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Crystal Pomeroy

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Blood Moon Eclipse

by Crystal Pomeroy

The New Moon in Libra, which began this cycle a couple of weeks ago, opened an energy window to bless relationships. Now, at a particularly transformative portal of her fullness, Luna invites us to enter into yet another frequency in relating. Those who choose to align with her power have a magical opportunity to recover our call to leadership, and release “disease-to-please” attitudes which might sacrifice or disguise our authenticity.

Luna is at her most intense when full, this intensity is now magnified by multiple synchronicities: the Lunar Eclipse and the October Blood Moon, both related ending and beginnings, and now converging in the sign of the warrior. We are upon a powerful portal for major change. What kind of release can we expect? Halfway through a cycle begun at the Libra New Moon, Aries balances our relationships with self-esteem and initiative to take the reigns of our lives and act in those ways that are necessary to follow and express the leader within.

Full Moon Altar-Ations

Simple elements and words can synchronize your space with this singular lunar event.

Make a circle of stones or crystals around those participating and use red candles, garments, stones and/or other decorations, which will connect with both Aries and with the Blood Moon influences. Light incense as an offering—especially cinnamon or nutmeg.

You will find it surprisingly effective to consciously dedicate the act of lighting it this way, holding your chosen guides and angels in mind as you do so. Archetypical guides for this lunation include Archangel Uriel and his twin flame Love, as well as the grandmother ancestors, whose blood still runs in our veins, as does their legacy of protection of our families, and collectively, the human family.

In her book, The Great Mother Moon, Zsuzsana Budapest describes the Scandinavian tradition related to this first Full Moon after the fall equinox, which they called Disirblot. The female ancestors now invoked included the Disir, mothers of the goddesses who guarantee fertility and prosperity. At the moment you are lighting your incense, think of the act as a gift to angels and guides such as these. Then pause near the incense and ask them to connect you with the highest of Luna’s present frequencies, empowering authenticity and leadership, your own and those same attributes on a planetary scale.

Affirmations for the Blood Moon Eclipse

I am blessed with leadership to act as I know I need to and to be authentic in all relationships. I do not need to sacrifice my self-esteem or savvy to appease others. I voluntarily release any ways of relating which deny my self-leadership or authenticity, as I allow the angelic hosts to sweep away any inner or outer blocks. My attitude and actions affirm my freedom now.

Repeat the above sentences slowly, with attention, during at least 15 minutes during or around this Blood Moon portal. Then repeat, during at least fifteen minutes:

All people are blessed with the leadership to act as they know they need to and to be authentic. The Divine Adjuster is sweeping away any inner or outer blocks to the expression of true planetary leadership now.

Full Moon Follow-Up

1. Write down the insights that arose during or after this exercise, and share, if done in a group.

2. Make a list of relationships or situations in which you have been creating discomfort by holding back or covering up your authentic self.

3. Make another list of actions you consider important, but held back on because you felt uncomfortable about assuming so much leadership.

4. Make an action plan.

5. For lasting miracles, continue to say and feel the affirmations aloud during at least seven minutes (five for yourself and two for the planet), as well as referring to your action plan, daily at least until the Samhain New Moon, when you will find new keys at

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