Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

Daykeeper's December 2006 Daily Success Guide
by Nina Bouska

Nina Bouska and Maya del Mar became dedicated astrology students together about 40 years ago, and have met regularly with others from their first class ever since. While Maya went on to pursue astrology as a career, Nina still calls herself "an avid student" who does readings only for friends and family. We think she is far too modest. We are delighted to welcome Nina Bouska to the Daykeeper family. —Susan

MONDAY JANUARY 1. It may be a bit hard to get moving today, and once in motion our energy may come in fits and starts. Moon opposes Mars for much of the day. We could be a bit touchy now and again. But there are spots of high and happy, mostly leftover from yesterday or late celebration of the changing calendar. Saturn is still opposing Neptune, so there’s also a tug of laziness that holds self-discipline at bay. Hey, it’s a holiday—take it easy.

TUESDAY JANUARY 2. Moon has moved into sensitive Cancer, so our emotional nature may be all over the place today. If there’s a woman in your life that seems to be overly controlling, there could be spiteful exchanges. Or we could find ourselves newly and strongly attracted to someone, but it’s probably a passing fancy. The odd and unconventional in both people and activities have unusual appeal these days.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 3. Full Moon in Cancer at 8:57 am nudges us into the realization that an old year has gone, the new year begun, and it’s time to put our resolutions to work. The weather may not be all that encouraging today, but it’s easy to see that the days are getting longer and it will probably be sunny tomorrow. Friends and associates may admire or chide your ambitions, and you may secretly even question them yourself, what with Moon squaring off with Uranus, but the way to reach a goal is start with small steps, now. Don’t put it off any longer.

The Full Moon chart set in Washington, D.C., suggests a good deal of back-room maneuvering going on as the shift in power in both houses of Congress begins in earnest. Tempers are starting to build and minor flare-ups may occur with Moon also opposing Mercury. But the power of the people is still fresh in everyone’s mind and a Saturnian reserve, with a finger to the winds of public sentiment, holds sway. There’s little open display of particular likes and dislikes on the part of anyone, as Venus cowers in the closet paying no attention to any of it. Lordly Jupiter, secure as the most elevated planet in the house of prestige and status, suggests that all works out well.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 4. What more appropriate aspect could a chart hold for the transition of power? Moon quincunx Pluto is unequaled for changes of temperament and perspective, and reorganized priorities. Those changes hold true on a personal level as well as the legislative, so keep your outlook flexible. Moon moves into Leo mid-day and we start to feel more like ourselves, confident and ready to move ahead. Moon’s opposition to Venus soon after may lead us to revise our immediate objectives toward a more immediately available target.

FRIDAY JANUARY 5. Today’s a busy day, as Moon first opposes Chiron and trines Jupiter, then forms quincunxes with Uranus, Mercury, Sun and the North Node before finally opposing Neptune. The promise of healing and sunny social graces leads to adjustment, adjustment, and more adjustment—in individual preferences, in what is said and how it is said, and in intrinsic positions and platforms. It forms a fated Yod, a “Finger of God” pointing directly at the self-oriented, competitive Moon, demanding that great care is put into thinking before we speak or act and warning that behavior that seems perfectly ordinary to you may be considered quite eccentric by others. On a personal level it may mean revising our list of resolutions, or reminding ourselves why the ones we’ve made are important to us. By bedtime, there have been lessons learned, even though they may be clouded by confusion and/or idealism.

SATURDAY JANUARY 6. It’s the official end of the holiday season, and time for tidying up, sorting and filing away. Moon conjuncts disciplined Saturn and, in a natural chart, which uses the beginning of Aries as its ascendant, moves early on into the sixth house of labor, service, craftsmanship and attention to details. Venus adds a subliminal voice, urging adherence to what we know we’re supposed to do, and we awaken with a surge of energy instilled by Moon square Mars.

SUNDAY JANUARY 7. Moon moves into Virgo early this morning so the emphasis is still on getting things in order, but it seems more like work and less like fun than it did yesterday. We may feel tied down and restricted by obligations, even when unexpected findings or visitors appear to interrupt the tedium. With Saturn still retrograde, we may have to remind ourselves several times to stick to what we’re doing.

MONDAY JANUARY 8. A t-square between Moon and Uranus with Jupiter as its focal point began forming yesterday and continues today, lending a somewhat surreal cast to events and activities. Jupiter amplifies the antsy-ness the contact between Moon and Uranus can bring and makes even ordinary happenings seem a bit off-the-wall. But energy levels are beginning to improve as Mars moves away from the dispersing effects of Neptune. Fortunately, the Sun-Mercury conjunction trines the Moon, making it easier to explain ourselves and our points of view, although we may feel it’s prudent to tweak the truth ever so slightly.

TUESDAY JANUARY 9. This day could turn out to be more volatile than we’d prefer, with Moon hooked onto both Mars and Pluto in a hard aspect. Irritability can bring rash action and hasty maneuvers on from ourselves and from others; in extreme cases the gloves are off, unless they’re the pugilistic kind, and cutting words or flying fists can mar efforts that require creative cooperation. Watch your back, and watch yourself. We’re apt to overreact or suspect ill will where none exists. On the plus side, as Moon moves into Libra late morning, she relates peacefully with Venus and Mercury, so kind words and caring attention can resolve a lot of difference. Saturn is also attached to both Mars and Pluto, but in an even more kindly manner. His cautionary approach can be a valuable ally.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 10. Tension subsides and the social side of Venus takes over. There are deliberate efforts to “make nice” and everyone seems to want to make reality look a bit better than it may actually be. Some marvelously inventive suggestions are proffered, some of which might even make great headway toward solutions to long-standing problems. Maybe we’ll come up with some of our own. Or maybe the best role is the more important one of listening carefully and working out the means for application of those good ideas.

THURSDAY JANUARY 11. In the wee hours of the morning we get the year’s first third-quarter Moon, in Libra, the ruler of relationships of all kinds, and in Libra’s native home, the seventh house which likewise deals with relationships. This signifies a time to consolidate the progress that has been made in the past few weeks in understanding others who are important to us, even though any advances may have been hard to see at the time and aren’t yet apparent.

It won’t be easy. The conjunction of Mars and Pluto has reached a one-degree orb, fostering ambition, power struggles and ego conflicts, with only the continuing paternal indulgence of Saturn holding antagonism in check. The violence in the Middle East will undoubtedly continue unabated, and probably escalate, at least until after this duo separates mid-month. And the tendency will be reflected in all relationships: close, professional and even with strangers.

The same aspects are in effect whether we’re dealing with a spouse, a relative, a friend, a neighbor or a gaggle of people at work. There is power in numbers, and the power comes from working together toward the same end.

It’s up to us to take the initiative, since we each know best what we hope to accomplish. Review goals and objectives, and take advantage of the Moon’s connection to Sun and Mercury to initiate good discussions. Be prepared to listen without interrupting, and without letting your mind wander. Ask questions to be sure you are perceiving the message intended. State your own case clearly and succinctly, and allow time for rebuttal. Don’t expect immediate agreement—in fact, you’ll probably have to have all your facts lined up with lots of documentation and supporting evidence to make your point. And don’t let oversensitivity on your part disrupt the chances for real gains.

In our capitol too, the watchword should be well-structured dialogue, specifically aimed at reaching compromises on important differences. The planetary influences are strong for supporting such efforts. But here again, we can’t expect immediate transformation. The opposition of Saturn’s cold facts and Neptune’s visionary fantasies remains strong into midyear, modified only slightly by the square of Jupiter-Uranus.

FRIDAY JANUARY 12. Today is dominated by the alliance of Mars and Pluto, the two most energetic and aggressive planets in the zodiac, supported by the long-range conflict of Saturn and Neptune. Moon has moved into Scorpio, where Nancy Pelosi’s natal Moon resides, and her new authority is reflected in this chart’s Moon square Venus, femininely soft—but challenging. That intuitive-receptive but inquisitive approach can be effective in personal confrontations also.

SATURDAY JANUARY 13. A much welcomed weekend to provide respite. The Mars-Pluto vibes become exact before dawn on the east coast, 1:57 am Pacific Standard Time, so from this point on accumulated aggressiveness can begin to subside. Moon squares both Saturn and Neptune, making you feel both a bit depressive and dreamy. She then, in quick succession, forms an easy-going trine to both Uranus and the North Node: acting on a craving for a bit of excitement by kicking the traces may result in A Lesson.

SUNDAY JANUARY 14. A rather uneventful day, still led by somber Saturn plodding his way around the wheel, way ahead of the rest. A Moon square Saturn lingers from yesterday tossing a momentary ray of gloom. Moon is void of course much of the morning, then moves into Sagittarius mid-day.

MONDAY JANUARY 15. Calming influences persist. Moon hooks up with Jupiter, Venus gets cozy with Neptune. Saturn still holds firm, keeping our aspirations from running away with us.

TUESDAY JANUARY 16. With Mars near exact on the midheaven (interpretations in this column are generally read on a natural chart) a determination to succeed sets in. On a personal level, Jupiter, Moon, Pluto and Mars in the ninth house suggest reaching for understanding and striving to educate in order to accomplish our intentions, while Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Venus and Neptune in the eleventh call for rallying friends to support our endeavors. On a national level, the loaded ninth means observing ethics and legalities, while the heavy eleventh shifts the burden of proof from the executive (where the burgeoning Mars-Pluto-midheaven has been emphasizing it) to the legislative. There could be a bit of a flap toward the end of the day as Mars moves into authoritative Capricorn and the tenth house.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 17. More of same, except that Moon has now moved into Capricorn, lending it a no-nonsense attitude and considered control of emotional implications. Liaisons are forming, which could prove helpful, contentious, or both.

THURSDAY JANUARY 18. Moon has joined the covey in the sixth house. It’s beginning to feel like something worthwhile is happening! Others are paying attention. Moon is jostling the Jupiter-Uranus square a bit, trying to force action and see what it portends.

Occurring just before 11 pm on the east coast, a New Moon at 28 Capricorn provides a grounding point for the next few weeks. In personal matters, it may become necessary to focus on issues of health and employment. Or it may just mean that pets and their care become an issue.

At the national level, it brings the voices of the military into play in a big way, but the messages vary broadly—from urgings for stronger security at home to suggestions of highly unconventional ways of dealing with enemies. But this time, they’ll be heard and considered before yea or nay action is taken. Health insurance demands and labor issues again come to the fore and public opinion continues to be a decisive factor.

The cluster of six planets in the New Moon chart sits in direct opposition to the array of planets in the president’s chart. The bully in his bully pulpit is feeling pressured, uneasy and uncertain after months of blows from Saturn’s reality hammers. Uranus is still harassing his Mars, making his energy levels fitful, but if that brings a break it could go either way.

FRIDAY JANUARY 19. Rerun day. Little change from yesterday except that Moon is now in Aquarius with its universal and humanitarian overtones. The major influences of the month continue: that unpredictable Jupiter-Uranus; Saturn’s calming hold on Mars and Pluto and its opposition to Neptune. Today, Saturn also opposes Venus, raining-reining, lending a dampening effect on anyone’s chances of getting what they really want.

SATURDAY JANUARY 20 and SUNDAY JANUARY 21. Volatile feelings and sensitivity go underground for a couple of days. Does anyone under fifty still refer to things as being snafu (“situation normal: all f---ed up”)? A weary resignation underscores the weekend’s attempts to relax, and favorite recreational activities or the media’s offerings of diversionary crises of inconsequential importance fill the gap. This may be a restless night of weird, unexplainable, and probably non-rememberable, dreaming.

MONDAY JANUARY 22. The Jupiter-Uranus square becomes exact this afternoon, meaning its prankster ways should start fading away although the residue remains through next month. But the confluence of planets is breaking up with the faster ones moving into the twelfth house. Seems now like nobody is being out-front and aboveboard about anything, including you. There’s an unreachable, indefinable itch nonetheless and a free-floating feeling of isolation. It may be true that we don’t really understand others, as they claim, but it’s for sure that nobody understands us… at least so far as we can see.

TUESDAY JANUARY 23. A bit more breathing room today. Our cosmically assigned chore is to sort out the genuine grievances from the petty annoyances instead of venting about them all. A casual melancholy is temporary, not a sign that we are really deprived. There may be a compulsive quality about some of the things we want to do today and we need to be careful about which impulses we leap toward.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 24. If someone suggests that you should go fly a kite today, it’s probably because you’ve been too intense or your verbiage too strict and you’ve failed to establish a mutual comfort level. This could be problematic particularly in romantic encounters, which seem especially appealing and important to you today. Shyly revealing secrets and dreams can be far more seductive than bold and assertive physical moves.

THURSDAY JANUARY 25. Our ambitions and objectives contrast sharply with our need to pamper ourselves and load up on goodies. But a steady voice warns to keep on building foundations and reaching for the heights. Too much weight on the side of self makes stability tipsy and common sense says… keep your eye on the ultimate goal.

It’s a waning quarter Moon today, and its chart set in the capitol shows Moon conjunct the midheaven. Now the whole world is paying attention. The challenge becomes to consolidate the plethora of new and rehashed ideas bandied about since the first of the year, and start devising methods for initiating meaningful dialogue with those that matter—be they cohorts or foes.

Mercury conjuncts Neptune early tomorrow morning, on the cusp of the twelfth house, meaning not all the information received is to be trusted and not much of it is easily understood. An optimistic and assertive creativity under lays all attempts to fortify important relationships however, so there’s hope for solid results in the not-too-distant future.

FRIDAY JANUARY 26. Same song, second chorus, with added complexity and a more mellow focus on me me me. Composing your own thoughts in words, aloud or on paper, is good therapy today. It’s probably advisable to practice on yourself before you share the thoughts with anyone else. Just the mere process of forming sentences helps clarify the jumble of ideas and desires that aren’t yet quite clear.

SATURDAY JANUARY 27. Moon squares Saturn around midnight, while that heavy was opposing Mercury and Venus, so we may wake up ill-tempered. It gets better when Moon moves into Gemini at around noon eastern time, 9 am PST. A casual conversation with a female friend or coworker could bring some valuable insight. Our own words may reveal more than we intend about ourselves, so think first.

SUNDAY JANUARY 28. This will be a pleasant and sociable day, a good time for getting together with friends for unstructured downtime. Communication is effortless though the messages may be weighty and the wording unconventional. We could get into exchanging philosophical notions about ethics, morals, religion and education. Or we may just share our views on the importance of “living green.”

MONDAY JANUARY 29. The most comfortable day of the month. The only glitch comes when our security button gets pushed by someone in power late morning, but it’s a short-lived tremor. It actually has positive value as it leaves us inclined to put a bit of effort into making our security more secure over the next several days while Moon’s in Cancer.

TUESDAY JANUARY 30. We’re getting a bit too feisty and eager to get on with it, and may tromp on toes without realizing what we’re doing. That’s Mars at the top of the chart aiming for instant achievement, but directly across from Moon trying to shore up the burrow and make it foolproof. Since they’re both equally important facets of our personalities, we have to figure out how to give them both some space without treading over anybody else’s boundaries.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 31. Moon is not only void of course all day, she isn’t even hanging out with or paying attention to anybody today. Just doing her own thing, tidying the house before moving into Leo around midnight. This is a good day for reflection and reviewing, completing old projects, but not starting anything new. There are creative, self-expressive vibes around; add your own personal touch to your home or office using whatever you have at hand. The best efforts will be functional as well as decorative.

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