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Pisces Harvest Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

This lunation marks the cycle begun at the New Moon in Virgo, which was exact on September 3, when Katrina’s aftermath knew its darkest culmination of genocidal neglect.

In her Daily Success Guide, written last month, Maya del Mar had predicted for that lunation: “Uranus is a wake-up call ….. Sun, Moon, and Uranus connect with Juno, the partner who holds ancient abuse patterns imprinted in her.” Mistreatment of catastrophe victims based on race has certainly brought to light the ancient abuse patterns so evident in New Orleans, a city whose origins lie in the slave and sex trades. Maya’s prediction continues: “This is a fine month to explore those issues. Our minds are open to new ways of seeing things...special problems and challenges regarding security. One of them now might be the realization that war doesn’t enhance security….”

The Sabian symbol for the last New Moon can now be read as alluding to the breaking of the spell the current administration seems to have held over the public (at least for many):

“AFTER THE WEDDING, THE GROOM SNATCHES THE VEIL AWAY FROM HIS BRIDE…. There can also be an unveiling of mysteries, long protected by secrecy.”

Indeed: the tragic evidence floating on the surface of poisoned waters has snatched aside the veil of deception, as the costs of the contradictions of our bellicose government have also come inescapably to light.

This weekend’s Harvest Moon culminates the promise of that cycle. To again quote Maya’s predictions, which point to strong Pluto energies:

“The hidden unconscious forces in people, both in individuals and in societies.… This is a shot of very deep creative energy...good for ferreting out secrets, wherever they may lie buried…. Pisces is a magical sign...tonight we have our magical full moon.”

This great Pisces/Pluto combination can be profiled in an article on Katrina by David Brooks, describing how spontaneous civilian collaboration has moved to fill the startling gap left by government agencies.

The collective grief for—and will to help—the victims is finally awakening the USA from the slumber of denial that has led us to cede our future to the most dubious of caretakers. This shared stirring in love and recovery of popular power reflects the following theme noted by Maya: “At the New Moon on March 20, 2004, which started this moon family, there were peace marches all over the world.” Our prayers now are designed ride the crest of this collective resurgence, and indeed, lift that crest to a decisive peak.

Pre-prayerations for the Harvest Moon in Pisces

Renowned Mexican angelology author Lucy Aspra associates Archangel Barachiel with the sign of the fish. Breathe deeply when you invoke him and his twin flame, Inspiration. As you prepare for your Full Moon prayers (and dancing, which Maya encourages to do at this portal), request that these divine beings solidify our faith, attract all vibrations to the highest common denominator and inspire us individually and as a race to right thoughts, feelings and action. Colors to wear or integrate into your prayer space now: sea-like blues and greens and violet. Incense: sandalwood or jasmine. Minerals: coral, amethyst, white or smoky quartz or turquoise.

Breathe deeply as you prepare your Full Moon ritual space, and feel the presence of angels gathering to align with your prayerful intent. You may enjoy playing joyful music to get in the mood for the great good that is sure to result from that intent now.

Affirmation for the Harvest Moon in Pisces

Words are powerful. Words which affirm the forces for good connecting all hearts around the world can create miraculous change.

The love, concern and light are powerful energies which now move hearts around the world and fuel the collective will to act in unity, to act in whatever way is necessary to save the planet. Infinite Intelligence is working to insure that only good comes from all experiences now, including the situation in Louisiana and neighboring states.

Repeat the above words, slowly and with concentration, at least 15 times during this Full Moon portal, and then at least seven minutes daily until the next New Moon. This is a truly Piscean way to flood the world with power for peace.

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