Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
Crystal Pomeroy

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Aries New Moon April  2005

by Crystal Pomeroy

This New Moon can help us begin a new cycle of abundance based on truth to our higher selves. This requires a deep cleansing of our minds, as described by the Sabian symbol for this moon. Success and prosperity are a natural result of synchronizing with spiritual principles, but the shadow or lower ego would have us believe just the opposite: that release leads to loss, forgiveness to humiliation, truth to our higher selves to sacrifice of worldly facilities. At this Taurus New Moon we can re-establish the truth: when we dare to divest ourselves of the ego’s attachments, the miracles we seek will flow to us naturally.


Demonstrate that your highest value is spirit and color your prayers opulent, by making the space you’ll do them in as attractive as possible. Clear out clutter, invest in a really special candle and incense (or use those you’ve been saving for a special occasion), play soft, inspiring music, dress yourself comfortably but as though you were going to meet someone special: your own highest self.

Affirmations for the Taurus New Moon

Repeat 13 times, slowly, calmly and with your attention on your heart:

I am willing to release any conscious or unconscious attachments that would obstruct my faithfulness to my higher self.

The Divine Counselor uses the opening in my free will to send me all the tangible and intangible support I need to do this, and I give thanks for all the miraculous help I’m receiving to start a new, lasting cycle of truth to my highest self, which naturally multiplies abundance in every form for me now.

Keep a prayer journal for this lunation (or add a 28-day lunation section to your existing journal).

1) Contemplate the Sabian symbol for this New Moon, which describes: “A WOMAN AIRING AN OLD BAG THROUGH THE OPEN WINDOW OF HER ROOM…. The mind is shown in the likeness of a 'bag,' now empty and needing to be aired in the sunlight. PURIFICATION.”

2) Ask yourself: What possessions, fears or ways of relating have you considered necessary to hold onto, when in truth they don’t really coincide with your true values? Besides objects or more evident attachments, the Sabian symbol implies that what we need to empty our proverbial bag of may—and likely will include—more subtle attachments, ways in which we fixate on worries, the approval of others, unloving, condemnatory attitudes towards ourselves or others, or any other “prize” the ego treasures, like Tolkien’s Gollum as he covets and caresses the ring of power. These attitudes may not be easy to detect, and require brutally honest introspection to go look at ourselves with a deeper perception of than that of “traditional teachings of human nature” which divide “every problem into an issue between good and bad.” Identify your own most subtle ego attachments—those that go against your true values—and name them now in writing.

3) Start each day throughout this lunation repeating aloud and/or writing the affirmations during at least seven minutes, followed by a review of your release list, in which you can make any pertinent changes, while you recognize your progress. Maintain your mindfulness by spending another two minutes before lunch and dinner to recenter in your affirmations and intention of faithfulness to your highest self.

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