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Dearest readers,

I can't tell you how strange and sad it's been for Crystal and me, working on a new issue of Daykeeper without Maya. For Crystal, it's meant taking on a brand-new challenge: writing a 2007 New Year's prediction. (I have just read it, and it is superb.) For me, it's meant sitting at my desk, trying to put together a new Daykeeper out of the ashes of the old.

Not only do I miss my mother's writings (which I relied upon and enjoyed daily!), but I miss the collaborative process of putting together the magazine with her—checking in about articles, discussing contributions, planning special sections. I even miss the last-minute downloads. Most of all I miss the phone message I would always get from Maya right after she'd seen the new issue on the first of every month: "I just got my Christmas present! I love your headlines, your captions, the colors, I just like everything you do so much."

I liked everything she did, too. Not many work partners receive such unqualified trust and praise from each other. Not many daughters receive it from their mothers. We were blessed. And the sudden loss of such a loving presence is devastating. Yet inspired by her courage, wisdom and spirit, I know we will bear the loss, and grow from it.

Along with my tears of sorrow this new month of the new year, I've also felt the joy of love generously given from so many sources. Long-time astrology colleagues of Maya's have pitched in with electrifying willingness. Nina Bouska has written a fantastic "interim" (as she calls it) daily forecast. Sue Taylor will be reviewing Jessica Murray's wonderful new book, Soul-Sick Nation: An Astrologer's View of America, which was one of the last books Maya read before she passed. Alex will continue to contribute his galactic acumen in a variety of ways. Crystal is taking on an expanded astrological and metaphysical role, and we're eagerly looking forward to her insights, meditations and predictions for 2007 and beyond.

As you will see, this issue of Daykeeper is very much a work in progress. We'll be bringing you many more new features in the weeks and months to come. And because we want to keep Maya's extraordinary insight and wisdom alive, we'll also periodically be sharing selections from her archives, many of which have not been published before.

At this moment, we feel like we're balanced on a fulcrum between past and future, where two things are equally true: we'll always miss Maya... and there are great things ahead for Daykeeper.

Thank you again for your support as we work to find our wings.

with love,

Daykeeper Editor/Webmaster