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Make a Space for Wellness at the Snow Moon in Taurus

by Crystal Pomeroy on October 31, 2011

Snow Moon - Taurus Full Moon Ceremony

Healing is an ongoing part of life. Much of it takes place of its own accord: our bodies continually repair themselves, grief fades with time, and the flow of life seems to naturally aright many apparent imbalances. And then there are wounds that require special attention. In a post industrial world, with its hypnotic beat of outer activity, it becomes easy to ignore those little alarms that go off in our bodies, lives and hearts vaguely hoping they will go away. Productivity is important, as are other daily obligations and interactions, but healing ourselves is somehow not a priority.

As winter approaches, the Earth gives herself a rest: bushes and trees stand gray and flowerless, animals retreat to nests and dens, snow and rain wash down as foliage decays in apparently dormant soil, restoring it for later seeding. The Snow Moon shines through the incessant river of our comings and goings, sounding a call to honor our own needs for restoration.

This year’s Snow Moon carries the blessing of the healing duo: Neptune and Chiron, both freshly direct. In Taurus, it helps us get concrete about true values. The Sabian symbol for the lunar degree describes: A NEW CONTINENT RISING OUT OF THE OCEAN. The sign of the bull helps us bring Scorpio’s transformative urge into tangible manifestation. This portal guides us to get concrete as we make a space for wellness.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • Candle, preferably yellow or light green
  • Incense, preferably a soft, natural, floral scent
  • Quartz crystal
  • An image of Archangel Rafael or your favorite representative of healing –human or ethereal.
  • A page and pen for each participant

The Ceremony

Light your incense as you say,

This smoke rises into the invisible plane of Spirit as an offering for Rafael and the heavenly hosts of healing, whom I invite to touch my awareness and world in whatever ways are necessary to express the divine plan for wellness.

Light your candle or candles as you say,

As I pause to consider my inner and outer needs, the angels of healing rush in on these rays, and show me how to make a space for wellness.

List some things you can do to heal. They may include journaling, making an appointment with a therapist, dentist or other healer, taking time for exercise and/or positive affirmations, visit a health store, getting to bed earlier, or whatever else occurs to you.

Repeat the affirmations like those that follow during ten minutes or more:

My decision to heal is an irresistible force that activates the psychic and physical processes and attracts right resources for my complete healing. Thank you, Mother-Father, for allowing me to choose wellness now.

Self-healing is not usually a one-shot deal, it requires daily care. Consolidate your wellness by acting and affirming on its behalf as a daily priority, at least for the two weeks following this portal. You may enjoy keeping affirmations like these on hand for focus:

Only for today, I provoke a pause in the incessant river of my activities. I heed the still small voice that reminds me of my healing needs, and I act to honor them.

As she moves into her season of rest, Nature doesn’t ask for permission to take time out.

The day after this Full Moon, 11-11-11, is purported to be a doorway for humanity to lift its vibration in love. To honor your divine right to wellness defies an unspoken taboo against including yourself in the spectrum of your kindness, expanding personal and collective paradigms of what it means to love as you discover a higher dimension of wellness.

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Albert November 11, 2011 at 1:10 am

nice…thanks for sharing something on healing…

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