun reveals rough edges from its position in Taurus. The Moon enters its void-of-course at 1:36 pm, although it is still activating in Taurus if we want to continue to engage actively with the world around us. Moon enters versatile Gemini at 7:37 pm, and we enter the energy field of Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse.

Sunday December 19

Moon in Gemini finds an empty patch of sky today. We have plenty of internal activity today though as the Sun and Mercury retrograde conjoin by mutual application (each moving toward the other, increasing the impact). Head and heart come into contact and merge—let your feelings be your guide. We feel the Lunar Eclipse as a drawing inward. We wonder what the future holds.

Monday December 20

The level of planetary activity goes through the roof today, with the Moon in Gemini activating almost every planet over the course of the day. We are enlightened as Sun and Mercury trade places with each other as the lead planet. We feel like we can move forward—if only we knew which way to go. Our sense of direction will develop over the day, but the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon is nearly upon us, and nothing can be finalized right now. Be prepared to connect the dots in a surprising way as Mercury squares Uranus today and Jupiter tomorrow.

Tuesday December 21

At 0:13 am, the Moon opposes the Sun while falling into the Earth’s shadow, producing a total Lunar Eclipse. This is the void-of-course event, granting us a time to integrate the energies, until the Moon’s entry into caring Cancer at 1:22 am. We get a huge download of insight over the rest of the day, as Moon opposes Pluto and Mercury squares Jupiter. We move more toward makin’ it real when the Sun enters Capricorn at 3:39 pm. This is Yule, the Solstice (winter in the Northern Hemisphere, summer in the Southern), the pivot point within the Great Pivot Point of the Galactic Embrace that culminates in 2012.

Wednesday December 22

The Moon in Cancer finds harmony with miracle-maker planets Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus, with a reality check from Saturn before dawn. Don’t let your dream antagonists frighten you. At 11:25 pm, the Moon goes void of course until early tomorrow. Sleep well.

Thursday December 23

At 4:50 am, the Moon enters optimistic Leo, the only celestial event of the day. It’s our choice what we do with this energy, as the planets offer no immediate direction.

Friday December 24

It’s a great day to relax as the Moon resonates with Saturn and Mercury, but it may work best to avoid sensitive subjects with your loved ones around breakfast time, when the Moon squares Venus.

Saturday December 25

The Moon goes void of course before Santa returns home, at 2:42 am on the opposition to Chiron, to open our awareness to what we can do next to heal our deepest wound. At 7:14 am, the Moon enters Virgo and eases our experience of deep truths, as she trines Sun and Pluto in mid-afternoon.

Sunday December 26

At 5:03 pm, the Sun conjoins Pluto to start a new yearly cycle of transformation in our lives. The seeds we have been planting since the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse and those of the next few days will set the frame for how we change and grow in the coming year. The Moon in Virgo carries peace, joy, and love into our relationships, perhaps disguised as expressions of gratitude and responsible action. These can be alchemized into a powerful path of universal service.

Monday December 27

Our dreams are enlivened by lunar squares to awakeners Jupiter and Uranus before dawn. Even if you don’t remember your insights, they will infuse your actions in the coming days. At 4:20 am, the Moon in Virgo goes void, until its move into artistic Libra at 9:38 am. Evening squares to Pluto and the Sun ensure that we keep the transformative juices flowing.

The Last Quarter phase of the Moon occurs today at 8:18 pm/6°19′ Libra. North Node, Pluto, Sun, and Mars are clustered in Capricorn, while Mercury in Sagittarius is nearly ready to station direct. Old patterns continue to shift in favor of new directions. We are inclined to see the truth about our relationships, to miss loved ones we are not with, and to want to change what feels devoid of heart for us.

In the chart cast for the US in Washington DC, the Capricorn planets are in the 4th house. This suggests significant weather incidents—an especially cold storm or a cold snap in the eastern US. The people of the nation feel stuck and unhappy with the way the country is going, and polls taken now will indicate this. Foreign powers offer hope and support in the midst of economic challenges.

The Sabian Symbol for 7 Libra is “A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks.” This is a time not to overlook the emotional care and protection of those in your life, including yourself. This is a time for appreciating those who keep us in their care and protection as well. This may also indicate a political protection of our country against international threats, or against the attacks of political predators within our own government.

Tuesday December 28

The Moon continues in Libra, activating our awareness of responsibilities yet to be fulfilled. It’s nothing to fear, just something to be aware of and to act on when the time is right. Communications flow well in the evening on a lunar sextile to Mercury.

Wednesday December 29

At 8:31 am, the Moon makes a trine to Chiron and leads us into the quiet of her void-of-course period, which lasts until she goes into Scorpio at 12:49 pm. We’ll feel like we need to be productive as Mars squares Saturn, but action may prove frustrating. It’s a good time to wait out the obstructions we see around us. A sense of relief and release permeates the day nonetheless, as Mercury returns to forward motion (stationary direct) at 11:21 pm.

Thursday December 30

The Scorpio Moon brackets our day with possibilities, as she sextiles Sun early and Mars late. Enjoy, activate, live!

Friday December 31

All the action occurs early, as the Moon makes contact with Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Chiron before its void period starts at 1:07 pm. Love and uncertainty are companions in our mind today.

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