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August 24
Pallas Athena direct


Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

We have no planets turning retrograde this month. In fact, except for the three outer planets (which are retrograde almost half the time) and Chiron, all of the major planets are traveling direct! This means that action moves briskly ahead, with relatively little forethought, review, or obstacles.

Even three of the four big asteroids are moving right along. And the fourth, Pallas Athena, turns direct this month, on August 24. Planets about to turn direct gather power, as Pallas is doing now. (As well as transformational Pluto, who turns direct September 4.)

Pallas was born from Jupiter’s head, and represents wisdom and intelligence. She has a special talent for perceiving and creating patterns, social as well as physical. She founded and governed Athens, and guided warriors in their battles. Defense is her forte, thus the immune system is under her purview.

I call her General Pallas, because she knows how to take charge, and manage situations, in an intelligent way. Cities and civilization are associated with Pallas. So is technology, for Pallas is both inventive and an efficiency expert.

Pallas Athena has been traveling in Capricorn since March 7, and she will continue in Capricorn through January 2007. She has a 4.61-year orbit, so this Capricorn year is a big share of her orbit.

Capricorn relates to structure, foundations, order, and authority. It is a sign of institutions, and of government. Pallas can express her genius in Capricorn perhaps better than in any other sign. Pallas here is a defender of law and order. She excels at being in control in social institutions.

The day Pallas entered Capricorn, March 7, Sandra Day O’Connor gave us her warning that the U.S. is heading towards dictatorship. The day Pallas turned retrograde, May 8, Bush appointed Gen. Michael Hayden as head of CIA. It was Gen. Hayden who had conducted the illegal NSA spying program.

We have seen Pallas in action as the Bush Administration has speeded up the pace of tightening the noose of fear, in the name of defense, including encouraging Israel to attack Lebanon, also in the name of defense. (There is a record of Israel and the U.S. together planning this attack months ago.)

During the entire month of August, Pallas is moving very slowly, and her influence is very strong as she slows down to make her turn. The screws will tighten.

Pallas is exactly trine Virgo Sun as she turns. Virgo Sun can harness her laser focus for her solar aims, some of which, as we have seen, relate to the military. And Pallas can carry Sun’s vitality with her as she completes her journey through Capricorn. These are earth signs, and their manifestations are tangible. All earth endeavors, in fact, are favored.

There is an exact aspect now, which is also part of the Pallas picture. It is Ceres in Aquarius oppose Saturn in Leo, conjunct the Solar Eclipse of February 7, 2008. Ceres refers to food, labor, and to all workers. They meet authority, Saturn, with law and order Pallas defending that authority.

The degree of Sun now is the same as the Lunar Eclipse of February 21, 2008. Events now are connected to that catalytic month of February 2008, and will reach some kind of resolution or conclusion then.

Pallas Athena next turns retrograde on July 6, 2007, at 20 Pisces, conjunct Uranus, who disrupts the status quo. Then the Pallas story changes completely.

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