Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal - May 2006: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation


May 15
Chiron retro

May 22
Neptune retro


Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

Chiron and Neptune both turn retrograde this month, and they both turn direct in October. Also, they are both in the sign of Aquarius. During retrograde times we absorb and assimilate energy, and develop our inner selves. In Aquarius, the sign of independence, we are building our inner independence. With Chiron, we are building our healing powers, and with Neptune, we create our personal dreams, visions, and inspiration.

Chiron turns retrograde at 10 Aquarius on May 15, just after Full Moon.

It’s noteworthy that Chiron relates to outer space, and this is just when Comet 73P is passing closest to Earth. Also, Chiron is in the same part of the sky as the radiant of the Eta Aquarid Meteor shower, which is visible for most of the month of May (peaking on May 5). We have a big sky show honoring Chiron in Aquarius, the sign of the night sky.

When planets are stationery, about to turn, their energy is amplified. Look for Chirotic events around this time. Wounds and healing are both likely. In Aquarius, social movements, energy, inventions, and space ventures are emphasized

As it turns, Chiron heads towards an opposition with Saturn in Leo. Saturn grounds Chiron, makes its work tangible, real, earth-centered. Saturn rules the skeletal system, and Chiron rules chiropracty. Some of us are likely to have back or joint problems around this time. From now until the end of June (when the opposition is exact), take extra care of your skeletal system.

This five-month retrograde period is a fine time to work on a healing project. Chiron in Aquarius is particularly attuned to energy healing. Chiron itself raises our vibrational levels.

Neptune, King of the oceanic realms, turns retrograde on May 22.

Neptune unifies all. This is an oceanic concept, grasped only through such activities as prayer, meditation, the arts, communion with nature, drugs, or delusions. Neptune stimulates the imagination, and inspires it. It can also be very confusing. It is of the heavenly realms, and takes effort to connect appropriately to earth.

The current Administration in Washington is filled with people who have Neptune-mentality relationships. This stimulates imagination, delusions, and messianic ideas. GW’s Neptune, for instance, is in his house of mind, and connected to both his Sun and Moon. Neptune is the most elevated planet in the U.S. chart, in the ninth house of promotion, religion, law, and politics. Neptune casts a glamourous glow on those it favors. It rules the film industry, photography, the arts, oil, drugs, and addictions of all kinds.

Watch for Neptune-associated events around the days of the Neptune retrograde station. Oil, for instance, is apt to present a turning point.

Neptune, when it stations, connects strongly with tomorrow’s Mars-Venus square, a rash combination. Desire is strong, but caution and strategy in attaining it are lacking. This square, in turn, connects to the consciousness of the U.S. electorate. Neptune operates to shift us into more spiritual realms, and I can see, for instance, the high price of oil helping to make us conscious of the value and finiteness of earth’s resources. May is, after all, resource month.

Major climate events involving water are also likely.

Ceres, the Great Mother, has been passing over Neptune during April and May, and we will also see her in operation now. Ceres is especially associated with food, and its lack, and all the labor conditions which are part of the chain of putting food on the table. Ceres in the socially conscious sign of Aquarius, conjoining Neptune, has been filled with the inspiration which has motivated a strong movement for immigrants’ rights.

The pictures which we have registered during these last six weeks will now be internalized, worked over and integrated at subconscious levels, and expressed again, in renewed form, in the autumn.

Social change is increasing. A new opening was created by the eclipses in March, the new seeds were planted in April, and they have begun to burst through obstacles into the light of day during this garden-growing month of May. Now we begin five months of strengthening and nourishing those new plants. The retrogrades help us to develop strong roots.

And the direct-moving personal planets which are now involved, will grow these plants into manifestation during this period of root development. Those bodies are Venus—desire, Mars—energy, Ceres—nurturing, Juno—disenfranchisement, and Pallas Athena—strategy. Even the fourth asteroid, Vesta, is in the picture, protecting her home and her family.

The retrograde turn of the impersonal Neptune will move our focus to the personal in our lives. We will be more conscious of our daily lives, and of how they are changing.

Saturn in Leo is moving to oppose Neptune, as well as oppose Chiron. The Leo idea of individual entitlement will grow, and we will see it brought into form in growing moves for independence. Saturn opposes Neptune at the end of August, and presents a defining moment. The New York Stock Exchange is apt to be involved then, for the Saturn-Neptune opposition in the sky will stimulate its natal Saturn-Neptune opposition .

The summer promises to be interesting, profound, and definitive.

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