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Crystal Pomeroy

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Leo New Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

We now stand at an energy portal which facilitates conscious activation of the heart’s alchemical potential. Over the last several decades researchers such as Walter Cannon, John and Beatriz Lacey and Dr. J. Andrew Armour have confirmed: the heart’s influence on the brain and other organs, the nervous system, as well as key hormones, is an influence in some ways greater than that of the brain, to such a degree that doctor’s now refer to the “heart-brain.”
A harmonious heart vibration produces measurable benefits in behavior, perception, immune response and youthfulness. Physicist Dan Winter has shown that sustained positive emotions synchronize the heart’s vibration at a frequency which radically enhances DNA potential.

Besides producing numerous physical benefits, following our heart’s call to kindness and compassion (a sound quite different from the head’s usual dictates) can open us to another kind of benefit, those of a non-local, magical sort, associated with universal love, including access to the realm of limitless possibilities in which whatever we desire and believe can be conceived. It is in our physical and metaphorical hearts that we can find the key to greater health, harmony, joy, success, even to world peace. By now it’s common knowledge that a high percentage of the brain goes unused. What about the great reserves of the heart? Luna at this time calls us to discover, recover and activate this boundless potential.


Arrange marigolds or other warm-hued, flashy flowers, light gold or bright pink candles and call on Archangel Uriel.

Meditation for the Leo New Moon, 2005

1) Breathe deeply several times. As you do so, imagine you pull the air in through your heart and exhale through your diaphragm.

2) As you focus on the area at the center of your chest, repeat the following affirmations at least twenty times, sending the ideas towards yourself and others, including those who seem least lovable from your head’s standpoint:

I feel the warm, golden light that radiates through what I AM. I release the powerful love in my heart toward all people and situations. Love is healing my perception, my being and the entire world I share it with.

3) Consult your heart for further direction, simply by placing your attention in that area and asking for its guidance in any situation or relationship that requires greater clarity.

Use the cycle that this New Moon initiates to establish or fortify your heart’s participation in daily life by continuing to repeat meditations like those suggested above, as well as referring to your heart’s wisdom at least once a day. As you follow its dictates, the voice in your love chakra will become increasingly clear.

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