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Tough Love—Let It Flow at the Solar Eclipse Cancer New Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy on July 1, 2011

New Moon in Cancer, Venus, Eclipse

Cancer expresses the nurturing affection of the Divine Mother, who we think of as sweet, gentle and acquiescent. This side of Her nature was engaged at the present eclipse by the Moon’s special connection (through occultation) with Venus, Goddess of Love, on the previous day. However, the New Moon’s aspects aren’t exactly your usual Cancerian packet of warm fuzzies. Revolutionary Uranus in Aries ticks off the mob bosses of the zodiac, Pluto and Saturn, in a tense cardinal cross activated by Moon and Sun. The combination evokes a more ancient Mother archetype: the sacred bear who uses her fierce strength to care for and protect her offspring.

The Sabian symbol for the eclipse degree of 10 Cancer brings another aspect of tough love into relief: A LARGE DIAMOND IN THE FIRST STAGES OF THE CUTTING PROCESS… The conscious mind must acquire solidity so it can be worked on by higher agencies …training for perfection. To a greater or lesser degree, the image can resonate for growing numbers of people who, in one way or another, strive to develop the jewel of kindness. Far from comforting, to grow in love is can be the most challenging kind of work.

In its preference for security, the cushy side of Cancer energy can get us into ruts. This eclipse strengthens us to move beyond superficial harmony and open to the transformative, and often surprising, effects that Love will have in our minds, lives and relationships if we work to let it do so.

Prayer-full altar-ations

  • White candle
  • White flowers
  • Jasmine incense
  • Moonstone, silver, white quartz, pearls

The ceremony

1) Light your incense saying,

This is an offering for the angels of love and courage, who harmonize and fortify me to release habits and situations that would limit the Mother’s will for my complete good.

2) Light your candle, saying,

Just as brightness now  fills my sight, Love fills my heart and life, harmonizing them as it also mobilizes my will and circumstances in whatever ways are necessary to express the peace, plenty and prosperity that the Mother shares with me now.

3) Repeat words like those that follow during the next 7 minutes or more:

Love, love, love. I radiate unconditional kindness to all. I let Love harmonize my attitude, and  it responds by filling my life with a powerful current that mobilizes my will, actions and circumstances in whatever way is necessary for my best and highest good, and those of all concerned. Thank you, Mother, for unleashing the full power of your love in my heart, relationships and situations now.

Who doesn’t want more love in their life and world? One simple way to begin (or continue) is to calm the mind and activate the stream of kindness in our hearts. But True Love isn’t lite, and getting into Its flow takes work: work to accept those that are hard to love, work to release the behaviors and situations It would remove from our lives, and work to act on our own behalf despite our doubts and insecurities. The Divine Mother would turn the cardinal cross of our sacrifice into a cross of blessing, and will send Her power and myriad angels to assist our efforts and multiply their fruits, if we only invite them to do so at this Eclipse Portal, and again daily from now until the next New Moon.



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