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Crystal Pomeroy

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New Moon in Scorpio

by Crystal Pomeroy

This New Moon portal crosses directly over some of the most powerful days of the seasons’ wheel, days associated with goings and comings through dimensions. Samhain literally means “summer’s end,” and for many cultures—from Egypt to Ireland and Latin America—this portal was (and in Mexico, is still today) the most important holiday: the twilight of the year.

Such cultures more fully acknowledged the power of endings, of the between. In the colder agricultural societies these days marked the last harvest, of animals who would not survive the winter. Also, those dear ones who had passed on were honored (in some places they still are). It is a time to recognize ourselves, and all selves, as beings beyond the merely physical plane. This is Scorpio’s greatest and most secret power.

In her wise Daily Success Guide, Maya Del Mar asks a most timely question for this lunation: “Can you? Can I assume the power within us?” Our prayers and reflections for this intense portal are designed to help us answer this apparently simple query with a yes that can make the difference of a lifetime.

Why should we need to consciously assume our power? Are we not made in the image and likeness of this eternal principle? Yes, we may acknowledge. However, to a greater or lesser degree, most of us block its full expression in and through us. Like Scorpio’s other gifts, such as money and sex, power is universally recognized as necessary, yet on some level feared. Its controversial nature can be viewed in the most common worldly projections: those we make onto a handful of power-addict individuals and clandestine industries.

The sign of the Scorpio-Snake-Phoenix is willing to take on and assume its supernatural capacities. And as Maya Del Mar has pointed out, the sky in which this lunation occurs invites the Scorpio within to emerge as the force to be contended with that each of us is designed to be. Each of us has transformative gifts, but our hidden fears can inhibit their activation at certain times, or throughout a lifetime.

One of the most prevalent fears about assuming our power is the toxic shame absorbed in a culture of sacrifice whose false virtues include weakness, meekness and submission as humble ideals. In reality, power is vitality, efficacy, protection—power is life itself. So are we really doing anybody a favor when we hold back the Niagara Falls within, leaving the arena of the planet’s future to the most audacious, often corrupt minority? In her book, Kabbalah of the Soul, Leonor Leet says: “The devotees of spiritual love must be ready to accept power so that they may perfect the world as they perfect themselves....”.

At this exciting portal, the tools of introspection, affirmative prayer and strategic action can resuscitate the magician within.

Samhain New Moon Pre-Prayerations

Orange and black, purple and white, are colors which can be used in dress, candles and sacred space to remind us of the power over life and death that each of us holds. Traditional flowers include chrysanthemum, carnations and any other bright, tough blossoms. Incenses include sandalwood and lavender. There are many manifestations from extra-dimensional entities; it is wise to select only desirable company by calling on the angels to guard your space. Lucy Aspra suggests mentally assigning each corner of our beds to an archangel. We can close our eyes and ask them to reveal their names and which corner they occupy. The same can be done for our prayer or altar space. Specifically, Aspra relates Archangel Barkiel to Scorpio. As we light our candles and incense, we can do so as an offering to Barkiel and his twin flame, and request that they strengthen our desire to express constructive power.

Internal Dialogue to Accept Your Power

This is a method of speaking with yourself in writing which I developed about a decade ago and have used extensively in seminars to facilitate victory over various kinds of blocks. It is a great way to help beam up the master within, and have him or her appear in your living room by the light of the Samhain New Moon.

1) Write the following sentence, and complete it with whatever words come up the voice below the surface:

I know I’m a powerful person, but I don’t express it fully because....

The answer should come from your own, authentic doubts. Some simplified examples from my prayer group include:

... because I want to be taken care of.

... because I’m afraid people might get mad (my colleagues, siblings, etc.)

... because good people don’t think about power, about having it or wanting it.

... because it’s too much work.

... because I’m afraid of standing out more than I already do.

2) Now consider and remember the ways in which you feel powerful, ways which you may or may not be utilizing fully at this time. These may include natal capacities and talents, spiritual capabilities that you have only partially developed, or simply manners in which you intuitively feel the greatness of your energy.

3) Write and repeat a power unblocker like the one that follows during at least fifteen minutes:

I am made in the image and likeness of Power, and I assume and accept the power that has been vested in me.

4) Outline some practical steps you can use to take your power out of the closet, shine it off and use it. These may include a long-term strategy, like reviving or designing a major project, whether it be political, professional, spiritual and/or creative, but to insure success, the steps you outline should include measures you can take without question during the next few days, and reinforce throughout the next two weeks.

5) Power is in the air, and one amazing way to ground and deepen the process now begun is to observe yourself constantly, putting special attention on those moments when you feel insecure, frustrated or limited in any way. At such times, do whatever you can at the time, however large or small your initiatives may seem, and as you do so, tell yourself lovingly, “I am powerful.”

6) Both Maya and the Sabian Symbol for this lunation speak of community. Once you have started the conscious power process suggested above, you will find yourself connecting with people that reflect, relate to and enforce this process.

Observe, confirm, collaborate and enjoy!

From all the Daykeeper collaborators, Happy Power and Treat!

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