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Astrological Influences for April 2010

by Boots Hart, CAP on April 1, 2010

Astrological Influences, April 2010

Politics, gyroscopes and the study of planetary motion all deal with spin. And so will all of us this month. April is likely to be full of “spin”—of various types. You may find yourself spinning, there’s so much to do. Or you may get into just spinning your wheels, getting nowhere. Or your mind may be so full, it’s spinning.

And since all things work in all directions, let’s not forget—you just may get spun. And who knows—you might enjoy it! Or not…

The point here would seem to be about recognizing our own cognizance. We are after all, not spectators in our lives—we are our own parade. Yes, we can be spectators, but when we step aside and become an onlooker we should always remember that means we’re not fully involved. Or maybe vested is a better word. This month, all the why’s, what’s and wherefores of what we do become more apparent.

All begins on a somewhat appealing (if not without issues) tone with Venus in Taurus, a period which functions best (and most rewardingly in every sense) when personal gains evolve through better understanding of yourself and your capacities.

And with Mercury entering Taurus and the shadow of an upcoming retrograde on April 3, though you may feel an overhanging sense of “gotta get this done,” it’s unwise to press too hard. Mercury doesn’t actually go retrograde until April 18(17th, if you’re in the Americas or Pacific Basin) but things which don’t resolve naturally before/by that time are probably best left (if possible) until Mercury comes out of retrograde on May 11—at which point we may learn “why” waiting was beneficial.

Okay…maybe not fun, but beneficial.

Into all this we next add the wee matter of a transiting Venus/Mars square from April 1 through April 7. Classically a pairing which is not “just” about romance but the nature of the “creative spark,” Venus squaring Mars from Taurus to Leo can manifest as anything from star-struck/star-crossed lovers to healing of relationships (romantic or platonic) to having to work through differences which pit desire against long-term security. Money and private partisan politics (read: personal power issues) may also prickle like the dickens too.

Since this is a square with Venus being the faster-moving planet, the astrological (not to mention the common-sense) rule involves remembering what the goal (i.e., desired result) really is. Another frequent and perhaps annoying theme may be the “do you want to be happy or right?” syndrome.

And a suggestion: if and where you feel backed into an emotional corner, try stepping forward. Actively take on the part of…. Read the remainder of Boots’ Monthly Astrological Overview—plus the rest of the Prediction Package that’s unavailable on the free site—with a Premium Subscription, just $5.95 per month.

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