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Full Moon in Taurus: The Healing Power of Beauty

by Crystal Pomeroy on November 22, 2010

Taurus Full Moon, cultivating beauty

This Full Moon in Taurus seals our passage from the sign of Scorpio, inviting us to synchronize with the power of beauty. Venus, Queen of Beauty and ruler of this lunation, is freshly direct in Libra, the other sign she rules. Terry Lamb shares Jones’ version of the Sabian symbol: “A peacock parades its splendor on the quiet lawn of an old palace garden in dignified solitude.” Terry adds, “…Beauty is still beauty, even if there is no one to behold it.” Rudhyar has an interesting note to add for this symbol, pointing out that the peacock is also related to Venus.

Beauty is not only pleasant to experience; it’s a force field that connects us with the Highest of All Good. Although something within us longs to experience pleasantness, we tend to think of it as superfluous. Personal definitions of what’s beautiful vary, but pretty much everyone is inspired just by being in attractive surroundings, listening to our favorite music, taking in art or savoring beautiful thoughts. What we focus on tends to grow; by consciously connecting with loveliness, we can attract more gifts from Spirit into our lives. The following suggestions are designed to heal and prosper your being and the world you live in as you resonate more consciously with beauty.

Altar-ations for the Taurus Full Moon

  • Flowers, pumpkins, squash, pomegranates or any other seasonal expression of nature
  • Candles: green, peach and/or white
  • Your favorite incense
  • A sea shell or river rock
  • A page and pen for each participant

The ceremony

1. Light your incense, saying,

“I call on the Spirit of True Beauty to activate my connection with all that is Good and Joyful.”

2. Light your candle or candles saying,

“The light of Divine Beauty fills my mind (our minds) and empowers my being (our beings).”

3. Write a brief definition of what beauty means and feels like to you.

4. (If done in a group:) Each participant can take a turn sharing their definition.

5. Repeat the following affirmation during 5 minutes or more:

I am the radiant child of Spirit, I am, I am, I am. I contemplate beauty, resonate with beauty and beauty responds, unfolding in my consciousness, surroundings, relationships and experience.

6. Write three or more simple ways in which you can bring more beauty into your life immediately. Some examples may include:

Listening to my favorite music, spending time in my yard, writing to Congress on behalf of issues related to nature or children, getting my work space organized, hanging a picture, making a weekly date to experience nature, art or whatever seems beautiful to you, and so on.

7. (If done in a group:) Each participant can take a turn sharing their initiatives.

In a world rife with threats to life as we know it, it’s easy to stay plugged into the circuit of doom, forgetting that our minds don’t only react, but create. As the yearly cycle winds to its conclusion, we can prepare for a season of inner and outer plenty by meditating on and cultivating beauty, and repeating affirmations like those above during five minutes each day. Make a habit of enjoying whatever beauty you observe, and mentally repeat, “I resonate with beauty.” The power within is so great that even simple initiatives like these will bring surprises to those who give loveliness a chance to join the dance of their daily existence.

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