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Astrological Overview, June 2012

by Boots Hart, CAP on June 1, 2012

Astrology Overview - Astrological Forecast June 2012

Our path lies before us, if we will only ask ourselves to travel the longer road.

June begins in the wake of a Gemini Solar Eclipse with Venus still in Gemini retrograde. We all have questions, hesitations, trepidations, desires, wishes and frustrations. Yes, we’re all going through it.

A heavy-duty t-square composed of Neptune-Fomalhaut midway between Lunar Nodes asks if we are capable of allowing ourselves not to know. This isn’t all that easy in spite of June starting out with Neptune going on station. Ordinarily, we would be casting cares to the wind and enjoying ourselves, but with Jupiter hitting 28 degrees of Taurus on June 2 (hooking into the “goal” end of the transiting t-square) we’re all driven by what we want to accomplish.

Or need to accomplish.

The famous Zen concept which asks us to focus on what we’re doing instead of the parameters which go with what we’re doing applies now. In fact, most of June poses the very Zen challenge to “walk on”…even while life prompts us with questions, challenges, temptations, and distractions.

Venus continues retrograde, telling us how much which is happening now is at least partly bent on getting us to recognize that we’re quite mortal beings, each alone amidst millions of other mortal humans here on Planet Earth. What this means to us is a good part of our current journey.

Photographica (the “image”) goes retrograde at 5 Aquarius in opposition to Agamemnon (strength of purpose) on June 3. This is likely to be a day when we really feel the differences between who we are and who we want to be (or, considering Photographica in this configuration, who we are and who we want others to see us as). Situations will feel very “first person” and personal, which can make for touchy moments. This may be one of those days when you feel like you’re required to “play a part.” The bottom line? It’s one thing to cooperate with others and quite another to sell yourself out.

Situations provoke an upsurge of emotionality and re-evaluation as a partial Lunar Eclipse occurs at 14 Sagittarius (at 11:13 am UT/+0) on June 4, just over two hours after Neptune goes retrograde at 3 Pisces. Known for emotional moments, for positive or negative this lunar eclipse is likely to take us all beyond the pale. The fantastical, the fanatical may happen…or you may be inspired or provoked to feel unlike you ever have before.

With Neptune taking station, the “high-water mark” of the lunar eclipse releases us from normal bounds of realism and feeling. The unexpected can be expected, and though all may just amount to having harmless fun—or indulging in some flight of fancy or romance, some dream or the dizzying giddiness of success, it pays us to remember that this is just a moment in time. Neptune-the-positive allows us to gift ourselves with the moment, that fun, the escape, that party, an ethereal experience…and so long as we realize this is not the totality of our life, all works out.

Some will encounter a painful truth now, and if that’s you, then it pays to consider (with as much honesty as you can muster) how you’ve probably been living in some state of unreality or denial.

Neptune inspires, Neptune dissipates the illusion. Which you experience has everything to do with your relationship to reality and—since Neptune is making this turn to retrograde in conjunct with royal star Fomalhaut—with propriety. Anything corrupt shows its colors now; though you may be able to get away with doing nothing, that respite is only temporary.

Those who recognize they are at the beginning of a very long and uncertain process will now dedicate themselves to long-term projects which will reveal their true outcome late in December of 2013.

It’s substituting a dream for reality which gets us in trouble now. All eclipses occur because the New or Full Moon occurs within 15 degrees of where the Moon’s orbit around Earth intersects that of Earth around the Sun. The Moon’s orbit, with its monthly cycle, times our daily and personal doings, while Earth’s orbit around the Sun is our “greater life.” Where these intersect (the lunar nodes) thus represents where our personal life intersects the lives of others and our world.

But there are differences. Solar eclipses tend to mark basic changes in one’s life. Lunar eclipses tend to describe a change of feelings or relationships or the direction some situation is going in. There’s also the fact that solar eclipses “come on slowly” and evolve over a full three years, with our “getting the message” somewhere close to the end of that time. Lunar eclipses on the other hand, are notoriously prompt! The time of the eclipse tends to mark a “high-water” mark, after which we work through the emotional effects. By the time three months have passed, we have assimilated the situation.

Of course, this is only a partial lunar eclipse. Some say a partial eclipse isn’t as strong as a full lunar eclipse. Some say the effects “come at us” from some odd angle—the “out of the blue” effect, you might say. With Neptune going on station, this second idea seems rather apt! And since the eclipse is at 14 Sagittarius and the North Node stands at 5 Sagittarius, there’s the suggestion that whatever happens now, it’s not exactly a smack in the face.

So maybe we should be facing something, yes. But…are we required to? With Neptune going retrograde, much is likely to be unclear. The astrological rule which seems most fitting to the moment? That of Neptune (allow yourself not to know) plus the North Node (do what you need to do whether you want to or not!).

By degree, 14 Sagittarius is about the use of one’s intelligence. And no, this doesn’t just apply to the brain-iacs! This is about everybody’s need to live up to their own capacity. So…are you? Have you? If you haven’t, this may well be when you realize how you’ve undermined your own goals. Or desires!

Lunar Eclipse June 4


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