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Dream Your Way to Abundance at the Wine Moon in Pisces

by Crystal Pomeroy on September 1, 2011

Harvest Moon in Pisces, 2011

At the New Moon which began this cycle we suggested transmuting your awareness of work. For that part of our mind that is bewitched by material appearances and the collective belief in scarcity, to heal our relationship to the material plane may be one of the most difficult tasks. In our today’s world, finances are directly connected to survival, and every time our familiar channels of supply seem threatened we can fall pray to fear.

Current appearances in monetary systems reflect the action of Pluto—Lord of both change and materialization—in Capricorn, ruler of economics. Most people seem to be tied to the breakdown phase of the change in these systems. Yet there is an increasingly popular tendency to turn the process inward, working on ourselves as we release the dependency on outer channels, and establishing a conscious connection with the Unlimited Source.

Over the last 15 years, I have been giving workshops, seminars and conferences on this topic, and have had the joy of facilitating paths of prosperity for thousands of people whom I have seen move from lives of limitation, even crisis, to financial wellness. The miracle can happen in a matter of months or even weeks, as they discover the Power that responds to this choice when we know how to tap it.

Luna ripens in September as the Wine Moon, and the ancients related it to the Piscean theme of altered consciousness. Virgo helps us focus on the practical, but can foment chronic patterns of worry, while Pisces opens the way to freedom, connecting us with transpersonal dimensions. As for this particular lunation, Terry Lamb points out that it “carries the abundance energy of the Earth Grand Trine, now formed with Mercury, but we must activate transformative processes if we are to get the full bounty of this pattern”.

Our prayers for this portal are designed to help you compliment the Virgo Spirit of work with a new, or—as the case may be—reinforced, path to permanent bounty.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • Incense, preferably cinnamon
  • A gold or wine colored candle
  • Grapes
  • A glass of wine or brandy

The ceremony

1. Light your incense as you say,

This an offering for Uriel, Archangel of Divine Providence, and Jofiel, Archangel of Perception. I call on you to help me release my mind from the matrix of scarcity and connect with the One Source, which is the Infinite Plane of Spirit.

2. Light your candle as you say,

This light reminds me of the radiant Love of Spirit that flows through me into my life and affairs, harmonizing and prospering them now.

3. Repeat words like those that follow during at least 10 minutes:

I don’t need to worry about my financial supply. I go about my inner and outer work with love, and I trust Higher Love to open and maintain a continual stream of financial blessings which now flow into my life and affairs through Its infinite channels and with Its almighty means.

4. At night, before going to sleep, repeat the following prayers during 5 minutes, slowly and with attention:

I am committed to move beyond worry about money and into a permanent awareness of  Divine Love as the Unlimited Source of my continual, dependable financial supply. Even as I sleep, my decision to open to divine abundance directs my deep mind in that creation, as well as revealing in dreams any inner or outer steps I can take to complete this transmutation.

Be sure to keep a notebook by your bed so as to write down your dreams on rising.

Continue to repeat affirmations like those in Step No. 3, daily for at least 10 minutes, as well as working with your dreams. As I insist in my abundance workshops, new patterns of awareness require persistent application. Famed metaphysical minister Johnny Coleman puts it this way: “It works if you work it.”  You may wish to use these suggestions, as well as following the guidance that comes through dreams, from now until the next Full Moon or beyond.

Is praying like this materialistic? Perhaps a more precise question would be: Is it somehow redeeming to remain subject to the prevailing, materialistic financial system? The Wine Moon invites us to sip a better cup.



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