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Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Shield Your Deep Mind from Subliminal Programming and Manipulation

by Crystal Pomeroy on June 1, 2012

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Neptune goes retrograde at this lunation. This large, gaseous planet rules the extensive, diffuse terrain of the unconscious mind and its contents. These depths are the doorway to intuitive understanding, and yet, because of their veiled, receptive nature, they can also leave us open to undesirable psychic influences, including brainwashing, propaganda and all kinds of manipulation. When a planet retrogrades, it helps us internalize or assume its influence as our own. Neptune now invites us to reclaim our deep mind, shielding it from outer, noxious influences.

The New Moon which started this cycle was a doorway to dreamtime, that eternal realm whose borders transcend lineal time, a dimension accessed through the intuitive, which, for the Mayans is connected to Kulkulcán, the spirit of wind and higher intelligence, including intuition. As observed in an earlier article for Daykeeper, his essence is connected to the planet Venus, an emissary from the Sun who personalizes our local star’s mission of guidance and spiritual empowerment for earthlings. Ancient calendars had predicted tomorrow’s eclipse of Venus with the Sun as one of the key events of 2012, an opportunity to release the baggage that limits our spiritual mission.

A good part of that load seeps into our minds through external pressures, such as subliminal, propagandistic, technological, emotional and even esoteric manipulation. Neptune’s stationary retrograde helps us direct our renewed solar will power to close the door to undesirable influences.

Prayerful altar-ations

∞ Incense, preferably copal or jasmine
∞ A white and/or silver candle
∞ White flowers
∞ Images of archangels Michael, Gabriel, Jofiel, and/or your own preferred symbol of psychic protection

Light your incense, saying,

This an offering to the essence of the wind, who I invite to strengthen my psychic connection with the realm of Infinite Good, and to shield my subconscious and unconscious mind from any influences that do not resonate with that vibration now.

Light your candle, saying something like,

I turn on the light of divine discernment, which shines in all the levels of my mind. By this clarity, I choose to receive that which is for my highest good, and I to shield my intuitive nature from any other kind of influences.

Repeat words like those that follow during seven minutes or more:

In the name of my Sacred Free Will, I reject any influence except the influence of Divinity, which shines directly into all the levels of my mind and emotions. This decision shields my subconscious from overt and covert suggestions or vibrations that are not in tune with Divinity now.

My unconscious mind is sacred terrain, and it automatically repels anything unlike good.

My subconscious mind naturally discards any suggestions that are not for my greater good.

I am not open to induction, manipulation or sabotage, I am free.

Follow up by using such tools until the next New Moon or beyond. You may compliment these prayers by taking practical steps, being more selective about what kind of media and other cultural input you cultivate and keep around your home, reducing time spent on screens of one kind or another, taking time out for contact with nature and with your own intuition, getting therapy to heal manipulative relational patterns, and so on. In our article on the Mayan calendar transition, as well as the monthly Mayan metaphysics section in Daykeeper (Premium), you will further suggestions adapted from my studies of the native traditions of Mexico where I live.

As the stellar essences guide us to remember, our free will is absolute. We have the right to choose what wavelengths we tune into, even on the unconscious levels of our being. By exercising our freedom at this cosmic crossroads, we empower and shield our entrance into the magical realm of divine intuition.

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