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Aries New Moon April  2005

by Crystal Pomeroy

This powerful lunation takes place in the sign of the ram and during Mercury retrograde, offering an excellent window to revive plans that we have neglected or postponed due to unconscious resistance to act or to assert our independence. This Aries New Moon is a wonderful opportunity to resurrect our plans for both personal and collective improvement.

Author Jan Spiller suggests making a treasure map at each Aries New Moon. A bit further on we will share tips to make those maps most effective, as well as synchronizing them, and our prayers and deeds now to the very potent portal this lunation opens.


Creating treasure maps and related graphic tools are so powerful that any actions taken after you have begun using them will have an entirely different success ratio. This New Moon invites us to make a ritual of renewed initiative and independence as we invest the time and care required to gather and create effective elements for the construction of such visualization tools.

1. A good way to start is by lighting a stick of incense and candle—your favorite scent and color, respectively. As you do so know that you are sharing an offering to your higher self, whose voice and purpose you commit to reviving effectively and with love at this New Moon.

2. Identify that or those projects that you feel are important to expressing your highest self and for which one trivial reason or another you have neglected.

3. Procure at least two poster boards in warm colors, such as gold and bright pink: one for visualizing the revival of your pending dreams, another to for macro-affairs, including the blockage of the “Nuclear Option”, the Bush administration’s plot to undo filibusters (the senatorial recourse to filter presidential appointments to the bench).

4. Gather and prepare two sets of images: one for your personal project or projects, another for collective objectives. They can be photographs or other very graphic images—preferably in color—that illustrate your revived objectives as though they had already come true. Two more keys for total success are: think big, and make sure the pictures reflect your desire once it is completely consolidated. It’s highly recommendable to include photos of cash, checks made out to your name, and electronic deposits. Also, money pictures should be for very large sums.

As for macro-objectives, one example would be a picture of Gaia, of a large redwood forest, or other pertinent images, which you can surround with shining white light or angels. One of my favorites is to create headlines on the computer, then cut out and paste them on a page from a national paper or magazine, expressing desirable news, such as: “FLUOROCARBON LEVELS DROP DRAMATICALLY,” “FEDERAL COURT PERMANENTLY BLOCKS NAVY SONAR PROJECT,” “FORGIVENESS IDENTIFIED AS A GLOBAL VALUE,” “CANADA AND NORWAY STOP SLAUGHTER OF BABY SEALS.” Perhaps the longest-reaching issue to create headlines about during the current lunation is saving the filibuster: “NUCLEAR OPTION BLOCKED,” “SENATE VOTES TO SAVE FILLIBUSTER.”

5. These images can be viewed individually, or pasted on the poster board with quite a bit of space between them, so they appear to be swimming in a sea of the background color. Whichever option you choose, make sure you visualize them for at least several minutes each day, imagining they reflect your reality, and experiencing the emotions connected to these consolidated results.

Prayers for the Solar Eclipse New Moon

The following affirmation is of the kind you might like to write on these treasure maps, to repeat as you view them, or just enjoy them verbally during at least six minutes each day throughout this lunation (until the next New Moon).

All true action springs from the One Mind, which inspires me each day with appropriate, decisive initiatives. None of my actions are lacking for support or efficacy, each of them is assisted by the Divine Facilitator, who accompanies me at all times, opening doors and working in whatever way is necessary to direct my initiatives and multiply my results, consolidating the divine design for my complete success now.

After you have used this in the first person singular, repeat three times in the plural, as you bear in mind all the people that are taking, or attempting to take, true initiatives on that day.

All true action springs from the One Mind, which inspires us each day with appropriate, decisive initiatives. None of our actions are lacking for support or efficacy, each of them is assisted by the Divine Facilitator, who accompanies each one of us at all times, opening doors and working in whatever way is necessary to direct our initiatives and multiply our results, consolidating the divine design for our complete success now.

Such prayers will produce even more interesting results if you say them for a few minutes before going to sleep, then a few minutes just after waking (and writing down your dreams, in which you will receive that guidance for your actions). Finally, write down whatever initiatives, large or small you can take to move to implement your personal and collective projects that day, and get up and go it!

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