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Aquarius Full Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

This lunation culminates the cycle initiated by the Leo New Moon, which invited us to activate the power of our hearts. The cycle reaches fullness in Aquarius, reminding us to share our hearts gifts with altruism. The fascinating imagery connected to the Sabian symbol for this lunation’s degree elucidates the nature of those gifts most appropriate to this Full Moon. It is an imagery laden with esoteric power, which deserves quoting in full from Maya Del Mar’s Daily Success Guide:

“AN ANCIENT POTTERY BOWL FILLED WITH FRESH VIOLETS… The importance of traditional skills and artistic values deeply rooted in humans’ deepest feelings as frames of reference for humans’ most authentic emotions. Violets have often been considered symbols of modesty and humility—values which were understood to be the mark of true womanhood.”

Besides the explicit symbolism, the ceramic vase offers an evocation of the origins of culture in the part of the Middle East which was once Sumer, an evocation whose timeliness is particularly cryptic with the current spotlight on Iraq, and its neighbor, Iran.

The modest violets remind us of the value of those fresh, if apparently fragile offerings of our finest feelings, in this case the impulse to humanitarian assistance toward that region. It is an impulse which is shared by many, but often stifled by the apparent futility of individual efforts when faced with the ominous forces at play in that region, as well as the geographical distance.

The Sabian symbol answers these doubts, telling us: recognize, honor and share the gifts you can, however simple or weak they may seem. Furthermore, violet is the color of forgiveness. The simple efforts each of us make, such as prayer, sustaining a forgiving attitude, communication with friends, media and representatives, offerings… whatever contributions of time, consciousness and resources that are within our means, those daily efforts are the fresh violets of this Full Moon portal.

One petal at a time, our humble but persistent initiatives synchronize with thousands such gifts from around the planet to approach and surpass a critical mass of altruistic intention, capable of working whatever miracle is needed so that peace may prevail on Earth.


To synchronize your altar or prayer space for this lunation, put out fresh wildflowers, burn purple and/or electric blue candles and natural floral incense. Also display reminders of the recipients of your altruistic intentions. These can be symbols, pictures or simply references you write on strips of paper, such as “Save Iraq,” “Peace in Iran,” “Spirits cares for Artic Wildlife,” or other names of groups or beings that concern you.

Prayers to bless and expand altruistic intentions

(Note: Affirmative prayer is very powerful any time, but both the world climate and this lunation underscore the need for prayer. Use any apt gathering as a pretext to share decrees for world peace and altruism.)

The Father-Mother and all Its angelic helpers value each heartfelt gift I share. Each prayer, each altruistic effort is blessed and its fruits are multiplied by Grace, each altruistic effort vibrates with like expressions everywhere, surrounding the entire planet with victorious love and peace now.

Prayers to save Iran and any other entity in special need

Iran is not alone or without powerful, effective protection. The Divine Savior is with the inhabitants of this country, watching over them now. The Divine Savior has no limits and is now working in all places, making connections, inspiring, fortifying and organizing key players, and working in whatever ways are necessary to insure the complete well-being of the people of Iran, of Iraq and of all beings everywhere.

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