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Starting the Month with a Bang—Boots Hart’s Astrological Overview

by Boots Hart, CAP on June 1, 2011

Astrological forecast, June 2011

June is a month of “mental reconnoitering” when much that we want to think proper proves unworkable… when things we thought true or lasting begin to fade…and when life as a whole shows us how we need to make some new choices.

This all starts with a Solar Eclipse—the first of two of which will occur in successive months. This first one (which remember, is still part of the Aries-Taurus-Gemini quarter!) occurs at 11 Gemini on June 1 at 9:04pm (UT/+0.

Talk about starting the month off with a bang, right?

A handful of items to note here…first, that this eclipse occurs in an emotional degree of an airy, conceptual sign. So the whole of our current evolutionary thrust is mental, conjectural, and meant to get us to think things through and choose not merely for the moment, but as part of a bigger and more durable plan. Things we choose now will absolutely be tested down the line, so don’t think you can get away with getting by or making do, too!

That’s exactly what eclipses wipe off our personal map. Life isn’t about “getting by”…it’s about living life for real, and in a realistic, reality-oriented manner. And if in saying this I then add how this eclipse occurs conjunct fixed star Aldebaran (integrity) and Kallisto (weathering unjust situations), we should begin recognizing that the polarity here is a very Gemini-like duality: some of us will now be subjected (or made to listen) to truly outrageous lacks of integrity/justice as some of us are now emerging from the shadows cast on/over our lives by others who think/thought they could get away with reprehensible behaviors or smokescreens or flights of mental fancy which have very little (if anything) to do with facts.

With Neptune taking station to go retrograde as the eclipse goes off and Mercury heading into 29 Taurus, this eclipse is clearly about illusions versus dissolutions which test the stability, purpose and employment of lasting, durable, viable values. And though results of all connected to this eclipse may not be instantaneous (they seldom are with solar eclipses) they are now being set in motion.

A day passes, and come June 2, Mercury leaves Taurus and enters Gemini at 8:04pm (UT/+0), squaring Neptune’s 0 Pisces station. For some, this is a time to imagine and be entertained. Yet because Mercury is about being dexterous and facile anyway and is highly (and mentally) so when in Gemini, the combination of Mercury and Neptune can be confusion. Or being deluded—willingly or not so willingly.

For some, this is also when the veil lifts and the “finding out” begins. Whichever way these next few days go in your life, what’s important is the working towards clarity and being emotionally accepting, whether that’s in your own life or as pertains to the emotions (or emotional stability) of others.

With House (feeling “at home”) and Amor (Platonic love) at 1 Gemini, this is a moment of either bonding or the breaking of bonds and you should know that speaking your mind—if done dispassionately and factually—is quite allowable here. In fact, it’s pretty much encouraged. Just try to avoid the emotional appeal…at the moment that’s less about caring than it is about wanting someone to agree so that realities don’t have to be faced. Hiding from one’s own sense of vulnerability will be popular now, but not productive!

Why this is all so important becomes more evident as we think more specifically in terms of Neptune going retrograde at 0 Pisces—an event which happens on June 3 at 7:29am (UT/+0). Known as a sign of extreme emotionalism (“deep water and oceans of emotion”!) Pisces is  about that plus our ability to separate emotional from “dry land reality.”

With Neptune doing its turn in opposition to TNO Orcus (consequence) at 1 Virgo (a degree about the functionality of one’s efforts) and Regulus, the sign that vengeance shall not be our goal lest it undermine us as much or more than “them,” this is all about the need to own our feelings and…. The rest of Boots’ fantastic monthly astrological overview is available with a Premium Forecast Package, only pennies per day, check it out now!

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