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Crystal Pomeroy

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Capricorn Full Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

This lunation offers a golden opportunity to seed for our future. When we consider that public security has been in the forefront since 9-11, coupled with the fact that personal awareness can offer new and improved paradigms, this Full Moon invites us to consider what security really means to us. Capricorn is a genius at assuming responsibility, leadership and building for the future. To tap the highest octave available during this Full Moon portal, let’s consider the question Luna now invites us to ask: What can give us true security?

As Maya Del Mar has said, “Security is really not an issue, except for children.” E.E. Cummings suggested another definition during the McCarthy years, when he used to make the rounds at universities, reading his work and expounding his views. One biographer has salvaged this perspective, so apropos for the current mental climate, a climate subject to transformation during the current Full Moon portal:

…sometimes he scolded the youngsters, as at Harvard, for being obsessed with security. "What is that?" he asked them. "Something negative, undead, suspicious and suspecting; an avarice and an avoidance; a self-surrendering meanness of withdrawal; a numerable complacency and an innumerable cowardice. . . . How monstrous and how feeble seems some unworld which would rather have its too than eat its cake!"

Maya calls this lunation a time to overcome fear. As long as we limit our search for security to that of physical preservation, we will be at the mercy of fear’s grip. So what does Luna answer in her Capricorn voice as she shines her constructive beams upon the future? As adults perhaps the highest octave of security is to know we are planning and working to make the best use of those resources we have been given. To this end is our metaphysical magic as we pray and invoke the angels by the light of the July Full moon.


Synchronize with this wonderful portal by going outside (near foliage if possible) and calling on the Angel of Consolidation to assist you in your purposes. Use earthy incenses, have on hand or wear onyx and silver jewelry and earthy textures and colors, and also pre-prayer a page or pad and favorite pen.

Lunar Reflections

1) Make a list of your greatest inner and outer resources. Examples: types of education, experience, knowledge, understanding, native capabilities and talents, properties, investments, creative works, reputation, opportunities, time, health... Saturn in Leo in the twelfth house now calls on us to take creative charge while delving in the depths.

2) Write a few sentences describing how your current work and plans for the future utilize those resources.

3) If you discover little relation, then consider what kind of plans could make the most of your resources.

4) Outline some steps you can take during the next two weeks towards implementing those plans. Make them however small or simple they must be, but concrete and specific, so that there’s no ambiguity about these two-week goals.

Affirmation for the July Full Moon portal

Infinite Intelligence is guiding me to use my inner and outer resources in the most rewarding and constructive ways. I recognize and act on each opportunity that Infinite Intelligence puts before me in this life, on this day. I attend the affairs of the Father-Mother on the earth of my daily existence, and I know that It takes care of mine. I know I am doing my true work and I have a security that nothing and no one can take from me.

Speak the above words several times, slowly savoring their meaning. Do so daily each morning during the next two weeks. Also keep in sight your list of resource-optimizing plans and goals from now until the next New Moon. Modify these goals if and when you feel led to, and remembering, action demonstrates and grounds faith.

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