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General Michael V. Hayden

JUNE 2006 

General Michael Hayden

by Maya del Mar

Michael HaydenGeneral Michael Hayden was nominated by Bush as CIA Director on May 8. On May 26, the Senate confirmed him as Director. He was confirmed on the Gemini New Moon, which occurred at 6 Gemini, conjunct the U.S. progressed Uranus. On May 26, Gemini’s planet, Mercury, squared Uranus in the sky.

Uranus shows where genius and talent lie, also a need for independence. The U.S. Uranus is in the sixth house, the house of service, which governs the military. Very often transits to the U.S. Uranus are connected with some kind of military action.

We might conclude, then, that the appointment of Gen. Hayden is part of the U.S. process of militarizing the nation and spreading military power throughout the world.

Michael Hayden was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania of Irish parents, on March 17, 1945. His Uranus, in fact, conjoins the Uranus of the U.S. Gen. Hayden was born on an 84-year Uranus return for the U.S.

With Sun in Pisces, he is open to the large view. And with Moon in Taurus, he can be practical and productive. He is easy to get along with, and is a good manager. Gen, Hayden’s Mercury is in the sign of the Warrior, Aries. Mercury is connected to all three of the outer planets, making his thinking unusual and wide-ranging. Mercury squares Saturn and Juno in Cancer, a defensive and fearful combination.

Gen. Hayden says he plans to continue wearing his uniform. He has been a military officer for 40 years, rising regularly in the ranks. He has been involved in “intelligence” for much of that time. And he is accustomed to obeying orders.

The General was Director of the National Security Agency from 1999-2005, where he put into operation warrantless surveillance. From 2005-2006, Gen. Hayden was Deputy Director of National Intelligence, under the notorious John Negroponte, as Director.

I listened to much of the General’s Senate hearing. Like others of the Bush Administration, he is a master at not saying anything meaningful. He does, of course, think warrantless spying is fine: “I’m not a lawyer.”

The Bush steamroller rolls on.